Chapter 137

Chapter 137

Once every four months, two full moons would overlap in one night. When the coastal waters of Brinichi experienced a low tide, a secret path would be revealed.

“I finally found it.”

The bottom of the sea showed a glittering path.

Splash splash.

A girl moved along the path, not caring about how wet her shoes and clothes got. The mysterious and calm purple path continued into the depths of the sea. The girl hesitated for a moment as she gazed into the depths, before taking a deep breath. Then she started to play the flute she had prepared in advance.

Beep. Bibiririr.

The melody spread over the calm waves.  The image of the girl playing a flute alone in the moonlight was as beautiful as a picture. A notification window appeared in the girl’s vision.

[You have played Laurelia’s Flute. You can breathe underwater for 25 minutes.]


The girl gathered up her courage and dove in. She was greeted with the magnificent sea creatures as she swam along the lit up path and reached the secret kingdom at the end.

[You are the first discoverer of the Siren Kingdom!]

[It is a place passed down in legends. If you create and sell a map of this place, you can earn great reputation and gold.]

[If you sell the map first to the 3rd Prince of the Saharan Empire, a quest will be generated.]

‘I will leave the map making to a later time...’

In any area, the first discoverer would receive great benefits. But was it so easy to be the first discoverer among two billion users? It was an inspiring sight, but the girl’s interest lay elsewhere.

The purpose of her arrival here was to acquire the method of making the orb that Braham’s first disciple, Mumud used during his life.

‘I need to find the production method quickly and bring it to Grid.’

The girl’s ID was Euphemina. In the past, she had asked Grid to produce an orb in exchange for saving Grid from Winston’s dungeon.  Grid had promised to do it, as long as she obtained the orb’s production method and materials.

After that. 

Euphemina had searched for what was the best orb in history. She came to the conclusion that Braham’s orb was by far the best, but the conditions of use were too high. Therefore, she searched for the orb used by his disciple, Mumud.

The end of her journey led to the Siren Kingdom. 500 years ago, he had married and settled here. Euphemina needed to find Mumud’s descendant and acquire the production method for his orb. 

“It isn’t long now... Grid, I’ll come find you soon.”

She wanted to meet him quickly. It wasn’t just anticipation for the orb Grid would make.  She was one of the three revealed epic classes in Satisfy, yet he had made her feel tremendous helplessness. Therefore, she wondered how far he had grown now.

“I don’t have any ulterior motives. It's just pure curiosity.”

She blushed while talking to herself, and the inhabitants of the Siren Kingdom thought that humans were strange creatures.



It was still dark early in the morning. Shin Youngwoo, who fell asleep watching TV the night before, woke up.

“I have a bad feeling...”

Somehow, there was a chill down his spine. He didn’t remember it, but he seemed to have a nightmare. He took off his coat that was wet with sweat and rose from his seat. Then he headed straight to the bathroom and turned on the shower.

He normally only washed once every three days, so why did he shower as soon as he woke up? It was comparable to the sun rising in the west!

‘It’s my first night, so shouldn’t I wash and cleanse before it? Huhuhut...’

Shin Youngwoo couldn’t suppress his smile. He hummed as he washed up, then headed straight to the capsule. Before connecting to Satisfy, he opened up the Internet.

Tatak! Tatatang!

As if it was expressing his excited mind, the sound of tapping on the keyboard was light. After a while, the search results for ‘sex in Satisfy’ appeared before Youngwoo. There were hundreds of thousands of articles. Youngwoo was thrilled while reading.

“Ohh...! It is possible for NPCs as well as users!! Huh? What is this?”

Satisfy was like another reality, so sex was naturally included.

However, the S.A. Group put limitations on it because of a fear that users would become irresponsible if there were no restrictions, and in the worst case scenario, it could be abused for criminal acts.

"...In Satisfy, sex could only happen when formally married, and the number of times is limited to once a month... If these conditions aren’t met, sexual functions are impossible...?”

Youngwoo was silent while reading the conditions. Then there was a bang from the keyboard! He had struck downwards.

“Dammit! Only once a month?”

Something he saved... No, he was finally going to get rid of the virgin status that he had been keeping for no reason! Youngwoo planned to share his love with Irene day and night, so he was frustrated.

“Only once a month...! I want to do it, but it’s only once a month! Dammit! Who would be satisfied with that much...? Of course, not me.”

Youngwoo was lying on the ground like a child, but then he suddenly regained his calm.

‘So what if it is once a month? I’ve never once experienced it in 27 years so once a month... It is amazing.’

Maybe because it was early. Youngwoo recovered from the frustration and returned to the capsule. After searching the Internet, he got a recommendation for a best-selling book called ‘100 Techniques to Satisfy Women’ and immediately purchased it.

“Oh...! Ohhh!”

It was a book that described scenes that Youngwoo had never actually experienced in detail, from an expert point of view. Youngwoo read the amazing and sacred book more intensively than any tutorial lectures. How much time passed?

“...It’s a new world.”

It was the first time that he enjoyed the act of reading. Time passed by without him knowing it.  The sun was completely up outside his window. He checked the clock and saw that it was 11 a.m. His parents were at work and Sehee at school, so he was alone in the house. Youngwoo headed into the kitchen. He ate food to restore his stamina.


The feeling of satiation was great. Then he took a bath and built up his knowledge. 

'All the preparations are perfect!’ 

Youngwoo returned to the capsule and logged into Satisfy with a confident look. But as he tried to log in, he suddenly got up and headed to the bathroom again.

‘This time it will be perfect!’

The confident Youngwoo entered the capsule and logged in.

Buzz buzz.

Khan’s smithy was the hideout of the Tzedakah Guild. Most of the guild members were already there, and their attention focused on Grid as soon as he logged in. Then Vantner called out his name and made a fuss.

“Hey Grid! What is this? What did you do to end up marrying Lady Irene?”

Two days ago in Satisfy.

Grid left for a quest and finally returned to Winston after 40 days. Vantner had been waiting for Grid more than anyone else, so he was ecstatic when Grid returned. Then an unexpected and shocking scene occurred.

Lady Irene, who was close to Vantner’s ideal type, rushed into Grid’s arms? After that, she made a shocking announcement at Grid’s return celebration party at the castle. It was that she was going to marry Grid.

“Aaaaack! Why? Why you? Why am I not you?”

Since staying in Winston, Vantner had worked tirelessly to acquire the favor of Lady Irene. It was common for love to bloom between a user and NPC, so he had a positive outlook. But Irene was the only heir to Earl Steim, making her like a flower on a cliff. Even Vantner, who was a ranker, didn’t have a chance to meet with her. He couldn’t even get quests related to her.

“Then you... How did you get so close to her? How did you captivate her heart? You have a lower level and are uglier than me!”

Vantner was filled with sadness, jealousy, anger and all types of bad emotions. Then he lost his temper as Pon spoke to him.

“Hey, it is too much to say that he is uglier than you. Bald person...”

"Shut up! I already told you that I’m not bald in reality, you bastard!”

"No, it’s true that you told me a hundred times that you aren’t bald in reality, but aren’t you bald here? And think about the age gap. Don’t you know that Lady Irene looks like a girl if you stand next to her? No, what type of guy goes after a young girl like that?”

“W-What? Why does age matter in love?  Don’t ruin my pure love!”

"What? Do you want to be hit? Would you like a taste of my Gale Spear?”

“Try it! Let’s both die today!”

The two people were arguing again today. Thanks to that, Grid could free himself from Vantner. He approached Jishuka and asked.

“What is everyone doing here? Why are you gathered?”

“You’re asking why? It’s to attend your wedding as guests. You are getting married in Satisfy. It is also the first time we are seeing a user marry an NPC, so the expectations are big.”

“Hrmm... Aren’t you busy ruling Bairan Village? Is it possible for a lord to leave their place?”

“It would be impossible to play if being the lord is so busy that I can’t even leave for a day or two. There is time to spare. I also left Toban in charge in case of emergencies. By the way Grid, you seem to have changed a lot.”


"Yes, originally you would’ve cursed back at Vantner. But you just let it go in one ear and out the other... I think your personality has matured.”

“I’m already in my late 20’s. I’m originally an adult.”

He answered casually, but he was also surprised to find himself changed. Whenever he connected to Satisfy, his mind became calm and relaxed, unlike in reality.

This was the effect of his higher insight stat. Currently, Grid’s 600 points in insight wasn’t enough to contemplate the world, but it could see through it to some extent. So when he dealt with someone or faced an unexpected situation, he could make a reflexive judgment on how to act and calmed down accordingly.

“Where is Faker?”

Grid had obtained three items after defeating the assassins on the way to the Vatican. One of the was Kenen’s Dart Belt, while the other two were traps and poison.

The belt was classified as equipment and could naturally be used, but trap installation tools and poison combination machines were classified as items made by experts in their field, not equipment. It was impossible to use even for Pagma’s Descendant, and he had to learn how to use them separately.

“I want Faker to teach me how to use an item...”

Jishuka shrugged at Grid.

“I believe he’s here, but I’m not sure. He’s very skilled at hiding.”

Faker, the number one assassin, was a master of stealth. Even if he didn’t use a skill, he could erase his presence by controlling his stride and breathing. In the past, he had become angry after being caught by Euphemina, who had high insight. Now Grid had more insight than Euphemina at that time.

“Over there.” Grid found Faker standing with his arms crossed in a corner of the smithy and approached. “Faker, can you teach me how to install traps and use this poison machine? I picked up these items by chance and they look pretty useful.”


Faker’s eyes widened with surprise. The people next to him couldn’t even see him, so he was surprised to find that Grid had left the center of people and had discovered him. He looked into Grid’s deep eyes and confirmed it.

‘He has grown.’

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