Chapter 378

Chapter 378

There were 17 nations on the West Continent.

Once the number of people and users from these 17 nations were added up, the population of the West Continent was in the billions. Lord was considered the foremost genius among them. Lord’s learning ability, speed of development, and thinking power clearly went beyond common sense.

But blacksmithing wasn’t easy.

Dung! Dung dung!


It had been less than 100 days since Lord was born. Tapping minerals with a light hammer wouldn’t affect it. Lord’s innate dexterity was high, but he had no experience and his strength was low.


Who knew that his son could make such a face? Lord was sweating, but he couldn’t get any results from the hammering. Things didn’t go the way he wanted, so he puffed up his cheeks in a cute and lovely manner.

Grid stroked Lord’s dark hair that resembled his and called out to a blacksmith.

"Bring me some clay.”


It was the command of Duke Grid, lord of Reidan and a legendary blacksmith. The blacksmith immediately ran and grabbed some clay.


His father looked wonderful when ordering people around. Lord looked at his father with eyes full of envy. At this moment, Lord was determined to learn how to speak as soon as possible. Grid didn’t know this and handed his son the clay.

"You don’t have to make anything useful right away. Hammer at this to figure out the form.”

"Bubu! Buuu!”

Lord started complaining at his father’s words. His ego was bruised.


‘I’m not a four or five year old child. I can’t play with clay!’ Grid was embarrassed by Lord’s attitude.

"Do you have a high pride like Irene?”

He had a noble lineage. Khan approached as Grid was clicking his tongue.

“Huhu, isn’t it easy to teach the young lord?”

“The child has my natural dexterity, but as you can see, he’s too young to refine the minerals.”

"It’s natural. Genius doesn’t mean everything. The young lord won’t be able to deal with fire and minerals until he’s at least 12 years old. You have to teach him step by step.”


Lord’s eyes twitched. Kasim glimpsed it from where he was hiding in the darkness.

‘Heok... Lord is provoked.’

Kasim had been teaching Lord for over two months, so he fully saw through Lord’s character. Lord had a strong pride and was full of commitment to fulfill that desire. Lord never retreated from anything.

“Ba! Abubu!”

The excited Lord clamored at Grid and Khan. Grid and Khan didn’t understand Lord’s words, but Kasim understood exactly what he meant.

‘Rather than 12 years old, you will become a blacksmith by 2 years old?’

Wait, then when will you practice my master, Lantier’s, techniques? Lord gazed at the worried Kasim. He would try his best to prevent any disruption to the existing schedule.

‘Hrmm... Lord might be able to do it.’

Kasim didn’t place Lord in the category of a genius. He recognized Lord as a transcendent being beyond the realm of a human. Therefore, he didn’t see Lord’s determination as a bluff.

"What does he keep saying?”

"Huhu, he is saying that he loves you.”

"Haha, is that it, Lord? I love you too.”

“Ahh! Abuuuu!”

Unlike Kasim, Grid and Khan spent less time with Lord. The two people didn’t understand what Lord meant, so they just thought he was cute. From this day onward, Lord’s special training began.


The usage of alchemy was categorized into five broad categories.

It was truly amazing. Alchemy facilities seemed absolutely useful. But what was the reality? Most kingdoms on the West Continent didn’t invest funds in alchemy. It meant that the value of alchemy was low, and there was a reason for this. 

Alchemy was a field where the possibility of ‘failure’ always needed to be kept in mind. When doing certain things with alchemy, there was always a higher chance of failure than success. It also applied to the creation of potions.

[Reidan’s Alchemy Facility]

Level: Intermediate 8.

* Superb quality health and mana recovery potions can be created.

-The success rate is 36%.

* Advanced buff potions can be created.

-The success rate is 14%.

* The lowest grade to low grade minerals can be upgraded.

-The success rate is 14%.

* One option can be given to items.

-The success rate is 1%.


One year had passed since the beginning of Overgeared’s reign in Reidan, and the Overgeared Guild has poured an enormous amount of money into alchemy. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the revenue from Raiden, Bairan, Cork Island and the individual members of the guild were invested in the alchemy facilities.

But it was like this. It was natural that Grid’s reaction would be cold.

"I was expecting a lot from giving items an option, but what is the probability of success? Only 1%?”

Executive Rabbit explained.

"As I said before, once the level of the alchemy facility reaches the advanced level, the probability of the item options will increase dramatically. Before that, I want to test it out today..."

"Hoh, the probability will jump dramatically? What percentage will it rise to?”

"Around 5%...”


Grid frowned. The value of the alchemy facility that he and his guild members plunged a lot of money into seemed absurdly low.

"It is no wonder why other kingdoms don’t invest a lot of money in alchemy facilities.”

He was too blinded by the goal of making Reidan a second Talima. Honestly, he didn’t know if it was worth it. It was almost a scam. Rabbit sent Grid a meaningful smile.

"But Reidan has yellow mithril.”

Yellow mithril. A mineral that could only be mined from the mine near Reidan. It was the raw mineral of fairy dust, which dramatically increased the probability of success in alchemy. It was the basis for Rabbit’s claim to develop alchemy in Reidan.

"I have prepared fairy dust. I want to let my lord experience it.”

[Fairy dust has been acquired.]

[Fairy Dust]

A powder made by refining yellow mithril at an alchemy facility.

Increases the success rate of alchemy by 20%.

Weight: 0.1

'20 percent...’

It was still a low probability. Grid was so regretful that he wanted to turn back the time that he invested into the alchemy facility.


‘It is true that the probability increased dramatically.’

While the success rate of other alchemists stayed in the single digits, Reidan had at least a 20% chance of success. Reidan was the only city on the West Continent that could demonstrate the value of alchemy.

They were setting their feet in an area that other kingdoms couldn’t even see. Grid tried to think as positively as possible.

“Okay, I will try it once. How great will an option given to an item be?”


The best alchemist on the continent, Silverun. He had been involved in alchemy since he was a young man and poured his life into alchemy for the last 50 years.

However, the science of alchemy wasn’t recognized anywhere, meaning Silverun couldn’t receive the environment and funds to utilize alchemy. He was like an invisible man whose existence wasn’t acknowledged by the world. Unfortunately, Silverun couldn’t find an opportunity to unfold his knowledge and talents.

Then one day.

“Duke Grid of the Eternal Kingdom has heard rumors about you and is personally sending you an invitation. Duke Grid doesn’t doubt your alchemy skills. Why not spread out your wings with his support?”

Rabbit came to Silverun and introduced himself as the administrator of Reidan.

Silverun. The best alchemist on the continent who wasn’t recognized by anyone. He lived in lonely poverty, so Duke Grid was a very special person to him. Silverun vowed. For Duke Grid’s sake, he would show the value of alchemy to the world.

...Grid didn’t know this.

“I greet Duke Grid!”

Reidan’s alchemy facility.

Silverun greeted Grid, who visited there after a long time. It was a truly exaggerated greeting.

‘Who is this person?’

Rabbit whispered to the puzzled Grid.

"I picked him up for My Lord.”


He felt like this whenever he met up with Lauel and Rabbit. It truly was convenient to be with smart people. Grid, who acquired another loyal person without knowing, reached out to Silverun.

“Get up.”

“Ohh...!! Ohh!!”

The great duke who acknowledged alchemy was holding out a hand to him? Silverun grasped Grid’s hand with his trembling fingers.

"It is so inspiring that the duke himself will visit here. I’m in tears.”


It was very burdensome. Grid turned away from the tearful Silverun and looked around the alchemy facility.

"I want to give this sword a new option.”

The sword that Grid took out was Iyarugt. It was a growth type item that could increase to the legendary rank, an ego sword that had the soul of a demon in it.

Would the effect of alchemy work on special items like this?

Silverun gave a positive answer to the dubious Grid.

“It’s possible for me.”

Silverun had the best ability in this field. He was filled with confidence.

“But you should know that the level of options given to an item with intermediate alchemy ranges from a minimum of F grade to a maximum of A grade. In addition, as you know, alchemy is a discipline that always has a possibility of failure.

“If the option fails, will the inherent performance of the item fall?”

"There is no such thing.”

"Okay, let’s try it.”

"I will guide you there.”

It was a chance to repay the grace of the master who acknowledged alchemy and Silverun. Silverun was filled with enthusiasm and showed Grid to one side of the facility. It was a room that was filled with many equipment.

Silverun placed Iyarugt on an altar that was located in the center.

“Then I will start.”


An intense blue light filled the room the moment Silverun gave a signal. In the midst of this light, a notification window popped up in front of Grid.

[You are attempting to grant a new option to Iyarugt.]

[Congratulations! A new option has successfully been granted.]



Grid’s face became baffled as he checked the option.

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