Chapter 197

Chapter 197

Sword of Self-transcendence.

Divine Shield.

Thorn of Deep Grievance.

Legendary Blacksmith’s Hammer.


Relieved Wave Armor.

Fantastic Pickaxe.

Indecisive Mumud’s Orb.

This was the list of legendary items that Grid made after becoming Pagma’s Descendant. He’d made only eight legendary items in a period of a year and a half. From the viewpoint of the S.A. Group, it was a very small number. They were saddened that Grid couldn’t show off his presence as a legendary blacksmith.

But from the standpoint of Grid who lived an unlucky life, eight legendary items was amazing. No, it was more accurate to call them his salvation. Now Grid was in a state where he didn’t complain even if the items were normal or rare rated.


There was a ‘special event’ when he made five legendary items, giving Grid a reward and punishment. His mind was complicated after recently making a legendary item (Indecisive Mumud’s Orb).

Sooner or later, he would make 10 legendary items. Would the special event at that time be beneficial?  Or would the punishment be bigger? He was full of expectations and fear. He was worried that the small amount of stats gained form unique rated items would disappear.

‘Do I have be nerfed again?’

A nerfed Grid got +4 to all stats when making a unique rated item and a +10 to all stats when it was a legendary item. This was lower than the stats that ordinary blacksmiths gained when making items. Realistically, the parts about stats acquisition was unlikely to be downgraded any more.

Grid thought about it positively.

‘Something good will surely happen when I make the 10th legendary item.

He hoped for that day to come.

Ttang! Ttang!

A full day had passed since he returned to Bairan. Grid was making items while waiting for the  Tzedakah Guild to choose. Based on the enlightenment he got from making the Indecisive Mumud’s Orb, he sought to create a one-handed sword that improved the prototype’s shortcomings.

After a while.

[Mass-produced One-handed Sword]

Rating: Epic

Durability: 171/171 Attack Power: 264

Attack Speed: +8%     Accuracy: +3%

A weapon made by the legendary blacksmith G.

A one-handed sword that can be easily used by anyone, and is designed to exert high attack power.

It’s an aggressive design that references Dainsleif (Reproduction), and works to improve the disadvantages of the prototype.

User Restriction: Level 300 or higher. 1,000 strength. Advanced Sword Mastery level 1.

‘A failure.’

Compared to the prototype, it had a much better balance, but the conditions of use were too high. Of course, it was rather low compared to other weapons of the same class, but Grid wanted it to be a weapon that anyone could use.

"Next time, I’ll have to delete an option.”

Thanks to the attack speed and attack accuracy options, the usage conditions seemed to be higher. Grid decided to change the design to something simpler and cruder. Then he would change the materials to get more attack power.


His alarm rang. He checked the upper left hand corner and confirmed that it was 12:50 p.m. in reality. Lunch time. Grid had to log out. Then Shin Youngwoo emerged from the capsule in reality.

"Today is kan jajang.” (A different type of jajangmyeon.)

A few months ago, Youngwoo had to worry about eating cold noodles or ramen noodles. He couldn’t enjoy the luxury of eating expensive delivered food. But now the situation changed. Thanks to his economic success, he could eat delivered food at will. It wasn’t burdensome to eat the more expensive kan jajang over the normal jajangmyeon.

This type of thing was a huge happiness for someone like Youngwoo. It was a happiness that only those who experienced poverty could understand. Youngwoo ordered the delivery and sat down on the sofa. Then he habitually turned on the TV.

‘Will the Tzedakah Guild join me?’

The Tzedakah Guild had built up their reputation and memories, so they might not want to disband the guild.

'But I overlooked that and even said those words... I’m disappointed in myself.’

From Youngwoo’s point of view, it was hard to be confident that the Tzedakah Guild would come to him. It was fortunate they didn’t call him a traitor for trying to withdraw from the guild.

‘But Lauel told me to wait and believe, so let’s hope.’

The new on TV was conveying the situation of Reinhardt, the capital of the Eternal Kingdom.

『 A huge 100,000 users gathered in Reinhardt to carry out the golem quest. In addition, nobles from all over the kingdom came with large armies under the order of King Wiesbaden. 』

『 This is the end of the golem’s advance. No matter how strong they are, there are only 1,000 golems. Can 1,000 enemies deal with 100,000 users and 200,000 soldiers? 』

It was the opinion of the experts, and Youngwoo agreed.

"My father-in-law brought 60,000 troops... Reinhardt will be safe.”

Youngwoo hadn’t seen the war video between the Giant Guild and the golems. It was because he was busy discussing with the guild and making items. He just knew that the golems were on their way to the kingdom’s capital. So he thought it was easy to defeat the golems. He dismissed the invasion of Reinhardt as a small event.



He was able to see that the atmosphere was incredibly because he was watching the Reinhardt war video in real time.

“What are these golems? Why are they so strong?”

The golems that invaded Reinhardt were beyond common sense. They were too difficult for the normal users to handle, even when gathered in groups of dozens or hundreds. The NPC soldiers couldn’t even survive one blow from the golems. The high level users and NPC knights were slaughtered by the sleek humanoid golems.

There was also the super-sized golems. There were exactly 12 golems that could use magic. Every time they launched magic energy, hundreds of users and NPCs turned to grey light. They also protected the golems by using Anti-magic Shields to block the attacks of the human magicians.


Reinhardt quickly fell into a crisis. The walls crumbled and the users tried to get away. Despair filled the faces of the nobles and military leaders. Youngwoo thought it was absurd. Based on the video, the 12 super-sized golems were at least as strong as the Awakened Guardian of the Forest. And the 200 humanoid golems were like boss-sized monsters.

What type of magician could make this golem?


Youngwoo was feeling doubts when his eyes suddenly widened. It was because he found a familiar face in the video where people were dying in Reinhardt.


It was clearly Sehee. His sister Sehee was squatting in a corner of Reinhardt and shaking.


The reason why Sehee was playing Satisfy didn’t matter now. He threw his food on the table and rushed out. He headed straight to the capsule. He was determined to rescue Sehee before the food got cold.


Winston Castle.

Lauel sent a whisper to Grid like he had been waiting.

-You came. A king’s quest was granted to all users within the Eternal Kingdom a little while ago. The rewards are enormous, so why don’t you try the quest?

Then the [Fight the Golems] quest window emerged in front of Grid. Meanwhile, Irene came running.

"Dear husband!”


Irene was teary-eyed. She rushed at the confused Grid.

"The battle for Reinhardt isn’t going well. I’m anxious about my father."

After the [Fight the Golems] quest, a new quest appeared.

[Save Earl Steim]

Difficulty: A

The golems that invaded Reinhardt Capital are stronger than expected and the situation has worsened.

Earl Steim is almost certainly in a crisis.

Save him for Lady Irene.

Quest Clear Conditions: The survival of Earl Steim.

Quest Clear Rewards: Your affinity with Earl Steim will reach the maximum and you will be able to exercise great power in the north.

Quest Failure: Level -1. If Earl Steim dies, Lady Irene will be locked in grief for a while. There is room for your marital relations to worsen.

"Please help my father.”

Despite being a NPC, Irene was a precious person who taught Grid how to love. Grid didn’t want to see her look sad.

He decided. "I will bring Father-in-law back unharmed. So don’t worry and wait.”

[The quest has been accepted.]

He needed to arrive in Reinhardt as quickly as possible. But Grid hadn’t been to Reinhardt so he couldn’t measure the exact distance.

-Lauel, what is the distance from Winston to Reinhardt?

-It will probably take half a day if you use Fly.


Noe was too small to ride, so he needed help from a drake. He was about to call Huroi when Lauel gave him advice.

-Euphemina is a Duplicator, and doesn’t she always have a number of spells copied? She might’ve duplicated Mass Teleport.

He was truly smart. The impressed Grid sent a whisper to Euphemina.

-Euphemina, do you have Mass Teleport available?

“I do. It is precious magic that I’ve saved, but I am willing to use it for you. What’s the destination?”

Euphemina’s answer came from behind him. She had good timing as she was on standby in Winston. It was lovely.

Grid smiled brightly and immediately replied. “Reinhardt.”


“Are there no mighty warriors to deal with those golems? The shortage of talent is too great!”


King Wiesbaden screamed from the walls.

The north’s strongest knight, Phoenix. The west’s strongest knight, Ector. The east’s strongest knight, Kis. King Wiesbaden felt desperate, as there weren’t enough people in the kingdom to deal with the golems except for these three and a few others.

Even the royal bodyguards made up of elite knights were helpless in front of the golems. The hundreds of thousands of troops? They were useless. The soldiers stabbed with their swords and spears, but they couldn’t even scratch the golems.

Magic was necessary to deal with golems, but the magic had no effect because of the Anti-magic Shield. It was a total crisis. The city was rapidly collapsing. Wiesbaden and the nobles prayed to the gods.

“Rebecca, goddess of light! Please give me strength to protect my kingdom and my people...!”

The gods certainly existed. However, there were few cases where prayers succeeded. The king and nobles knew this. In the end, the prayers dwindled.

Kuuong! Kuuong!

There was only the sound of walls and buildings collapsed, as well as the screams of the people.


“All of them are gathered together."

Happy, the 304th ranker on the unified rankings looked at the battlefield and clicked his tongue. Out of the 100,000 users in Reinhardt, 99,900 of them were average level users, so the situation went bad.

"Sigh, I was expecting more.”

The top ranking players tended to engage in personal hunting rather than events. Happy once again realized that he had to leave Reinhardt. Most users were like him. How many of the 100,000 users gathered here were willing to fight in the hopes of protecting Reinhardt? Most of the people came to try out the quest, and there was no merit to them staying.


There was a big fuss in North Street. The gazes of Happy and other users turned in that direction. Then they saw it. A female user wearing novice clothing was throwing herself over a NPC. The people laughed.

"Pfff, beginners are so pure.”

"I agree. At first, I tried to save NPCs as well. Kilkil.”

"Well, it’s not like experience will drop when dying for a beginner. Huh?”


The users mocking the beginner turned their eyes towards the sky. It was the same for King Wiesbaden and the nobles on the wall. A bright light flashed in the evening sky and started to grow.

“Mass Teleport?”

A few people quickly figured out the identity of the light. Soon, a man and woman emerged from the light. There was a blonde girl with a lovely doll-like appearance and an Asian man.

"This damn thing!”

The Asian man who appeared from the Mass Teleport. He plummeted towards the ground while screaming.

“Get your hands off my sister!”

His furious voice spread through Reinhardt. Everyone, including the users, NPCs and golems, turned their gaze towards the sky. Then they witnessed it at the same time. The blue greatsword reminiscent of a predator of that sea that smashed into the soul doll!

“Heok! T-That person!”


The person who used the blue greatsword in the National Competition. He was an existence that all users in Satisfy knew. The first legendary class. That’s right. It was the moment when Grid appeared.

The users cheered as they saw him.

“God Grid! God Grid has showed up!”

『 Grid has appeared with exquisite timing! 』

『 Doesn’t this remind you of the scene in the National Competition a few months ago? 』

『 A protagonist always followed the basic rule of coming late. 』

The Reinhardt war video got the highest ratings as it was broadcasted through various channels around the world. Grid succeeded in protecting Sehee and Yerim as the world watched.

He shouted. “Summon Knights! Huroi! Lauel! Jude!”

Pak! Papat!

In front of Grid, the strongest of the 10 Rookies appeared. There was also the first ranked orator Huroi that some people knew about. In addition, there was an NPC.

‘Summon knights?’

'Truly God Grid...! He’s become a noble!’

'He summoned three knights, so he is a viscount? Amazing...’

As people felt admiration, Grid commanded his party.

“Smash all these damn golems. First, I need to make a party with my sister.”


It was the moment when the struggle was about to begin.

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