Chapter 157

Chapter 157

It happened after he observed the 39th resident.

[Insight has increased by 1.]

Grid identified the fifth rise in his insight stat and smiled. 

‘The Character Observation skill of the Commander's Sword is better, but the Talent Search attached to the Ruler's Sword raises insight faster.’

Grid’s deep eyes observed a young man engaging in repairing the wall.

‘Talent Search!’

[You have discovered the target’s abilities, skills and potential.]

Name: Ian

Age: 27   Gender: Male

Occupation: Miner

Level: 33

Strength: 45/115   Stamina: 69/138 

Agility: 21/80    Intelligence: 48/81

Skill: Pickaxe (C). 

A young miner in Bairan Village.

* A very ordinary person. You have failed to discover any hidden talents.

Grid realized it clearly.

‘Jude... He is a really big idiot.'

He had observed 40 residents and hadn’t found anyone with a lower intelligence than Jude. When it came to the maximum intelligence, the lowest he had seen was 80 points. He had never seen anyone with a maximum potential lower than 80.

‘But Jude has a maximum intelligence of 20 and his current intelligence is 11...’

Jude was stupid.

‘He’s easier to manage if he’s stupid, but it is still pathetic.’

Then a man with a solid body approached Grid.

“Kyaaack~ spit!”

The man spat like it was a habit. His grey hair rose into the sky like he had been struck by lightning. He had a muscular body and sharp eyes like a beast. It was Toon, who was ranked 35th on the unified rankings and had a rare hidden class.

He handed Dainsleif to Grid. “No matter how I think about it, I can’t buy this.”

Grid was puzzled.

“Why? It might have a unique rating, but isn’t its performance comparable to a legendary rated weapon? The attack power might be slightly lower than a legendary weapon of the same level, but the options are better. 4 million gold is an appropriate value, so isn’t it better to buy this instead of something else?”

Toon made a sour expression, “I know how good it is. I want to have it. But I’m not rich enough to spend 4 million gold. Kyaaack~ spit!”

"If you’re 35th in the unified rankings, aren’t you popular in your country? Shouldn’t you sweep in money by appearing on TV programs and CFs? Doesn’t every guild member make money like this? In particular, Jishuka gets a lot of money just from spending half a day taking photos for magazines.”

“...That is a story for someone else...”

Toon’s voice was weak. Grid couldn’t hear him properly.


Toon shouted loudly, "I don’t receive any broadcast or CF offers! I can only make money through hunting! But I can only earn 10,000 gold a week through hunting!”

For reference, 10,000 gold was worth 12 million won. Toon earned 12 million won a week? It was a huge sum for the general public, but it was different for a ranker. In the case of items with a usage level of 250 or higher, it was virtually impossible to buy good items at 10,000 gold a week, because the price of epic items was over 400,000 gold.

Sooner or later, Toon would be unable to arm himself with the right item for his level. This meant he would have difficulty hunting and his ranking would fall.

"I was a swordsman before I received the rare class, so I have Sword Mastery. However, I have been using wristblades for a long time, so I am most comfortable with them. If Dainsleif was a wristblade type weapon, I would buy it even if it means going into debt. But I’m not foolish enough to do that for a greatsword.”

“Um... Okay, I understand.”

Toon looked at Grid holding onto Dainsleif and asked, "But why did you trust me and let me borrow your weapon? I could’ve run away with the weapon? You only met me once and even then I didn’t give a good impression... How could you lend such an expensive item to a guy like me?”

A chill went down Grid’s spine as he listened.

‘I was stupid.’

Yura and the Tzedakah Guild. The rankers that Grid met directly were very rich. They had high recognition because they always appeared on TV, and they swept in money with media interviews, photo shoots and CFs.

Therefore, Grid had the perception that rankers were rich and rich people wouldn’t steal equipment. But Toon wasn’t rich like the other rankers. It wasn’t unusual if he tried to steal expensive items.

‘In the first place, there is no law that the rich won’t steal... I was too relaxed. There are so many things happening these days that I wasn’t alert.’

It was fortunate that Toon was a conscientious person, or Grid would’ve been robbed of 4 million gold. Grid thought it was time to be more cautious. Then he started to like Toon.

‘It is commendable that he returned it instead of taking it.’

Grid said, “If you find a good production method and materials while hunting, bring it to me. I will make an item for you at a reasonable price.”


The Italian Toon was an orphan. Due to that, he lived a hard life and fell into the mafia. He was only in the organization for five months and was lucky that he didn’t commit murder. However, he did many bad things such as blackmail, drugs, and gun trafficking.

But after seeing Satisfy, there was such joyful content that he could enjoy. Why should he damage other people by doing bad things? He wondered. Then he left the organization in return for his left eye.

Since then.

Toon was talented in the game and became a ranker, but he couldn’t completely fix his temper and kept showing violent tendencies. So he clashed with other users and became notorious in Satisfy. He liked to fight, so he didn’t have any friends.

But things changed since entering the Tzedakah Guild. Jishuka perfectly curbed Toon’s violence and he could enjoy Satisfy relatively peacefully. Now at this moment. This was the first time since Toon started playing Satisfy. No, it was the first time since he was born in this world that people did him a favor with no conditions.


Toon looked at Grid. Like everyone else, he thought Grid hated him. But now he was showing Toon this favor?

‘He is a man with a heart like the sea.’

Grid looked like a great figure to Toon.

‘In the first place, he isn’t a regular person. He has the first legendary class...’

Toon bowed to Grid. “The other day, I treated you badly and trivialized your workplace. I sincerely apologize. And thank you.”

"If you know, then act better in the future. First of all, stop spitting. I don’t want to see you look like a gangster.”

"Yes, I will try to fix my habit.” Toon, who frowned every day, smiled widely for the first time in ages. But it was nice to see. “Then I’m going now! I need to work!”

Grid’s eyes sparkled as he watched Toon moving away with light footsteps.

‘He is a simple guy, like Regas said. He’s acting like this over a small gift, and it will be a great help in the long run.’

Toon would bring the production method and materials, so Grid had nothing to lose. He could acquire a new production method for free and increase his production skill experience. Then he would earn money in the name of a small ‘tip.’ Toon could buy an item at a cheap price and Grid could gain many benefits. It also won Toon’s favor, so he killed two birds with one stone.

‘Huhut... Aren’t I really smart these days?’

Now Grid had the thinking power of an ordinary person! He became satisfied with himself, not realizing he was only average.

‘The Neberius raid was broadcasted, so the existence of pavranium is revealed to the world...’

Grid had planned to participate in the pet marathon by pretending that the pavranium was Yura’s pet. However, it became known that the pavranium belonged to Pagma’s Descendant, so this was a setback in his plan. Should he cancel his plans for the pet marathon?

‘No, it isn’t necessary.’


Grid smiled and headed towards the smithy.

“Ohh! Welcome Grid!” Smith welcomed Grid from where he was was making weapons for the soldiers under the command of the administrator. "You have saved Bairan Village. I would like to express my gratitude on behalf of the residents! You are a hero! Hero!”

The word ‘hero’ was heard. Grid felt pride at the line and said.

"I’m not just a hero, but an almighty hero.” 

Grid raised his hand to Smith’s shoulder and used a skill.

“Blacksmith’s Affection.”

[Blacksmith’s Affection]

If you have the maximum affinity with a NPC blacksmith, you can raise their skill level by 1~5 levels.

The blacksmith who received your teachings will be loyal to you for life and will share with you every time they learn new item production methods.

[Smith’s Advanced Blacksmith’s Craftsmanship has reached level 4.]


Smith was shocked. He felt that his skill had risen dramatically with Grid’s touch. He embraced Grid. “Thank you! Thank you! I can achieve the best work of my life thanks to you, and now I have received enlightenment again! For you, I will even lick your ass!”


Grid managed to shake off Smith. Lick his ass? It could be an expression stating that Smith would do anything, but Grid knew that Smith was gay. A gay person told him that, so he got goosebumps.

“You still haven’t married yet?”

"Married? At this age...”

“Quickly get married and abandon your strange tastes. And let me borrow your facilities.”

“H-Huh? Strange tastes...? Yes, yes. Feel free to use them. I can give up the entire smithy to you.”

Grid ignored Smith and stood in front of the furnace. He pulled out the Legendary Blacksmith’s Hammer and started smelting the pavranium.

‘I will change the form.’

Currently, the pavranium was in the form of two small discs. The whole world associated the two golden discs with Pagma's Descendant. But that story would change if he transformed the shape of the golden discs.

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