Chapter 156

Chapter 156

Neberius died and Balak escaped. Jishuka looked at the estate information to identify the exact damage.

Name: Bairan

Size: Village

Ruler: Jishuka Bairan (Baroness. Master of the Tzedakah Guild)

Administrator: Grill (C-grade administrative ability)

* The higher the administrative ability of the administrator, the higher the overall development of the estate.

Affiliation: The Eternal Kingdom, Earl Steim.

Population: NPCs - 451. Players - 5,104.

Troops: Knights - 2. Soldiers - 103

Security: 10/100

* The state of security is the worst. Residents of the village can riot, and gangsters and monsters will often pop up near the village.

* Each time the number of soldiers increases by 10, the security will increase by one point.

* Security will increase hourly in proportion to the number of soldiers. 

Internal Affairs: 269/1,200

* Increasing the number of shopping malls, public cultural facilities and buildings will increase the internal affairs number.

* Once the internal affairs number reaches the maximum, the scale of the estate will increase.

Diplomacy: None.

Forces hostile to the ruler: Yatan Church/ Rio Kingdom/ Red Dragon Trauka/ Iron Style Group/ Helding Clan/ Couch Clan.

Forces hostile to your affiliated groups: Yatan Church/ Rio Kingdom.

Specialties: Jaffa, steel.

Distinguished Figure : ★ ☆ Currently one person present ☆ ★ 

This morning.

Before the invasion of the Yatan Church, the number of NPC residents in Bairan was 700, security was 90 and the internal affairs was over 600. This was accomplished by the guild pouring all their funds over the past 20 days.

That had been destroyed in half a day.  Anyone would curse angrily, but Jishuka had a bright expression. It was because of the good news of a distinguished person.

‘The distinguished person column was always marked as unknown.’

One talent was able to play the role of 100 people or soldiers. No, maybe he could play the role of a thousand or ten thousand people.

‘I wish they could have an administrative ability, but it’s still good.’

Jishuka confirmed the details of the personnel menu.

* If the ruler of the estate or a subordinate has more than 300 insight and wears the Ruler’s Sword, there is a very rare chance of finding the distinguished person.

* If the ruler of the estate or a subordinate has more than 600 insight and wears the Ruler’s Sword, the odds of finding the distinguished person isn’t bad.

* If the ruler of the estate or a subordinate has more than 900 insight and wears the Ruler’s Sword, there is a medium chance of finding the distinguished person.

‘More than 300 insight...’

Insight was a special stat. It was something that users of the commander class possessed by default, but in the case of general users like Jishuka, they would only acquire it after long term management (guild, estate, etc.).

The only user with the insight stat in the Tzedakah Guild was Jishuka, and hers was limited.

‘I have 75 insight, so I won’t be able to find the distinguished person...?’

A distinguished person appeared for the first time so Jishuka was very anxious about missing them.

“Hrmm, I’ll wander around and find them somehow.”

The eastern region.

Jishuka ordered the guild members and soldiers here, where there was the largest damage. She observed the residents who were in the middle of the repair work. But she witnessed an interesting sight along the way.

“Hey you. Aren’t you good at shovelling?”


"You have a skill called Shovel Mastery... No, it is your nickname.”

"Heok? How do you know that?"

“Wow~ You are really bad. You have such a precious ability, but you kept quiet and played around because you don’t want to work?"

“Played around? Aren’t I standing guard right now?”

"The war is over, so why are you standing guard?” 

“I received an order to protect the residents from the remnants of the Yatan Church that may have survived!”

“Bullshit. Even if there are still some Yatan followers left behind, you should’ve confessed that you are good at shovelling. There are plenty of soldiers to stand guard, so you should go shovel.”

"I-I was seriously injured in the battle against the Yatan Church, so I don’t have enough stamina for shovelling?”

"Seriously injured? Do you mean that graze on your forearm? Wow, aren’t you a complete bastard? Shovel, or do you want to get hit?”

“...I will do it.”

It was Grid. Was it given by Irene? Grid was holding the Commander's Sword and was able to figure out the skills of the soldiers with one glance.

‘Does a legendary class have a variety of special stats?’

Jishuka’s expectations rose. The Commander's Sword needed a high level of insight to be used properly!

'Can’t he handle the Ruler’s Sword?’

The confident Jishuka ran up to Grid. "Grid, find me a distinguished person?”

"What nonsense are you saying?”

Grid frowned at Jishuka’s sudden words. He didn’t ask anymore questions. Jishuka handed the Ruler's Sword to Grid.

[Ruler’s Sword]

Durability: 150/150  Attack Power: 150

* Dignity +60

* Skill 'Character Observation’ will be generated.

* Skill ‘Talent Search’ will be generated.

A sword only given to a recognized lord.

It gives you the ability to observe soldiers and residents closely, so it can be used for estate management.

Weight: 200

The Ruler's Sword was an upgraded version of the Commander's Sword.

‘Talent Search?’

Grid felt intrigued as Jishuka asked him with interest, “You can use the Commander's Sword, so that means you can use the Ruler's Sword, right? There is currently one distinguished person in Bairan, so please find them for me.”

"Are you making a blacksmith do everything?”

“Heheh.” She smiled, poked Grid’s side and winked at him. “I will personally reward you. Yes?”


What did she mean by personally rewarding him? Grid was embarrassed because the sensual beauty + meaningful remark caused his imagination to run wild.

‘It has been 22 days but my heart is still pounding... Is this something other than lust?’

Perhaps love?


Grid never even held hands with a woman in reality, so it was easy for him to mistake his feelings for a woman. How big was this? Grid reminded himself of the Ahyoung incident and set his spirit straight.

‘A woman like this wouldn’t like me. I shouldn’t waste my time on vain delusions.’ He didn’t need a human woman in the first place. ‘I like the NPC Irene the best.’

Grid was gradually becoming Damian! He put the Commander's Sword into his inventory and pulled out the Ruler’s Sword while saying, "As a personal reward, fund Vantner and Toon. They are a little short of money to buy the Wave Armour and Dainsleif.”

“Unfortunately, the guild’s resources are depleted. I’m sorry but it will take some time. Ah, and take this.”

[7 pieces of blue orichalcum have been acquired.]

[21 pieces of orichalcum has been acquired.]

[55 pieces of black iron has been acquired.]

They were precious minerals. In particular, the blue orichalcum could only be obtained from the Guardian of the Forest, so there was no value for it. It was for free? Jishuka grinned brightly at the surprised Grid.

“It’s natural to give valuable minerals to the guild’s blacksmith.”

At present, the Tzedakah Guild gave Grid all the materials when there was a production request. Therefore, Grid was able to make items at no cost and make huge profits. He thought that was enough, but now they were supporting him with minerals?

Grid was honestly impressed. Wasn’t it a joy to be acknowledged by others? He felt like Zhuge Liang from the Three Kingdoms.

"Thank you for knowing my value.”

Grid replied honestly. Jishuka was embarrassed by his unreasonable confidence and coughed, "You are a treasure for our guild. I will do my best so that you feel like our guild is the best place to live. So let’s keep on doing well together.”

“If you want to keep doing well, you should call me Oppa... You, aren’t you only 24 years old?”

“W-What? Oppa? I don’t want to!”

Within the Tzedakah Guild, Jishuka was on the younger side. She was annoyed whenever reminded of her young age. She was accepted as the master due to her leadership and excellent abilities, but she felt uncomfortable whenever commanding her members. Thus, she deliberately abandoned her age. She wasn’t aware of her age, just her position as the guild leader. Therefore, she couldn’t call Grid Oppa.

“I can’t do that.”

Jishuka refused with a serious attitude, so Grid guessed that she had her own situation.

‘Or maybe she just doesn’t like it? Indeed, non-Asian countries aren’t so tied to age.’

“Then please.”

Jishuka gave Grid the task of finding the distinguished person and went back to work. Grid was left alone and checked the Talent Search skill.

[Your insight is more than 600 points. Due to the influence of insight, Talent Search Lv.2 is activated.]

[Talent Search Lv. 2]

Observes the hidden potential of the target.

* The observation targets are limited to NPCs belonging to the estate.

"...Does this mean I have to observe everyone?”

As a Tzedakah Guild member, Grid could observe the information about Bairan Village. So he knew that there were 556 inhabitants and troops in Bairan Village. Did this mean he had to observe 556 people? Grid was annoyed for just a moment.

‘It’s interesting, so I don’t mind.’

That’s right. Observing the current abilities, maximum stats and skills of the target was pleasant, so he didn’t mind the amount of time it would take. Besides, what if he discovered a hidden potential? It would be twice the fun.

‘My insight will rise quickly while observing them and maybe I can find knight candidates... This is like killing two birds with one stone.’ His knight candidate Jude came to mind. ‘Jude, this guy is great...’

He was hunting the frostlight orcs and gathering the sylphid scales under the leadership of Huroi and Romeo... No, Jude and the soldiers were undergoing special training. Grid hoped that they would quickly come back with the sylphid scales... No, he hoped that would return after growing.


He was wandering the village and observing the NPCs when he received a whisper from Yura. Grid continued to observe the NPCs as he replied.

-Why are you so late?

-I'm sorry. I’m late because I was watching the battle of Bairan Village on the Internet.

Grid stopped.

-The battle of Bairan Village?

-Yes, the first legendary class Pagma’s Descendant appeared in public for the first time.

-It was broadcasted on the Internet?

-The Internet and TV. The whole world is currently in an uproar. It’s surprising. I never thought that Pagma’s Descendant would belong to your guild.

‘Fortunately, it isn’t known that I am Pagma's Descendant.’

He was conscious of the users in Bairan Village and hid his face and ID. Yura spoke to the relieved Grid.

-Are you in Bairan Village? I want to see the pet that you talked about.

-You’re coming to Bairan Village?

-I’d like to try and find out who Pagma's Descendant is.

-Aren’t you Yatan’s Eighth Servant? Do you think our guild will let you enter?

-I will hide my ID. It won’t be dangerous unless you reveal my identity.

-Why do you think I won’t reveal your identity? Why do you trust me?

-Don’t you and I have a secret relationship? We have a cooperative relationship and I won’t act hostile towards you.

-Don’t misunderstand me. Anyway, okay. I can’t leave this place for a while, so it’s better for you to come here.

At the same time, Winston. Irene was informed that Bairan Village was ravaged and rose to her feet.

“Let’s join in Bairan Village’s restoration work. Gather the soldiers and technicians. We will leave right away.”

Phoenix expressed disapproval, "Will My Lady go there yourself?”

"My husband is suffering, so shouldn’t his wife go and help?”

“But the road to Bairan Village is dangerous because there are a lot of monsters. Winston can’t be left empty, so is it okay for you to go?”

“We can leave Valdi in charge of Winston.”

"Administrator Valdi can’t handle the current work due to the aftereffects of being attacked by the Yatan Church...”

"Shut your mouth!”

“...My Lady?”

"I am lonely! I can’t sleep because I have been thinking of him every night! I want to have a child soon! Do I have to say anything else?”

“I have sinned greatly, so please kill me!”

He was an old man who couldn’t understand the heart of his lady. Irene was determined and began to leave as soon as the knights were prepared.

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