Chapter 187

Chapter 187

"The time for revenge has come.”

The assassins Shay, Kerb and Sniffer. The three people tried to hunt Grid without knowing his identity, but it was frustrating that they lost their items. Their grudge against Grid was quite deep. They felt angry whenever they thought about the value of the dropped items.

“We must assassinate him and make him drop his items.”

The three people finally came to Winston after leaving Rolling. They were eyeing the enormous items that Grid used in the National Competition. In particular, they wanted the blue greatsword and golden blades. If the assassination was successful, they would be able to get a jackpot from his items.

‘Our stealth is now at level 6...’

'... If we can approach Grid, we can successfully assassinate him.’

Shay was ranked 3rd, Kerb ranked 7th, and Sniffer ranked 9th. Their rankings had risen compared to before. In addition, they had a third advancement assassin NPC on their side. After completing an S-grade quest for the Assassins Association, they could hire the best assassin for an expensive price.

They could assassinate Grid if they had the power of this assassin. At least, they thought so.


Class: Duplicator

* The target's skill can be perfectly replicated.

Title: A Qualified Hero

* You won’t get tired easily.

*Your stats will grow faster.

Title: Competitor

* Interacts with high luck.

* Skill ‘Rolling Dice’ can be used.

Title: Friend of the Water Clan.

* It is possible to breathe in water for a long time.

* Movement speed in water doesn’t decrease.

* Have a high affinity with the Water Clan.

Title: One who Receives Sunlight

* Health +2,000. Mana +2,000.

* Under sunlight, all skills will increase by 7%.

* Under sunlight, the power of fire skills will increase by 16%. 

[Skill Observation Lv.8 (51.3%)] 

You can observe the skill used by the target and analyze the information thoroughly.

The analysis of the skill can be saved for only 3 minutes.

Skill Mana Cost: 300

Skill Cooldown Time: None.

[Skill Duplication]

Successfully duplicate the observed skill.

The duplicated skill will be permanently stored in your skills list until it is used. It will be deleted when used once.

Skill Mana Cost: 1,050

Skill Cooldown Time: 8 hours.

[Rolling Dice]

Roll a dice and a phenomenon will occur, depending on the number that is rolled.

* If the target is yourself or an ally: There will be a beneficial effect if the number 4 or higher is rolled. There will be a harmful effect if the number rolled is 3 or lower.

* If the target is an enemy: There will be a beneficial effect if the number 3 or lower is rolled. There will be a harmful effect if the number rolled is 4 or higher.

Skill Mana Cost: 30

Skill Cooldown Time: 20 minutes.

The first epic hidden class, Euphemina. In other words, she was superior. If she invested a few days into duplicating dozens of skills, she could be called the strongest. She was the one who defeated the 1st ranked assassin, Faker.

“Once the lord changed, it really developed a lot.”

She entered Winston quietly. It had been already half a year in reality since she came to Winston to participate in the item production game with Grid. She felt refreshed.

‘It’s completely like heaven compared to when the villainous lord ruled.'

Winston was large half a year ago. The population was large and it was economically developed. Nevertheless, the faces of the NPC residents were always dark. The lord was selfish and always neglected the interests of the people.

But now the people’s faces were full of energy. There were many facilities to take care of them. The new ruler was certainly worthy.

‘By the way... Where is Khan’s smithy again?’

Euphemina was amazed as she saw the bustling streets and tried to remember the way. However, Winston had changed too much, so it wasn’t easy to find the way. She had to spend quite a lot of time looking for Khan’s smithy.

After a while.

"Show me a level 150 longsword.”

"Are these the only helmets?”

"Wow, this plate armor is amazing! How much?”

“Look at this greatsword... Amazing.”

“Eh?” Euphemina was surprised as she arrived at Khan’s smithy.

'Oh my god, why are there so many people?’

The smithy was bustling with guests. No, it wasn’t enough to call it bustling. The queue of customers was at least 100m long. This was the aftermath of the National Competition. After Grid revealed his identity in the National Competition, many people frequently visited Khan’s smithy.

They went looking for Khan’s smithy in the hope of purchasing items made by Grid, but they became fascinated by Khan’s items. It was natural. Khan’s blacksmithing skill rose by five levels thanks to Blacksmith’s Affection, and it was now advanced level 7.

A blacksmith of the same level didn’t exist on the entire continent. Therefore, word of mouth spread about the outstanding performance of his items and visitors from other countries also came.

"Uhh, there is no end to the procession of customers.”

Khan hired four workers, but the smithy was non stop busy. It was a lot of money to pass onto Grid, but his old age meant that he had limited stamina.

“Sigh... Huh?”

Khan was making items without stopping in order to catch up with orders, only to find a familiar girl among the customers. Color returned to his face.

“Ohh! Isn’t it Euphemina? It’s been a long time!”

Khan liked Euphemina a lot. She was the one who helped saved Grid, who had been locked in prison after the item production game.

“It has been a long time Khan. You look younger.”

“Hahaha! I stopped drinking thanks to Grid and was rejuvenated. You are more beautiful than before. Have you been well?”

Euphemina didn’t dislike it. “Uhh, don’t be ridiculous. Anyway, I have been travelling the continent in order to find the best orb production method.”

"Huhu, and did you find it?”

"Of course.”

Khan looked expectant as Euphemina pulled out an old scroll. Khan’s eyes widened with surprise.

"This is truly a great orb... Even the word ‘best’ is attached to it.”

It was a tremendous orb that he couldn’t produce with his skill. It was doubtful that even his grandfather could produce it, despite being a craftsman.

‘But if it’s Grid...’

“Isn’t it amazing? You’re truly a determined woman.”

Euphemina spoke to the admiring Khan. “Where is Grid? Is he in the middle of making items?”

Khan shook his head.

"Grid isn’t here. There will be an uproar if he showed up here. He already hasn’t been here for a few days.”

Euphemina laughed. “Right. Now that Grid is a huge celebrity, his actions will be limited. So where should I go to meet him?”


Khan didn’t answer right away. He was reluctant to reveal Grid’s whereabouts, even if the other person was Euphemina.

'In the first place, Grid doesn’t like Euphemina...’

Euphemina nodded with understanding.

“It’s difficult. Well, it can’t be helped if there’s a problem.”

Originally, Euphemina planned to visit Grid without contacting him beforehand. Now she was forced to send him a whisper in order to find his location.


Euphemina’s whisper reached Grid.

At that moment.


Winston Castle. Grid was discussing future policies with Huroi and Lauel when he suddenly shuddered.

Huroi cried out with fright. “My Lord! What is going on?”

Was there an assassin? Huroi was about to draw his sword.

"What it it?”

Lauel also panicked. He was quite surprised. Grid’s complexion was pale.  He was even sweating, so his condition wasn’t right. It was the first time Lauel saw Grid like this. The Grid he knew was always dignified and had no fear of the world.

But what was this situation? Grid was acting like a frightened rodent in front of the cat?

‘To make Grid shake to this extent... What on earth happened?’


Was a disaster coming? Lauel nervously gulped as Grid opened his mouth. "...Euphemina sent me a whisper. That girl, she is currently in Winston.”


It was an unfamiliar name to Lauel. On the other hand, Huroi was glad.

"Euphemina is here? Ohh, isn’t it a reunion after a long time?”

From Huroi’s perspective, Euphemina was another savior. In the past.  She rescued Grid in the prison, meaning Grid was able to save Huroi.

“Why did she come here now? I want to meet her... Um? Hum hum.” Huroi was excited about the idea of reuniting with Euphemina, when he suddenly fell silent. He stared at Grid. “Isn’t Euphemina good? Why don’t you accept her as your subordinate?”


Grid was reluctant to meet Euphemina. Huroi belatedly noticed this fact.

‘Is the relationship between My Lord and Euphemina not as favorable as I thought?’

Lauel asked, "Who is Euphemina?”

Grid gave a clear description.

“She is a terrible person.”

Duplicator. Euphemina was able to duplicate top-grade spells and instantly use them without casting. Grid didn’t know about the disadvantages so from his point of view, she was the most OP person.

“She has one of the three epic classes. I promised her that I would make her an item, but I’m worried about what she will do if I make an item below the unique rating.”


Agnus and Katz were the only ones known to have an epic class. The first epic class was completely hidden. No one knew their identity. But it turned out that Grid was acquainted with the first epic class. Lauel was filled with admiration.

'He is big.’ Lauel was very interested. ‘If Grid could bring an epic class to his side...'

Lauel’s eyes shone as Grid ordered Huroi.

“Go to Khan’s smithy. Then bring Euphemina to the castle.”


Huroi politely answered and left the castle.

Winston Street.

As Huroi moved alone, a group was secretly following him. It was Shay’s group.

“According to the information collected, that guy is Grid’s aide.”

"He is 900th on the unified rankings.”

"His class isn’t anything special either. An orator?”

"According to our source, he’s the embarrassing type of person who always bows down to Grid. Considering his class, he will be weaker than we think.”

“Kill him. Won’t Grid be angry if we kill that guy? I want to see him shaking.”

“Yes, let’s kill him.”

Shay’s party had fairly decent intelligence. They looked at Huroi and made fun of him.  

A deserted alleyway. Three assassins appeared behind Huroi, who was heading to Khan’s smithy. 

“...You are?” Huroi asked calmly and Sniffer smiled.

"We are the ones who will kill you.”

Shay remarked.

"The villains have appeared. I guess?”


This was the first time he appeared in public since Grid participated in the National Competition.

Huroi frowned. "Someone dares touch My Lord... Aren’t your mothers ashamed of giving birth to people like you?”


Why was he suddenly talking about their parents? What was this wicked guy? Then a notification window flashed in front of Shay.

[You have been overwhelmed by the spiteful tongue. Defense and attack power will decrease by 30%.]

In this gap, Huroi pulled out his sword. It was a one-handed sword that seemed to be a compact version of Dainsleif.

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