Chapter 158

Chapter 158

‘Now I’ll start.’

Ttang! Ttang!

Grid had referred to Malacus’ absolute shield when making the pavranium into discs. 

It was designed exclusively for defensive purposes. Therefore, it had high defense capabilities, but its attack power was significantly lower. It failed to cause a scratch on the enemy unless there was a critical. In order to exert more power in the pet marathon, it would be better to emphasize attack rather than defense.

‘Anyway, the durability is limitless. No matter how many pets attack, they can’t hurt the pavranium. I need a form suitable for attack.’

However, Grid currently only owned a very small amount of pavranium, around the size of an egg. He didn’t have enough to make two daggers.

‘Something different.’

How could he make it more efficient? Grid worried for a while before coming up with an idea.


Kaaang! Kaaang!

Grid started to delicately shape the pavranium using his overwhelming high dexterity that surpassed all of Satisfy’s users and NPCs. He made 30 needles with a 10cm length and pointed end.


Chwaruruk! The 30 needles started to rotate around Grid at regular intervals. They flashed a golden light and their tips were threatening. Smith witnessed the mysterious appearance and was lost for words.

Grid smiled with satisfaction and said. “It’s too early to be surprised. Throw that thing at me.”

Grid pointed to a heavy hammer and Smith cried out.

“It’s dangerous! Won’t you be hurt if I throw that hammer at you?”

“Don’t worry about it. Just throw it as hard as you can.”


Smith was unwilling. But he couldn’t refuse Grid’s command, so he forced himself to throw the hammer at Grid. At that moment, an amazing thing happened. The 30 needles hovering around Grid flew in the direction of the hammer. They spread out in a line? Then they became a small shield that defended against the flying hammer.


Grid pointed towards the hammer that had fallen to the ground.

"Pierce through.”


The needles simultaneously attacked the hammer after receiving the command.

Puuok! Puuok!

The pavranium was the peak of all minerals, so it easily pierced through the hammer made of steel.


Grid looked at the hammer with satisfaction then confirmed the details of the needles.

[30 Golden Needles Made of Pavranium.]

Durability: Infinite

Attack Power per Piece: 8

* Penetration Effect

Golden needles made of pavranium, the strongest mineral produced by the collaboration between the legendary blacksmith Pagma and the legendary great magician Braham.

The attack power is weak, but their tip is sharp, so they can penetrate an object made of materials. However, they are relatively weak against targets made of magic.

If they penetrate the enemy’s weak point, a variety of abnormal status conditions can occur and there is a high probability of a critical being triggered.

Depending on the situation, they can combine to create a barrier.

* They have obtained healing skills due to Goddess Rebecca’s blessing. They will increase their owner’s health recovery speed by 300%. 

* They have obtained an attack buff skill due to God Dominion’s blessing. The owner’s attack power will increase by 15%.

* They have obtained a defense buff skill due to God Judar’s blessing. The owner’s defense will increase by 15%.

Weight: 5

‘It isn’t a shape that can be called a pet, but...’

The pavranium had an ego. They absolutely obeyed the commands of their master. So they could participate in the pet marathon, no matter their shape. Then Grid received a whisper from Yura.

-I have arrived at Bairan. Where should I meet you?

-I will meet you at the west gate.

Currently, most of the guild members were restoring the eastern outer gate. In case something happened, Grid set a location that was the opposite direction and left Smith’s smithy. 

“I guess I need to make another hammer...” Smith muttered.

The new hammer that Smith made after becoming an advanced blacksmith! It was ruined after only half a day, but Grid didn’t know that.

“She hasn’t come yet?”

After a 10 minute walk, Grid arrived at the western gate and looked around. But he couldn’t find Yura anywhere. The normal users didn’t care that the village they settled in was destroyed. They just headed towards the hunting grounds without thinking about joining the restoration work.


Grid heard a familiar voice on one side just as he was feeling bored. He turned and saw someone at the entrance of an alley wearing black robes, completely covering their face and body. If it wasn’t for the clear and beautiful voice, he would have never dreamed that the person was Yura.

Grid approached and spoke scornfully.

“Stupid. Isn’t a mask or hat enough to cover your face and ID? Why bother hiding your whole body?”

Yura sheepishly replied, “People sometimes recognize me when I only cover my face.”

"...They recognize your body."

Yura’s body ratio was indeed perfect. Her three sizes were ideal for both men and women, especially her pelvis and collarbone. The enthusiastic fans of Yura would be able to recognize Yura just by her body.

“Show me the pet that you mentioned.”


Was she embarrassed by Grid looking her up and down? Yura got straight to the point. Grid nodded at her and pulled out the 30 needles. Yura pulled off her robe as she watched the needles rotating as one. Then she spoke with sharp eyes.

"It’s as you said, but... Are you Pagma’s Descendant?”

"Eh?” The confused Grid replied in the negative. "What nonsense are you saying? Why am I Pagma's Descendant?”

"Even without this, I saw that Pagma’s Descendant resisted Neberius’s magic and was reminded of you in the past. But I wasn’t sure until now... 


"Your golden needles and the golden discs of Pagma’s Descendant are similar in material and nature. You don’t have an epic hidden class. You have a legendary class.”


Grid denied it until the end, but Yura didn’t listen.

“It is fine if you don’t want to be honest. Whether you have an epic or legendary class, it doesn’t change the fact that you are needed for South Korea. Anyway, considering the usage of the golden discs that I saw on TV, it seems possible to use them to participate in the pet marathon...”

They were too immersed in the conversation. Both of them weren’t aware that someone was approaching.

“The connection between a married couple is truly amazing. I never thought I would encounter you here.”

A woman’s voice was heard from the mouth of the alley. Yura and Grid turned their heads at the same time. It was a typical noble appearance with silver hair, colorful clothes and covered with accessories. 

“Irene? Why are you here?”

Grid’s pupils expanded. He was alone in an alley with a woman, so he was afraid his wife would condemn him as a sinner.

‘Will she think that I cheated on her?’

Fortunately, Irene didn’t doubt Grid. The maximum liking didn’t fall so easily and she saw the wedding ring on Grid’s hand. Irene unabashedly linked arms with Grid. Then she smiled casually at Yura.

"Are you my husband’s friend? It’s the first time I’ve seen you. I am Irene Winston von Steim. I am the lady of Winston and Grid’s wife.”

Yura was startled.

‘I heard that Lady Winston married, but to think that her husband is a user... In addition, he turned out to be Grid.'

He was a man who was like an onion. The more she knew him, the more new aspects that were revealed.

“I...” The moment Yura was about to introduce herself,

“My Lady! Danger!”

It was Phoenix. He arrived in Winston with Irene. Irene discovered Grid in an alley while walking down the street. He followed Irene and saw Yura.

“She’s Yatan’s Eighth Servant!”

In the past, Phoenix had faced Yura. The result was a loss. He lost hundreds of troops and was seriously injured. This time he would catch the girl who dared appear alone behind enemy lines! Phoenix pulled out the legendary rated Sword of Self-transcendence.

Irene’s body trembled at the words.

“The Eighth Servant...? You are my husband’s friend?”

Her confusion reached the limit and she didn’t know what to do. Grid couldn’t watch silently and hugged her to make her feel at ease. Then in order to conceal his identity, he pulled out Dainsleif, not Failure, and pointed it at Yura.

“This wicked girl! You hid your identity and approached me! I will never allow you near my wife as long as I am here!”

Grid was like a character from a manhwa. Yura was honestly shocked.

‘Wicked girl...’

Had she ever been called this in her life? Yura was shocked, but she was clever and quickly figured it out. She noticed the situation and started acting, as she spoke with a cold smile, "My original plan was to approach you and take the life of Lady Irene, but I missed the opportunity because of that old knight. Unfortunately, I have to leave for today.”

Yura used flying magic and soared into the sky. Grid was able to catch her, but he stood beside Irene under the pretext of protecting her. Phoenix and the knights tried to chase Yura, but they were unable to move quickly through the narrow alleys because they were heavily armed. 

Thanks to that, Yura was able to safely escape and disappeared into the other side of the sky.


Irene had experienced being kidnapped twice by the Yatan Church. She was still unable to escape from that fear and her legs weakened. Grid tried to look as nice as possible as he knelt before her. He stroked her cheeks with an affectionate hand and murmured.

“It’s okay. I’m by your side, so you don’t have to worry.”

"Dear husband...”

The recent appearance of Grid, who had been getting healthier, was quite different than it was in the past. Irene’s heart started pounding at his nice appearance. She felt like a fairy tale princess.

Since that day. 

With the aid of the soldiers and technicians led by Irene, Bairan Village was able to recover quickly.

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