Chapter 183

Chapter 183

Dragons created creatures that vaguely resembled them for fun. Those creatures were the drakes. Drakes had much lower intelligence and physical abilities than the dragons. Compared to dragons that were dozens of meters long, a drake was small, and their bodies were only 3m long, excluding the tail.

But they couldn’t be ignored. The blood of a dragon flowed through them, so drakes were the strongest monsters. They had a minimum level of 260 and were two times faster and stronger than griffons. Their maximum speed was up to 120km and they could even shoot out breaths.

That’s right. Drakes were considered as the best pets. They had no faults at all, except that they were very difficult to tame. Drakes had different personalities depending on their attributes.

The hundreds of millions of viewers were looking forward to seeing how many different types of drakes they could see through this pet marathon. They paid particular attention to Grid.

"Grid, perhaps he tamed a dark drake?”

"A dark attribute drake? Was there something like that? This is the first time I’ve heard of it?”

“I’m not surprised. There are less than 100 users in Satisfy who’ve tamed drakes as pets, so there are only one or two who tamed dark drakes.”

"What is good about drakes with the dark attribute?”

"Like bone dragons, their body is made of bone. To be precise, they are undead. Their stamina is infinite.”

“Wow... Does that mean they don’t get tired? Isn’t it a scam? Can’t you travel anywhere on the continent with a dark drake?”

"That doesn’t mean there are no restrictions. The bones in the body must be replaced from time to time because their durability is worn down. And they have a chronic weakness. They are significantly less intelligent than other drakes.”

Dark drakes were so dumb that they couldn’t carry out complex orders. So in terms of battle, they were weak. But the amazing thing was that their stamina was infinite. This pet marathon. It was a simple contest about who would reach the goal first.  No matter how stupid a dark drake was, they could participate in the simple pet marathon.


"...He might have a dark drake.”

People had high expectations. The target processing and PvP. Grid had showed shocking appearances since he first emerged in the National Competition, so it wouldn’t be strange for him to tame a dark drake.




The creature that Grid summoned wasn’t the strongest pet, but a small cat.


“No, what...”

The expressions of the spectators and viewers instantly became disappointed. But that only lasted for a short time. People started laughing.









Korean, English, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Latin and so on. The word for cute in different languages simultaneously emerged. Even people who weren’t usually interested in cats were excited. In particular, the children and girls who loved cute things started to flock.

“Mother! Buy me that!”

“Honey~ let’s raise a cat. Yes?”

The cat that Grid summoned. It had the typical appearance of a Persian cat. Together with the color of its fur, it was very unique and attractive. Only the paws were white, while the rest of the cat was completely black. If they saw it in the middle of the night, it would look like four white paws floating.

Furthermore, it had little devil wings. It flapped its wings and flew around Grid, looking very mysterious. It was like something from a fairy tale.

The commentators were captivated by the cute appearance for a while before asking the pet experts.

『 What is that winged cat? 』

『 ... 』

None of the four famous pet experts could open their mouths. All of them were unfamiliar with the winged cat. But they were able to be sure of one thing.

『 That cat will become the prey of the drakes. 』

It was something that no one could deny. A cat couldn’t go against the strongest monster, a drake. There was a huge difference in size. A drake was 3m long, while the cat was only 40cm. The drakes would eat this cat! Swallow it in one gulp! It was edible enough to be swallowed.

"That cute cat is so pitiful...”

People felt sad. Meanwhile, the pet marathon participants were laughing at Grid.

“Cat? Haha! I thought a legendary class would have the best pet?”

“Pet taming isn’t an easy thing to do. He must have no talent, no talent. Kilkil.”

"How good would it be if he could create an item to assist with pet taming? Right?”

"But it’s too much. That cat is too much. I know that South Korea is a country without any drakes, but... No matter what, he intends to enter with a cat?”

"That's right. Shouldn’t it at least be a griffon? Griffons are called the prey of drakes. But at least a griffon would be better against the drakes than a cat.”

Originally, South Korea was a country that should’ve come last in the National Competition. But thanks to Grid, they became ranked third. The foreign players wanted to relieve their grudge, so they sneered at Grid.

Grid snorted. "Enjoy your babbling while you can.”

Noe. A memphis wasn’t a cat. His appearance was incredibly cute, but in fact, he was fearsome. He even had the ‘strongest in hell’ attached to him.

“These ridiculous things.”

Grid laughed at the participants before glancing at Noe. However, Noe was a little strange. The brave cat he saw the other day was currently shaking for some reason.


Grid detected Noe’s anxiety and checked the status window.

Name: Noe

Species: Memphis

Level: 1 (0/200)

Affinity: 5/100

Health: 5,000/5,000

Physical Attack Power: 60   Magic Attack Power: 30

Defense: 50   Magic Resistance: 80

Attribute: Dark

Status: Fearful

(What is this, nyang? Why are there so many dragons, nyang? Kyak! Crazy Master is trying to feed me to dragons! Nyang! Save me, nyang!)

A memphis was cleverer and stronger than many demonkin, making it beloved by the great demons. Indeed, there were no shortage of demonic beasts in hell. They had high pride and it was rare for them to be intimidated.

But the story was different when it came to dragons. Dragons were the strongest creature in all of hell and on the earth. They were the only things a memphis was afraid of.

"D-Dragons are scary! Nyang!” Noe mistook the smell of the drakes for the dragons, so he jumped into Grid’s arms. Then Noe shook his head with closed eyes. “This evil master! Are you going to throw me towards dragon as food? Nyang! You will go to hell when you die! Nyang!”

Noe grumbled with resentment. Grid was baffled.

‘This is hell’s strongest demonic beast. Yet he’s afraid of drakes?’

It was completely disappointing. Grid clicked his tongue and grabbed Noe. However, Noe immediately struggled.

“Save Noe! Save me! Nyang!”

Noe cried out loudly with a protruding stomach! His short legs were moving and it was tearful at the frightening thought that Grid would thrown him to the dragons. It was a pathetic appearance, but Grid was indifferent.

"If you want to live, fly hard and avoid the drakes. You will be safe once you arrive at your destination.”

This was the strongest demonic beast in hell. Grid trusted Noe. This guy was still a baby, but Grid was sure that he was better than the drakes.


Grid forcefully pushed Noe at the enemies.

“This evil bastard! Remove your hand! Nyang! Save Noe! Nyang!”

On the other hand. People were indignant. It was because the appearance of Grid and Noe was caught on screen for all to see.

『 Oh my... That cat is really terrified. 』

『 It is amazing that a cat has wings. Then calling it Slave... Is Slave the name of the cat? 』

『 This is a truly sad sight! It isn’t enough that Grid treats his pet as a slave, but now he is abusing it when the whole world is watching? This is too much! 』

『 Even if this is virtual reality, it is too much to abuse an animal. It’s clear that the animal protection groups will be in an uproar. In particular, this is a scene that will adversely affect young children’s emotional development. Any parents should cover their children’s eyes at this moment. 』

The crowd was booing.

“Grid, you bastard! Don’t bother the cat!”

"Making such a cute cat participate in the pet marathon, he’s a sick man!”

“We can’t show our daughter the sight of a cat being eaten by the drakes! The competition’s committee members should have Grid leave immediately!"

"Treating a small animal as a slave! What a demon!”

"The frightened cat is so pitiful... Sob sob...”

"Mother, that cat, is it going to be eaten by the drakes?”

“Ahhh! Scary!”

The young children even started to cry. In their eyes, Grid looked like a demon. There was great confusion. The committee members were worried about whether they should really leave Grid alone. But the players logged into Satisfy had no idea of the circumstances.


The commentator confirmed the time and fired a magic bullet. Regardless of the outside situation, the pet marathon started.

At that moment.


Noe had mistaken the smell of a drake for a dragon. As he was being troubled by Grid, he heard the sound of the magic bullet and his spirit cleared. Then his emerald eyes looked at the drakes.

“...You aren’t a dragon, nyang?” Noe regained his mind. “These lizard bastards tricked me! Kyaak!"

Noe wasn’t nervous anymore. His status changed.

Status: Angry

(What are these lizards? Nyang! I thought they were dragons, but they are actually food! Nyang! Daring to deceive a great demonic beast of hell! Nyang! I won’t forgive them! Nyang nyang!)

The great demon Hell Gao compared the speed of the pavranium to a memphis. But to be precise, a memphis was much faster than the pavranium. It was the fastest creature in hell.


The moment the pet marathon started, an amazing sight unfolded. Noe’s small mouth opened to a gigantic size and swallowed the body of a drake.


The master of the swallowed drake was frightened. Then an absurd notification window appeared in his vision.

[Your drake Johnson’s movement speed has dropped by 50%.]  

Numerous notification windows popped up in front of Grid.

[Your memphis Noe’s movement speed has increased by 50%.]

[Soul Ingestion Lv. 1]

Has the ability to take away half of the target’s highest stats and transfer it to your master.

Skill Cooldown Time: Your own decision.

It was the moment when the effect of ‘transferring to your master’ from Soul Ingestion was activated.

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