Chapter 392

Chapter 392

‘Really long...’

Grid had been tied up by the 41st island for five days. If Grid was an ordinary player, he likely would’ve been satisfied and abandoned the 41st island the moment that his new skills were acquired.

This was normal. What player in this world could repeatedly challenge death? There would only be 1 in every 10,000. The more high level a player was, the more cautious they were.

But Grid wasn’t an ordinary person. He was obsessed with overcoming his inadequate talent and was persistent. For Grid, giving up was a concept that should be avoided, and was one of the driving forces behind why he could stand shoulder to shoulder with geniuses.

"Well, it ended sooner than expected.”

He didn’t know that the effect of the Motley Flail would resolve it from the beginning. He thought he would have to repeat his death several times. Yet the best outcome occurred in the very first fight.

‘God has a conscience.’

Was God sorry about always giving Grid bad luck and gave him good luck once in a while?


Grid smiled as he swapped to Grid’s Greatsword and neared the clone. The clone was in the immortal state. Grid was cautious of Meditation, so he was thankful for the clone’s actions.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Linked Kill Wave.”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The sword technique was unfolded and eight stormy energy blades flooded towards Grid. Grid was lost the immortal passive, so the clone needed to gain the advantage in these five seconds. It was what Grid expected.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Linked Kill Wave.”

Compared to the best artificial intelligence, his skill development rate was rather slow. Originally, it was difficult for him to use Linked Wave Kill, but the power of ‘prediction’ was great. Grid anticipated that the clone would use Linked Wave Kill and succeeded in unfolding it at the same time.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The storm of swords swallowed up each other and a powerful shock wave occurred. The land shook and the sea became chaotic.

“Noe! Randy!”



A tsunami seemed like it would swallow the island. Noe and Randy flew towards the clone at the same time. Randy used Link while Noe opened his mouth and attempted to steal the stats. But the clone wasn’t easy.

“Blackening, Blacksmith's Rage, and Quick Movements.”


The clone used buff skills as an explosion of dark magic occurred around him, shrugging off Noe and Randy and aiming for Grid.


The movements were as fast as lightning. Grid reeled back as he was stabbed in the heart with Iyarugt. If the tsunami hadn’t covered Grid and the clone at the same time, a combo would’ve succeeded.

Kwa kwa kwang!

Grid and the clone were swept to the edge of the island by the tsunami. He swapped from Grid’s Boots to Braham’s Boots and used Fly to escape the destruction of the sea.

“Heok... Heok...”

The damp Grid laughed while panting. On the other hand, the clone revealed impatience. There was less than two seconds remaining on the immortality.

"Magic Missile."


He summoned the fake God Hands and fired four Magic Missiles at Grid. At the same time, the clone used Transcended Link. Surprisingly, Grid responded with Revolve. Why would he use Revolve first when it was unconditionally disadvantageous to him?

The clone was confused and also started to use Revolve. But at that moment.



A flash of light struck the clone, who had been paying attention to the approaching strengthened Transcended Link. Where did this attack come from? It was from below. It came from the sea where the clone was standing.

Magic Missile flew from it. The moment that the tsunami occurred, Grid left one of the God Hands in the sea and waited for this moment.


The clone stumbled. He had a pale complexion and coughed up blood. It was an unbelievable situation for the clone. Placing items to take advantage of the terrain and using a skill to draw attention? It was ridiculous that Grid had threatened the clone with such a trick.

“Haven’t I grown? It is all thanks to you. You have helped a lot in developing me.”

Grid dealt the killing blow.


The clone screamed with rage as it turned to grey.

[You have won the fight against yourself!]

[You have succeeded in beating the 41st island!]

[You have acquired 1 skill level point from the mission clear reward.]

Grid lost a huge 61.2% experience from the 42nd island. As a result, Grid’s level fell to 305. He would have to hunt for at least 20 days to recover 61.2% of his experience. The time loss was enormous.

But Grid didn’t think he received any damages. He gained the strongest skills Linked Kill Wave and Pinnacle Kill, as well as rich combat experience.

“Very good.”

It was strength that transcended the concept of level. A noble pride could be seen in Grid’s smile of satisfaction. A notification window popped up in front of Grid.

[You have overcome your limitations and have taken one step closer to being a legend.]

[One of Pagma’s Descendant’s hidden pieces ‘Sealed Ability’ has been acquired.]

[The skill ‘Blacksmith’s Eyes’ has been acquired.]

So far, Grid had acquired three hidden pieces. The first hidden piece gave him a 10% reduction in his skills cooldown time and also the Item Modification skill. He got Item Combination from the second hidden piece, and Minerals Strengthening from the third one.

'Since then, it’s been a while...’

Blacksmith’s Eyes? Grid felt anticipation as he checked the description of the skill.

[Blacksmith’s Eyes]

You can see some of the abilities and options when looking at the target item. Limited to equipped items.

* The closer the distance to the target item, the better the analytical power.

"In short... It is an item observation skill that applies to items I don’t own.”

For example, he could get a glimpse of the armor and weapon that the enemy was using?


What was the point of this skill? What was the point of checking items? Grid thought for a moment and was belatedly thrilled.

“Heok, isn’t this a huge skill?”

It was a huge scam being able to see the details of the enemy’s items. Why? He could block the trump cards hidden in the enemy’s items in advance, and also exploit the weaknesses.


Grid’s fists clenched as he shuddered. It was a state where he couldn’t contain his joy.

“I like it when Grid is happy.”

"Me too, nyang.”

Noe and Randy laughed and Grid stroked their heads. Sticks smiled as he watched the group of three. There was one fact that Grid overlooked. Grid’s clone had died in the Blackening State. The present Grid never imagined that this variable would provide a fun and positive environment for him.


[Skill Level Point]

Increases the skill level of a specified skill by 100%.


Raise the level of any skill?

It would be nice to raise the level of powerful fusion skills like Linked Kill Wave, Pinnacle Kill, Transcended Link and Linked Kill. Unfortunately, the fusion skills didn’t have the concept of level.

They were so powerful that they were already judged as complete skills.

‘It is better to raise the level of Kill.’

No, it might not be the case. Grid couldn’t decide hastily.

‘It might be good to raise the Legendary Blacksmith’s Craftsmanship Skill.’

It was hard to choose right now. Grid decided to save the skill point and not use it hastily. Then Sticks approached him.

“Do you want to move on to the next island?”

Grid nodded without hesitation.

“I will do that.”

There was 36 days left until the National Competition. Prior to that, Grid planned to capture all of the Behen Archipelago, so he hastened his steps.

[You have entered the 42nd island.]

[You have entered the 43rd island.]

[You have entered the...]

The trials to overcome himself seemed to have ended. The 42nd to 49th islands were ordinary missions such as monster hunting and boss raids.

‘It is comfortable.’

The monsters inhabiting the islands in the 40’s weren’t weak. They were just very easy compared to when dealing with his clone. Thus, Grid’s momentum continued until he reached the 50th island.


Braham, who had mastered magic while being a direct descendant of Shizo Beriache. In the end, he was regarded as a legend and was close to the title of the strongest. Then what about now? After losing his body and becoming a soul, he was weak and miserable. The glory of the past couldn’t be found anywhere.

[Dammit...! Dammit!]

The 1st great demon, Baal. That monster’s contractor was one of the few people able to fight with a dragon. They caused trouble for Braham every time.

[It can’t happen again this time.]

Braham went looking for his body sealed at the Sword Grave, only to be weakened by Agnus. He felt irritation at his soul losing strength and was eventually reminded of Grid.

[Pagma’s Descendant will be able to do it.]

Just as Pagma had the power of a great demon.


Braham’s soul squeezed out all his remaining magic power and triggered detection magic throughout the continent. It was to find Grid.

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