Chapter 398

Chapter 398

‘Well, I can understand Huroi to some extent.’

The combat skills of the orator class were the worst, so his past ordeals were likely to have a low degree of difficulty. It wasn’t difficult for Huroi to overcome the trial, since he had grown after acquiring his second class.

‘But Yura and Jishuka are different.’

They were both geniuses. The difficulty of their past trials would be beyond imagination.  So how did they get past the 31st island?

‘Did they never have hard times because they were so good in the first place? If so, it’s great enough to be compared to this body.’

As Lauel was taking these ridiculous thoughts seriously, the other Overgeared members were comparing the items they purchased on Fog Island.

“I bought five agility elixirs and one rare skill book.”

“Huhuhu, I bought 13 stamina elixirs. I’m becoming increasingly qualified to be called a tanker.”

"Wow, Faker and Vantner hit the jackpot. 

“I’m envious... I found Fog Island too quickly and only bought four elixirs.”

“I reached the 31st Island and didn’t see Fog Island at all. It’s irritating.”

“Me too...”

The system of the Fog Island in the Behen Archipelago purely depended on luck. It wasn’t easy to use the island because it appeared too soon or too late.

“I’m worried about Grid.”


The world thought that Grid was an extremely lucky person. Wasn’t Grid the first legendary class? People appreciated Grid’s luck and assumed he was a person who saved a country in his previous life.

However, the Overgeared members knew the truth. Grid was never lucky. The question was whether he had been abandoned by Lady Luck.

"A legendary blacksmith who has bad luck and can’t make legendary items...”

“Even if he completely clears the Behen Archipelago, what if Fog Island never appears again?”


The Overgeared members were genuinely concerned, while Lauel’s heart ached.

‘Even if you have bad luck as usual, keep up your mental strength, My Lord.’


The Behen Archipelago.

“What is this?”

Grid frowned after entering the 56th island. There were two caves in front of him.

‘Why two instead of one?’

Did he have to attack both?

‘The scale isn’t a joke.’

On the 55th island, level 400 monsters started to pop up. If there were many monsters in the huge caves in front of him, Grid wouldn’t dare to challenge it.

‘It will take a long time to deal with those in the cave due to the level difference...’

As he continued further into the Behen Archipelago, the difficulty increased exponentially. Grid’s confidence was declining when a notification window appeared in front of him.

[A mission will be created.]

[56th Island]

Break through the labyrinth!

First Clear Reward: 2,150 challenger points. Access to Treasure Island for 3 minutes.

‘Treasure Island!’

Grid, whose shoulders were slumped, instantly brightened.

‘Treasure Island, the name is fantastic!’

A place where legendary achievements were celebrated, the Behen Archipelago. In some ways, it was the most sacred place on the whole continent. A hidden Treasure Island, wouldn’t tremendous treasures be buried there?

‘It will be great if I can obtain adamantium.’

The Holy Light Set that he used since the Pope Drevigo raid was made of the god mineral adamantium. Grid was convinced that he could make huge items if he had adamantium.

“Okay... I will challenge it.”

Grid regained his motivation and neared the entrance of the two caves. At the same time, Grid’s body stiffened like a stone statue.

‘Eh? I can’t move?’

It was different from a status condition. His hands were stiff and couldn’t move as a choice entered his view. 

[Do you want to go to the left cave or the right cave?]


From the moment he entered his island, the labyrinth had already begun. He wasn’t able to move in a direction other than the two options.

‘There are no variables.’

Grid turned his gaze to the rear. He wanted to ask Sticks, ‘What should I do to clear the labyrinth?’ But he couldn’t speak.

‘It isn’t just my movements, but my mouth as well...’

It seemed to be the same for Sticks. He was standing as stiffly as Grid.

‘This is confusing.’

Grid had no experience with labyrinths. The complex structure and traps made the difficulty of clearing labyrinths so high that he never challenged it.  In other words, Grid didn’t have the knowledge to break through labyrinths. It was dark in front of Grid.

‘In the end, I have to gamble.’

Grid thought about it for a while before taking one step forward. The direction he chose was the right cave. The result.

‘This is crazy!’

As soon as Grid entered the right cave, he automatically screamed. It was natural. There were six paths in front of him!

'I won’t be able to pass it like this.’

Grid was able to get a sense of how much time it would take to pass through this massive labyrinth.

‘Maybe I won’t be able to pass it before the National Competition begins...’

It was the worst. He was desperate. However, Grid had a trump card.



Grid’s hair became white and his eyes shone like rubies. Did he borrow the wisdom of a sage? No, he borrowed the wisdom of someone much higher than that. Grid was gradually becoming more versatile.

“Hoh, you thought about using this method to take advantage of my wisdom.”

Braham used Magic Detection (Enhanced) and walked towards the path with the most powerful and malicious aura.

After a moment.

Braham handled the hidden monster and appeared in front of a new crossroads. Then he taught Grid.

"The labyrinth has a habit of not wanting to miss anyone who steps in it. The closer you are to the exit, the more danger there will be. Use Magic Detection to move slowly.”

The duration of Assimilation was 3 minutes. Braham gave Grid great advice and then fell asleep. A smile appeared on Grid’s face.

‘Thank you, Braham.’

Thanks to him, Grid got a hint about how to break through the labyrinth and learned new magic.

[Magic Detection (Enhanced) Lv. 1]

A magic detection developed by the legendary great magician who has completely overturned the activation formula.

Emits a large amount of mana in all directions, locating all living things in a radius of 10 meters.

The higher the magic level, the wider the detection range and the more information that can be seen.

Resource Consumption: 3,000 Mana.

Skill Casting Time: 6 seconds.

Skill Cooldown Time: 10 minutes.

‘If I move using Braham’s advice...’


This time, Grid stood in front of eight paths and used Magic Detection that he had learned from Braham. Mana stretched out in all directions around Grid.

‘I found it!’

The strongest aura was felt from the end of one of the eight paths. Grid was sure that there was a monster there. He summoned the God Hands, Randy, and Noe and entered the battle with his full power.

“Heok... Heok...”

The monster that appeared in the labyrinth had a level between 400~410. The level difference between the level 306 Grid and the monsters was so great that he didn’t do much damage, while Grid suffered from tremendous damage whenever he received a hit. It was like a boss raid every time Grid encountered a monster.

‘The problem isn’t the monsters.’

The reuse time of Magic Detection was 10 minutes. This was reduced to 8 minutes if he wore Braham’s Boots, which reduced cooldown time. As a result, Grid could only move every 8 minutes.

‘How long will it take to break through this labyrinth?’

His eyes were dark. He was mentally very tired. But.

‘I will continue.’

Labor was a familiar area for Grid. Grid’s grim mentality started to shine.


The master of the Yak Guild, part of the seven guilds, was Bubat.

He was 53rd on the unified rankings. It couldn’t be compared to his 25th rank in the past, but nobody said that he was worse than before. He combined bold judgments and powerful CCs to be called Satisfy’s best initiator. The battlefield was always favorable to his allies when Bubat was fighting in the lead. His nickname was ‘Yak who Promises Victory.’

But at the time of the last National Competition, Bubat was helpless. He didn’t live up to his reputation and disappointed people. Was it because he was in a bad condition? No. It was because he met Yura and Grid in succession. In the case of Yura, his CC was destroyed by her excellent physical abilities. Grid was too bad because he resisted all CCs.

Bubat was frustrated because it couldn’t be helped.

“But I won’t be the one feeling frustrated in this National Competition.”

After reaching level 300, Bubat obtained many hitting skills. Unlike the past where he relied exclusively on CC, he now had appropriate attack skills. Besides, Bubat was fundamentally a tanker!

“The biggest beneficiary of the patch is me! Huhuhut!”

Grid’s legendary skills? 50% reduction in damage meant that Bubat could endure several blows. He would make it became a long battle and eventually break Grid with his high stamina.

“I will repay the shame of the past while gaining a gold medal for my country, Turkey!”


The people of Turkey cheered at Bubat’s declaration.

At this moment.

It wasn’t just Bubat. All the participants from all over the world were confident that they could handle Grid. One patch made a person into a pushover.

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