Chapter 391

Chapter 391

The flail was a swinging tool. It was impossible to stab or cut with it. It was why Grid chose the black iron wood as the material.

‘Resilience is important for this type of weapon.'

Black iron wood was ‘bent iron.’

It had high rigidity and elasticity. Generally, it was used as a material for spears and the price was very expensive. The rankers and knights of each kingdom needed to have spears made of black iron wood.

‘In short, it’s one of the best materials.’

It was impossible to buy it without any pressure. However, Grid judged that it was natural to have the finest materials for the items he created. It was an item created by a legendary blacksmith, how could he use lacking materials?

‘It hurts that the expenses are so big.’

Ttang! Ttang!

Grid swallowed back his tears and devoted himself to working on the black iron wood. First of all, he made a 1.3 meter pole and attached four long sticks to the end. The pole was at a width that was comfortable to hold in his hands, while the slender twigs were trimmed as sharply and thinly as possible.

‘I have a good feeling.’

Shaving, combining, etc. After repeating a series of processes, Grid looked at the thin sticks that had been shaped and expected the birth of a legendary item. But Grid’s feeling of ‘not bad’ didn’t fit.

[You have completed the production of the Motley Flail.]

[Motley Flail.]

Rating: Unique

Durability: 259/259  Attack Power: 143~191

* A special effect will occur every time the target is hit. The effect is unpredictable.

* Thrashing speed will increase by 150%.

* There is no guarantee how the condition of the thrashed grain will change.

Farming equipment designed by Grid who has been reborn as a legend.

It’s made of solid black iron wood and has excellent durability and attack power. It’s at a level to be called a weapon.

However, the effects can’t be guaranteed due to the influence of Silverun’s Secret Remedy. Use with caution. It is recommended that you don’t use it.

User Restriction: Level 200 or higher.

Weight: 109

"...Shit, just a little bit more.”

It would be nice if his hope worked out just once. Sticks didn’t notice Grid’s frustration and spoke.

“That’s a great flail. It seems to be a good farming equipment.”

It was his sarcastic way of asking why Grid was making farming equipment. In the end, Grid declared.

“This isn’t conventional farming equipment, but a weapon. I’m going to use this to break through the 41st island.”

"A weapon...!!” 

Sticks admired it. Grid’s spirit was amazing to think about using a flail as a trump weapon. Sticks was a sage. He was a wise man. He tried to understand Grid rather than treat him as a strange person.

'There must be something deeply profound.’

However, that didn’t mean he had confidence. Sticks looked over. Grid was grabbing the hammer again.

‘I will give the unique-rated one as a gift to Piaro.’

He would challenge it one more time.

'I have to get a legendary rated flail!’

Ttang! Ttang!

Grid pledged and started working on the spare black iron wood. Finally, he got the desired form and added Silverun’s Secret Remedy. As a result, once again, a unique-rated flail was completed.

“...This $%!#.”

It had been a really long time since Grid cursed like this. His thinking power might’ve expanded and his personality matured, but his essence couldn’t change. A year and a half had passed since he became Pagma's Descendant.

Meanwhile, only 12 legendary items were made. Even a saint would be enraged.

‘Why can’t a legendary blacksmith make legendary items?’

Probability games were really rotten. Grid realized it once again and soothed his mind.

‘Okay, let’s calm down. It isn’t necessary to have a legendary flail to break through the 41st island.’

That’s right. Grid didn’t want a flail for its attack power. He only needed a random effect to cause a reversal. He wanted a legendary rated flail for the special event and rise in stats, but it was better not to be obsessed with it.

“Now I will practice.”

21 hours passed since the creation and production of the flail. Grid needed to get used to the flail in the next three hours, until the cooldown of his immortality and Noe and Randy returned.


The 41st island.

“Bring it on.”


The clone was puzzled when it saw Grid holding a flail. As a person with 100% of Grid’s abilities, it found it strange that Grid would use the flail.

[Motley Flail.]




The clone checked the options of the flail and couldn’t understand Grid more and more.

‘It’s an inefficient weapon.’

Why did he appear with this? The clone questioned it, but didn’t think deeply. The reason for the clone’s existence was just to hurt Grid. It was useless to question the behavior of someone who would die soon.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship.”


The clone moved forward. It was dazzling like a butterfly’s wings. It was the precursor of Link.



The clone quickly unfolded the attack. The sharp energy blades shot out from Grid’s Greatsword and aimed at Grid. The Grid from 24 hours ago would’ve avoided this attack and fought back. But now Grid had regained his original judgment. The swords flying towards him?

'I won’t stop it!’


Blood spread like a fog around Grid’s body was he was hit by Link. Why didn’t Grid take any defensive actions? It was for a quick counterattack. Grid didn’t resist the enemy’s attack and swung the flail.



The clone’s eyes shook. That’s right, it was hit. Grid’s speed was incomparably faster, causing the clone to feel confused.


The clone was struck in the face with the flail. There was the sound of a watermelon bursting and blood scattered, but it was just the appearance. The four thin sticks on the flail were so sharp that they triggered bleeding, but the damage was actually low. But was damage important?


Grid’s mouth curved upwards.

“Let’s try it once!”

The Motley Flail caused a random effect when it hit the target. It could give a buff or a debuff. It would be the worst if the target was giving a buff.

'A debuff is no use.’

Grid knew. The clone was the same as him. A debuff wouldn’t have a big effect. Nevertheless, the reason why Grid fought with the flail was because he believed.

‘It will have a definite effect, not simple debuffs...!’

For example, the effect of decreasing the target’s health to 1 point or increasing the weight gauge to MAX. These effects weren’t classified as debuffs, so Grid couldn’t withstand the physical effects.

[The effect of the Motley Flail is triggered!]

The flail had an immediate effect after hitting the clone. A light flashed once.

[The target’s attack power will double for 10 seconds.]


Grid had already decided. An unlucky bastard like him, depending on an item with random effects, the probability of getting a positive outcome was like winning the lottery. But still, this was too much.

‘If it is double the attack power...!’

Grid stepped back as the clone’s greatsword started moving.



This was a basic attack, but the level was that of a skill. Grid’s eyes shook as he received great damage. However, he didn’t forget to fight back.

[The effect of the Motley Flail is triggered!]

[The target’s maximum health will triple for 10 seconds.]

[The effect of the Motley Flail is triggered!]

[The target’s skill damage will increase by 20% for 10 seconds.]

[The effect of the Motley Flail is triggered!]

[Grants a shield spell to the target.]

[The effect of the Motley Flail is triggered!]

[The target has been affected by the silence state.]

[The target has resisted.]

"Ah, really!”

Grid’s anger soared as the battle continued.


The clone ridiculed him. It was the first emotion that the clone showed.

“You bastard...!”

Grid gritted his teeth. At first glance, it seemed like he had lost his reason. But reality was different. Grid had already anticipated this and was prepared to die a few more times. He constantly struck the clone and activated the effect of the flail.

On the other hand, the clone was careless. It was because the effect of the flail continuously favored him. He was careless as Grid continued to swing the flail. He didn’t avoid Grid’s attack as he kept pressing Grid.

[You have suffered fatal damage!]

[A legend doesn’t die easily. You can resist all attacks for 5 seconds with a minimum of health.]

In the end, Grid went on the defensive. In order to generate more effects, he tried to speed up his attacks using Blackening, Blacksmith’s Rage and Quick Movements, but it just ended up helping the clone.

‘I have no choice but to be lucky in the next challenge.’

Grid gave up on this game. He cleared his mind and wielded the flail. The clone didn’t even bother avoiding the flail. The odds of the flail threatening him was like finding a needle in the desert. Indeed, it showed that the clone had a very high artificial intelligence.

The concept of ‘chance’ was insignificant to him. The clone was making fun of him.



Immediately before Grid’s immortality passive was over. The clone was surprised when it was struck in the face just as the match was about to finish. Grid was even more surprised.

[The effect of the Motley Flail is triggered!]

[Change health values with the target.]


The confused clone hurriedly tried to pull out a potion.

"Where are you going?”

Grid smiled with satisfaction and kicked the clone’s abdomen. The clone’s health fell to 1 and it entered the immortality state.

“I can’t miss this opportunity.”

Grid declared and summoned Noe and Randy. The moment of the end of the long battle was approaching.

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