Chapter 186

Chapter 186

『 There are many users who are exploring the path to hell in order to obtain a memphis, commonly referred to as ‘Noe.’ There was a theory that the entrance to hell is somewhere in the Astra Mountains, but that turned out to be false. ‘User robbers’ in the Astra Mountains are believed to have spread the information in order to attract people, so please be careful. 』

『 I’ve just received breaking news. It’s said that a map of the legendary ‘Siren Kingdom’ is being circulated. Countless users are now heading to the Siren Kingdom. Who was the first person to find the Siren Kingdom? There are all types of speculation among the experts... 』

Youngwoo listened to Satisfy related news while driving. It wasn’t out of interest, but obligation. He was now well aware that information was power.

“The first discoverer of the Siren Kingdom... They would get titles, money and reputation. It’s huge.”

He didn’t know who it was, but he was envious. His stomach started hurting.

‘...Mind control. Mind control.’

Youngwoo was worried that his hair loss would start again, so he tried to stay calm until he arrived at his destination.


Youngwoo parked 23 and got down. Just two weeks ago, the front of Youngwoo’s house was crowded with people, but not anymore. The people of the neighborhood strictly controlled the access of outsiders, so Youngwoo’s family was able to regain their normal lives. 

“I’m home.”


Youngwoo’s mother looked 10 years younger. She had been suffering because of her son over the past few years, but now she was always happy because her son was the hero of South Korea. She could see the greatness of her son. She was welcomed everywhere she went, just because she was Youngwoo’s mother.

"Was the filming completed well? Wash your hands first. Then come eat. I roasted some croaker."


In the past, Youngwoo hadn’t been motivated by anything. Even eating or washing up was troublesome. But now he was completely different. His motivation was revived. He even jogged in the morning with Sehee.

“Oppa, did you only sleep four hours yesterday?” Sehee came out from where she was studying in her room and asked. She didn’t show it, but recently she was very worried about her brother. She was afraid he might collapse from overwork. There was also the tax bombs.

Youngwoo replied while eating rice. “I will be able to sleep more from today onwards. For the time being, I will refrain from broadcasting activities. So let’s jog every morning, starting from tomorrow.”

“I thought that you didn’t want to exercise?”

“I have to do it. I need to take care of my health.”

“It’s the right idea. Health is more important than money.” Those were his father’s words. He was always strict because he wanted his son to grow up as quickly as possible, and now he treated his son with sincerity.

“Youngwoo, you have already succeeded. You have acquired tremendous wealth and honor at a young age. You’ve also paid off my debt. That alone is enough. Don’t ruin your health by being too greedy.

That’s right. It was enough. How many people built up 10 billion won assets at the age of 28, as well as acquired a worldwide reputation? The best athletes had hundreds of millions in their bank accounts in their 20’s, but Youngwoo’s father thought that wasn’t necessary. 

He thought that Youngwoo had the same thought. But Youngwoo was still lacking. Youngwoo was much greedier than his father thought.

‘It’s better to have more money, Father. Now we are eating yellow corvina as a side dish, but what about in the past?’

Up to last year.  Youngwoo never saw any beef in his house. There was a lot of radish soups and the meat was always pork. The taste wasn’t that good. The radish soup was too light, and the pork was too dry. Youngwoo misunderstood while eating the radish soup and pork.

‘The beef won’t taste that good in soup... Is there a rule that we shouldn’t have beef in our house?’

But what was the truth?

This year, he ate a lot of beef. The soup broth boiled with brisket was much sweeter and tastier, while the pork skewers made with good pork were soft and easy to chew. It went without saying that the beef short ribs melted in his mouth.

That’s right. There wasn’t a rule against beef. It was just that his family didn’t have money for beef. The difference between having money and no money was revealed from such a small thing.

‘I’m going to make more money, Father.’

Youngwoo’s father was a person who lived thinking that he should save, rather than earn a lot. Youngwoo didn’t say it aloud, but he was much greedier than his father. He already had a taste of money, so he didn’t want to lose it. He didn’t want to go back to the life where he didn’t have any money.

‘Yes... I will accept Huroi and Lauel’s opinions.’

Youngwoo felt aware of it after his father. He was looking at a higher place.

'Become a lord.’

Bairan Village, ruled by the Tzedakah Guild, was elevated to a city 10 days ago. People were attracted to Grid, Jishuka, Pon and Regas’ actions in the National Competition. And Bairan’s monthly taxes collected was a huge 500,000 gold. It was valued at approximately 600 million won.

It meant that developing one territory would earn him a huge amount of money every month. He couldn’t not feel greedy.

‘I will have an estate.’

In Satisfy, Youngwoo was the husband of a territory owner.

But being the husband and being the lord were distinctly different. As Irene’s husband, he might have some influence on the policies, but he wasn’t authorized to directly manage the taxes. Youngwoo wanted to own a territory himself.

After the meal ended.



“...Good night.”

Sehee wanted to say something, but in the end, she just went back to her room. She was acting strange.

“Good night~”

Youngwoo was so deep in thought that he couldn’t notice his sister’s strange behavior. He immediately entered the capsule.

“Then I will begin.”

The time finally came to log into Satisfy. But before that, there was something he had to do.

"First of all."


Youngwoo accessed the Internet and entered ‘Grid’s Fan Cafe.’ Then as one of the 1.36 million members, he started writing praise about Grid. He did this on a daily basis.

<Grid-nim looks so cool!>

The more I look, the more handsome he is. ^^ ~ There was a rumor that he was bald, but that is clearly groundless ^^ㅎㅎ


He wore a partial wig for a while before of his hair loss. There was some rumors saying that he looked strange on air or that he was bald. Youngwoo was satisfied with the post he wrote about himself and succeeded in joining Noe’s fan club.

Noe’s fan club had 500,000 more members than his.


A cat was more popular than him? His pride hurt every time he saw it. Youngwoo started writing slanderous words about Noe as usual.

<Noe is plain-looking ㅋ>

Noe will ruin Grid’s beauty when placed side-by-side. The cat is arrogant.

“Now I have released some of my frustration. Huhuhut...!”

Youngwoo was satisfied when looking at his malicious post. He finally logged into Satisfy.


"Dear husband~”

Winston Castle.

A woman with a small figure entered Grid’s arms as soon as he opened his eyes. Grid smiled at the familiar sight as soon as he logged in.

“Have you been waiting? Irene.”

Grid’s facial expression and tone differed depending on who the opponent was. Shin Youngwoo or Grid. He was a blacksmith or a swordsman. Grid had been living this four-fold life for a long time, so his acting ability naturally increased. No, maybe he had several personalities.

“Am I that good?” Grid asked Irene with gentle eyes.

"There is no one better than you in this world.”


"Dear husband...”

The two of them slept together just yesterday. This was already the 8th time. Grid was a ‘god’ in bed thanks to his high stamina and dexterity stat, so it was natural to be loved.

"Every day, I want every day to be like yesterday.”

“Haha...” Grid laughed awkwardly as Irene honestly expressed her desire. Then he asked, “Where are my knights?”

“I’m not sure. Everyone is busy today.”

Grid had a total of three knights. One was the NPC Jude, while the other two were Huroi and Lauel. The first dual class and the strongest of the Ten Rookies had pledged their loyalty to Grid. Due to the game system, he had to pay at least 500 gold monthly to each knight, but it was worth it.

The master/slave relationship was useful in many ways. For example.

“Summon Knights.”

[Which knight would you like to summon?]

"Huroi and Lauel.”

[The summoning command has been sent. The response is pending.]

[The targets have accepted the summons.] 

[The knights Huroi and Lauel have been summoned.]

Once the knights answered their master’s call, they would be summoned to his side, no matter how far away the two of them were. It was a skill so it couldn’t be used in some areas or when he had the silence debuff on him, but Grid was resistant to the silence debuff. It meant Grid could summon the knights at any time, so this system was very good to him.

"You came, Lord.”

Huroi was loyal to Grid and now he was completely immersed in genuinely serving Grid. He was like a character from a historical drama.

"You connected to the game late today.”

Lauel was no different from Huroi. He was faithful to his role. He didn’t use the exaggerated title of Lord, but he bowed after being summoned. Grid looked at his two subordinates for a while.

"Come, get up. Huhuhut... I am very glad to see your dependable appearances.”


Irene was embarrassed for some reason. She used the excuse that she was busy and left this place. This meant only three people remained in Grid’s office.

Lauel asked as soon as Irene left. "You could just whisper to us. Why did you use the summoning? Don’t you know that the skill has a cooldown time of 36 hours? What will happen if you can’t use it during a crucial moment?”

Grid was unique to Lauel, because he was the only one who could produce the items Lauel wanted. Grid spoke like it wasn’t a big deal.

"Well, what is the big deal?”


This was complete carelessness. It was hard to make Grid act carefully after he defeated big names in the National Competition. Sooner or later, his nose would be hurt by it.

‘That big nose, I will protect it.’

As Lauel was thinking about the weapon Grid would produce for him, Huroi asked Grid a question.

"Then you summoned us because...?”

Huroi had been in the process of completing a monster hunting sub-quest that took him three hours by drake to get there. He wanted to believe that Grid summoned him because it was urgent.

Then Grid opened his mouth.

“I’m going to become a lord.”


It was after the National Competition. One month passed in reality, while it was three months in Satisfy. During that time, Grid had created items for the Tzedakah and accumulated wealth and skill levels. Grid acted faithfully as the guild’s blacksmith. Grid was satisfied with this. He was overjoyed every time he got a new production method.

But Huroi and Lauel thought this was a waste of Grid’s power. It was unfortunate to see such a unique existence be satisfied with being the blacksmith of a small guild, without any larger goals.

The two of them tried to persuade Grid. Escape from the small cage called the Tzedakah Guild and expand into the wider world.

Grid worried over his decision for a few days.

“I will withdraw from the Tzedakah Guild. I will create my own unique force, based on your opinions.”

In the end, he decided. Thanks to this, Huroi and Lauel were ecstatic. They thought that the moment to show off their talents had arrived.

‘Lord will be the first user...’

'To become a king.’

The two men were thinking about the Snake Guild. With Grid’s power, couldn’t they dream about conquering the continent? It wasn’t Zibal, but Grid’s fate to become the first emperor. The two people didn’t doubt it.

Grid currently only had the simple goal of ‘becoming a lord,’ but Huroi and Lauel were dreaming of placing Grid on a higher mountain. In order to do that...

"After establishing your new guild, invite the Tzedakah Guild.”

Inevitably, a lot of talent was required. The Tzedakah Guild had the strongest rankers and were a force that must be absorbed.

Lauel explained, "The Tzedakah Guild is already addicted to the items you produce and won’t want to lose this. Some of them, including Jishuka, have a vested interest in you. They will surely join you. If you want, they will surely become your subordinates.”

Lauel was certain of it. He had only followed Grid for a month and within that month, he became someone that couldn’t live without Grid. He was a slave to items.

At the same time.

"It has been a long time.”

A blonde female was attracting attention as she entered Winston. The girl’s ID was Euphemina. She was the first epic class and the first discoverer of the Siren Kingdom.

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