Chapter 138

Chapter 138

Several months ago, Faker didn’t appreciate Grid when he first met him.

It was because Grid’s blacksmith ability and combat ability were excellent, but his mental immaturity meant he couldn’t exert all his abilities. To be honest, Faker never expressed it, but he thought Grid was ridiculous. He felt that Grid couldn’t take advantage of his class.

But now it was different. A long time had passed and Grid seemed different from the past.

‘If he keeps steadily growing like this, I can trust him with my back one day.’

As Faker was thinking, Grid showed the trap installation tools and poison combination machine to him.

"These are the items... I don’t know how to use them. There’s no manual.”

Faker was amazed as he looked at the items. “They’re good items. In particular, this poison combination machine is excellent. Where did you obtain it?”

“I killed an assassin called Shay who dropped it.”

"Shay...? A user?”


Shay was the fifth ranked assassin user. He was a well established user, but it seemed he had been defeated by Grid and lost the item. 

‘Shay is notorious for always going around with Kerb and Sniffer... Grid defeated the three of them alone? How strong is Grid now?’

It seemed like the degree of growth exceeded Faker’s expectations.

‘Jishuka and Vantner guessed that Grid was equal to or better than Pon and Regas...’

He thought it was a joke, but maybe it was real? Faker was an aggressive person, like the other members of the Tzedakah Guild. He felt the urge to compete against Grid. But now wasn’t the time.

"Wouldn’t it be better to learn how to use them next time? Look at the time. Your wedding is soon.”

"Ah, already?"

Grid verified the time and exited the smithy. This wasn’t anyone else’s wedding. He couldn’t be late to his own wedding. The Tzedakah Guild and Khan followed. Khan looked depressed.

“Grid... Grid has become the husband of the lady...”

Khan lost his sick wife then his son. After being alone, he fell into drinking. Due to the trickery of the Mero Company, he had been on the verge of losing the smithy that had been in his family for generations.

But one day, Grid suddenly appeared and saved him. He was able to escape from the pain of his life and rebuild the smithy. Grid was his savior. He was a similar age to Khan’s dead son and Khan truly treasured him.

Now that precious person was leaving for a high place that Khan couldn’t reach. Of course, he was happy to see Grid doing well. However, he couldn’t hide his sad feelings. He barely swallowed back his tears as he spoke to Grid.

“Grid, you might be a commoner marrying into a family of nobles, but don’t shrink back and live well. I am always cheering for you.”

Grid grinned at Khan’s encouragement. “I’m Pagma’s Descendant. Why should I shrink back from nobles? And don’t talk like we are breaking up. I will still go to the smithy like before, even if I marry Irene. Have you forgotten? I am your successor.”


It must be annoying to help a poor and sick old man, but Grid didn’t show it at all. Khan was thrilled and tears ended up spilling down. Grid handed him a handkerchief and said, "Your son asked me to do something. He asked me to take care of his father.”

It wasn’t a lie. In the past, Grid had gone to Khan’s family cemetery with Khan and encountered ghosts while Khan was sleeping. Among the ghosts, Khan’s ancestor gave him the clue to obtain Pagma’s Swordsmanship, and Khan’s son asked Grid to take care of his father.

A son who worried about his father even after death! Grid liked Khan and was touched by his son’s devotion, so he tried to do well by Khan. Of course, it wasn’t an unconditional favor. To be honest, some of his actions were calculated to inherit the smithy. But that didn’t affect the fact that he liked Khan. That emotion still remained.

Then Khan’s expression started to slowly contort.

“Grid... Why is your handkerchief so dirty? Is this a rag?”

"It isn’t a rag. It is a handkerchief. But I didn’t wash it, so it looks like a rag. Hahaha! Well, it is okay. Are you going to die if you wipe your tears with a rag?”

"Tsk tsk, you’re worse than an old widower... I’m relieved that the maids will take care of you after you marry the lady.”

On the other hand, the Tzedakah Guild were looking at Grid and Khan with warm eyes. Grid looked great in their eyes, demonstrating that users and NPCs could really be friends. NPCs had the same emotions as humans. They felt ashamed of themselves for ignoring this fact and treating NPCs as a simple artificial intelligence in a game.

Then the party arrived at the castle.


The knights and soldiers already recognized Grid as their lord. He was lauded as a hero and was going to become the husband of the lady. They entered the castle’s garden, where the beautiful bride welcomed Grid.


"Lady Irene...”

Her white dress highlighted her beauty.  Now Irene, who was making a shy smile, was beautiful enough to compare with Yura and Jishuka.


This beautiful and noble woman was being taken away by Grid! Vantner swallowed back his tears. Then he discovered Knight Bland crying with a runny nose and felt a sense of homogeneity with him.

"You too, Lady Irene...”


The two people exchanged glances as the grand marriage ceremony was held.

Dozens of senior nobles from all over the kingdom as well as foreign envoys were present. Earl Steim’s speech and the congratulatory message from the king’s messenger increased the atmosphere.

"There are foreign envoys and even a message from the king... It isn’t an exaggeration that Earl Steim is one of the kingdom’s greatest powers.”

Jishuka admired. She only went under Irene because of Grid, but now it seemed to be wise decision in many ways.

‘No matter how I think about it, Grid is truly amazing.’

Jishuka thought with a smile. Then the military band started to play light and cheerful music. Hundreds of people watched as Grid and Irene exchanged vows of love.

“Do you swear to respect and love one another until you become light and return to Goddess Rebecca’s side?”

“I swear.”

"I swear."

No one said it first. Grid and Irene responded and the same time, and the guests cheered like they were soulmates.

"Share the token of your pledge.”

‘Token of the pledge?’

Grid couldn’t understand the officiant’s words. The bride’s side had taken care of all wedding preparations, so he couldn’t help panicking. Then Irene handed him a pair of rings. It was the finest gold ring with a diamond in the middle.

"Put these rings on our hands.” Irene shyly said.

Her red face was so lovely that Grid picked up the small ring with trembling hands. Then he slid it on Irene’s finger. Irene also placed the ring on Grid’s finger. Then a notification window flashed in front of Grid.

[You have worn the Ring of Pledge. If you are with the person wearing the same ring, special effects will occur.]

[You have pledged eternal love with Irene Winston von Steim.]

[You have become the husband of a lady.] 

[You can now check the estate’s information using the authority of the lady’s husband. However, you have no right to decide estate policy.]

[You will gain more benefits and have a stronger voice the higher your wife’s liking towards you.]

[If your wife’s liking is low, the worst case scenario is a divorce. Be careful.]

[You have become an earl’s son-in-law.] 

[The Nobility stat has been opened.]

[All stats have increased by 20.]

[You can advance into the social circle of the nobles.]

[You will receive a monthly salary of 500 gold.]

Grid’s mouth dropped open. His fortune seemed to be increasing thanks to his beautiful, competent, and kind bride.

On the other hand, Earl Steim watched his daughter blush as Grid put the ring on her and suddenly found Khan. He approached Khan and handed him a drink.

"Are you Grid’s friend?”

Khan looked up with surprise and asked, "Why is a great person like Your Lordship interested in someone like me…?”

“Don’t speak like that. Aren’t you a blacksmith who represents the north and a friend of my son-in-law? It is an honor to talk to you.”


After that, there was a flurry of drinking. Most people drank alcohol like water while blessing the bride and groom. Vantner and Bland got drunk together and cursed the bridegroom, causing Knight Captain Phoenix to expel them.

There were foreign envoys and senior nobles who discretely laughed at the fact that the groom was a commoner, but the good mood was sustained because Faker secretly stunned them and placed them asleep in a corner.

On the other hand, the residents and users in Winston were also celebrating. There was the festive atmosphere of fireworks and music.

“Lady Irene got married!”

“Ahh! It is to our hero!”

"I hope that the lady will give birth to a son!”

“Yes! I am looking forward to the future!”

The NPCs learned that Irene’s marriage partner was Grid and danced with joy. However, the users didn’t know the details and weren’t very interested in Irene’s marriage. They were delighted about other parts.

[Irene, the lady of Winston, has married and blessed everyone!]

[All Winston products will be exempt from taxes for the next 10 days.]

[Users who set Winston as their residence will gain a 50% increase in experience and 30% increase in item acquisition for the next 15 days.]

[Users who have settled in a city or village that belongs to Earl Steim will gain a 30% increase in experience and 15% increase in item acquisition for the next 10 days.]

This was good luck!

The millions of users in Earl Steim’s territory started to hunt hard to take advantage of this opportunity. Users heard the rumors and moved to Earl Steim’s territories to experience this event, causing these areas to have an enormous population growth.

Among them, the number of population heading to Winston was unequaled. But Winston’s population was already saturated. The users who planned to move to Winston were forced to look at other villages near Winston.

Those villages included Bairan, which was managed by the Tzedakah Guild. The village of Bairan was a territory under Winston and as a result, it was able to achieve tremendous growth in a short period of time. Thousands of people migrated every day, hundreds of new houses were built, the number of shops increased and the economy was booming.

“Ah~! What is this? I am too busy!”

Jishuka and the Tzedakah Guild cried out. If this trend continued, the money would pour in, but they were worried about being too busy to have time to level up.

Then let’s go back in time to the wedding night!

Grid was naked and facing Irene, who had uncovered her white body.


“I'm embarrassed...”

Irene had a wide pelvis and long slender limbs, like a model. Her breasts were only a B cup, making it somewhat inadequate for Grid’s taste. But Grid wasn't disappointed. The shape of Irene’s breasts was perfect and the harmony of colors was wonderful... The details will be omitted. 


"Oh my.”

The excited Grid lowered Irene onto the bed. Then he immediately used the techniques described in the book he read before accessing Satisfy. The techniques were very dazzling... The details will be omitted.


Whenever Grid’s long and hard fingers swept over Irene’s white and soft skin... The details will be omitted.


Irene shed tears as she was surrounded by pleasures she had never experienced in her 20 years of living. The pleasure she felt was so huge that she was almost scared.

“I’m scared... I feel like another person... It feels like I will fly away somewhere...”

His hands gave her such pleasure that it was hard to believe Grid was a virgin. The reason he could demonstrate such excellent hand techniques wasn’t because he read the book, but because he was influenced by his high dexterity stat.

The combination of his stats and titles meant that he had over 1,500 dexterity, transcending human limitations. Sometimes delicate! Sometimes strong! He was able to perfectly control the tempo as his hands swept over Irene’s whole body. It was almost enough to give him the title of caressing king.

“Grid... Hurry...!”


Irene looked up at him with a yearning expression. The moment Grid met that gaze, he let go of his reason.  He took a deep breath as for the first time in his 27 years of life... The details will be omitted.

“Ahh... Grid! I love you...! I love you!! I love you!"

As the night grew deeper, the intensity of Irene’s pleasure grew. Combined with the title effects, Grid’s strength exceeded 1,600 and his stamina exceeded 1,000, so Grid was comparable to the legendary virile king. 

Thanks to that, Irene was surrounded by pleasures that ordinary women never experienced... The details will be omitted.

[Irene’s liking towards you has increased.]

[Irene’s liking towards you has increased.]

[Irene’s liking towards you has increased...]

Irene’s love towards him grew bigger every time Grid moved his waist... The details will be omitted. 

Thus, the first night was a great success. Grid was able to achieve the maximum liking with Irene in just one night.

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