Chapter 193

Chapter 193

It was around one year and eight months ago in reality. Satisfy’s service launched with the interest of the world.

Since that day, Euphemina had been playing Satisfy for more than 14 hours everyday, without taking a single day off. 19 years old, 20 years old, the precious time of her youth was spent in a game.

Some would say that her youth was wasted. These youthful days would never come back. They didn’t know. Euphemina didn’t have any regrets. Satisfy was a more joyful and precious world for her, who was always alone in her own home environment.

And today. In this precious world, it was the first time that Euphemina met an object of longing. That person was Grid.

‘He can produce legendary items...’

Euphemina had killed countless monsters and raided bosses, eventually reaching level 283. She cleared hundreds of quests. Nevertheless, the maximum rating of items she acquired was a unique rating.

Legendary items? She never even saw it. She thought legendary items were something that only existed in fantasies. Therefore, she never imagined that Grid would make a legendary rated orb. She just wanted Grid to make a unique rated orb.

However, Grid made a legendary rated orb. The result was truly amazing. To be honest, she couldn’t really believe it. It felt like a dream. It was like a halo was coming from Grid. She was blinded by him.

‘Grid, you are the god in my heart from this moment on.’

Euphemina was ecstatic.

Lauel whispered to her, “If you become Grid’s subordinate, you will be able to get more magnificent items like this orb.”


It was the temptation of the devil. It was impossible for her to refuse. Euphemina became Grid’s subordinate.


“You can use this room in the future. You will normally have freedom, and only have to follow Grid when there is a specific mission.”

"I understand."

“Then I will be going. Huroi and I have to accompany Grid to Bairan.”

Winston Castle.

Euphemina received a place to stay. It was a moderately large room. When she opened the window, she saw a beautiful garden and a wide sky. But most of all, it was close to Grid’s bedroom.


She couldn’t help laughing. She had been playing Satisfy for a long time, but it was the first time she felt excited to gain colleagues. She was happy because she could see the glorious Grid every day. She was very excited about the adventures she would experience with Grid.

"First of all, I need to permanently store a spell on my orb.”

Thanks to Grid making a legendary orb, she could give the orb an S-grade spell. Euphemina called up her skills list. The S-grade magic that she duplicated and stored were classified separately.

[Demon King’s Tail Lv. 2]

It can burn up to 16 people.

It will deal 2,509 fixed fire damage per second for up to 4 seconds.

Skill Range: 10m radius

Skill Mana Cost: 3,200

Skill Cooldown Time: 15 minutes.

[Fluid Escape Lv. 1]

The soul and body of the caster will be separated for 3 seconds.

The caster can control the soul that emerged from the body, while the body will be immune to all damage.

The soul can deal 1,030 + (half of the caster’s current magic power) damage to all targets in the way.

As soon as the soul returns to the body, a shockwave will be generated, pushing all nearby enemies back.

Skill Mana consumption: 65% of your current mana.

Skill Cooldown Time: 1 hour.

[Storm Gravity Field Lv. 1]

Installs a gravity field 5m in diameter at the specified location. It will take 1.2 seconds to install and all objects trapped in the gravity field will be suppressed for 2 seconds. After that, the raging storm will deal 8,600~15,900 damage.

Skill Range: 20m radius

Skill Mana Cost: 2,500

Skill Cooldown Time: 18 minutes.

[Carshian’s Fury Lv. 2]

Shields the caster with a fire shield.

The shield absorbs a total of 15,000 damage and will return half of the absorbed damage back to the opponent.

Physical defense and magic resistance will increase by 20%, and fire resistance by 99% while the shield is active.

Skill Mana Cost: 3,000

Skill Cooldown Time: 20 minutes.

In order to acquire S-grade magic, a user had to be at least level 280 and meet other difficult conditions. In the first place, S-grade spellbooks were rare. Looking at the users and NPCs, there were only a few who had acquired S-grade magic.

Therefore, Euphemina couldn’t duplicate a lot of S-grade magic. Her choices were narrow. Nevertheless, she wasn’t disappointed. The reason was simple. It was because of Fluid Escape, a fraudulent magic that had the most usefulness among her S-grade spells. It was a rare spell that dealt damage proportional to magic power and made the body invincible.

Learning this spell was the standards of a great magician. In the past, Euphemina followed Earl Ashur for a month before barely managing to duplicate it. She cherished it so much that she didn’t even use it when her life was in danger, so she permanently stored it in the orb without hesitation.

[Do you want to attribute the spell ‘Fluid Escape’ to the Indecisive Mumud’s Orb?]


[The spell can’t be released when attached to an item. Do you still want to progress?]


The blue orb shone brightly.

[The skill ‘Fluid Escape’ has been removed from the Duplicator’s skills list.]

[’Fluid Escape’ now belongs to the Indecisive Mumud’s Orb.]


Euphemina’s small body shook as she confirmed the result. It was due to the thrill she felt. Her cheeks flushed and she stroked the orb with a joyful expression.

"Beautiful. This is too good.”

At this moment, she finally realized that she was the owner of such a great item. She tried to equip the orb in order to fully realize it.

[You have equipped the Indecisive Mumud’s Orb.]

The normal notification window appeared.

[Your position has been revealed to someone. You won’t be able to escape from the eyes of surveillance.]


Then an unknown notification window popped up.

"What does that mean?” Euphemina was stunned as she blinked her large eyes. Then she nodded as if she understood. "My position is being delivered to Grid.”

The orb’s maker was Grid, so it made sense to think so. It was a legendary item. It wouldn’t be strange to have specific features built into it, so she didn’t think about it any longer. She rushed in front of the mirror and admired the beautiful sight of her holding the blue orb.

But what was the truth? The eyes of surveillance on her wasn’t from Grid. At the same time, in one of the 27 golem labyrinths throughout the continent.

[I finally found it.]

The voice off the great magician Braham rang out through the labyrinth. He issued a command to thousands of golems.

[Show the fool who dared to ignore the great me.]

Kuuong! Kuuong!

All types of powerful golems moved in unison. They were slowly but surely heading to the same destination. Soon after, this spectacular scene was captured by users across the world and would once again bring a big wave to Satisfy.



Bairan Castle.

Grid visited with some shocking words. The Tzedakah Guild gathered in the meeting room didn’t welcome it.

"Are you serious about withdrawing from the guild?” Toban asked again and Grid nodded.


“Why all of a sudden?” The one who asked was Overgeared No. 2, Ibellin. He was looking at Lauel. “What did that guy say to mislead Grid?”

As one of the 10 Rookies, Ibellin had a fierce rivalry with Lauel. So he growled every time they met, but Lauel never gave him a second thought. But this time was an exception. Lauel replied to Ibellin.

"Ibellin. Are you saying that Grid is an idiot who would be swayed by my words?”


Huroi’s eyes narrowed from where he was silently standing behind Grid. Ibellin was baffled.

“W-What...? What did you leap to that conclusion? That isn’t what I meant!”


Jishuka finally came forward. Her folded arms highlighted her big chest as she stared intently at Grid.

"Why do you want to leave?”

“I want to become a lord.” Grid answered simply.

Jishuka asked him again, “Why?”

"You're asking why?” Grid made the shape of a coin with his fingers and spoke bluntly. “Because of money.”

Now they understood everything. Certainly, the amount of taxes collected from Bairan after being promoted to a city was so big that it couldn’t be ignored. It was natural to feel greedy. Especially for Grid, who was only playing the game for money.

“Can’t you be a lord even if you belong to the guild?”

Jishuka didn’t want Grid to leave. Putting aside her personal feelings, she didn’t want to lose one of the factors that made the guild strong.


Grid tried to explain but it wasn’t easy.

Then Lauel came out.

“In order to become a lord, a certain position is required. It isn’t enough to be a viscount. Grid is only a member of the guild, but he also has a lot of subordinates. Therefore, he can’t be left as a guild member of the Tzedakah Guild.

Grid nodded.

"That’s what I was trying to say.”


The eyes of the Tzedakah Guild members were cold as they looked at Laeul. They didn’t like that he was encouraging Grid to cut ties with his close companions. Based on this situation, Lauel seemed to be trying to separate them from Grid.

Only Faker was watching Lauel with a happy expression.

'Indeed... he fills everything that Grid is lacking.’

It was really great. The other guild members were jealous of being deprived of Grid and didn’t recognize him. But Faker knew that someday the guild members would recognize Lauel.

Jishuka explained, "Grid, if it is just money then, I will give you the taxes from Bairan. So why don’t we stay like this?”

The taxes from Bairan were shared fairly between the guild members. Now she would ignore the other guild members and give the taxes to Grid. It was a truly shocking offer. The other members expressed no dissatisfaction, despite Jishuka deciding it on her own. It was because Grid was worth more. They already made a lot of money due to betting on Grid in the National Competition.

On the other hand, Lauel wanted to curse. He thought that Grid would accept Jishuka’s proposal. But Grid’s response was surprising.

“I don’t want to.”


Didn’t Grid want money? Hadn’t he suffered from hair loss due to the money problems recently? Then why did he so easily refuse? It was so surprising that even Huroi and Lauel shook. Everyone was confused by Grid’s shocking remark.

"I can’t be satisfied with just the taxes of one city.”


Bairan achieved an incredible growth after the National Competition and was now called the third largest city in the north. Yet this city wasn’t enough for him?

"Grid, perhaps you...”

Grid was looking higher. Jishuka’s eyes widened as she realized this fact, while Grid declared.

"The minimum of what I want is a territory the size of Winston. That is the starting point."

Huroi and Lauel asked him to be king. He would grasp it first before the two billion users of Satisfy. He couldn’t resist. Why? It was a chance to become the richest man on Earth.

"Jishuka, take the kids and come under me.”

“Huh...!” Jishuka burst out. He wanted to swallow the elites who were in the top 100 of the unified rankings at all once? "A complete thief.”

There was no saying more accurate than that.

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