Chapter 199

Chapter 199


The fact that Earl Steim’s son-in-law was a commoner had now spread through the kingdom. The royal family and nobles thought that Earl Steim was crazy. What idiot would marry his successor to a commoner instead of a political force or a rich noble? 

Earl Steim was over 60 years old, so they thought he had become senile. But now...

‘It was like this. Such a sly snake wouldn’t pass on his only successor to some rabble.’

'Despite being a commoner, he has great abilities.’

‘So reliable... I’m envious.’

The nobles saw the black-haired man as a heroic warrior. Didn’t he defeat an ancient weapon that couldn’t be scratched by hundreds of thousands of troops?

King Wiesbaden was amazed. "Your son-in-law is a hero fighting for the kingdom! Earl Steim’s acumen is truly amazing! Your presence if the light of hope for this kingdom!”

There were two dukes and three marquis in the Eternal Kingdom, but Earl Steim had the highest authority. It was because his family was able to build up his power by defending and developing the north over three generations. Thus, many nobles were watching out for Earl Steim. The king praised Earl Steim, so the nobles became nervous.

‘There’s no way to stop the rise of Earl Steim.’

‘He might become a marquis due to this achievement.’

Several shrewd nobles started to flatter Earl Steim.

“It’s amazing. Having a heroic warrior as a son-in-law, your abilities are really impressive.”

“The power of the earl, who has obtained a heroic warrior, will affect other countries. I respect you.”

Heroic warrior! This meant they were someone who was talented and brave, and who alone could exert the value of hundreds of thousands of troops. A person of this era who deserved to be admired.

Earl Steim was annoyed at the nobles who misunderstood Grid.

"My son-in-law isn’t a heroic level warrior...”

“Hahaha! Aren’t you too humble?”

The nobles thought that Earl Steim was being modest. They misunderstood and thought he was managing his image. But what was the truth?

"My son-in-law is a heroic warrior, but a legendary warrior! Hahahahat!”


It was the moment when Earl Steim’s pride in his son-in-law reached the peak. The king and nobles were embarrassed.

‘What is he saying now...?’

‘He’s too arrogant just because we flattered him a little bit.’

They thought Earl Steim was bluffing. It was natural. There were only nine legendary warriors in history. After Pagma and Sword Saint Muller, only one legendary warrior had appeared in the last 100 years. Now Earl Steim was calling his son-in-law a legend? Wasn’t this more arrogant than necessary?

"My son-in-law, isn’t he the greatest? Hahahat!”


The king and nobles laughed at Earl Steim.


Reinhardt’s West Street.



The army from the north were facing a major crisis.

They were hit by rays fired by ancient weapons in succession, and had already lost one-third of their troops. The old golems were pushing the soldiers and the knights were struggling against the soul dolls.

Captain Phoenix, who they had been relying on, left for a while to save a boy and girl, so the situation become more desperate.

“H-Help me...! Kuak!"

"Ugh! My wife in Winston will become a widow today... Please remarry a better man...”


Three soul dolls entered into the gap between soldiers and swung a sword made up of parts from their bodies. The series of assaults caused many victims.


Winston’s knight, Romeo Laniche, had come as part of Earl Steim’s troops. He was stabbed in the stomach by a soul doll.


He fell to the ground and gazed up at the sky, thinking about his old colleague. Knight Deck, who lost his life while facing the Awakened Guardian of the Forest for Viscount Grid. Romeo smiled at the thought of reuniting with an old friend.

“Deck... I will be your sparring opponent again in the afterlife...”

He had stepped down from the line of succession for Viscount Laniche. He was bachelor and only cared about training. He had no regrets about leaving this world because he didn’t have a wife or child to worry about. Just,

‘It is too bad that I haven’t dated in awhile.’

Romeo lamented as he closed his eyes. He was prepared to accept death. But he couldn’t die.

"I can’t watch my wife’s knight die before my eyes. She will be sad.”


It was Grid. He killed the soul doll with a blue greatsword and threw a potion at Romeo.

"Viscount Grid...”

Wasn’t this an exquisite moment of salvation? Romeo and the Winston soldiers were thrilled.

“Thank you.”

Romeo didn’t expect it, but he was joyful after he was saved. He bowed to Grid who said, “Stay alive and pay me 50 gold. It’s the value of the potion.”

“...The price of this potion is 8 gold.” Romeo said carefully, but it was useless.

It was because Grid had already left this place. He was heading towards the center of the gathered soul dolls and old golems that were slaughtering the northern army.

“Viscount Grid!”

The knights and soldiers were worried about Grid. It was hard to imagine that Grid would be safe alone against all those strong golems. However, Grid was a legend. He fought alone against Pope Drevigo, the Awakened Guardian of the Forest, Neberius of the Yatan Church and the great demon Hell Gao. The ancient weapons might be different, but the old golems and soul dolls couldn’t do any harm to him.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Link.”

He dodged the golems’ attacks while dancing. The muscles that squeezed during the dance were released at once. At the same time, the blue greatsword moved explosively. 21 blue and white energy blades sped through the air at a terrible speed, compressing all the air it passed through.


Silence fell. The knights, soldiers and golems were all silent.

"This is the time.”

After Grid spoke,

Pipit! Pipipipipit!

The compressed air exploded, breaking the bodies of the old golems and soul dolls into dozens of pieces. 


The golems scattered as pieces of stones. Grid stepped forward. This gaze was directed at the ancient weapon 100m ahead.

“My Lord! I'm ready!” Huroi shouted as he followed Grid.

Grid responded to him. "I am also ready.”

The voice of an orator rang through Reinhardt.

“The world is watching My Lord! Show them your dignity! I, Huroi, will help you with my strength!”

[Your morale has increased.]

[Your attack power and magic attack power will significantly rise for the next attack.]

[The next attack will be a critical hit!]

Huroi’s ‘Morale Boost’ buff skill had a cooldown time of 10 minutes. It meant that 10 minutes had passed since the first ancient weapon was defeated, and it was the moment that Grid would turn the battlefield upside down again.

“Blacksmith's Rage! Fly.”

Grid used his own buff skill and flew into the sky. It was the sight of a blacksmith holding a big sword in one hand while using magic. People witnessed it many times in the National Competition, but they were still impressed.

『 God Grid has come forward! 』

The cries of the program anchors relaying Reinhardt’s war situation resonated through the TVs.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship!”

A white light surrounded the blue greatsword, like the sight of the universe in a dark night sky. Grid approached the ancient weapon from the sky, while unfolding a sword dance like a butterfly. The air around him was heavy, due to all the hatred and killing intent. It was a precursor of a disaster.

[Linked Kill]

A minimum of three to seven blows will be randomly generated that will deal 1500% damage per hit (the current damage of Kill -300%).

The hundreds of thousands of NPCs and users in Reinhardt. In addition, the hundreds of millions of viewers watching it in real time.

“Linked Kill!”

The greatest skill that he used to defeat Hell Gao was activated.


The ancient weapon whose height exceeded 8m. The white glow from the blue greatsword aimed at the giant’s head.



[Failure’s option effect is activated, causing the skill ‘5 Joint Attacks’ to be generated.]

[You have dealt 6,250,900 damage to the target.]

The second blow.


[The Holy Light Gloves’s option effect is activated, causing the skill ‘5 Joint Attacks’ to be generated.]

[You have dealt 2,238,400 damage to the target.]

The third blow.


[You have dealt 445,200 damage to the target.]

The fourth blow.


[Failure’s option effect is activated, causing the skill ‘5 Joint Attacks’ to be generated.]

[The Holy Light Gloves’s option effect is activated, causing the skill ‘5 Joint Attacks’ to be generated.]

[You have dealt 4,851,000 damage to the target.]


This was the perfect deadly move that made the world shocked. The head of the ancient weapon was completely destroyed.

Kung! Kukung! Kukukukung!

The scattered rocks fell like meteors, destroying the surrounding buildings.


The ancient weapon sat down silently. Lauel scratched his head while looking at the dust that rose. "This time, I didn’t have a chance to act.”

In fact, Lauel was sweating. He didn’t know that Grid was this strong.

‘Did he not show all of his skills in the National Competition?’


Lauel gulped while Sexy Schoolgirl shouted excitedly, “Oppa is so cool!”

This was the beginning.


Starting with the Sexy Schoolgirl’s cry, all the NPCs and users in Reinhardt started shouting.


The mouths of the king and nobles on the walls looked like a goldfish’s mouth. Earl Steim’s power soared into the sky today. On the other hand, Grid was grumbling. "These damn golems don’t give items to the end. They also give less experience.”

Lauel clicked his tongue from his spot on the ground.

“Aren’t these golems quest monsters? Every time you hunt, you can earn 300 gold and 100 kingdom contribution. Isn’t this enough?”

Grid tsked. "Why can’t I be greedy? Isn’t it natural to wish for more?”

Lauel was amazed by his words.

‘It’s the first time I’ve seen someone like this.’

Indeed, there seemed to be no end to Grid’s greed. While they were caught off guard,

Kikik. Kik.

A strange sound was heard from the body of the ancient weapon.


The seven golden blades moved before Grid could react. The moment that the golden blades gathered together to protect Grid.


A powerful explosion occurred around the body of the ancient weapon.

[You have suffered 591,140 damage.]

[A legend doesn’t die easily. You can resist all attacks for 5 seconds with a minimum of health.]


Grid was swept away by the blast and crashed into the ground. The astonished Huroi, Lauel and Euphemina ran towards him. Ruby and Sexy Schoolgirl were pale and stuck in their place like a stone statue.

At the same time. In the golem labyrinths scattered all over the continent, Braham’s murmur rang out.

[My golems will grow as they fight and will eventually destroy Grid. I will teach you a lesson. Then... Huh?]

The 28 scattered pieces of Braham’s soul became agitated.

[What power is this?]

As Braham was feeling confused, a notification window appeared in front of all users connected to Satisfy.

[The Saintess, an existence with superior wisdom and virtue, has emerged.]

[The Saintess will be an example for the people and will benefit the whole world.]



Grid was surprised. It wasn’t because of the notification window in front of him, but because the status of the party window had changed.

Name: Ruby

Level: 1

Class: Saintess

"Don’t hurt my brother!”

Sehee rarely showed her true feelings. Her warm touched started to heal Grid’s ragged body.

[20% of your total health has been restored.]

"... Percentage heal?”

The strongest healer in Satisfy appeared.

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