Chapter 139

Chapter 139


Grid opened his eyes to the sound of birds chirping and raised his body. The first thing he did was look for Irene. He was anxious at the thought that last night was a dream, then he sighed with relief.


A beautiful girl with silver hair, who he could assert was the loveliest person in the world, was sleeping on his right side. Her glowing skin was shining through the blanket, creating a strange emotion inside Grid.

‘My woman.’

Grid had never achieved love in 27 years. No, he couldn’t even hold hands with a girl. It was inevitable that he would feel like this towards his first woman.

‘I will make Irene happy.’

Grid had a new goal. Irene being kidnapped twice by the Yatan Church were the worst memories of her life. She would suffer from the trauma for a long time. Grid vowed that he would never let her suffer the same misfortunes again.

‘I need enough strength to protect her.'

Doran would be pleased to hear this from the other world. Irene was deeply asleep after the exertions the night before. He was worried that he would wake her up, so he got up as quietly as possible, dressed and walked out of the room.

Two maids were waiting for him in front of the door.

"Have you woken up, Sir Grid?” 

“I want to wash up, so please guide me to the bathroom.”


One maid was calm while the other had a lively nature. Grid followed behind them without thinking and then panicked in the dressing area before the bathroom. The maids started taking off his clothes like it was natural.

"W-What are you doing?”

How did the maids manage to take off so many clothes in merely seconds? It was like they used magic, rendering Grid naked in the blink of an eye.  He covered his important areas with both hands and shouted,

“Are you crazy? Why are you suddenly stripping me?”


They replied in a manner that seemed as if they thought his reaction was odd.

“You have to take your clothes off to wash.”

At the moment, Grid quickly grasped the situation and asked, “P-Perhaps you... Are you planning to wash me?”

"Yes, that is our duty.”

“It is natural for maids to wash their master’s body.”


Noblemen were such perverted people that they forced young girls to wash their bodies!

'These guys... Isn’t this great?’

It was something he always wanted to experience once when he saw it in manhwas. The elated Grid removed the hands covered his important parts. Then he proudly straightened up and said.

“Okay. Take it off and then wash me.”


Grid had fallen for Irene overnight and swore that he would love her forever. However, that didn’t mean he would be single-hearted. He was a man! Any protagonist would dream of having a harem! Since ancient times, heroes were always surrounded by girls. While Grid had no intention of missing this opportunity, reality was cruel.

‘...There is no reaction.’

In Satisfy, sex was only available once a month and it had to be between married partners. If these conditions weren’t met, the sexual function itself wouldn’t work. Cute maids were washing every part of his body with soft, delicate touches, but Grid didn’t feel anything at all.

‘This is crazy...’

A famous line came to mind.

‘I... I am a eunuch...’

Grid was frustrated as the maids washed his body. Somehow, the maids seemed to be laughing at him, so his self-esteem as a man was shattered.

After 30 minutes.


The maids finished wiping off all the moisture on his body before Grid left the bathroom with a soulless expression and put on new clothes. They were the finest clothing that nobles wore.

The maids admired him as they exclaimed, “Sir Grid, you look so cool.”

"That's right! The clothes fit well so you should stand tall!”

Grid confirmed his appearance in the mirror and felt awkward. "If I wear cheap clothes, Irene will... No, I will ruin the lady’s reputation. But these clothes aren’t too much? I am the husband of the lady, not a noble.”

The maids explained.

"There will be a ceremony soon. Grid will officially be made a noble today.”

“Right, right. This isn’t a costume.”

Their words were true.

After breakfast. 

Earl Steim summoned Grid. "Irene is my only heir, basically giving her the authority of an earl. That child will become a countess after my death.”


"Aside from her title, Irene is the lady of a big city. It will be a problem if her husband is a commoner... I will like to give you the title of viscount, will you accept it?”

“Of course.”

The nobles of the Eternal Kingdom, an earl had the authority to appoint two viscounts and eight barons. However, Earl Steim already had five viscounts under him. He was one of the two nobles representing the Eternal Kingdom, exercising power beyond the law.

Then Grid became the sixth person to be awarded the title of viscount by Earl Steim.

[You have become a viscount of the Eternal Kingdom.]

[As Earl Steim’s son-in-law, you have acquired the Steim last name.]

[You have the authority to rule a territory.]

[You have the authority to command soldiers.]

[You can employ up to three people as knights. You can employ both NPCs and users.]

[You can give a forceful command to the people. But it isn’t recommended.]

[You will receive a monthly salary of 2,000 gold.]


Grid has a decent salary of 500 gold as the earl’s son-in-law. However, he was disappointed because the amount was too low. Now he was a viscount and obtained an extra 2,000 gold, making it a total of 2,500 gold every month.

‘2,500 gold in cash is...!’ 

It was three million won. It was a huge fixed amount, so Grid was thrilled. Earl Steim noticed his satisfaction and asked quietly.

“So... Did the first night go well?"


Grid couldn’t easily answer. The other person was his father-in-law. What son-in-law could explain the truth about what happened last night? In the end, Grid replied modestly.

"It is a level that I can be proud of.”


Earl Steim laughed with satisfaction at Grid’s answer. Then Irene entered the room.  Her face flushed as she read the atmosphere, then she said.

“Father, you will be able to see your grandchildren sooner or later. Grid... He is amazing.”

“Ohh! I see! My son-in-law is so great?”

“Yes, he is really amazing. I experienced more than I imagined last night. Perhaps there will be at least five boys in the future. I will give birth to children until I run out of strength and will make Father happy in your old age.”

“Yes! I’m looking forward to it! Really looking forward to it! Grid, please use your strength. I want at least 10 grandchildren!”


Grid couldn’t tell the truth that he might not be able to give 10 grandchildren because he could only do it once a month. He knew the circumstances of the Steim family so he didn’t want to make Earl Steim worry.

“...I will do my best.”

Grid barely managed to answer and left the room. Then Irene spoke separately to him, “Are you returning to work at Khan’s smithy as planned?”

Irene was clutching his arms like she didn’t want to separate from him. She would like to be with Grid 24 hours a day.

Grid lamented. "Before that, there is something else I need to do. Irene, can you lend me a few soldiers?”

Grid had used his skills and increased Irene’s liking to the maximum in just one month. Now he intentionally used that liking. Irene couldn’t refuse his request.

"I can lend you a few soldiers. But what do you need to do that requires soldiers...?”

The walls overlooking Winston! Grid stood next to Irene and spoke seriously while gazing at Bairan Village in the south.

"As your husband, I wish to fight for the peace of your territory. I will defeat the Guardian of the Bairan Village, which has frightened many people.”

Originally, Grid didn’t have any talent for the game.  Before he became Pagma's Descendant, he stayed in one city for a year and only reached around level 80. But now it was different. He had gone through all types of incidents since becoming Pagma’s Descendant and now knew what he had to prioritize in the game.

‘I have to produce Failure first and foremost.’

The first item that Grid created, Failure! It was an absolutely fraudulent greatsword. Unfortunately, it had no value as a sell-able produce due to the usage conditions attached. Dainsleif was already the strongest weapon currently in existence, so Grid hadn’t felt a strong greed for Failure.

But now he changed his thinking. He felt that he needed Failure. He had awakened to the common sense that it was ‘natural’ to have better weapons.

“You will fight for my sake, as well as this territory...?”

"That's right. It is only for you.”


Sometimes, well-meaning lies were required! Irene was thrilled by Grid’s words and replied with a touched look,

“You can take 100 soldiers and two knights, but please don’t overdo it and remember to be careful. If you are hurt... My heart will be torn.”

She truly was lovely.

‘I really got a good wife.’

Grid grabbed Irene and hugged her tightly. He swore that he would surely succeed in defeating the Guardian of the Forest and collect the blue orichalcum, so that her help wouldn’t be in vain!

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