Chapter 196

Chapter 196

Sehee was in her second year of high school, and she was a girl who only knew about studying. She studied all day, except for jogging in the morning and yoga in the evening.

Idol music, makeup, dramas, shopping, etc. She wasn’t interested in all the hobbies that other girls her age enjoyed. She only went to school, the library, and home. Was studying interesting? No. It was due to her strong sense of responsibility. She was worried about her brother and determined to succeed in order to support her family.

But then her brother succeeded. He became the best celebrity and was economically wealthy. Thanks to that, Sehee was able to escape the obsession that she should do well for her brother. She still studied, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a hobby? She had room enough to think.

And the thing she became most interested in was Satisfy. She couldn’t ignore the game that many people in the world were enjoying, and a strong point was that she could enjoy it with her brother.

Saturday at 1 p.m. Sehee visited a capsule room for the first time in her life with Yerim.

“Hey~ aren’t the two of you really pretty? I will play with you, giving you items and helping you hunt. Just let me know your game IDs.”

"Come here and sit down. I’ll buy you some drinks.”

Most of the capsule room customers were university students. Most workers enjoyed Satisfy at home by purchasing a capsule directly, but the capsule fee was too expensive for students. Some university students lied to their parents about going to school and headed to the capsule room instead.

“Wow~ that uniform! Young Ladies High School?”

“Wow. Isn’t Young Ladies High School ranked in the top 10? These pretty girls are good at studying.”

"Students of the Young Ladies High School are great. Please marry me. Yes~?”

For university students who were interested in the opposite sex, the emergence of beautiful girls like Sehee and Yerim was an exciting event. They persistently clung to Sehee and Yerim.

‘How cheap.’

To Yerim, these people looked like nerdy university students. She decided to teach these guys who didn’t know the world about how fearful women could be by eating their items and capsule fees.

Yerim’s eyes curved as she started to smile. Sehee noticed Yerim was emitting her distinctive pose to deceive a man and urgently restrained her.

“Just ignore them.”

Sehee hated all men except for her father and brother. She kept attracting men due to her innate beauty, but she found it annoying.


If it was like the old days, Yerim would’ve thoroughly tricked the university students without listening to Sehee.

'I don’t want to have any clashes with my future sister-in-law.’

Yerim easily followed Sehee’s words. Afterwards, they connected to Satisfy and created a character in the city called Reinhardt, the capital of the Eternal Kingdom. As they were people experiencing virtual reality for the first time, they were astonished at the implementation of their five senses that was just like reality.

Yerim moved her body back and forth, drinking in the clean air when she suddenly grumbled. “What is this? Why don’t you want to tell your brother that we started the game? Isn’t it more comfortable and enjoyable to play with him?”

“If Oppa knows that I started Satisfy, he’ll order a capsule for me. Not long ago, I rejected his offer to buy me a capsule.”

Yerim’s eyes started sparkling.

“Youngwoo oppa is truly great. What brother would buy a 10 million won machine for his sister? It’s on a different level from my brother. Then..." Yerim didn’t understand why Sehee was reluctant to have her brother buy her a capsule. "If your brother wants to buy it, shouldn’t you just accept gratefully? Why did you refuse?”

Sehee was worried about her brother.

"I don’t want to spend money just because Oppa is making it. I want Oppa to value his money and save it.”

Satisfy’s popularity seemed eternal for now, but she didn’t know about the future. What if one day, a virtual reality game bigger than Satisfy was released? At that time, her brother’s income would decrease. Sehee hoped that her brother would become someone who thought about the future.

“If I had a capsule, wouldn’t I use it all the time? It’s a luxury. Once I get a job and buy a capsule using my own money, then I’ll tell Oppa that I’m playing Satisfy.”

Yerim clicked her tongue.

“Amazing, amazing. You’re a very virtuous woman.”

Someday when she married Youngwoo, it would be very tiring to have Sehee as a sister-in-law.

Yerim opened the map. Then along with Sehee, she started exploring Reinhardt. The scenery of Reinhardt was very beautiful, looking much bigger and more spectacular than medieval movies that cost hundreds of millions to produce. Due to the wealth of things to see, the two girls didn’t know how to spend their time.

"Those girls are pretty.”

"An Oriental girl is white, but aren’t they whiter than white? There are no flaws. A complete milky skin.”

"They look like complete noobs... Isn’t there a chance to become friends if we help them on a quest or hunt?”

In the end, Yerim and Sehee was followed by a lot of male users. Two girls with prominent beauty were walking beside each other, so it was natural for them to catch the attention of men. In particular, Yerim had the ID of Sexy Schoolgirl, so many men were interested.


'Sexy Schoolgirl...’

‘Her ID is actually Sexy Schoolgirl...’


The male users couldn’t help gulping! Suddenly, a quest window appeared before them as they watched the girls with serpentine eyes.

[Fight the Golems]

Difficulty: B~S

Quest Clear Conditions: Repel the golems.

Quest Clear Rewards:

After defeating an old golem, 300 gold and 100 kingdom contribution will be acquired.

After defeating a soul doll, 1,000 gold and 500 kingdom contribution will be acquired.

After defeating an ancient weapon, 3,000 gold and 1,500 kingdom contribution will be acquired.

"Huh, it is finally here.”

“Aren’t the rewards greater than expected?”

“It means the opponents are tough. Anyway, it is good. This is an opportunity to reverse my life.”

The users already knew that the golem army was advancing to Reinhardt. They rushed out of the city to defeat the golems. Meanwhile, Yerim and Sehee were confused after being given the quest.

"I was just walking and I received a quest? Was it originally like this?”

"What are golems?”

“I saw them in movies. They are giants made of stone, but very solid and strong.”

“Strong? Can we get rid of them?”

"I don’t know...”

The male users approached the two stunned girls.

"Golems are monsters that beginners can’t deal with. Don’t even think about leaving the city, or you will be wiped out in two minutes.”

The users who approached with friendly smiles were armed with brilliant armor and weapons. It was in stark contrast to Sehee and Yerim, who wore shabby clothing. Yerim’s eyes widened and glistened.

“Oh my, really? The rewards are too tempting. As beginners, do we have no chance for the rewards? Right?”

Yerim’s seduction was a truly great thing. The male users were dazzled by her eyes and nodded excitedly.

"You can get the rewards if you party with us!”

“Really! We can defeat the golems, so you can get the rewards just by watching!”

Yerim was pleased by the reaction and laughed. Then she raised a hand and asked, “So, who are the cool men who will invite us to the party?”


"No, come with us, Sexy Schoolgirl!”

"I have the highest level here! Come to our party!”

Users over level 150 competed to get two level 1 users into their party. As the situation grew bigger, Sehee sighed with a troubled expression while Yerim laughed.

Then after a while.

The two girls were shocked at the cruel scene in front of them. The party of 22 men who were over level 150 left the gate and all 22 men were instantly defeated by a huge golem.


“S-Save me...!"

Screams were occurring everywhere. Sehee and Yerim were still underage so the protection system worked, meaning they didn’t see blood splattering and wounds were blurred. But they still felt fear and disgust at the sight of people being killed by golems.


Sehee and Yerim were nauseous at the sight of people they just talked to dying, and fled back to the city.

Originally, beginners slowly adapted to the system by hunting small creatures such as rabbits and deer. Therefore, the two girls received a big shock because they witnessed the death of humans as soon as they started Satisfy.

“It’s too cruel.”

"Oh my god, what is this terrible game?"

Hundreds of thousands of people were crowded in the city. There were those who came to fight the golems realized the powerlessness and withdrew, the merchants, the frightened NPCs and the beginners.

All types of people gathered. Sehee and Yerim were pushed by the crowd and suffered trying to take just one step.

"We can’t move because of all the people.”

"Uhh I chose the city that was first ranked in the recommendations, so what is this situation?”

It was at this time.

Kuuong! Kuuong!

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The huge 10m walls of Reinhardt were unable to cope with the magic energy fired by the ancient weapons and collapsed.


“R-Run away!”

The soul dolls and old golems moved through the destroyed walls and started to indiscriminately attack people.

The armies of the nobles that were gathered from all over the place resisted, but they were helpless. The average level of the soldiers was 60~90, so they died in one blow from the golems. Unless they were top rankers, the users also had difficulty.

It was truly hell. Sehee and Yerim’s first sight of Satisfy was truly terrible. They were in tears as they watched the expressionless golems killing the screaming users and NPCs.


“Those cruel monsters are killing children! Bad people!”

It was true. The golems were killing all humans indiscriminately. Even users who could resurrect again were running away from the golems, so what about the NPCs? Those who had a finite life tried their best to escape from the golems. But they were so many people that it wasn’t easy to move. Some people died from being trampled by others.

“Ahhh! Mother! Mother!”

A five year old child lost his mother in the crowd. He cried and fell down.


Then a huge shadow covered the boy’s small body. It was an old golem. It’s huge hand descended towards the boy. Sehee was surprised and reflexively moved her body. There was no time for Yerim to stop her. Sehee was acting in the hope that she could somehow save that boy.

Most users considered NPCs as artificial intelligences and masses of data, but Sehee had been in Satisfy for less than an hour and didn’t know about NPCs.


Sehee embraced the boy and prepared for death. The golem’s merciless hand flew towards her back. People thought that both the boy and Sehee would die. But there were numerous knights and soldiers here in Reinhardt. It wasn’t strange that someone found the people in crisis and ran to save them. Fortunately, their savior was very strong.


Phoenix, the strongest knight of the north, blocked the golem’s hand with the Sword of Self-transcendence.

"Flee with the child!”

“T-Thank you!”

Sehee thanked him and lifted the boy. In a corner of her vision, notification windows emerged.

[You are weak. Nevertheless, you have the spirit of sacrifice to save others. You will be an example to the people.]

[You have reached the conditions required to become the growth type hidden class ‘Saintess.’]

A level 1 female user willing to sacrifice herself for a NPC. If someone fulfilled this condition in Satisfy, they would receive the hidden class called ‘Saintess.’ The Saintess was Satisfy’s strongest healer, who could heal with her own abilities without borrowing the divine powers of Goddess Rebecca. It was a hidden healing class that could reign supreme in Satisfy, and the one who obtained it was the younger sister of the first legendary class.

‘A hidden class?’

Sehee might be a beginner in Satisfy, but she knew the greatness of a hidden class. A soul doll approached her as she was feeling stunned.


This time, it was Yerim’s turn. She pushed Sehee aside and faced the soul doll instead.

At that moment. A blue greatsword fell from the sky.


The soul doll hit by Grid was unable to cope with the shock and collapsed.

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