Chapter 184

Chapter 184

Johnson was a drake with the wind attribute. It had the advantage of faster movement speeds than other drakes. It was the most advantageous drake for a pet marathon.

Johnson’s master, Pesto, didn’t doubt Johnson’s victory in the pet marathon. He believed that his drake would arrive at the destination first and he would obtain the first gold medal for Italy.


‘Movement speed has dropped by half?’

He had lost his weapon so easily. Pesto looked at Grid’s pet like it was a ghost.

‘What is that monster?’

Grid’s pet was a cat. Apart from the wings, it looked exactly like the casts that Pesto knew. However, the small mouth in the ‘ㅅ’ shape opened so large that it swallowed a 3m long drake. It was a sight so incredible that he couldn’t believe it was happening. It felt like a dream.

The other participants were also shocked.

“What just happened?”

“Grid’s cat just ate Pesto’s drake.”

"But the drake is fine?”

"Don't be fooled. Look at Pesto's complexion. It is completely white. Something absurd definitely happened.”

“Indeed, Grid... He wouldn’t carry around an ordinary cat.”

The pet marathon began in earnest. The 38 drakes, except for Grid and Pesto’s pets who were still at the starting line, flapped their wings and started to fly. The players were relieved.

‘I don’t know what happened, but it’s good.’

Johnson was a strong candidate to win. They weren’t sure about what exactly happened, but it was good news for other players. They now knew that Grid’s pet wasn’t an ordinary cat, but it didn’t matter to them. 

The other drakes were already 500m ahead, while Grid and Pesto’s pets were still at the starting line. The two of them had dropped out. The players were sure of it.


On the other hand, Noe was busy burping with a swollen stomach. Then Grid prompted him.

“Start quickly.”

Grid had become close to Huroi. He experienced Huroi’s drake directly. He had to admire a drake’s speed and stamina. To be honest, he was skeptical if Noe could afford to be so free. Noe sent a ridiculing expression towards the uneasy Grid. He placed his pink soles on Grid’s waist and exclaimed.

"Is Master a coward, nyang? This is the best body in hell, the lizards can’t defeat me nyang! Don’t rush me! Nyang!”

The east side of the Yurea Island was a mighty mountain. It was Chingsu Mountain. The pets had to compete to reach the top of Chingsu Mountain.

Then Noe declared confidently.

“I’m the fastest! Nyang!”

Then a notification window popped up.

[Your memphis Noe’s movement speed has returned to normal.]


That’s right. The duration of the ‘Soul Ingestion’ effect only lasted for three seconds. Grid had already confirmed the duration while colliding with Yoshimura during the Hell Gao raid.

Grid’s expression distorted.

“This stupid cat...”

Meanwhile, Pesto’s expression brightened.

[Your drake Johnson’s movement speed has returned to normal.]

‘The effect is huge but the duration is very short!’

The delighted Pesto ordered Johnson.

"Go forward! Get rid of everyone ahead of you."


Johnson responded by vigorously flapping its wings. Then it started to chase the drakes ahead of it. Tremendous speed. This was truly a wind drake. But Noe didn’t fall behind that speed.


Noe clung to Johnson’s back and swallowed Johnson again.

[Your drake Johnson’s movement speed has dropped by 50%.]


Pesto was surprised. This crazy debuff skill, the cooldown time was short? This was totally a scam!

"Why are you only bothering my Johnson!”

Pesto cried out angrily after confirming the effect on Johnson. Noe caught up to the 38 drakes.

“Predation! Nyang!”


Noe’s mouth was wide open. Then he swallowed the 3m long drakes.

[Your memphis Noe’s movement speed has increased by 30%.]

[Your memphis Noe’s health has increased by 250%.]

[Your memphis Noe’s defense has increased by 500%.]

[Your memphis Noe’s attack power has increased by 400%.]


The owners of the drakes swallowed by Noe were astonished.

[Your drake Thunder’s movement speed has decreased by 50%.]

[Your drake Ultima’s health has decreased by 50%.]

[Your drake Bugu’s defense has decreased by 50%.]

[Your drake Ole’s attack power has decreased by 50%.]

What nonsense was this? The highest stats of their drakes disappeared.


The drakes swallowed by Noe were completely terrified. They instinctively recognized a predator higher than them and felt fear. The drakes were confused and lagged behind. On the other hand, Noe started to outpace them at an overwhelming speed.

『 What is going on...? 』

The commentator couldn’t explain the situation. The spectators and viewers were frustrated. The experts were showing great interest.

『That isn’t just a cat with wings and the ability to speak a human language. 』

『 It is a species that can become partially gigantic! Such creatures are very rare and valuable! 』

『 The cat’s momentum rises every time it swallows a drake! This act of swallowing seems to take away the stats of the target! 』

It was an accurate analysis. They weren’t experts for nothing. The spectators and viewers became aware of the greatness of Noe.

"Cat-chan is amazing!”

"Using a skill to take away the target’s stats...!”

"Furthermore, the cooldown time is short. Isn’t this completely a scam?”

“Grid even has a legendary grade pet!”

The world was full of admiration. Meanwhile, Zibal, who was participating in the pet marathon, grinded his teeth together.

“Grid, this guy...!”

The United States were the definite winners. Most people and experts predicted that the United States would win with at least five gold medals in this National Competition. But the result? They only won three gold medals. They didn’t predict that two gold medals would be taken away by South Korea.

Now at this moment. Another gold medal was being taken away. South Korea would have an equal number of gold medals. The difference in the silver and bronze medals meant the US would still be first, but their pride was upset. They wouldn’t be happy to win like this.

South Korea, the candidate for the worst country, had deprived them of three gold medals? It was all due to Grid! The US, with its overwhelming power, was suffering due to one person!

"This is shameful...! My pride won’t tolerate this!”

There were a total of six American players participating in the pet marathon. As the country with the strongest power, they had the most drake users. Zibal ordered them.

"Kill that cat!”


The feast of breath attacks began. After that, the drakes poured fire, ice, poison and light breaths at Noe. Noe was only level 1, so the attacks were quite burdensome on him.

[Your memphis Noe’s has suffered 2,430 damage.]

After 3 seconds of buffs, all stats returned to normal. Noe’s health was almost halved by the bombardment of breath attacks.


Grid was worried. However, Noe was the number one demonic beast of hell. He had no opponent except for dragons. Although he was still young, drakes were on a completely inferior level.

“I am angry! Nyang!”

Noe, who had gone ahead, turned around. Then he grinned at the six US team’s drakes flying towards him.


Noe’s fur bristled.


The drakes felt the threat and stopped. But it was only for a moment.


The drakes regained their courage at their master’s command and shot breaths towards Noe or attacked with their tails. This was the start of Noe’s full-fledged actions. He used simple movements to avoid the breath and Fluidization to neutralize the tail attacks. Then he opened his mouth again and devoured the stats of all six drakes.


The drakes panicked! Then Noe approached and waved his paws randomly at one of the drakes.

[Scratch Lv. 1]

Your paws will attack and poison the target.

Skill Cooldown Time: Whenever you like.

[Your drake Captain America has suffered 2,900 damage.]

[It has become poisoned and is in a petrified state for 3 seconds.]


Captain America was Zibal’s drake. Its level was 150. That little cat’s scratch managed to petrify it for three seconds? The damage to its health wasn’t too big, but the status condition was huge.

The same was true for the other drakes. They were struck by petrification and hung in the air like stone statues. Then they fell towards the ground.


The US team’s drakes shook from the great shock. Among them, the one with the lowest level turned to grey light. Noe’s level skyrocketed.

[Your memphis Noe’s level has risen.]

[Your memphis Noe’s level has risen.]

[Your memphis Noe’s level has risen.]

[Your memphis Noe’s level has...]

Noe gained 26 levels in an instant!

"This body is the best demonic beast of hell! Nyang!”

Dozens of cameras focused on his roar. The hundreds of millions of viewers were stunned.

“Best demonic beast of hell?”

“That cat is a demonic beast of hell?”

“Wow... Demonic beasts, I have never seen them.”

The experts were excited.

『 Hell is an unknown land with no information revealed about it! Sometimes, demonic beasts and demonkin emerge from hell as boss monsters, but...! 』

『 He tamed a demonic beast! Grid is indeed amazing! 』

『 Kuk...! He is God Grid! 』

『 I would like to analyze that cat that claims to be the best demonic beast of hell. I would be very grateful if God Grid cooperates with me after this tournament. 』

Zibal stared at Grid.

"Demonic beast of hell..? Best demonic beast of hell? What the hell are you? You have already gone to hell?”

Grid seemed to be an adventurer on an entirely different dimension. He tamed a beast from uncharted territory? This was intimidating. At that moment, Zibal and the owners of the drakes, who claimed themselves as ones who mastered the best pets, felt ashamed.

The truth was different.

‘I have never been to hell.’

Grid didn’t even know where hell was. It was a place he never wanted to visit.

Grid shouted, “Go! Noe!”

The remaining distance to the goal was 1km. There was no signs that Noe would be defeated after he overpowered the US team’s drakes. At this time, a very good prey was approaching.

It was Johnson.

“Hahahaha! This is a break! Win while that monster cat is distracted by other drakes, Johnson!”

The drake passed by the US team’s drakes and Noe. It was the moment when the drake that Noe ate twice took the lead. This drake became good food for Noe.


He ignored the US team’s drakes that he already defeated and swallowed Johnson.

[Your memphis Noe’s movement speed has increased by 50%.]

[Your drake Johnson’s movement speed has dropped by 50%.]


The surprised Pesto bit his tongue. He felt wronged.

‘Does this skill have no cooldown time?’

It was ridiculous. Was this truly the best demonic beast of hell?

And in the end. Noe arrived first at their destination. He stood on top of the mountain and waved his short legs.

“I am the best demonic beast of hell! Nyang! Master’s Noe! Nyang!”


A cat pretending to be Grid’s slave. People started to feel compassion for it. Grid, who enslaved a demonic beast, was like the devil.

『 Grid has won! 』

Grid was indeed a great figure. He won a gold medal in all three of his events. And in this pet marathon, the US team couldn’t even acquire a bronze medal. Therefore, the overall ranking was determined as the US in first place, South Korea in second place and France in third.


The Koreans cheered at the unbelievable results.  The French were aiming for third in the first place, so they were satisfied. But the Americans had rotten expressions on their faces. The first place would ‘obviously’ the US, because they had overwhelming power.

The United States, which was originally supposed to take first place with a bigger difference, barely managed to win because there was only one Grid. Zibal was bombarded by the media. He was accused of being incompetent as a team leader.

On the other hand, Grid emerged as the hero of South Korea.

The South Korean government provided him with a huge reward of 300 million won per gold medal. There were numerous requests for CFs. He was also flooded with requests from various talk shows and entertainment programs.

It was time to hire a manager.

“God Grid! God Grid! God Grid!”

000-0 Street, XX Neighbourhood, Geumcheon-gu.

Youngwoo panicked as he returned home. A massive crowd of people appeared in his neighbourhood and warmly welcomed him. At the entrance of the neighborhood, the banner stating ‘South Korea’s Hero, God Grid!’ was hung.

It was the moment when Youngwoo’s image of an unemployed youth freeloading off his parents completely changed. The children, youths and adults of the neighborhood all treated him differently.

At this time, Yura was a great help to Youngwoo.

She was aware that Youngwoo wanted to build a building, so she used her intelligence network and recommended purchasing land where the prices were still low, but would jump up in the future.

After gaining 990 million won and finally barely reaching his target of 10 billion won, Youngwoo immediately bought the land and started construction on a seven-story building with a construction company that Yura recommended.

Then Jishuka declared.

"I will build a place next to Grid’s building. I wanted to stay close to Grid anyway.”

“I was thinking the same thing. I want to be always involved in Taekwondo, except for when I’m playing Satisfy.”

“I like Korean women...”

Jishuka, Regas and Pon planned to move to South Korea. Most of the Tzedakah Guild made a lot of money from illegal gambling and followed suit. It was because it seemed fun. Yura belatedly heard the news and also started construction on a building next to Youngwoo’s. Jishuka became alert.

After that.

Thanks to Youngwoo, Yura and the Tzedakah Guild, a certain satellite city in Seoul, which hadn’t flourished yet, was transformed into a luxury building complex.

And Youngwoo was panicked. He was informed of income-related health insurance premiums, pension insurance premiums, income tax, land tax, and building tax. However, Grid had to pay fees to the item trading site when converting Satisfy’s gold to cash, so he shed tears of blood when the tax bomb hit.

For a while, he was in a deficit.

He was very stressed and suffered from hair loss until Yura recommended a talented tax consultant to him. 

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