Chapter 191

Chapter 191

[Mumud’s Orb]

Rating: Rare ~ Legendary

Rare Rating Information:

Durability: 149/149   Magic Damage: +13%

Magic Casting Speed: +5%

Number of spells that can be stored: 3

* You can permanently store one spell at or below B-grade.

Epic Rating Information:

Durability: 175/175   Magic Damage: +16%

Magic Casting Speed: +8%

Number of spells that can be stored: 3

* You can permanently store one spell at or below B-grade.

Unique Rating Information:

Durability: 200/200   Magic Damage: +20%

Magic Casting Speed: +12%

Number of spells that can be stored: 4

* You can permanently store one spell at or below A-grade.

* 10% reduction in skill cooldown time.

Legendary Rating Information:

Durability: 247/247   Magic Damage: +27%

Magic Casting Speed: +18%

Number of spells that can be stored: 4

* You can permanently store one spell at or below S-grade.

* 15% reduction in skill cooldown time.

A orb designed by the dwarven craftsman Milepeu, who taught Pagma before he became a legend.

The crystal ball made by combining the abyss mithril, Frost Queen’s Breath and Water Clan King’s Tears allows it to contain enormous power and special functions.

User Restriction: Level 280 or higher. More than 3,000 intelligence. Advanced Orb Mastery Level 5.

Weight: 150

Grid was astounded as he checked the orb’s information.

‘A magic possession item?’

The concept of storing and possession was different. Stored magic was consumed once it was used, while possessed magic became the unique function of the item and could be used permanently. It was reminiscent of the Fly magic that belonged to Braham’s Boots and allowed non-magicians to fly.

The efficiency of magic possession items were excellent. Depending on what magic the item possessed, the use could become very different. Indeed, millions of people wanted magic possession items. They wanted a magic possession item for themselves.

But they were rare treasures that couldn’t be bought even with money. Even some of the earliest users who had been playing Satisfy since it opened couldn’t see a magic possession item. There was only a rare chance of acquiring them through monster hunting, boss raids and quest rewards. In the past, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that Vantner would’ve paid everything he had to buy Braham’s Boots off Grid.

‘It’s an area that blacksmiths can’t produce.’

Grid was a legendary blacksmith, but he didn’t know how to make magic possession items. His (Witness of God’s Weapon) Legendary Blacksmith’s Craftsmanship Skill was level 5, but the knowledge about how to make magic possession items was blank.

Based on this, Grid assumed that Pagma didn’t know how to make magic possession items. But now he learned how to make Mumud’s Orb. Grid became the first and only person in the world of two billion users to create a magic possession item.

‘If I study Mumud’s Orb, I might be able to figure out how to make magic possession items.’

The dwarven craftsman Milepeu, who taught Pagma. Grid also got a chance to receive his teachings through this work.


Grid held the Legendary Blacksmith’s Hammer with all his strength.

Dugun dugun.

His heart beat wildly.


A smile appeared on his face. There was a sense of excitement. He was filled with joy.

'Through this production...’

He would grow. He could go beyond Pagma in this specific area. In return for this opportunity to grow, he would bless Euphemina by producing a unique rated orb for her. Grid confirmed the list of materials needed for the production and reached out to Euphemina.

Then Euphemina handed him the materials.

[5 abyss mithril have been acquired.]

[One Frost Queen’s Breath has been acquired.]

[One Water Clan King’s Tears has been acquired.]

[22 deluxe magic stones have been acquired.]

“I’m asking you.”

These were the precious materials that she barely collected after investing half a year and going through all types of incidents. The mithril abyss, Frost Queen’s Breath and Water Clan King’s Tears were impossible to determine the value, while the magic stones were worth 4,000 gold each.

What if the orb was created using these materials and an epic or lower rating emerged? She wouldn’t be able to hide her disappointment. Euphemina was eager to avoid such a thing, while Grid gladly nodded.

"Believe in me.”

At that moment.

‘This is serious.’ Lauel had been remaining silent to not interfere with the two people, but his complexion quickly deteriorated. He had been with Grid for a while, so he was well aware that when Grid told people to believe in him, the worst result would emerge.

“Okay. I’ll believe in you.”

Euphemina was delighted without knowing anything.

Lauel smiled awkwardly at her. "Let’s leave Grid alone so that he can concentrate.”


She smiled. Euphemina felt better thanks to Grid and beamed brightly. Lauel made a sad expression and left the smithy. Lauel gritted his teeth.

‘A unique orb has gone away.’

It was the worst. Lauel wanted to make Euphemina join Grid. If Grid was to produce a unique or higher rated orb, it was likely that Euphemina would become Grid’s slave. However, the situation wasn’t right, so he couldn’t help feeling uneasy.

‘It would’ve been big if she became our colleague...’

Some people might calmly enjoy Satisfy in their own way. Those who suffered from disabilities in reality could enjoy a normal day, places more beautiful than Earth could be seen, or they could enjoy foods that didn’t exist in reality.

However, Satisfy had the system of level up and a gap between the rich and the poor. In the end, a competitive society was inevitable. Due to that, only a few users played Satisfy like a regular online game.

They frantically levelled up and competed against each other. They tried to build power, wealth, and reputation, so they could someday become nobles and kings. Satisfy’s vast territory, currently owned by NPC nobles and royalty, would gradually fall into the hands of users.

It was a natural flow and Lauel hoped to piggyback on Grid along that flow. He dreamed that the person he followed would become a king. In order to do that, he needed a lot of human resources such as Euphemina. Thus, Lauel was very disappointed at missing this chance.

On the other hand, Huroi was belatedly thanking Euphemina. "I really appreciate it. In the past and this time, you saved my life.”

Euphemina explained, "It was Grid, not me, who helped you in the past. I just helped Grid to clear my own quest. So don’t think about the past. This time... it’s too hard to pretend that I didn’t see it, so it isn’t something to be thankful for.”

Euphemina was the type of person to deceive others to accomplish her goals. But she wasn’t heartless towards those she knew. This was her weakness and strength. Euphemina blushed as she replied to Huroi’s thanks.

Huroi quietly smiled as he watched her. Thanks to her, his life was saved from Kasim and he avoided losing any experience. He was going to repay the favor someday. As such, Euphemina built up a positive impression with Grid and Huroi.

However, Euphemina wasn’t aware of this fact. Grid got a precious production method for free, while Huroi could keep his experience. But her only interest was on the result of the orb.

Puruk! Puruk!

A sound was heard from inside the smithy. Euphemina peeked at Grid through a small window. His sweating appearance in front of the blast furnace was very attractive.

‘He has changed.’

The Grid in Euphemina’s memories was very different. His appearance was less than ordinary. Now Grid had a good appearance. She liked the high nose and moderately protruding forehead, and his eyes without double eyelids emanated the mysterious charm of Asians. It was difficult to call him a handsome person. However, he had a look that would appeal to quite a few people.

‘He doesn’t appear to have had plastic surgery... Anyway, the difference is his hairstyle and facial expression. His physique has also improved.’

Previously, Grid’s hair covered his good forehead and nose. It was just messy. In addition, his expression was always full of discontent and he kept complaining. She couldn’t feel any attractiveness from a man who had no muscles. His slumped shoulders and bent over back were especially jarring. But now his hairstyle was neat, his physique improved, his expressions and gestures showed confidence, making his overall impression completely different than before.

‘It is a miraculous change.’

It felt good. She thought seriously about whether someday she could also make a more positive change. It was the moment when Grid’s existence became big in the journey of her maturing process.

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