Chapter 198

Chapter 198

“Are you okay?”

“Sniffle! Thank you.”

Shortly after Sehee rescued the NPC boy.


A soul doll sprang towards Sehee.


Yerim moved. It was a reflexive action. She just wanted to help a friend in crisis, so Yerim pushed Sehee and became the target of the soul doll instead. She would’ve done the same thing even if this was reality. Sehee was her only friend, so she was as precious as family.

Anyway, the Satisfy system recognized her as a ‘hero who saved the Saintess.’

[The Saintess is the symbol of wisdom and virtue.] 

[I applaud your courage for making a sacrifice on behalf of the unique Saintess who will benefit the world.]

[You can convert to the epic rated hidden class, Saintess’ Knight.]


Yerim became stunned as she checked the odd notification window that appeared in front of her. She faced the soul doll’s kick with her pretty face. At that moment. A blue greatsword fell from the sky like a lightning bolt.



It was a truly amazing sight. The soul dolls were armed with spectacular weapons and armor, so they couldn’t be defeated even when attacked in groups. Who was the person who saved them by showing strength on another dimension?

Sehee and Yerim gazed at the man who descended from the sky. He had neat black hair with a crown on top of it. He wore red and gold armor that matched with the black boots. A cloak that emitted a bloody smell. Seven golden blades revolved around him.

He was a person who showed his absolute dignity in the National Competition. That person was Shin Youngwoo, Grid.


The two girls’ eyes fluttered. How did he know to come to this place and save them? The girls felt like it was destiny.

‘As expected from Oppa.’

‘He truly is my prince.’

“Come this way.”

Grid hid the girls behind his back and studied the situation. Hundreds of golems were approaching. They were red from the blood of the slaughtered humans.


Grid gritted his teeth. If he had been even a little later, these damn bastards would’ve hurt his little sister and her friend. The Grid from a month ago would’ve rushed over to the golems straight away. But since Lauel joined him, his prudence had doubled every day. 

Yesterday, he had a slip of the tongue with the Tzedakah Guild members, but that didn’t often happen.

-Euphemina, how many golems are there?

Euphemina observed Reinhardt from the sky and replied.

-There are 733 old golems, 187 soul dolls and 12 ancient weapons.

As a Duplicator, Euphemina had high insight. It was higher than Grid, whose insight was currently close to 1,000. Thanks to that, she could quickly and accurately identity the number of golems.

Grid nodded and measured the combat power of the golems.

‘The old golems have a combat power of 9,300, the soul dolls are 15,000 and the ancient weapons are 26,000...’

Grid frowned.

‘The pope’s attack power was 24,000.’

Even a difference of 100 was big when it came to combat power. Let’s assume that 1 was the power of an ant and 100 was the power of an eagle. The ancient weapons had 2,000 more combat power than the pope, so they were hard to ignore.

‘There are 12 opponents more powerful than the pope...’

Even the weakest of the old golems were stronger than the knights. Every soul doll was equivalent to a top ranker. Grid couldn’t afford to take on these golems alone. Wasn’t ‘Fight the Golems’ a cooperative quest in the beginning? Grid thought for a moment before shouting.

“Summon Knights! Huroi! Lauel! Jude!”

Pak! Papat!

It was the moment when the privilege of a noble was invoked. The called people appeared in a flash of light around Grid. Grid invited them and Euphemina to the party before saying.

“Smash all these damn golems. First, I need to make a party with my sister.”

[Ruby has joined the party.]

[Sexy Schoolgirl has joined the party.]


They turned their gaze behind Grid. They were surprised to see two beautiful girls wearing novice clothing. The party information window showed they were only level 1.

Lauel asked, "Do you plan to be a bus?”

Bus. It was a term used for high level users raising a low level user. In Satisfy, it was impossible to hunt in a party with a 35 level difference, because the low level user wouldn’t gain any experience.

"A level 1 noble will be born.”

However, the rewards for a cooperative quest were shared equally among all party members. If Grid killed one golem, it was treated as all the party members killing one golem. And the rewards for the ‘Fight the Golem quest were as followed: 

After defeating an old golem, 300 gold and 100 kingdom contribution would be acquired.

After defeating a soul doll, 1,000 gold and 500 kingdom contribution would be acquired.

After defeating an ancient weapon, 3,000 gold and 1,500 kingdom contribution would be acquired.

A user couldn’t become an earl, marquis or duke just through contribution points. However, a baron required 3,000 points and a viscount 10,000 points to be upgraded, regardless of the level.

In other words.  

‘Thanks to Grid, Ruby and Sexy Schoolgirl can enjoy the game from level 1.’

Was this being born with a gold spoon?

‘No... It is diamond cutlery, not a gold spoon. No, it is adamantium.’

Anyway, the world was unfair. Lauel became aware of this once again as Grid ordered.

"Jude, Ruby and Se...xy Schoolgirl...”

What was with this ID? Grid looked at Yerim incredulously. Yerim just laughed at him. Grid sighed before speaking again.

"Jude, protect Ruby and Sexy Schoolgirl. The rest will help me deal with the ancient weapons.”

The main reason for the NPC army and the users’ lack of strength was because magic attacks didn’t work on the golems. In order to allow Euphemina and the other magicians to play an active role and to make the battlefield more favorable, they had to deal with the ancient weapons first.

"Right? Lauel.”

“You are wise.”

Lauel complimented and Grid grasped the +9 Failure. The thrilled Huroi shouted, “My Lord! You are a divine being and nobody can block your way! All results will be done according to your will!”

[Your morale has increased.]

[Your attack power and magic attack power will significantly rise for the next attack.]

[The next attack will be a critical hit!]

A buff skill that was only possible for a second advancement orator was applied to Grid! He smiled and called out the name of his skill.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship! Transcended Link!”

The goal was the ancient weapon 200m ahead. A total of 20 energy blades that inflicted 150% of his damage per hit flew towards it. The golem that didn’t allow one attack while advancing from the south of the Eternal Kingdom was hit.


Transcended Link was a critical and caused the ancient weapon to fall to one knee. In the aftermath, the buildings in the area shook greatly.

Kik. Kikik.

The ancient golem suffered damage that was more than two-thirds of its health and made a bizarre sound. Then the Anti-magic Shield was turned off. Euphemina saw this and used magic from the sky.

“Storm Gravity Field.”


A gravitational field 5m in diameter was created around the fallen ancient weapon. 10 old golems and one soul doll in the vicinity were also sucked into the gravitational field. Then on top of that.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

A huge storm struck from the sky.

[The Indecisive Mumud’s Orb’s option effect is activated, increasing magic damage by 100%.]

[Magic damage has increased by 68%.]


The golems shrieked from inside the storm. Their bodies slowly disintegrated and stone powder was spread all over the place. Then Lauel came out. Armed with Grid’s unique rated qi gun, Lauel proved why he was 1st on the qigong master rankings.

“Dragon’s Scream.”

It was a neat finish. The golems, trapped in the gravitation field, collapsed due to the damage and soon turned to grey light.

[You have destroyed an ancient weapon.]

[3,342,000 experience has been distributed.]

[You have destroyed a soul doll.]

[87,300 experience has been distributed.]

[You have destroyed an old golem.]

[24,550 experience has been distributed.]



The golems had overwhelmed the hundreds of thousands of troops in Reinhardt with absolute strength. Yet they collapsed due to the combination of only four skills, so people were amazed beyond admiration.

In particular, Happy, who was ranked 304th.

‘What type of monsters are they?’

Everyone knew that Grid was strong. But what about Huroi? As the only non-combat class in the top 1,000 rankings, his strength was more than Happy imagined. Grid had obviously become twice as strong due to his fraudulent buff ability.

Lauel was also more than rumored. His rapid growth seemed to be related to the huge qi gun on his shoulder.

There was also the person called Euphemina...

‘Who is she?’

She was a completely unfamiliar person, but she was a powerful magician who seemed to have the strength of the 5th ranked Yura. Finally.

"Ruby. Sexy Schoolgirl. Jude will protect them.”


The NPC was armed with the black sword that Grid used to defeat Bondre in the National Competition, and was overwhelming three old golems alone.


People were so surprised that they couldn’t help hiccuping. As hiccups were heard from all directions, Grid wasn’t feeling very impressed.

"These golems, why don’t they drop items?”

“...I’m not sure.”

Lauel didn’t know. He couldn’t always answer Grid’s questions.

『 Grid doesn’t just have outstanding ability as an individual. He also has strong knights. 』

『 In particular, the user called Euphemina used S-grade magic without any casting time.. She must have a hidden class. 』

『 The conclusion is that we must praise God Grid. 』

The anchors and experts relaying the Reinhardt war situation praised Grid. The netizens were the same. It has been a long time since the National Competition, so they watched the exciting battle video and praised God Grid. The seeds of praising Grid were planted in Satisfy.

It was the same for Wiesbaden, king of the Eternal Kingdom.

“Ohh...! Who’s the brave person who is dealing out justice to the cruel golems? Goddess Rebecca heard our prayers and sent us a mighty warrior...!”

Earl Steim proudly explained.

"He’s my son-in-law."

Earl Steim cleared his throat and proudly stuck out his chest.

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