Chapter 393

Chapter 393


The 3rd ranked Chris’ pride was as high as the sky. It was understandable. It would be strange to have low self-esteem when he was top three among two billion users.

Chris only felt his limits with two people: Kraugel and Grid. In the case of Kraugel, he was overwhelmed by the incredible level up speed and physical abilities, while Grid was a legendary blacksmith.

In other words.

'I can’t believe I was jerked around by Zibal.’

Chris thought that everyone except for Kraugel and Grid were less than him. Zibal was one level higher than Chris and fought closely with Piaro, but when Chris thought about it objectively, Zibal was a person with high political skills. He was right below Chris. But such a person played with him.

Chris’ pride was greatly damaged when Zibal raised doubts at the gathering of the leaders of the seven guilds. It would be difficult to recover unless he showed his strength to Zibal.

'I want to completely smash Zibal and the Snake Guild.’

The Giant Guild, led by Chris, was the strongest guild in the past, but not anymore. It fell after being hit hard by the Reinhardt golem invasion. Now it would be fortunate if his guild power could be considered in the top three of the seven guilds.

In this situation, he couldn’t guarantee an unconditional victory if he clashed with the Snake Guild. In addition, there was the problem of the other guilds allied with the Snake Guild. If Chris struck at the Snake Guild, the entire Giant Guild might be isolated.

In the end, Chris had only one choice. 

‘I have to aim for the National Competition.’

He would meet the seven guilds, including Zibal and Seuron, in the National Competition.

‘Trample them.’


Chris was one of the strongest people in the world, despite being defeated by a farmer. His biggest strength? It wasn’t his level, control or items. It was his unique rated second class, Tyrant. This was Chris’ biggest weapon.

A second class was a great concept. Since a user had two classes, it was hard to list the effects and benefits.


Huroi’s combat power was the worst until he got his second class, Apostle of Justice’s Partner. He couldn’t use any weapons apart from a book and because he was an orator, he had to fight with words instead of attack skills. In the past, Huroi could only believe in his mouth every time he experienced a crisis.

“Heok... Heok...”

Behen Archipelago, the 31st island.

After falling into his days as a level 73 orator, Huroi fell into a desperate crisis. He was surrounded by 13 level 85 monsters, the grey-mane wolves that boasted superb attack power and agility.

‘This is an island that recreates my past trials.’

Huroi was desperate. He couldn’t use a sword without his second class and his overall stats were the worst. He wasn’t sure how to handle this crisis.

‘How did My Lord overcome such trials?’

Huroi once again thought that Grid was great.

'It was worth giving him all my loyalty.’


Huroi gained courage from this. As Grid’s right arm, he didn’t want to cause shame. Huroi wanted to overcome this trial. He made fun of the wolves.

"Your mother is a fox!”


The mother who gave birth to the wolves was a fox? It was an insult.


Bark! Bark bark!

The angry wolves started to go crazy, falling into a mental shock from Huroi’s Spiteful Tongue.

"Your father has a yellow mane!”

"You are dogs!”

“Your ancestors were turned into my jerky!”

It was a really low mud fight that made the listeners frown.



It was one month to the National Competition. Chairman Lim Cheolho, who hadn’t been able to monitor the rankings for a while due to his busy schedule, watched the recorded video of when Grid hit the 41st island and laughed.

Was he happy about Grid’s growth? No, that wasn’t it. Grid was making steady progress, so this wasn’t anything new. Right now, Lim Cheolho’s attention was on the clone who died in the Blackening state.

"The clone should’ve been destroyed at the moment of death...”

But it actually fell to hell due to the Blackening state, becoming an independent entity completely separate from Grid.

"It this a bug?”

Lim Cheolho was the creator of Satisfy, but he didn’t build all the systems alone. In order to minimize errors and create a larger system, Lim Cheolho left Satisfy’s overall operation to the supercomputer, Morpheus. Despite the end of Blackening, Grid’s clone wasn’t pushed out of hell to the human world. Therefore, Lim Cheolho felt doubts.

Morpheus explained.

[It isn’t a bug. Z10B005 isn’t a user. Therefore, he isn’t subject to the rules of Blackening and hell.]

"Hrmm... This situation is very interesting.”

Hell started to tremble with the arrival of Grid’s clone. What change would this cause in hell? In addition, how could the clone grow now that it was independent from Grid? 

Lim Cheolho was very excited and was looking forward to it.


[You have entered the 50th island.]

[This is a save point. Would you like to register?]

[You have been registered. When you enter the Behen Archipelago later on, you will start from the 50th island.]

On the 41st island, Grid tasted great adversity. After that, he succeeded in reaching the 50th island in a short amount of time. But it wasn’t a pleasant feeling.

"The mobs are over level 360.”

The higher the number of the island, the higher the level of the monsters. On the 49th island, the average level of the monsters was 360~370. It was at least 55 levels higher than Grid. Their basic stats were very good and they had good defense, making it hard for Grid.

Was it possible to go 5 against 1? He fought against level 360 monsters in a 5 against 1 match. It was great enough to make general rankers lose their words. But once again, Grid wasn’t satisfied. The stronger the monsters, the slower his hunting speed.

"It’s doubtful if I can reach the end of the Behen Archipelago by the time the National Competition arrives.”

It was a month in reality and 90 days in Satisfy time before the National Competition arrived. It might not be possible to reach the 66th island in this period of time if the difficulty kept increasing.

“In order to increase the speed of hunting, I need Fog Island.”

Before he knew it, Grid had collected 18,851 challenger points. It was enough to purchase the Weapons Mastery skill book and 51 elixirs.

‘51 elixirs.’

It was equivalent to 51 levels. If he was able to acquire Weapons Mastery and the elixirs, Grid would be able to hunt the monsters of the Behen Archipelago more easily.

‘It is also possible to make the ratio of strength and agility 1:1.’

This meant he could copy Piaro’s stats distribution. Grid was convinced that he would surely become stronger if he made the ratio of strength and agility 1:1.

‘I won’t follow anyone else, only Piaro.'

Since Satisfy opened, Piaro was the third strongest person Grid had ever met. The vampire duke Marie Rose and great magician Braham were the other two, so Grid judged that he would become stronger if he copied Piaro’s stats distribution.


Ttang! Ttang!

Grid repaired the items whose durability were severely damaged in the Behen Archipelago and laughed. He was imagining the scene where he would reach Fog Island and be compensated for his hard work.

That’s right. Grid had forgotten. The fact this his wishes didn’t always occur the way he wanted.


[You have entered the 51st island.]

[A mission will be created.]

[51st Island]

Defeat 10 golden crowns in 20 minutes.

First Clear Reward: 1,900 Challenger Points.

'Golden crowns?’

It was a high level mob that Grid was unfamiliar with. It was the same with ‘golden crown.’ It was the first time Grid had even heard the name.

“What nuisances will appear this time?”

Unlike his complaint, Grid’s expression was bright. Grid boasted the ultimate attack power, so he was confident in time attack missions.

Kkirik. Kik.

It was a small island with rock walls rising in every direction. Grid was about to deploy Fly to find the monsters called golden crowns when he suddenly stopped. It was because he had an unidentified sound coming from a relatively close place. Grid pulled out the blue-black Grid’s Greatsword and prepared himself.


A monster wearing a golden crown on its head fell from a rock wall. At the same time, it swung a big and heavy club.


Grid moved the greatsword horizontally and blocked it, before moving forward.

‘It is dirty.’

The power wasn’t a joke. The damage was almost at the level of a skill. It felt like he would lose at least 6,000 health if he was hit with it.

"But it doesn’t matter.”

Grid had met many strong enemies since becoming Pagma's Descendant. It was enough to make fun of common monsters like these.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship.”


Grid blocked the club and used a skill while narrowing the distance.



It was a monster with green, bumpy skin and a golden crown. The blue-black greatsword precisely struck the heart. However.

[You have dealt 1 damage to the target.]


Grid’s eyes widened.


The golden crown started to counterattack.

Jjejeong! Jjejejeok!

He was puzzled by the unexpected situation. Most players would feel confused if the skill damage they were so proud of didn’t affect the target. However, Grid was surprisingly strong against variables.

‘I’ve been through this once or twice.’


There was a piercing roar as the greatsword and club collided. Grid calmed down while frowning at the echoing sound. He used his developed thinking skills to try and find the blind spot of the golden crowns.

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