Chapter 399

Chapter 399

"Grid? Certainly, he has grown. I was impressed when I saw the Eternal Kingdom war video.”

The strongest nation in Satisfy, the USA.

Thousands of people gathered at a press conference for Zibal. The theme of the interview was the 2nd National Competition. However, most of the questions were about Grid.

“In the past, Grid played while relying on his items, skills, and stats. Now he has combined it with moderate control skills. Considering his talents, I guess it’s a result of his efforts. I admire his efforts.”

"You described Grid’s control as ‘moderate.’ Are you saying that it isn’t at an amazing level?”

“Well... Isn’t it good enough from the public’s point of view?”

"Then he hasn’t reached the level of high rankers yet. It’s said that Grid’s power will be weakened in the National Competition due to the patch. How do you see it?”

"I also have the same opinion. If it wasn’t for Grid’s items and stats... He will be very ordinary.”

"I have a question about that. Is Grid really weak? If his damage has been halved, can’t Grid overwhelm the opponent in two blows instead of one?”

The reporter’s question caused all the people in the room to laugh, including Zibal. The reporter’s question was very rudimentary. Zibal stopped laughing and opened his mouth.

“Satisfy’s stats aren’t just attack power and health. Isn’t there also the concept of defense? For example, let’s say my defense is 100 and Grid’s attack power is 1,000. How much damage will I get if I am attacked by Grid?”

“...Isn’t it 900?”

The old and retired reporter didn’t know much about Satisfy. He was out of date, and in fact, he hadn’t even been intending to attend this press conference. But a sudden mishap occurred and he attended on behalf of his junior.

Zibal saw that he was a layman and kindly explained. 

“No, that isn’t it. A formula is applied to defense. First of all, besides the defense that can be found in the stats window, every class has a unique resistance that is additionally added to defense to reduce the enemy damage.”

“In other words, this patch will reduce Grid’s attack power by more than 50%?”

“That’s right.”

“Then isn’t this patch fatal to other players with low attack power, not just Grid? How will you cause damage to each other?”

The reporter continued to ask basic questions. Zibal shook his head and pointed to his head and heart.

"It is to attack the enemy’s weak points. Be faster and more accurate.”

But Grid didn’t have that type of skill. The old reporter finally understood and sat down to take notes. Other reporters’ questions followed. 

"Now that Grid’s influence in PvP has weakened, what is your prediction for South Korea’s overall ranking?”

“22nd? As you know, there isn’t any other talent in South Korea besides Yura. There will be a limit to her alone.”

"What about Peak Sword?”

“Of course, Peak Sword is excellent. But his attack mode is one strike. It’s very powerful, but the delay after each attack is long. He’s also one of the victims of this patch. South Korea is tragic in many ways.”

"What about Russia and Kraugel?”

“Russia has some great participants and Kraugel is the only competitor I admire... They can easily enter the top 10.”

“What about the host, France?”

“They can get at least in the top 5.”

"The United States?"

“Of course, we will be 1st. As always, in all areas.”


Beijing, China.

"Hao. You didn’t participate in the 1st National Competition held in South Korea last year. Because of that, China was forced to stay in 7th place. The reason you expressed your intention to participate in this National Competition is to sooth the disappointment of our Chinese people, right?”

Hao kept his 16th ranking despite the Overgeared members causing a cataclysm in the unified rankings. The miracle of their country was known as a genius of fighting. Whether it was a solo exhibition or team play, he boasted overwhelming stats in PvP.

Last year, Hao’s vacancy was huge for China, who couldn’t achieve remarkable results in PvP related events. He felt cynical towards the reporters’ questions.

‘I want to say that it has no relation to the hearts of the people.’

Hao was a Chinese person, so he knew them well. If he made a slip of the tongue, he could be kidnapped one day.

Hao took a deep breath and nodded.

“That’s correct. Last year, I didn’t participate in the National Competition due to personal circumstances and deeply regretted it. I swear before the spirit of the great Mao Zedong and China, I will lead our country to victory in this National Competition.”

“Last year, Grid and South Korea interfered with China and rose to the 3rd spot. Now that Grid has been nerfed, will you be able to repay the past disgrace?”


According to Lauel, Grid was someone beyond Kraugel. He would dismiss it as nonsense, but Lauel wasn’t someone to exaggerate. It was clear that Grid had something.

‘I can’t say anything good.’

Hao looked around the room. The reporters were staring with expectations in their eyes. Hao sighed and eventually opened his mouth.

"Whether Grid is nerfed or not, he wasn’t my opponent in the first place.”


The reporters got the answer they wanted. It was natural for the people of a great country to win over those of a small country.


Snap snap!

Hao’s remarks were written on Internet articles as photos were taken of him. Meanwhile, Hao sipped his cold water.

‘It isn’t a lie.’

The only one better than him was Kraugel. Hao had a high evaluation of his own skills. It was because he was able to tie up the feet of several Overgeared members alone during the Reidan invasion.


Paris. France.

“Bondre, you experienced a humiliating defeat after being logged out by Grid in just 4 seconds. Did that incident cause trauma? Will you be able to participate well in the National Competition?”

France was a strong favorite in the 1st National Competition. Surprisingly, many experts analyzed that France would win over the United States. But France’s greatest player, Bondre, was torn apart by Grid and everything became a tangled mess. France narrowly settled for second place. 

Bondre scoffed at the reporters’ malicious question and made a scathing remark.

"Trauma? That’s something that will happen to hyenas like you. I am a beast of prey. I will never shrink back.”

“Your confidence is good. But isn’t this patch fatal for you? Your Absolute Zero won’t be able to function properly.”

France was the host country of the 2nd National Competition. As the host country, the entire nation was hoping for them to win. But the public didn’t trust Bondre. Bondre ridiculed the reporter’s question.

"You still think that Absolute Zero is my only skill?”


“A year has passed since the first National Competition. In the meantime, I have learned many powerful spells. In the first place, an ice mystic specializes in defense and utility rather than high attack power. This patch is just giving me wings."

Bondre was so angry that he spoke in informal language. He declared to the dozens of media outlets gathered in this place, "Those uncivilized Koreans who eat dog meat, I will shatter them. Then your attitude towards me will change. I will lead France to victory.”


Ottawa, Canada.

3rd ranked Chris was also holding a press conference.

"Last year, Canada was one of the strong candidates to win the National Competition. But we had to experience the shocking result of not being able to enter the top 3.”

"This year, the country is hoping for a different result. Chris, do you have the confidence to revive people’s expectations?”

Please provide a satisfying answer. Chris read the words in the reporters’ eyes and bowed his head.

"Last year, I was helpless. I lost to Zibal in the boss raid, was defeated by Bondre in the labyrinth breakthrough, and was defeated by Regas in PvP. I want to borrow this place to once again apologize.”

In fact, Chris shouldn’t have to apologize. Last year, Chris was very cool. He won the silver medal in the boss raid and labyrinth breakthrough, and reached the quarter-finals in PvP. That’s right. Chris struggled against the best players of the world alone. 

"Lift your head!"

"You’re our hero!”

The reporters cried out, causing Chris to slowly raise his head. Then he smiled at them.

"I will try to show a better performance this year. I am confident of winning against all opponents except for Kraugel and Grid.”


The reporters were startled. Wasn’t Grid a victim of the patch? At this moment, rankers and experts from all over the world were evaluating that Grid would find it hard to play a big role in the National Competition. Why did Chris see Grid as superior to him?

'Chris is also a victim of the patch, but...’

‘Chris has much higher skills when it comes to the greatsword. He is different from Grid.’

Chris laughed at the reporters faces.

‘I can’t easily beat Grid, who competed with the crazy farmer for a long time.’

The world didn’t know Grid’s true value. Chris couldn’t comprehend the public opinion, who ridiculed Grid despite all his achievements just because of his normal control. Of course, this didn’t mean Chris was already obsessed with defeat.

Grid and Kraugel. Both men weren’t easy to beat, but Chris didn’t think there was no chance at all. This was the pride of the 3rd ranked user.

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