Chapter 190

Chapter 190

One and a half years ago in Satisfy time. It was a story when Grid was still level 21 after becoming Pagma’s Descendant.

‘How about an item production game over the smithy?’

The Mero Company was exploiting the residents of Winston, when Rabbit came to Khan and made a suggestion. From Khan’s point of view, accepting the offer and winning the game was the only way to keep the smithy.

But Khan was an alcoholic and not in a position to play. He couldn’t fully demonstrate his abilities as a blacksmith. So Khan asked Grid to participate in the game for him. Grid was blinded by the compensation and readily accepted.

He competed with Euphemina, who was hired by the Mero Company, to make an item. The result was Grid’s loss. Grid would’ve won if the contest was normal, but due to the tyranny of the Mero Company, he was arrested during the contest and locked in prison.

The situation was desperate. Grid was unlucky enough to fail the quest and was fuming in prison. He was completely out of his mind, screaming that the game gods had cursed him. But then an unexpected savior appeared.

It was Euphemina. Thanks to her help, Grid was able to regain the Ideal Dagger, rescue Huroi, and gain the title ‘Apostle of Justice.’ Strictly speaking, Euphemina was Grid’s savior. But.

‘I’m not pleased at all.’

Grid was uncomfortable reuniting with Euphemina. He was reminded of old memories and positive sentiment was unwelcome. It wasn’t because he had bad feelings towards Euphemina. Grid was just scared.

‘If I can’t produce a unique rated orb... what will she do?’

Grid didn’t know about the disadvantages of the Duplicator class, and he thought Euphemina was the best OP. He was suspicious of anyone stronger than him. Euphemina wanted at least a unique rated orb in exchange for returning the Ideal Dagger.

What if he didn’t meet her expectations? Would she PK him if he completed a normal or rare rated orb?

Grid was really scared. He couldn’t afford to endure the bombardment of Euphemina’s best spells.

“It’s been a while.”

On the other hand, Euphemina was very glad to see Grid. In the past, Grid deliberately (?) acted foolish, but he actually had a legendary class. She was glad about the fact that the famous Pagma's Descendant would make her an item.

"I watched your great performance in the National Competition on TV. You were really cool.”

Euphemina greeted him with charming eyes, and boasted an outstanding beauty that attracted people’s attention. The onlookers made a fuss.

"Who’s that girl?”

"Seriously adorable. I want to put her in my pocket.”

“Damn Grid... He already has Yura and Jishuka, now there’s this girl. I’m seriously envious.”

"Beauties always follow the heroes. God Grid deserves to be king of the harem."

Euphemina had a short height of 150cm and a small figure. The innocent face was cute and stimulated a protective instinct. Some men were filled with desire towards her. But she didn’t suit Grid’s taste. Grid favoured a mature body more than Euphemina’s childish one. Therefore, Grid could be calm without being swayed by Euphemina.

“There are many eyes watching. Let’s talk after moving.”

'That attitude is still present.’

Grid was like this the last time they met. He was indifferent to her beauty. No matter how lovely her eyes, he never noticed it. She even suspected if he was gay or impotent. But he got into a scandal with Yura and Jishuka during the National Competition.

Euphemina’s pride was hurt.

‘Are Yura and Jishuka better than me?’

She ran after Grid’s party with puffed up cheeks and they soon arrived at Winston Castle.


The soldiers saluted Grid and hurriedly opened the gates.

"You worked hard.”

Grid naturally greeted the soldiers and entered. Euphemina admired him. "You seem to have become a noble?”

As the overall level of users increased in rec ent years, quite a few rankers had become nobles. Experts speculated that there were at least 15 rankers who were awarded the title of a baron. Euphemina also wanted to become a baron. As expected, a legendary class was truly great.

Then the boy with the ID of Lauel said unexpectedly. "He is a viscount. In addition, he is the husband of Lady Winston.”


Euphemina was stunned. He wasn’t a baron, but a viscount? He was at the same level as masters of large guilds like Zibal and Chris?

‘And Lady Winston...’

Irene. She was the only successor of Earl Steim, one of the supreme powers in the Eternal Kingdom. Her marriage was significant enough to cause an uproar in the world. But her undisclosed marriage partner was a user, not a noble NPC?

‘It was Grid...’

He couldn’t get married to a noble just because he had a legendary class. The relationship between Grid and Irene was obviously deeper than anyone imagined. That type of bond couldn’t be gained by accident.  Euphemina misunderstood that Grid intentionally approached Irene to marry her.

‘Marrying a female NPC, he is playing a completely different game from others.

It was like the dating simulation games that girls liked to play.

‘Amazing.’ Euphemina’s eyes shone brightly like lanterns as she watched Grid. ‘The first legendary class person transcends common sense.’

Grid was the first person whose skills couldn’t be duplicated by Euphemina. Therefore, she tended to overestimate Grid. During the National Competition, people ignored Grid for his lacking control. But she thought differently.

‘There is no need for control, as he can just roughly use his skills.’

She was proven right by Grid’s overwhelming actions in PvP. It might be a fate that started badly, but Euphemina was proud that she knew Grid. But Grid didn’t know her inner thoughts. He had no interest.

"Did you obtain all the materials needed to make the orb?”

Winston Castle’s smithy.

Grid asked in a blunt voice as he lit the furnace. Euphemina felt unhappy at his continued apathetic attitude and responded with a sullen face.

"Of course. It took me a year to get the orb production method and then six months to obtain all the ingredients listed. My preparation is perfect.”

‘One year? Half a year?’

Was she crazy? Investing a year and a half just to make a single item? Grid thought Euphemina was a fool. But in reality, Euphemina was extremely normal.

Users played the game with specific goals. The characteristic of heavy game users was doing their best to achieve that goal, no matter how long it took, while light game users gave up when it became difficult.

Euphemina was a level 283 private ranker, so of course she was a heavy user. She didn’t think it was strange to invest a year and a half to obtaining the best orb. It was just the way she enjoyed the game.

In the past, Grid was also like her. Grid was someone who discovered Pagma’s Rare Book after a few months of hard work without giving up. But Grid had changed. He forgot how to enjoy playing the game because he considered it as a means of making money. It was impossible for the current Grid to understand Euphemina.

'She truly is scary.’

He couldn’t upset her. He didn’t want to imagine what type of terrible things would happen if he broke Euphemina’s year and a half of hard work.

'It must be at least a unique rating.’

Grid pledged. He prayed to the gods.

'God, Buddha, Goddess Rebecca, God Judar, God Dominion, please protect my experience.’

Grid might not be religious, but he didn’t reject the existence of a god. He sincerely prayed to the popular gods in reality and Satisfy. He begged them to help him make a unique rated orb. After a short prayer.

“Let’s begin.”

Grid braced his heart and cut to the chase.


"I’m asking you, the legendary blacksmith.”

Euphemina handed Grid the production method that she took a year to obtain.

[’Mumud’s Orb Production Method’ has been acquired.]


The name of the most powerful orb was truly terrible. He was disappointed.

‘It’s like Dainsleif.’

Grid had no idea who Mumud was. So he was surprised when he opened the production method.


[Mumud’s Orb Production Method]

Learning Conditions:

Mastered the Blacksmith’s Craftsmanship skill.

Or have Dwarven Blacksmith’s Craftmanship skill level 5 or higher.

* Mumud’s Orb

An orb designed by the dwarven craftsman Milepeu, who taught Pagma before he became a legend. It was widely known as Mumud’s Orb because Braham’s disciple, Mumud, loved this orb all of his life.

It needed the blacksmith craftsmanship skill to be mastered? The learning conditions were unusually high. It was the highest level among all the production methods that Grid had acquired so far. Even Albatino, who was called the greatest blacksmith before Pagma’s appearance, wouldn’t be able to make this orb.

In other words.

‘This orb, it’s an item of a higher rank than Dainsleif.’

This was a precious production method he got for free, without having to pay for it. Euphemina hadn’t wasted the year and half that she invested in this. Grid thanked Euphemina. He felt appreciation towards her for the first time.



Euphemina was surprised when Grid called her name for the first time. Grid promised her, "I will do my best."


The reunion after one and a half years. Grid never paid attention to Euphemina even once. But his attitude changed at this moment. He gazed at her with calm eyes. His facial expression made him look like an entirely different man.

Euphemina felt confident in him and smiled brightly.

"Thank you."

A notification window appeared in front of Grid.

[’Mumud’s Orb Production Method’ has been acquired.]


This was a rare opportunity to create the best item. As a blacksmith, Grid was very motivated.

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