Chapter 195

Chapter 195

Humanity started to receive news through smartphones dozens of years ago. Nevertheless, newspapers still had a steady consumer base.

The full subway. Some passengers were holding newspapers in their hands. The newspapers were published by different places, shown by the different political stances. However, the newspapers all had the same headlines.

[The Golem Army’s Attack on the Eternal Kingdom!]

One month after the National Competition. There hadn’t been any special incidents in Satisfy, except for the fact that Kraugel was the first user to get a third advancement class.

The Internet was in an uproar.

-Why the Eternal Kingdom? The Eternal Kingdom is neutral, so there shouldn’t be any countries hostile towards them? What kingdom sent the golems to the Eternal Kingdom?

-There are 17 kingdoms on the continent. They all have their own interests, so even a neutral kingdom isn’t guaranteed to be safe.

-To be able to send so many golems, isn’t it impossible for one country alone to have that strength? It is impossible to control that many golems unless dozens of great magicians join forces.

-Wow! Then several countries have united to attack the Eternal Kingdom…?

-Is this the precursor to a massive episode?

-No matter how high their numbers, golems are golems. How did the Giant Guild get smashed by the golems?

Chris’ level was 298 and he had the dignity of the third ranked user. The seven captains were top ranked users over level 260, and the average level of the 700 Giant Guild members was 180. It was honestly unbelievable that more than 1,000 golems with a maximum level of 200 could one-sidedly massacre the Giant Guild.

As the world became increasingly confused, footage started to be shown around the world.

『 This is a video of the Eternal Kingdom war that we just obtained. Watch this video and you will see how bad the Eternal Kingdom’s current crisis is. 』

The screen that switched.

"Through this war, our Giant Guild will take one step further. Record this glorious moment carefully.”

The video started with Chris talking to the camera.

Kuuong! Kuwuong!

The massive sound of footsteps shaking the ground was clearly heard from far away. The viewpoint of the camera, as well as Chris and the guild members’ eyes, moved towards the horizon.


One, two, three. Tens, hundreds. Over 1,000 golems were slowly but surely approaching from the horizon. They gradually came closer. The appearance of the golems lined up was truly spectacular. It was like a ridgeline.

The size of the golems varied. The names were also very unusual. There were around 1,000 ‘old golems’ that didn’t look much different from existing golems, and 200 small golems with the same body shape as humans called ‘soul dolls.’ Finally, there were 12 extra large golems exceeding 8m in height and 4m in width that were called ‘ancient weapons.’

"The names are great.” Chris spoke warily. “Based on the names alone, they seem much stronger than existing golems. In particular, those super-sized golems and humanoid golems.”

The magician Asellas, one of the seven captains and a specialist in petrification magic, came up with his own opinion.

“The humanoid golems look very difficult. We should take care of them first.”

The advantages of a golem were their high physical defense and health. Instead, they were vulnerable to magic and relatively slow, making them easy to deal with. It was clear that if the humanoid golems had the existing strengths of a golem and were fast, they would be hard to deal with.

Asellas’ comments quickly convinced Chris.

“Okay. Take care of the humanoid golems.”


From then on, a splendid magical bombardment began. Asellas and 200 magicians attacked the humanoid golems with their most powerful magic.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

An explosion occurred in many parts of the wilderness and a dust storm rose. The camera became blurry and nothing could be seen in front. They suspected that the powerful magical bombardment would completely destroy the 1,000 golems.



After a while, the dust storm lifted and everyone was astonished. The golem army was completely fine. They didn’t even suffer minor damage from the magical bombardment of Asellas and the other guild magicians.

Asellas’ face turned white.

"Anti-magic Shield...?”

The Anti-magic Shield was a spell that blocked all types of magic. It was a perfect counter for magicians and classified as S-grade magic, so it wasn’t something that everyone could use. However, the golems were using Anti-magic Shields.

Asellas stared blankly at the pink transparent shields deployed by the 12 super-sized golems.

“No way. How is this possible?”

The golems could use magic? In addition, it was S-grade magic? The Giant Guild couldn’t understand it. In particular, Asellas and the magicians lost their morale.

“I used all my mana...”

"I used all the magic stored in my orb...”

"We couldn’t even do any damage...”

"What should we do if the golems are immune to magic?”

The Giant Guild’s morale rapidly deteriorated. The golem army continued to advance and was gradually getting closer. Chris hurriedly ordered, “We will change the target to the super-sized golems.”

The magicians were useless as long as the super-sized golems used the Anti-magic Shield. That’s why Chris decided to deal with the super-sized golems first, but it wasn’t easy.


The physical damage dealers and tankers tried to attack the huge golems, but the old golems blocked their way. Their appearance was similar to general golems, but they weren’t ordinary.

“These damn things!”

Chris and the damage dealers charged at the golems with their large, prearranged weapons. But the defense of the golems was uncommon. Their attacks didn’t work as they wanted. They felt much more solid than the hardest iron golem.

Chris realized that the situation was worse than he thought. He smashed a golem using his strongest technique.

[You have destroyed an old golem.]

[350,300 experience has been acquired.]

In the case of a monster that was already hunted, the level and details could be grasped. Chris used this basic system to verify the information of the old golems.

[Old Golem]

Level: 240

A relic of the past. A golem made of volcanic rock mixed with black iron, making it harder than an iron golem. Existing magicians can’t produce this level of golem.


Existing golems had a level range of 50~200. However, the old golems were level 240. It wasn’t a big deal for Chris and the seven captains, but they were too hard for the general guild members to deal with.

Chris shouted.

"Every three people organize into one group to fight!”

The average level of the Giant Guild was 180. He judged that three members would be able to deal with one old golem. But the problem wasn’t the old golems. The real crisis started once the 200 humanoid golems entered the battlefield.

Pepeok! Kwakwang!



The guild members were logged out in front of the swift and accurate attacks of the humanoid golems. The perplexed Chris ordered the seven captains.

"We will mark the humanoid golems! Kuk!”

The strength of the humanoid golems transcended common sense. Not only were they fast, but their combat skills were very good. Some of them wielded their fists and feet like a martial artist, while others used parts of their bodies like swords or spears. Even the seven captains found it hard if they were attacked by two or more humanoid golems. 

There were 200 of them.


Chris defeated a humanoid golem and confirmed the details.

[Soul Doll]

Level: 280

A battle doll made by capturing the soul of a warrior. The ego isn’t maintained but the soul can demonstrate its original life’s fighting skills.

‘What is this fraudulent..!?’

The strength of the soul dolls was at the level of a field boss. What type of magician created these monsters? Chris got goosebumps. The battlefield was disadvantageous. Magic shields didn’t help because of the Anti-magic Shield, and most guild members were too busy dealing with the old golems.

The seven captains were unable to cope with the pincer attacks of the soul dolls. It had been less than 10 minutes after the fight started, and half of the guild members had already been logged out.

‘It is finished.’

The S-rank guild quest exceeded common sense. Chris realized this and shouted angrily, “These damn pieces of scum! I will smash one more of you before I die!”

The soul dolls came from every direction. Chris wielded his greatsword at them. The third ranked user didn’t fall down easily. Over time, all the guild members were logged out, but he survived and defeated hundreds of golems. But he wasn’t invincible. Soon after his stamina was depleted, he left the battlefield. Then he could only helplessly scream as the golems destroyed Pedro.

The war footage switched back to the news studio. The hosts and experts appeared with a serious expression.

『 The biggest reason Chris was defeated in his match against Regas was because he was careless. As he proved now, Chris is much more powerful than what he showed in the National Competition. 』

『 That’s right. He’s stronger than Regas, and not weak. But that alone can’t stop the golem’s advance. It’s sad. 』

『 In particular, the soul dolls are too powerful. Chris was only able to defeat four soul dolls. The ancient weapons are extraordinary, but they didn’t directly participate in battle. Who is the creator of these mighty golems? 』

『 The old golems and ancient weapons... Based on their name, they seem to be a heritage of the past. Maybe it is the legacy of the great magician Braham. 』

『 Braham? Aren’t you thinking too much? Even if the creator of these golems is Braham, what type of magician can control Braham’s golems? 』

『 Perhaps the golems are made by Braham’s disciple. Well, it will be revealed gradually. Right now, the key question is whether or not the Eternal Kingdom can withstand the attacks of the golems. 』

『 The military power of the Eternal Kingdom is very powerful. That’s why they could exist as a neutral kingdom. But that is a story of when it is a human against human battle... They might be helpless against the golems. 』

『 Then there is only one conclusion. Users, please leave for the Eternal Kingdom right now! It’s a great opportunity to get a quest that will give you enormous rewards! 』

The users and guilds already knew this and were moving towards the Eternal Kingdom. King Wiesbaden of the Eternal Kingdom gave a wide range of quests to prevent the unprecedented advance of the golems.

[Fight the Golems]

Difficulty: B~S

The Giant Guild was brave enough to defeat the golems that crossed the border of the Eternal Kingdom, but were eventually defeated. As a result, the southern part of the Eternal Kingdom was destroyed and the golem’s army is advancing towards the capital of the Eternal Kingdom.

King Wiesbaden senses the crisis and summoned his troops from all over the kingdom. He is asking you to cooperate with them.

Quest Clear Conditions: Repel the golems.

Quest Clear Rewards:

After defeating an old golem, 300 gold and 100 kingdom contribution will be acquired.

After defeating a soul doll, 1,000 gold and 500 kingdom contribution will be acquired.

After defeating an ancient weapon, 3,000 gold and 1,500 kingdom contribution will be acquired.

100 gold was worth 120,000 won. In addition, accumulating 3,000 kingdom contribution could earn the user the title of a baron, and 10,000 contribution gave the title of a viscount. From the users’ perspective, there was no reason not to join this quest. From all over the continent, tens of thousands of users gathered in the capital of the Eternal Kingdom.

“Everyone! I have a party! We must make a party to defeat the golems!”

In Satisfy, up to 24 people could join one party. The users formed parties and went to war. But could regular users handle the soul dolls that even the seven captains of the Giant Guild had difficulty with? It was a useless defense.

Most parties barely managed to defeat one or two old golems, but they were easily destroyed by the soul dolls. The Anti-magic Shields didn’t allow magicians to exert their power, so the battlefield went badly.



Hundreds of users were logged out when the ancient weapons occasionally fired a massive ray of magic energy, causing the Eternal Kingdom to face a crisis. The users didn’t want to continue any further, forcing the Eternal Kingdom to fight against the golems with their own soldiers.

King Wiesbaden was furious.

“What wicked person? Why? What purpose is there behind giving this trial to my kingdom?”

On the other hand, a grocery store in the capital.

Two girls was pushing through a crowd, struggling to get anything done.

"I chose this place because I heard it was the most comfortable place for beginners to start, but what is this? We can’t go hunting because of these big stones, so we can’t do anything until the capsule room booking time ends.

The ID of the complaining girl was ‘Sexy Schoolgirl’. It was a fairly childish name, but her face was really pretty. She actually was sexy. Her name was Park Yerim in reality. She was the best friend of Grid’s younger sister Sehee. Sehee was the neat girl standing next to her.

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