Chapter 395

‘A playground made by Pagma?’

This place called the Behen Archipelago, hadn’t the Hall of Fame existed since a long time ago? The timing wasn’t right to say that Pagma made it. 

‘Don’t tell me.’

Did it mean that Pagma made the ‘Contaminated’ Behen Archipelago?

‘In other words, the person who contaminated the Behen Archipelago is Pagma?’

Pagma was always being exposed through Braham. Grid didn’t 100% trust Braham, but he had positive feelings towards him.

“And why should I accept your soul again? Did you fail to recover your original body?”

No, what was this? Didn’t he say he would be resurrected if Grid made him the Vessel of the Soul?

Jjejeong! Jjang!

The onslaught of the golden crowns continued while Grid was asking Braham questions. It wasn’t easy to cope with the clubs from four golden crowns, and Grid couldn’t rely on the God Hands. The Sword Mastery level of the God Hands couldn’t cope with the remarkable movement of the level 380 golden crowns.

Braham gave advice to the struggling Grid.

[The golden crown is a parasitic being that uses other monsters as a host. Since there isn’t a limit in controlling the host’s body, the overall stats are better than other monsters at the same level. With your present skills, it isn’t easy to overwhelm them. So accept my soul.]

"Speaking nonsense with my body, do you think I would agree to that again? Don’t just speak one-sidedly. Answer my questions.”

Grid suffered greatly from the arrogant and chuuni words that poured from his mouth when he accepted Braham’s soul. He didn’t want to have the same experience again. In the first place, he was uneasy with not having control of his body.


Grid temporarily restrained the behavior of the golden crowns with Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Restraint. At the same time, he fired Magic Missile at the golden crown opposite him. The golden crown screamed but didn’t die.



Indeed, it was as Braham said.

The golden crowns didn’t care about the safety of the host monster.

It showed movements beyond the limit, not caring if the muscles or joints were damaged. The arms swung the club like an electric fan. The bones that protruded from the broken elbows were used as weapons, making Grid feel confused in many ways.

[The petty questions that you have, if you accept me then you will naturally get the answers. You can also easily overcome this crisis.]

[A quest has been created.]

[Legendary Great Magician]

★ Hidden Quest ★

Braham has failed to recover his original body. He wants to stay in a safe space until he recovers his exhausted magic power, and has chosen your body as that space.

If you accept Braham’s soul, you will gain a powerful force.

Quest Acceptance Reward: 50% increase in affinity with Braham. The legendary second class ‘Legendary Great magician’ will be acquired.

‘Legendary second class?’

Grid’s mind shook like he was struck by a hammer. It was a truly shocking offer. He would get a second class that was hard to obtain, and it was also a legendary class? Was there anyone in the world who could enjoy such good luck?

'This is a dream, right?’

Since Huroi first obtained a second class, it was said that less than 100 users had obtained a second class. Most of them received a normal rated second class. The number of people with a higher rated second class could be counted on one hand. A legendary second class was an uncharted territory.

But he was able to obtain it.

‘A legendary blacksmith and a legendary great magician...!’

Grid shook.

Sticks, who had been silent, cautioned him.

"Grid, you might not know it, but Braham is actually a vampire, not a human. He is also one of the nine direct descendants of Beriache. Don’t be misled by him just because he is a legend. You might become his host, just like the golden crown monsters.”

Sticks earnestly spoke. Grid looked at him in a mysterious manner.

"The man who was silently watching while I was attacked by the golden crowns is now speaking up.”

Now Grid knew Braham’s identity. But Braham helped him, so Grid didn’t feel negatively towards him. So what if he wasn’t human? Grid had gone through too many things to be prejudiced towards a person because of their species.

Sticks was embarrassed.

“I’m called a sage, but I don’t know everything. I didn’t know about the golden crowns, so I wasn’t able to give you advice. It wasn’t done maliciously.”

"You don’t have to be so serious. I’m not trying to sell you off.”

Grid was no longer interested in Sticks. He summoned Noe and Randy and started to attack the golden crowns while talking to Braham’s soul.

"Braham, if I accept your soul, will you also freely move my body like last time?”

If so, he couldn’t accept this hidden quest, even if he wanted the legendary second class. Grid’s caution couldn’t be compared to the past. Braham inwardly admired it while answering.

[No, your flesh will purely be yours if you accept me. I won’t take over your body unless you want it yourself.]

"It is a spiritual rapport?”

Once Grid accepted Braham’s soul, he would be able to share his thoughts with Braham and communicate. It was a mysterious experience in many ways. Braham wasn’t 100% reliable, so it was right to draw a line.

[Right now, I am very weak. If I communicate with you spiritually, I am likely to be influenced and absorbed by you. Rapport... It doesn’t exist unless I take over your body.]

It was a satisfactory answer. Grid nodded and asked a question.

"What is the duration of your stay?”

[A minimum of one year.]

“Give me a definite answer. Up to how many years?”

[...Four years.]

From one to four years. It meant that Grid could only have the legendary second class for that long and of course, it was based on Satisfy time. Grid was a little disappointed.

‘It is too short.’

It would be hard to bear if he suddenly lost power one day. Wouldn’t it be better to ignore that power from the beginning? Braham read Grid’s worry and tempted him.

[Do you think you will get nothing from me? You will be able to learn all types of magic and wisdom from me. Isn’t that alone beneficial?]


There was no reason for Grid to reject. Sticks tried to stop him, but it was useless.

"Grid, you don’t know how atrocious the demonkin are...?”

"Demonkin or human, it doesn’t matter. I want to become stronger. "

The reason that Grid was so devoted to Satisfy, despite making enough money, was to prove the value of his existence. In order to get further away from his despised past, Grid was looking higher and higher.

His first goal was to win three gold medals in the National Competition. Grid once again wanted to be recognized. In particular, for those who tormented him, he wanted to show that he was living well. In order to do that, he needed to cross beyond the mountain called Kraugel.

"Braham, I will accept your soul.”

[A wise choice.]


Braham’s soul was sucked into Grid’s chest. A notification window popped up in front of Grid.

[You have become one with Braham’s soul.]

[The second class ‘Legendary Great Magician’ has been acquired.]

[You are the first player to achieve two legendary classes!]

[It is truly a great achievement!! The title ‘Glimpsed the Myths’ has been acquired!]

[Glimpsed the Myths]

The minimum qualification to raise your class rating to ‘Myth.’

The title itself has no effect.


Most players already knew about it. The highest rating in Satisfy was myth, not legend. They were able to know this because there were all types of myth rated items, including the Rebecca Church’s three divine artifacts.

But who could’ve imagined it? A player could actually reach the myth rating.

‘Lauel didn’t even know it.’

It was a great feeling of accomplishment to obtain new information before anyone else. A notification window appeared in front of Grid. But the contents...

[You have learned all of Braham’s magic.]

[It failed because of your low intelligence!]

[In order to master Braham’s magic, you must raise your intelligence.]

[In order to provide Braham’s soul with steady magic power and restore it, you must raise your intelligence.]

[SIx stat points will be forcibly invested into intelligence every time your level goes up.]

[The skill ‘Assimilation’ has been generated.]


Will awaken Braham’s sleeping consciousness in your body and become one.

At this time, your class will be converted to Great Magician’ and control of the flesh will be transferred to Braham.

Skill Duration: 3 minutes

Skill Cooldown Time: 10 days


He acquired a legendary second class, but why didn’t the result look good? No, it didn’t look good.


It stunk. He gained 10 stat points per level. Of those, six would be forcibly invested in intelligence? Grid naturally cursed. He couldn’t control his anger, so Sticks asked with an anxious expression.

“Did Braham deceive you? A demonkin isn’t someone you should encounter.”


The elves who wanted to keep the balance of the world, and the demonkin who wanted to destroy the world, their relationship was the worst. Grid continued to ignore Sticks’ remark, since he had a bias against Braham.

‘I wasn’t deceived.’

It was his fault for not asking what penalties he would receive if he accepted Braham’s soul.

‘For example, I already had the experience of falling to level 1 after becoming Pagma’s Descendant...’

Nevertheless, he didn’t regret it, since obtaining a legendary second class was priceless. He never thought it was possible.

"First of all, I have to test Braham’s strength.”

The time left to clear the mission of the 51st island was only 8 minutes and 35 seconds. He needed to hunt 10 golden crowns. It was an impossible task for Grid alone, even if he summoned Noe and Randy.

‘But what if I use Braham’s abilities?’



Grid’s wide shoulders and thick forearms started to gradually change. His jawline became tapered and his black hair was as white as snow.

"...Kukukuk, failing to catch such dogs.’ I will burn them together with the whole island.”

It was the white-haired version of Grid that attracted female hearts and brought about the 5th Korean Wave in Japan. This was indeed...


[The magic isn’t cast because your intelligence is too low.]


The first time Grid accepted Braham’s soul, it was full of magic power. Then what about now?

‘...Shit, it’s like this.’

Now Grid wanted to cry at the compensation of the hidden quest. In many ways, it was regretful.

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