Chapter 396

Chapter 396

Behen Archipelago, the 51st island.

Four golden crowns faced the white-haired Grid.

“Fireball! Fireball! Fireball!”

[The magic isn’t cast because your intelligence is too low.]

[The magic isn’t cast because your intelligence is too low.]

[The magic isn’t cast...]


He tried again, but the result was the same. The white-haired Grid, no, Braham, couldn’t accept it.

“How can this be? How bad is your head that you can even get the formula for Fireball wrong?”

Grid snapped back.

‘My head isn’t bad!’

It was true. If they used the scale of the ‘intelligence stat’ to measure good or bad, Grid’s head wasn’t bad. Why? Malacus’ Cloak increased the wearer’s intelligence by 200 and the Black Quartz Earrings increased it by 15%, so he had close to 1,200 intelligence.

The influence of items was great. Which blacksmith in the world would have intelligence over 1,000? No, it wasn’t just blacksmiths. Grid was currently level 305. Among the level 305 users, it was extremely rare for them to have more than 1,000 unless they were magicians or scholars.

In other words, Grid was smarter than average. Once again, Grid was smart when using the intelligence stat as a measuring stick. But Braham saw Grid at the level of an idiot.

"What a fool.”

The level of Braham’s magic spells could be broken down into 10 levels. There were many types and uses. However, Grid’s current intelligence meant he could only use the lowest 10th level magic. Braham couldn’t even use Fireball, which was 9th level magic? Braham’s Fireball wasn’t a regular Fireball, but an enhanced one. It was impossible to complete the complex formula with Grid’s current intelligence.

"Your intelligence is a means to overcome a crisis, but it’s like I entered the body of a skunk.”


Why did he keep being blamed for not being able to use magic? Grid thought it was ridiculous, so words couldn’t come out properly.

Braham explained, "Currently, most of my soul is asleep in your body. I am just a fragment of that soul. I have to borrow your brain and magic power to use magic. But it has no meaning with your current status.”


Grid’s anger skyrocketed. He accepted Braham’s soul to become stronger, but the reality was that he just became angrier. It was truly a cursed life. There was no way to solve this.

‘Then is there any meaning in accepting you?’

"Let’s see?”

Braham just nodded at the agitated Grid. His relaxed attitude made Grid more heated up.

‘Dammit! What the hell is this?’

Grid cursed and shouted.



Suddenly, the mood of the golden crowns changed and they sprang at Grid. The atmosphere of the white-haired Grid was different from before, but they judged that he was still easy. Grid wanted to cry.

‘Will I die like this?’

The duration of Assimilation, this useless skill where the miracle was 1+1=0, had 2 minutes and 30 seconds remaining. Grid had given over control of his body to Braham, so he thought he would die because he couldn’t rely on items or Noe and Randy.

Braham read Grid’s fearful mind.

"I must look very funny to you.”

Braham was special among the legends. Unlike the other legends of human origin, his abilities were overwhelming. He was also unique enough to raise the science of magic to another level.

"Do you think that this body will be hit by hybrids?”


Grid was beyond shocked. Braham’s vision of the four rushing golden crowns was different from his own.

"Magic Missile."



Great magician. A legendary great magician was on a different dimension. The skill description for Magic Missile (Enhanced) said that it had a cooldown time of 5 seconds, but Braham was able to shoot four without a time difference.


The golden crowns was accurately pierced and the monsters hesitated in pain. Braham didn’t give them a break.

"Magic Missile."



He used only Magic Missiles. But the power was effective enough. Braham was in assimilation state. In other words, Grid’s class was Great Magician. His Magic Missile was at the 10th level and the power was incomparable to Grid’s Magic Missile.


[The golden crown has been defeated.]

[13,498,000 experience has been acquired.]

[The golden crown has been defeated.]

[13,498,000 experience has been acquired.]

[The golden crown...]



Golden crowns. Golden crowns that emitted light to attract monsters.

They used the lured monsters as hosts and were capable of showing overwhelming combat power, but they had one weakness. The health of the golden crowns were low when compared to monsters of the same level.

Grid was filled with joy as he saw that they couldn’t endure the bombardment of master level Magic Missiles.

‘This might be possible!’

He thought he might be able to clear the mission of the 51st island.

‘There is 7 minutes and 34 seconds until the mission ends.’

Assimilation would end in 1 minute and 59 seconds. Would Braham be able to defeat 6 golden crowns in that time? Grid was looking forward to it, and Braham tried to meet those expectations. He used Magic Detection (Enhanced) to find the location of the golden crowns on the island, then fired Magic Missiles towards them.




Grid once again felt admiration.

In the case of Grid, he fought it difficult to hit four targets that were 50 meters ahead with Magic Missile. Meanwhile, Braham accurately struck the golden crowns that were 200 meters ahead.


Six golden crowns around the island were hit and flocked towards Braham. Grid trembled as he sensed the approaching success of the mission.

‘Shit, my mana is gone.’


At level 300, every point in intelligence gave him 6 mana. Grid had 1,193 intelligence, giving him 7,158 mana. The master level Magic Missile (Enhanced) cost 350 mana, while the master level Magic Detection (Enhanced) cost 2,000 mana. Braham wasn’t joking when he said his mana ran out.

Grid looked at the six golden crowns approaching and shouted.

'A great magician can’t even properly control his mana?’

“It is the first time I’ve had such a small amount of mana, so I made a mistake.”

‘Shit! Don’t waste time giving me excuses. Drink a mana potion!’

Grid’s skills had a high consumption rate. Thus, he always kept mana potions on him.


Braham identified the mana potions in Grid’s inventory and pulled out one of them. It wasn’t the advanced mana potion that cost 20 gold each. Instead, it was the super mana potion produced by Reidan’t alchemy facility that didn’t have a price yet?

‘No, what are you…?’

In fact, even advanced mana potions were a luxury for Grid. The mana restored by an advanced mana potion was higher than Grid’s total mana. However, the reason that Grid had the advanced mana potions was because the intermediate ones were lacking. Anyway, for Grid who was always in pain when drinking an advanced mana potion, he couldn’t stand Braham drinking a super mana potion. He even felt hatred.

‘You...! What are you doing?’

The price of an advanced mana potion was more expensive than a chicken. But the super mana potions were at least 10 times more expensive. Braham shrugged at Grid, who couldn’t believe the scene occurring in front of him.

"My mouth has luxurious tastes.”

‘What...? It’s the same!’

Grid felt anger and annoyance. While Grid’s regret deepened, Braham showed his worth.

"Magic Missile. Magic Missile. Magic Missile."

It was only one type of spell. Thanks to this, Grid was able to safely clear the 51st island.

[1,900 challenger points have been acquired.]

[The gate to the 52nd island is open.]

[Your level has risen.] 

[As someone with a second class, you will receive a level up bonus. 12 stat points have been acquired.]

[6 stat points will be forcibly invested in intelligence.]

[The duration of Assimilation is over. Braham’s soul will be asleep for 10 days.]


It was easy to clear the island and reach level 305 thanks to Braham. However, he couldn’t feel any happiness.

Grid pledged.

‘I shouldn’t summon him in the future.’

Grid thought he might die if he had to often face Braham. But Grid was also dimly aware. Braham had a great affinity towards him. His words, tone and expression were much softer than they were in the past.

‘He will gradually reveal Pagma’s secrets.’

Grid gained the solid insurance called Braham, so his expression was bright, despite wasting points in intelligence. It was exactly 30 days in real time until the National Competition.

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