Chapter 390

Chapter 390

Who was the hero of the informal rankers? If they heard such a question, ordinary people would say Grid. Grid’s accomplishments were great.

But there was a law that existed in every world. There were those hiding in the darkness of Satisfy who were stronger than Grid. Tarma was one of them.

Tarma. A player who had been acting as PKer since his early days in Satisfy. A notorious dark gamer, he had a very brilliant career. The most outstanding achievement...

"The 2nd ranked Zibal lost his life to me.”

It was true. Tarma’s PK skills were unmatched. In the first place, he had a hidden class specializing in PKing. The reigning Kraugel would lose his life to Tarma.

“Hoh, Tarma should be able to do it.”

"If Tarma plays in PvP, he will be able to move onto the finals.”

The top rankers and Overgeared members that Tarma would meet in PvP? None of them could win in a one-on-one fight against Tarma. The executives of Blood Carnival felt reassured. Tarma was that excellent.

"Well, it’s doubtful that you will win against Kraugel just because you reach the finals.”

"Kraugel is special.”

“He’s a monster beyond the level of a genius. There’s no one except Agnus and the twins in our guild who can fight one-on-one with Kraugel and definitely win.”

“Shut up, you dog scum.”

Tarma cursed at his colleagues. He spoke confidently to the master hidden by a veil.

“Tell this to the client. I, Tarma, will surely defeat Kraugel. Oh, and ask them to give me an allowance for every celebrity I defeat in PvP.”

“I understand.”

The master of the Blood Carnival smiled from behind his veil. They trusted Tarma’s skills.


[Legendary Blacksmith’s Creation Skill]

You can create three equipment item production methods every time the skill level of the ‘Legendary Blacksmith’s Craftsmanship Skill’ goes up.

Number of items that can be created at present: 13/21.]

* When items are produced using this skill, the name of the creator is automatically placed on the item.

“Legendary Blacksmith’s Creation Skill.”

The moment Grid used the skill.


There was a loud sound effect and the notification window appeared.

[What item do you want to create?]


Grid didn’t want a powerful weapon. Grid wanted a weapon that purely relied on luck. He judged that it was the only method to deal with the clone.

'I’m sick of making swords.’

Anyway, it was a random item. It wasn’t an item he would use often unless he was in a situation like this, so making a different form would be fun.

‘It can’t be difficult to deal with, or have a low accuracy.’

What was a fun and different weapon with a guaranteed hit rate? Grid thought for awhile and recalled Piaro’s flail. Flail. A farming tool used to harvest grains. There were three or four long twigs hanging at the end of a pole, and it was waved around.

‘It is hard to avoid.’

Grid came to this conclusion after thinking about his fight with Piaro and smiled wickedly.

‘That damn clone... I will let you taste this dirty feeling.’

He made a decision.

“I want to create a flail.”


Sticks was surprised from where he was watching. The Legendary Blacksmith’s Creation skill was a trump card of Pagma in the past. It needed to be used carefully because there was a limited number of uses. Yet Grid was using the skill to create a farming equipment.

Sticks asked Grid, “You’re going to use this to create a flail? Please give me a convincing explanation.”


It was because he wanted to make a weapon with a high hit rate. A flail was a weapon with a high hit rate. But he also wanted something different, and being hit by a flail would give a dirty feeling to the target. It was a little embarrassing to answer honestly.

“Hum hum.”

Grid ignored Sticks and proceeded to the next stage of Item Creation.

[Have you decided on a flail?]


[What materials would you like to use?]


The reason why Grid could think of producing an item with a random effect was thanks to the gift that Alchemist Silverun gave him before he left Reidan. It was right after granting an option to Iyarugt and before heading back to the Behen Archipelago again.

"I heard you are going to a very dangerous place. I will be praying for your safe return.”

Silverun approached Grid and handed over a bottle filled with liquid.

“What is this?”

Was he trying to poison Grid because he knew that Grid thought alchemy was useless? Silverun smiled at Grid’s question and explained.

“It is a mystery potion that I poured all my knowledge of alchemy into.”

"What does that mean?"

"I also don’t know.”


"Haha, to be precise, a random effect will be triggered. I’m excited because I don’t know the result. Isn’t this the attraction of alchemy? Anyway, if you’re in a moment of crisis, you can try drinking it. Who knows? The best results might happen.”


This was a crazy person. Grid completely lost trust in alchemy and the alchemists. Grid had pledged not to use this liquid for all his life. But now, a few days later.

"The material will be Silverun’s Secret Remedy and black iron wood.”

Grid was entirely dependent on Silverun’s secret remedy.

[Have you decided?]


[Please design the item.]

The moment that the materials for the item was determined, a blank blueprint appeared in front of Grid. This was already the 9th item creation. Grid skillfully drew on the blueprint. 

‘The flail used by Piaro is the ideal form for a flail.'

Suksak suksak.

The flail drawn on the blueprint bore a striking resemblance to Piaro’s. A long time passed. Grid was pleased with the final design and pressed the confirmation button.

[Have you decided? When you complete the blueprint, the number of available creation skill will decrease by one.]

“I have decided.”

[A great work of art has been completed.]

[One skill count has been consumed.]

[Please describe the characteristics of the item.]

A system that required the features of the flail. Grid knew. A fanciful description actually acted as a poison to an item.

Grid started to carefully explain.

"Designed with black iron wood, it has excellent elasticity and attack power. It is sharp, like a sword made out of steel. Silverun’s Secret Remedy is added, so there will be a random effect every time the target is struck.”

[It has been applied.]

The blueprint of the flail that Grid drew was modified. The skill compensation effect. After a while, the perfected flail design emerged in front of Grid.

‘Okay, this is good.’

The flexible pole was 1.3m long, while the four twigs hanging from it were sharp and threatening like a blade. It was more like farming equipment than a weapon, but Grid liked this. It was already fun to see how the dignity of the enemy would collapse when they were beaten by farming equipment.

[Please name the item.]

The system made a final request. This was Grid’s answer.

"Motley Flail.”

“...No, why?”

The name was the worst. Sticks was at a loss for words. Well, it didn’t matter because Grid was satisfied with the completed design.

[Motley Flail] 

Rating: Unique ~ Legendary

Unique Rating Information:

Durability: 259/259  Attack Power: 143~191

* A special effect will occur every time the target is hit. The effect is unpredictable.

* Threshing speed will increase by 150%.

* There is no guarantee how the condition of the threshed grain will change.

Legendary Rating Information:

Durability: 307/307   Attack Power: 218~275

* A special effect will occur every time the target is hit. The effect is unpredictable.

* Threshing speed will increase by 200%.

* There is no guarantee how the condition of the threshed grain will change.

Farming equipment designed by Grid, who has been reborn as a legend.

It’s made of solid black iron wood and has excellent durability and attack power. It’s at a level to be called a weapon.

However, the effects can’t be guaranteed due to the influence of Silverun’s Secret Remedy. Use with caution. It is recommended that you don’t use it.

User Restriction: Level 200 or higher.

Weight: 109

“Um... Black iron wood is expensive, but I would like to give a present to Piaro.”

Grid spoke big words. Anyway, thanks to this Motley Flail, Piaro later on... Omitted.


After the creation of the Motley Flail. Grid logged out and rested, then returned to work in the best conditions.

"Please give me a legendary item.”

Grid had produced the 10th legendary item and went through the second special event. Now he only got additional stats if he made a legendary item.

It was natural that Grid hoped for the flail to have a legendary rating.

‘I wonder about the effect of the third special event.’

Grid had stayed in Reidan for a while to make the Mass Production Grid Set. He made more than 1,000 sets, with two legendary items successfully being produced. Now Grid just needed three more legendary items to experience the third special event. Grid wanted that day to occur, despite the possibility of a penalty. He believed that the benefits would outweigh the damage.

“Now, shall I begin?”

Ttang! Ttang! Ttang!

Grid was fundamentally a blacksmith. His face was more energetic than ever as he knocked on the anvil with the hammer.

Sticks felt strange.

‘Indeed, he has the coolness of a legend, but I don’t trust it.’

A legendary blacksmith created farming equipment. It was even called the Motley Flail? Sticks thought that Grid had already given up on cleaning the Behen Archipelago. His heart hurt.

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