Chapter 397

Chapter 397

'It isn’t a big loss if I think about it calmly.’

A typical player gained 10 stat points for each level increase. But those with second classes like Grid were able to gain two additional stat points. Six of them were forcibly invested in intelligence, but it wasn’t a negative thing.

‘Intelligence increases my maximum mana, so I’ll be able to use more skills and the power of my magic will also increase.

Above all, the important part was for Grid was to increase the efficiency of the Assimilation skill. It was very difficult to give control of his body to Braham, but there was an irresistible appeal about Assimilation.

The charm of it was shining in the ‘Magic List’ right now.

-Available Magic Spells that can be Learned!-

[Magic Detection (Enhanced) Lv. 1]

A magic detection spell developed by the legendary great magician who has completely overturned the activation formula.

Emits a large amount of mana in all directions, locating all living things in a radius of 10 meters.

The higher the magic level, the wider the detection range and the more information that can be seen.

Resource Consumption: 3,000 Mana.

Skill Casting Time: 6 seconds.

Skill Cooldown Time: 10 minutes.

-If you use this spell three times in Great Magician mode, you will learn it.

Thus, it was possible for Grid to acquire magic used by Braham in Assimilation mode. It meant he could get the unique magic of a legendary great magician for free. This was a complete scam. It was so crazy that it wouldn’t be strange for others to be blinded by jealousy.

‘I want to learn more of Braham’s magic, so I need to raise my intelligence.’

Grid’s main duty was as a blacksmith and then a swordsman. If he was blinded by immediate greed and invested a lot of stat points in intelligence, he was likely to shed tears of blood in the future.

‘A weak hybrid is the worst. Don’t be impatient.’

Of course, the way to raise his intelligence wasn't just stat points. He could wear items that increased his intelligence, such as Malacus’ Cloak and the Black Quartz Earrings. But it wasn’t easy to make items that raised stats. If it was that easy, Grid would’ve made agility items from scratch in order to make his agility and strength ratio 1:1.

“I will try to challenge it later. First, I need to try my best to finish the Behen Archipelago.”

He saved his 6 remaining stat points despite being filled with the sudden desire to raise intelligence.


『 There were a total of eight events in the 1st National Competition. 』

<The 2nd National Competition’s Special Broadcast>

The director of the broadcast, which expected them to have a lot of interest, pointed  to the monitor on the stage. Boss raid, PvP, pet marathon, escape the labyrinth, the target processing match, international siege, and various production events were listed on the monitor.

These were the events in the 1st National Competition

『 Unlike the 1st National Competition where there were 17 participating countries, this time there is a total of 32 participating countries. The size and interest are naturally bigger. 』 

『 The S.A. Group has found that it’s hard to show the best of the players with only eight events, and there is also a limit on the spectacles provided to the viewers. 』

『 The number of events has been increased to 13, and many of them are non-combat events. It is more friendly to various classes rather than just the combat classes. 』

『 Still, the most popular event in the 2nd National Competition will be the PvP, just like the 1st National Competition. 』

『 The S.A. Group said they would be changing the PvP system so that no nasty results like the Grid vs Hurent 3 second incident or Grid vs Bondre 4 second incident will occur again. 』

『 The damage of PvP (Player VS Player) will be reduced by 50% compared to the damage of PvE (Player VS Environment: a player’s actions against monsters, dungeons, traps, terrain, etc). 』

『 In other words, if you use a skill that deals 100% damage to a monster, it will only deal 50% damage to a user. This will make the strategic elements of PvP more advanced, and viewers will be able to watch the spectacular sights for a longer time. 』


"This means they don’t need to watch out for the destructiveness of people like Grid or Chris.”

"The importance of control has increased.”

"The tankers will be the biggest beneficiaries.”

The faces of the PvP participants in the National Competition brightened after they confirmed the changes. On the other hand, the Korean netizens felt resentful.

-Ah... One of Grid’s gold medals will fly away.

-To be honest, Grid’s strength is his powerful attacks. This is basically a patch to seal it. It is absurd;;

-This is a patch completely aimed at Grid. It isn’t fair.

-Once upon a time, when Korea was still the gaming powerhouses, there were many patches to balance the power of the Korean players. This reminds me of that time.

-This is what is called a ‘nerf.’

-Wow, that’s a classic game term;;; my father used it when he was young;;; how old is it?

-Anyway, now that Grid can’t win a gold medal in PvP, Korea will never enter the top 10.

-This is really... The S.A. Group is a complete traitor... Screwing up their own country like this...

-This is the conspiracy of the world governments. It’s only the Koreans who are suffering.

The foreigners named this PvP system the ‘Grid Nerf.’

In particular, countries such as China and Japan, who had a big sense of competitiveness with South Korea, were dancing with joy.

-Ah, ah. A small nation like South Korea is being squished by the world.

-China will prove that they are the best country in Asia!

-The best in Asia! China is the center of the world! Hao is participating, so it’s natural that he will win!

-Don’t make me laugh. Japan is better than China.

-China’s only strength is their tactics, because each country in the National Competition is limited to 7 participants.

-In the end, Damian, Katz, and Yoshimura are the best in Asia.

-Let’s see.

The 50% reduced PvP damage in the National Competition. As this patch was shaking the world...

[You have entered the 56st island.]

“Heok... Heok... Wow, this. It is really too much. The difficulty rises exponentially every time I pass an island.”

The main subject of all the conversations, Grid, was solely devoted to capturing the Behen Archipelago. Was he pioneering his own way, regardless of what people said? That wasn’t it. Recently, Grid only had time to play the game, sleep, and eat.

He was unaware of what was going around the world. Did he check the TV or Internet? No. Every moment of the day was too precious for Grid. The difficulty of the Behen Archipelago was so high that he had to focus his whole mind on it.

In other words, Grid didn’t know that he was nerfed in the National Competition. Thus, the world started to misunderstand him.

-Grid is silent.

-Yes. He didn’t complain to the S.A. Group despite being nerfed. ㄷㄷ

-If this had happened to other rankers, they would be accusing the S.A. Group in various interviews around the world;;

-It’s common sense to ask for compensation.

-Grid is seriously... A guy like this is cool.

-Truly God Grid!

The old stories on the Internet paint Grid as complete trash, but they must be written by anti-fans.

-Absolutely. Grid is amazing.

The spread of things was scary. Once favourable opinions about Grid started to appear, Koreans as well as people from all over the world started praising Grid’s attitude.

He was acknowledged by the racists filled with the ideology of white supremacists, and even some terrible terrorist groups in the Middle East supported Grid. It was an amazing phenomenon.

Once it was 22 days away from the National Competition, South Korea had a talk show about Grid.

The guest was Peak Sword.

『 Why isn’t Grid reacting to this patch? To Grid, this nerf is a minor problem. He is like this. Nerf? Try it. No one can stop me Why? I am God Grid! A healthy person from Korea! Do you know God Grid? Hooray South Korea! 』


Things had already become too big by the time Grid heard about it.

In Grid’s mind, he immediately wanted to call the S.A. Group and say, ‘Why do you have to patch a person? Aren’t games supposed to be fair?’ However, he was too embarrassed to come forward now.

It was due to Peak Sword’s words on the talk show.


Peak Sword. They had known each other for over a year, but he still wasn’t aware of Grid’s personality? The power of bias was too terrible.


“Unfortunately, this is where I give up.”

"This is also my limit.”

"Everyone seems to be the same.”

The Overgeared members challenging the Behen Archipelago. The vast majority of them failed to pass the 31st island and raised the white flag. The worst trials of the past caused even the famous geniuses to feel despair.

"How did Grid pass?”

“How far has Grid developed...?”

“We’re on the same side, but he’s still scary.”

The concept of the 31st island. The more genius a person was, the greater the difficulty they faced. Lauel was aware of this fact, but he didn’t want to pour cold water on the Overgeared members praising Grid.

‘Their respect and affection towards Grid is becoming stronger.’

Lauel predicted that on the 31st island, Grid likely faced monsters like ogres.

‘In other words, the 31st island is a privilege for bad players.’

Except for Grid, it was natural for the Overgeared members to drop out at the 31st island. 


How did Yura, Jishuka, and Huroi pass the 31st island? Lauel found the results incomprehensible.

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