Chapter 159

Chapter 159

 ‘I’m going crazy.’

Three days ago, Grid got a job from Jishuka to find a talented person. Grid really enjoyed it. It was fun to observe people with Talent Search, and he could do his task while raising his insight.

But the problem was that Irene appeared along the way. She led the troops to Bairan under the pretext of helping with its recovery, and she hadn’t left Grid’s side for the past three days. Grid was unable to move freely around the village because of her, thus Grid became trapped.

“Grid... Why don’t you do it moderately?”

"Wow, the quality is real.”

Bairan Village.

Grid was repairing and appraising the items of the guild members, and everyone who passed by made a lot of noise. It was due to Irene stuck to Grid’s side. She pulled out a handkerchief every time Grid sweated, fed him snacks from time to time and hummed when she was bored.

A beautiful woman with white skin, peace lips, big eyes and elegant gestures was treating Grid like this, so the male guild members couldn’t help feeling jealous.

‘Did that bastard save a country in his past life? How did he get such a beautiful and powerful woman as a wife?’

‘I’m really envious... I’m more envious that he is Irene’s husband than his legendary class... Sigh...’

‘Hah... I also want to spend time with Irene... For her, I would obtain the heart of the dragon Trauka...’

‘They’re married, so aren’t they sleeping together...? Uhh... Grid took Irene’s purity...’

They became outright hostile. Grid felt like he was sitting on a thorn cushion.

"I should rest for a while.”

"It’s a good idea.” Irene rose when Grid did. Then she spoke with blue eyes that shone like lanterns. “You have worked from early dawn, so you must be tired. Let’s prepare to go to bed.”

“No... I don’t need to take a nap.”

A user only slept in Satisfy to quickly recover their health or stamina. Right now, Grid’s health and stamina were full. He just wanted to leave his spot for a while to avoid his guild members. But Irene was stubborn.

“No. You must sleep. Don’t you think that having enough rest is the secret to good health? Now, go and take a nap.”

Strangely, she was very determined. Grid questioned it.

‘Why does she keep trying to make me sleep?’

Over the past three days, Irene kept forcing Grid to go to bed. She made a fuss in the morning, afternoon and night. Grid didn’t understand why and asked plainly, "Be honest. What do you want from me?”


Irene eyes widened like a rabbit at the straightforward question. The tactless Grid cornered her against the wall of a building and asked again, “Do I have to repeat myself? What’s the reason?”

"T-that...” Irene’s white face turned red. She couldn’t bear Grid’s gaze and turned her head away. “...How annoying. Why do I have to say it with my own mouth?”

Irene spoke in a weak voice.

Grid felt guilty for some reason, but he didn’t step back. He wanted to solve this question.

“Yes, you must say it.”

In the end, tears filled Irene’s eyes. It was because of her tremendous embarrassment.

“Sob... Husband, are you somehow who has the tendency to deal with women in such a manner...? Commanding me to say something so shameful... Sob sob...”

“I-Irene? Why are you crying?”

Grid was surprised by Irene’s tears and looked around. 

‘I’m going crazy.’

If someone saw him now then they would certainly misunderstand. He was the garbage husband who made his beautiful wife cry in public. While Grid was confused about what to do, Irene bit her lower lip. Then like a kitten craving for food, she carefully looked at Grid.

“...I want to have a baby.”

“You want a baby? I understand. I will get it right away so stop your tears... Huh? B-Baby?”

Grid panicked and jumped back.  Irene ran to him and hugged him. Then she hesitantly pleaded, “I want to have a baby boy. Give me a baby.”


Grid was confused.

‘Is she serious? Am I reading the meaning of her words correctly?’

Certainly, Irene had wanted a baby from the beginning. After the first night, hadn’t she declared to Earl Steim that she would give birth to several kids? But she couldn’t wait and was acting so aggressively in daylight?

‘This is completely... No, isn’t she too faithful to her instincts?’

Irene was the synonym of gentleness, yet she was acting like this? Grid blinked at Irene, then she drove in the wedge.

"Why aren’t you answering? Am I not able to satisfy your tastes...?”


"That... I want. Dear husband... Dear husband’s...”

“Please don’t say anything else.”

Grid was unable to stand hearing those words emerge from Irene’s pure face and blocked her mouth. Then he was caught up in a boiling impulse.

‘It’s inappropriate...’ 

Was he disappointed? Not at all! Rather, she was even more adorable! A beautiful woman wanted him this much.  Wasn’t this something to be happy and thankful about? His self-esteem as a man rose.

"Let's go."

Grid enthusiastically picked Irene up. It was the so-called princess embrace.

"Oh my.” Irene was surprised and pleased at the same time. She smiled shyly before burying her face in Grid’s chest. Grid grinned and started to run. The destination was naturally the bedroom.

“What? Why are you in such a hurry?”

“Is Lady Irene hurt or something?”

The guild members he encountered on the way were worried. But Grid and Irene didn’t hear their voices. Right now, there were only the two of them in this world. 

“Dear husband... Please come here.”

They arrived at the bedroom. Irene sat on the bed in a sexy position and welcomed Grid with both arms wide open.

Gulp. “Irene...”

Grid was drawn in by her elongated limbs, when he suddenly stopped.

'...I can’t respond.’

Was it just Irene who wanted to make a baby? Grid had a strong desire for her. But Satisfy’s system restricted sex to only once a month, so how could a user resist?  Controlling his brainwaves suppressed desire and reduced his physical responses. He wanted Irene with all his heart, but his body didn’t react. What was this terrible torture?

‘The demon who made this game...’


Tears flowed down.

“Dear husband...?”

Irene was surprised because Grid started crying all of a sudden.

“I am just so happy that I can’t help crying.”

Grid smiled to reassure Irene and walked up to her. Then he started to use techniques 21-35 that he hadn’t used yet from ‘100 techniques to Satisfy Women.’

“I will make sure that you are satisfied.”

Grid’s long and thick fingers started to move.  After the Guardian of the Forest raid and the creation of Failure and the Wave Armor, his dexterity stat was higher than his first night, making him surpass the realm of a god. 


Irene let out a beautiful melody as she was played like an instrument. Hot breathing started to dominate the bedroom... 



“Husband, I understand that you’re a great man and that the things you have to do are piled up like a mountain. But please don’t forget that Winston is where you should stay. Please return as soon as possible.”

Thanks to Grid, Irene was able to get rid of her pent up desires and finally regained her composure.

“I will go back now.”

Due to the efforts of the Tzedakah Guild and Irene’s help, Bairan Village was restored to a considerable level. Irene thought her help was sufficient, so she led everyone back to Winston. The guild members watched her leave.

"Lady Irene, doesn’t she seem much more beautiful compared to the first day she came?”

“That... Originally, I thought Jishuka looked prettier, but that isn’t necessarily the case now.”

Regas said with a warm smile, "Isn’t a woman in love like a flower? Thanks to Grid making her happy every night, the flower is blooming.”


The guild members became indignant.

“Grid! That beast! That lousy guy, he touched the pure Irene?”

"That woman of all people... I can’t believe it!”

“He’s her husband! Is it okay if her husband is like this?”

Grid frowned at the guild members. "I literally used my hands. Now shut up.”


There was still a fortnight left on his penalty. Until then, he had to refrain from meeting Irene as much as possible. If he had to, he would use his hand techniques to satisfy her and overcome the crisis.

He left the smithy in order to enjoy the freedom he had after Irene left. Then he started examining the residents again, but he couldn’t find any talents that day, the next day or the day after that.

‘I have observed more than 400 people but I still can’t find a talent... Is there really a talented person here?’

The restoration of the outer walls was finished. Now the residents scattered in every direction to restore the buildings. Grid followed them around searching for talent, so his insight and persistence stats rose. It was satisfying and fun, but he was still getting nervous.

‘I’ve been searching for a few days, but if I don’t find a talent, did I just waste my time? I don’t like that. Ah... Come to think of it.’

Grid examined the village with the Ruler's Sword and turned his attention to a small mountain behind the village. It was the mountain he obtained iron ore from when he had a minus level.

‘The special products of Bairan Village are jaffa and iron, and most of the villagers are miners...’

Weapons were needed to supplement the troops, and iron was needed to make weapons. Jishuka needed the soldiers for the sake of security, so she sent some residents to the mine instead of making them participate in the village reconstruction work. Perhaps a resident with talent was hiding inside the mine? 

Grid felt expectant and started to climb the mountain. He suffered when he was a minus level, but now he easily climbed the mountain. He ran up the mountain and arrived at the mine.

Kaaang! Kaaang!

Inside the mine.

There were 20 miners swinging their pickaxe. Grid held the Ruler’s Sword and observed them in turn. There was a boy around 15 years old? Among the old miners, there was something like a gold star blinking above the young boy’s head.

‘That guy!’

The excited Grid used Talent Search.

Name: Minor

Age: 13   Gender: Male

Occupation: Miner

Level: 23

Strength: 64/450   Stamina: 89/608 

Agility: 51/200    Intelligence: 98/420

Skill: Fantastic Pickaxe Technique (S) Minerals Master (S+) Talent will Reveal Itself (SS).

A boy who has held a pickaxe since the age of five, under the influence of his father who was a miner. Despite his young age, he could collect minerals as well as miners with 20 years of experience.

The villagers believe that this boy will someday transcend the legendary miner, Gis.

* A great talent. If this talent blooms, he will be the representative of a country in this particular field.


Grid felt a great joy.

Considering the fact that the maximum stats of ordinary people was around 100, Minor’s maximum stats were unreasonable and his current stats were very high, considering his age and level.

‘In addition, all his skills are above the S-grade!’

Furthermore, a miner? Wasn’t he very compatible with a blacksmith? Grid confirmed Minor’s skill information. The Ruler's Sword was an upgrade from the Commander’s Sword in all ways, so he could determine the details of the skills that the target possessed.

[Fantastic Pickaxe Technique]

Rating: S

A talent that one person per 100,000 people will have.

You can collect minerals at a very fast rate. The minerals collected will be above the minimum grade.

[Minerals Master]

Rating: S+

A talent that one person per 1,000,000 people will have.

The higher your intelligence, the more you will know about the type of minerals in the world, the details of those minerals, and even the places where the minerals will grow.

[Talent will Reveal Itself]

Rating: SS

A talent that one person per 10 million people will have.

No matter how you try to hide, your talent will reveal itself to others. It is your destiny to live a life being scouted by others. You will inevitably receive a lot of temptations.

Your stats will grow very quickly and you will become arrogant. 

The final skill was quite annoying, but Grid didn’t mind. He approached Minor and commanded, “Starting today, you will follow me.”


Minor stopped his pickaxe and looked at Grid. Then he spoke with a frown.

"Are you the hero who rescued the village and the lady of Winston’s husband? I’m acquainted with your reputation. You’re a great person. But I don’t know if you are suitable to be my master. If you want to recruit a talented person, shouldn’t you be willing to pay for it?”

Minor was aware of his own value. In history, the kings of a nation visited talented people to invite them, so Grid had to show his sincerity. But Grid was fundamentally a simple person. He frowned. Then he rubbed Minor’s head with his knuckles.


Minor felt a great pain and couldn’t even scream as he grabbed his head and rolled on the floor.

Grid cheerfully spoke to the boy. “This brat doesn’t know who I am... Hey, what does it matter how talented you are? You still have a long way to go. Just follow me. If you grow enough after studying under me, we can go and back and rewrite the contract.”


Grid’s current dignity stat along with the options of the Holy Light Crown and Ruler's Sword was close to 700 points. No matter how great his talent, Minor was a young boy and he was overwhelmed by Grid’s charisma.

“I will follow you.”

“Yes, you made a good decision.”

It was the moment that a future minerals detector entered Grid’s hands. Grid never imagined there would be a day when he needed to go into a dragon’s lair to obtain minerals because of this damn minerals detector. 

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