Chapter 379

Chapter 379

[You are attempting to grant a new option to Iyarugt.]

[Congratulations! A new option has successfully been granted.]

Grid was excited by the notification window.

‘It succeeded at once!’

Grid had bad luck. He hardly ever won in an odds game until now. If there was a lottery with a 99% chance of winning, he would be the 1% who didn’t win. Now he won in a game where the odds of winning was only 21%. 

Grid was deeply thrilled. But it only lasted for a moment.

[The B grade option ‘Coolness’ has been given to Iyarugt.]


[Iyarugt has become even cooler.]


[+8 Iyarugt]

Rating: Unique (Growth)

Durability: 351/351  Attack Power: 793+365



* The ‘Coolness’ option has been added with alchemy.


What? Coolness? The coolness level rose? 

‘No, what is this?’

Among the many options, it happened to be coolness? He thought things were going too well. He never dreamt that it would be such a useless option. 

“I can’t believe this... Things never work out well at once...”

Grid was feeling frustrated when Silverun cheered.

“Ohh...! Ohhh! The best of the B grade options, ‘Coolness’ was given! It’s beyond expectations!”


Coolness was the best option in the B grade? Grid doubted his ears.

‘This is the best option for the B grade? Then how bad are the other options?’

The science of alchemy, the more he knew, the worst he thought it was. The money he invested was being ruined. Rabbit gave positive feedback while Grid was squeezing his head.

"Coolness is an important factor. Whether it is people or object, a good appearance is an easy way to build up favor.”

It was the same in reality. People were constantly trying to be cool.  They paid attention to their hair style and attire, and could spend hundreds of millions of won on luxury goods and plastic surgery.

The reason was simple. To increase the value. In fact, when a person judged an object, appearance was an important concept that they looked at first.

“...I see.”

When Grid thought about it, he heard rumors that the hidden class Skin Maker, the user was making a killing when it came to money. It only changed the appearance of an item, not the performance, but there were many people who paid big money to look more beautiful.

Grid observed Iyarugt and had a positive opinion. A gentle radiance was flowing from the long, red blade. Certainly, it looked much cooler than before.

Buuong. Buoong.

Every time he wielded it, Iyarugt shone like jewels. Grid looked cooler when he wielded it. It was obvious that people’s attention would be concentrated on him in the National Competition. But once again, Grid wasn’t satisfied.


"Until the alchemy facility reaches the advanced level, we will continue to accumulate fairy dust without using it.”


Grid replied in a listless voice. He was disappointed by the option given to Iyarugt. Rabbit bowed with an awkward expression.

“Then I will be going back to work.”

“Yes... Work hard.”

Grid separated from Rabbit and returned to the smithy. He wanted to make weapons to utilize Spear Shot and Bow Mastery prior to departing for the Behen Archipelago.

‘It’s enough to make the same bow that I made for Jishuka.’

He would made a spear that was specifically for throwing. Grid devised a plan.


"Create hand plow.”

[The hand plow has been developed.]


Over 50 hand plows rose simultaneously at the newly opened fields near the Altes Mountains. It wasn’t a typical hand plow, but a hand plow developed with aura.

Pa pa pa pa pak!

The 50 aura hand plows started digging at the ground at once. It was an overwhelming sight. It was as efficient as 100 farmers doing field work at the same time. It was the majesty of Aura Master Hurent.

Hurent. He was embarrassed worldwide after being defeated by Gird in PvP in just 5 seconds. He had a strong desire for revenge against Grid.

‘In the next 40 days.’

The 2nd National Competition would be held in 40 days.

As a representative of the United States, Hurent would participate in the National Competition, compete against Grid and win this time. But there was a problem.

“My eyes are correct. Your skills are very suitable for field work. Do you want to work with me a little longer?”

Legendary farmer Piaro. He was a wicked person who kidnapped Hurent, but Hurent knew how much the value of the hidden quest was worth. Hurent felt his resentment towards Piaro melting away like snow, so he carefully asked.

“How much longer?”

“Three months?”

“Three months...!”

It was too long. He had many things to prepare for the National Competition, which would take place in 40 days..

"Can’t it be one month?”

Piaro shook his head at Hurent’s question.

“If you are only going to help for a month, it is best to just leave now. I am going to teach you a new skill, suitable for farming, and it can’t be learned in one month...”


Hurent stood at the crossroad of choice. Should he leave Piaro right away to dream of revenge on Grid, or get stronger by staying near Piaro and then get revenge on Grid?


Hurent tried to think objectively. Could he win against Grid right now?

'To be honest, there’s no guarantee.’

Three months ago in Satisfy time. He was convinced that he was stronger than Grid when he invaded Reidan with Prince Ren, but not anymore. It was because of Piaro’s words.

"You are strong. But there are many people stronger than you. What? How do you compare to My Lord? Of course, My Lord is stronger than you.”

At first, Hurent thought that Piaro was biased. However, after experiencing Piaro’s personality, he knew that Piaro wasn’t someone who spoke empty words.

‘If I can’t beat Grid now...’

He was likely to once again be embarrassed in front of the world. If that was the case...

"...I will help you.”

There were many opportunities. Even if he didn’t participate in the National Competition this year, there was the one next year and the year after that. Until then, Hurent wanted to grow as much as possible. He was determined to evolve the Aura Master class to legendary.

"Good choice."

Piaro smiled at Hurent’s new commitment. Since this day, Reidan’s agriculture started to develop at a faster pace and Hurent gradually adapted to the life of a farmer. He tried so hard for Reidan that his revenge on Grid was in vain.


Zibal of the Snake Guild, Chris of the Giant Guild, Seuron of the Golden Guild, Hao of the Hades Guild, Bondre of the Ice Flower Guild, Bubat of the Yak Guild, and Ralph of the Zeraph Guild.

The leaders of the seven guilds gathered in one place. They were the strongest players in the top 30 of the unified rankings and also participants of the 2nd National Competition.

“It has been nine months since we united to invade Reidan and were disgraced.”

After that, the seven guilds lost their honor and dignity. The seven guilds were once an object of fear, and now they were made fun of. Only the Overgeared Guild was the best.

"We must regain our honor in the National Competition.”

Seuron expressed doubts at Zibal’s words.

"You mean to smash the Overgeared Guild in the National Competition? How?”

The National Competition wasn’t a guild war. It was a competition in which countries fought against each other. The members of Overgeared were divided into several nationalities, so it would be very difficult to only be hostile to Overgeared.

Zibal smiled in a meaningful manner.

"Grid is the symbol of Overgeared. In addition, Grid is Korean. We must thoroughly shatter South Korea.”

The power of a symbol was beyond imagination. What if they completely trampled on the Korean team led by Grid? It would prove that the seven guilds were still alive, while being able to crush Overgeared’s reputation.

"The Overgeared Guild is no longer the best.”

Zibal was certain because he had items made by Panmir, the 1st ranked blacksmith, in his inventory. The items were produced with dwarf techniques, so they weren’t lacking compared to Grid’s items.

“Let’s join forces to trample on South Korea and regain the honor of the seven guilds.”

The difference between the best and the worst was huge. When the seven guilds were called the best, the masters of these guilds earned a huge amount of money. It was natural to miss those days. The silent Chris gazed at Zibal and opened his mouth.

“Zibal, since when were you our representative?”

Originally, the seven guilds weren’t one.

Like regular guilds, they kept each other in check. Sometimes they were hostile, sometimes they were allies as they all competed against each other. At one point, Zibal established the alliance of seven guilds and took the lead.

Chris didn’t like this fact.

"Hey, Chris. What are you saying? Representative? I’m the representative? I never thought of myself like that. I see all of you as equal companions.”

The seven guild masters were all people full of pride. Chris said something that would irritate them, so Zibal tried to laugh it off.  He wanted to make sure that the atmosphere of the alliance didn’t deteriorate.

Chris scoffed, “Who’s your companion?”

Chris never participated in the alliance of the seven guilds. He didn’t participate in the Reidan invasion. The reason he attended this meeting was to make it clear.

"The name ‘Seven Guilds Alliance,’ don’t use it in the future. My Giant Guild has never joined the alliance.”

Chris declared and rose from his seat. The other guild masters didn’t care about his actions. There was no reason to force him to join the alliance just because they were the seven guilds. But Zibal thought differently. He judged that it would be better to break Chris down, rather than leaving him as a variable.

Zibal stood in Chris’ way and smiled grimly.

"The rumor that you joined Grid is true.”

"Chris and Grid?”

The impassive guild members started to react. Chris frowned.

"I'm with Grid? What are you talking about?”

"One of my men came across you in a hunting ground... The weapon you used at that time looks exactly like one of Grid’s weapons.”

The atmosphere of the room sunk.

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