Chapter 192

Chapter 192

‘The more I look, the more impressive it is.’

He had to admit it.

Mumud’s Orb was truly qualified to be called the best. In addition to being able to possess magic, it had a number of functions that were different from ordinary orbs, such as increasing the casting speed of magic and reducing skill cooldown time.

However, the magic damage was somewhat plain. Of course, it was excellent compared to other orbs, but lacking compared to the other features. Why was this?

Grid pondered. Then he realized.

'Balance. Magic damage was intentionally suppressed to maintain balance. If the basic performance is good along with the additional options, it will inevitably lead to higher usage conditions.’

It was a great study for Grid.

‘When I create new items in the future, I have to pay attention to the balance.’

The first item that Grid created, Failure, only specialized in aggression. Indeed, it showed tremendous attack power. If he was to exclude the weapons possessed by Rebecca’s Daughters, he could positively assert that Failure was currently the strongest weapon.

But in return, Failure had ridiculously high usage conditions. It required Advanced Sword Mastery level 8 and more than 5,000 strength. It was estimated that users with more than 5,000 strength wouldn’t appear for at least two years, so Failure was nothing but a special item for Grid until then.

Failure was a failure for a reason.

‘If I designed it to be more versatile like Mumud’s Orb by lowering the attack power...’

The usage conditions would’ve been lowered and it would be more usable.

‘Then by now, I would be sitting in money.’

It was the moment he learned how to create the best items with the right level of performance. Grid was enlightened and felt a huge sense of accomplishment. He was filled with joy.

‘I can see a way to improve the Mass-produced One-handed Sword. Okay. Then let’s get started.’

Grid smiled and started to observe the materials needed to make Mumud’s Orb. The abyss mithril, Frost Queen’s Breath and Water Clan King’s Tears were unfamiliar items. He was deeply interested. However...


Grid’s expression twisted after he checked the details of the items. It was unbelievable that he had been smiling with joy just a moment ago.

[Frost Queen’s Breath]

The extremely low temperature climate of Heraris caused the Frost Queen’s breath to crystallize. This crystal will never melt and has the effect of amplifying magic power.

Weight: 0.1

[Abyss Mithril]

Deep in the ocean.

A rare mineral that is only found near the Siren Kingdom.

Its harmony with magic power is three times better than normal mithril.

Weight: 15

[Water Clan King’s Tears]

The Siren King sheds tears every five months, longing for his daughter who left the world before him.

These tears have the mysterious function of imbuing items with magic.

Weight: 0.1

Grid was happy at first. It was because he easily figured out how to create magic possession items.

‘The secret is the tears of the Water Clan. If I design an item with this as the material, I can create magic items that possess spells.’

What if S-grade magic was attached to weapons and armor? He would become incomparably stronger.

‘If my armor has Counter Barrier and my weapon has Meteor, I can be a 100 man... no, a 1,000 man army?

Maybe it would be enough to fight with the great demon Hell Gao.

‘Then what about the pavranium?’

What if magic possession items were made out of pavranium? The golden discs that could drop Meteor from the sky. Golden blades that fired all types of spells while flying. Golden boomerangs that could create a sea of fire. Golden needles that could emit lightning. Golden items with all types of magic attached to them would reign hell down on his opponents.

From then on, a true overgeared person would be born.

‘I am a genius.’

He thought about the good idea for a while. The momentum lasted. 

But then his face distorted. There was one part that disturbed him from the beginning. How was Euphemina able to obtain the abyss mithril and Water Clan King’s Tears?

‘The first discoverer of the Siren Kingdom. It was Euphemina.’

How much did she gain as the first discoverer of the Siren Kingdom? The amount of money would be huge. When considering the quests and titles, he was sure that she would’ve benefited beyond imagination.

Shake shake.


How did Grid feel about it? His stomach started cramping. He was conflicted.

‘I want to return the favor by making a unique rated orb, but...’

Thanks to Euphemina, he was able to acquire a precious production method and learned how to make magic possession items. He was so grateful that he wanted to do something for her. He might seem simple, but now he felt a huge affinity with Euphemina. He didn’t feel reluctant to see her anymore.

‘But Euphemina has more luck than a lottery winner. Wouldn’t it be nice to let her experience some trials?’

He was blinded by jealousy. He might’ve matured compared to the past, but human nature didn’t change easily. After all, Grid was still active as keyboard warrior. In the end, he eventually started with the intention of shoddily making an orb.

He poured the abyss mithril into the furnace and worked the bellows. It was silent. But then, “Sigh. I can’t do this.”

This rottenness wouldn’t help him in the long run. Grid controlled his heart. Then he took a serious posture. He smelted the abyss mithril to the best of his ability.

Ttang! Ttang!

He started to make the ornaments and handle part of the orb.


The work had to be careful in order to properly express the old-fashioned design and make it a perfect fit. The extremely focused Grid handled the Legendary Blacksmith’s Hammer very delicately.

Three hours later.

Grid finally completed the handle and started smelting the magic stones. Then according to the process described in the production method, he mixed the Frost Queen’s Breath with the Water Clan King’s Tears.


The finished crystal glistened with a blue color. As the name suggested, this was a transparent crystal. But it was as hard as steel. The magic stones, Frost Queen’s Breath and Water Clan King’s Tears combined into one and were reborn as a whole new mineral. Just as Pagma and Braham created the mineral called pavranium, Milepeu created this blue crystal mineral.

'Milepeu... he was an amazing person. Then Euphemina will take this special mineral as well as being the Siren Kingdom’s first discoverer?’

Grid couldn’t help feeling jealous of Euphemina again. Naturally, his hands became dull.

Kaaang! Kaaang!

The crystal that was supposed to have a smooth bead shape became distorted.


Grid looked at the shabby appearance caused by his jealousy and controlled his heart.

‘Wake up.’

Grid focused. He tried to get rid of his malice. He did his best to deal with the delicate modifications.

Ttang! Ttang!

The crystal ball became increasingly beautiful and sleek. He had a hunch that at least an epic rated orb would be produced. Grid’s stomach cramps appeared again at this thought.


Why did he have to give the best gift to Euphemina, who was already the first discoverer of the Siren Kingdom? Was it fair for one person to have such a monopoly on good luck?

'Dammit! I should make it rare rated.'

Kaaang! Kaaang!

Grid’s hammering once again became sloppy.

But then,

‘...This isn’t it. Euphemina gave me a big present...’

Ttang! Ttang!

He worked delicately.

‘Ohh! First she has the fraudulent class of Duplicator, now she found the Siren Kingdom...’

Kaaang! Kaaang!

More shoddy work.

Ttang! Ttang!

Then he did his best.

Kaaang! Kaaang!

Shoddy work. He didn’t know how many times this repeated. Due to this uncontrollable behavior, Grid was like a madman.

“Hah... what am I doing now?”

Before he knew it, a whole night passed. The crystal ball was finished perfectly when seen from the outside.


Despite the unfaithful attitude of the maker, a blue crystal ball with a beautiful shape attached to blue silver handles could be seen.


He didn’t know how many times he sighed during this work. It must’ve been at least 100 times. Yet he didn’t stop working. Grid’s heart didn’t wander anymore as he finished the job. And along the way.

[The Legendary Blacksmith’s Patience skill has been activated. Concentration, stamina and defense will rise to the extremes for one hour.]

[The Legendary Blacksmith’s Breath has increased the effectiveness of your production items]


He didn’t know whether to be happy or sad at the notification windows that flashed in succession. This was the result.

[Indecisive Mumud’s Orb]

Durability: 311/311   Magic Damage: +34%

Magic Casting Speed: +23%

Number of spells that can be stored: 4

* You can permanently store one spell at or below the S-grade.

* 15% reduction in skill cooldown time.

* There is a certain chance that magic damage will decrease by 50%.

* There is a certain chance that magic damage will increase by 100%.

* When using the possessed magic, there is a certain chance of the effect halving or doubling.

Among the items made by the great blacksmith ‘G,’ this is the third piece born with emotions. It has been affected by the indecisiveness of its creator. Due to the emotional ups and down, it might not work properly or perform better than expected.

The compatibility with its creator will differ depending on its mood on the day.

User Restriction: Level 280 or higher. More than 3,000 intelligence. Advanced Orb Mastery Level 5.

Weight: 150

[An legendary rated item was produced, so all stats have permanently risen by +10 and reputation throughout the continent has risen by +500.]

“...This, is it okay?”

Grid found it difficult to predict how Euphemina would react.

The Legendary Blacksmith’s Craftsmanship Skill Lv. 4 increased the basic abilities of the item by 18% and the Legendary Blacksmith’s Breath Lv. 3 increased it by 8%, so the basic performance of the orb rose sharply. However, he was uneasy because the power might be halved.

‘How did it turn out like this?’

Grid was worried about the finished orb, even if it had a legendary rating.

He didn’t know.

In the past, Euphemina acquired the title of ‘Competitor’ for winning the item production game and opened the good luck stat. After that, she was more likely to get a positive result when it came to random effects.


Euphemina was completely thrilled by the orb. Her face brightened like the dawn and she even shed tears. The reaction was natural. The orb Grid produced far exceeded her expectations. Moreover, the random option made it seem like an exclusive item just for her.

“Thank you...”

Euphemina was truly impressed. It was even greater than the joy she felt at discovering the Siren Kingdom.

“I'm really grateful. Encountering you was the best luck I ever had.”

The smiling Euphemina still looked pretty, despite her runny nose. This was the first time Grid truly saw her without any pretenses.

“What, why are you crying?”

Grid’s jealousy had already disappeared like melted snow. On this day. Grid achieved great growth as a blacksmith and overcame the ‘Believe in me’ jinx. And Euphemina became a slave to the power of items.

Huroi and Lauel really liked their new colleague.

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