Chapter 182

Chapter 182

No matter if this was a legendary class, wasn’t it too strong? Defeating famous rankers in a matter of seconds? It was a class that would collapse the balance. In addition, Pagma’s Descendant wasn’t a pure combat class, but a production class. Was Pagma's Descendant intended to be this strong? Was it perhaps a bug?

Grid defeated Aura Master Hurent in 5 seconds and Bondre in 4 seconds. His stunning world debut, devastating Satisfy’s strongest players in a single blow, caused huge waves. Public opinion was boiling. The S.A. Group was flooded with inquiries. 

In the end, Chairman Lim Cheolho judged that he needed to calm the atmosphere and spoke directly. The balance didn’t collapse. Pagma's Descendant was intended to be this strong, and it wasn’t a bug.

There were a total of nine legendary classes. They were special classes only for the chosen nine people. All of them were immune to CC. That’s right. The CC Immunity was a passive skill that all nine legendary classes had in common and was a privilege exclusively for them.

Was it too much privilege? What could he do?

Originally, the world wasn’t fair. There was always one person ahead of others when it came to achievements or luck. Was everyone equal in the world? Would that world be fun? A game where no matter how hard you tried, you would end up being like someone else? Would anyone play that game?

Of course, he was well aware that normal classes might feel deprived. They didn’t need to worry. Satisfy was a world designed to make everyone happy, even if they weren’t equal.

Didn’t they already directly experience it?

The ability of all normal classes shot significantly upwards after the second advancement. With such a formula, their abilities would improve even more after the third advancement, and the gap with the legendary classes would gradually be narrowed. If the third advancement was still lacking? Then there was the fourth advancement class.

Satisfy was a game built to reward everyone. It was inevitable that the hidden classes would lead the way, but if they played the game to the best of their ability, someday the normal class users would catch up to them.

Lim Cheolho, the creator of the virtual reality, was already deified. Satisfy had been released for one year and eight months, and not a single bug had been found. Lim Cheolho’s credibility was absolute for creating such a perfect world. Most of the people in the world were convinced by Lim Cheolho’s remark.

The controversy about Grid quickly disappeared.

“...I never thought the day would come when I would lie.”

After the press conference.

Lim Cheolho’s expression wasn’t bright as he returned to his office. Pagma's Descendant was intended to be this strong and it wasn’t a bug.

This remark. It was a lie.

Of course, it wasn’t a bug. But it was true that this went against the intentions of the creators. Pagma's Descendant should be more normal and weaker than he was now. But Grid had become stronger than was originally planned for Pagma’s Descendant.


Lim Cheolho sat in a chair and recalled Grid’s actions in the PvP. It was overwhelming strength that surpassed insufficient senses and control. The foundation of that strength was his abnormally high stats.

What was the reason for Grid’s high stats? Grid spent too long making five legendary items after becoming Pagma’s Descendant.

"Originally, he should’ve made five legendary items four months earlier than he did, making his stat growth beyond what was expected...”

Grid was too lacking in game talent. So he didn’t take advantage of the benefits of his class and wasted his time. He was stagnant for a long time. Furthermore, he was very unlucky. He fell to a minus level and could barely create legendary items.

Due to that, he avoided the planned penalty and Pagma’s Descendant received much higher stats than the creators planned.  His growth slowed due to insufficient game talent, but this was actually good luck.

“Kulkul... Indeed, a protagonist is a special existence...”

At the time of the Pope Drevigo raid. Grid had claimed he was a protagonist. And he certainly showed the actions of a protagonist. By getting rid of the corrupt pope, he saved thousands of the Rebecca people and helped Damian become the first unique class, Goddess' Agent.

So far, the protagonist of Satisfy was definitely Grid. He changed the landscape of Satisfy with every action he took.


“He isn’t the only protagonist.”

The supercomputer Morpheus reported.

[The current time is 13:01:27. Quest RD-3991X has been completed.]


Lim Cheolho’s gaze was fixed on the extra large monitor on the wall of the office. There was a man on the monitor that was surrounded by dozens of screens.

The ID was Kraugel. He had maintained the 1st ranking since Satisfy opened. He was the first to reach level 300 and at this moment, he achieved his third advancement class. Despite being a normal class, he became a ‘sword saint’ candidate.

"Quest RD-3991X is... The White Swordsman class?”

Right now, Kraugel was moving from the Western Continent to the Eastern Continent. He was the first user. Krugel became the first to leave footprints on the white snow that no one had stepped on yet. 

‘By completing a large number of quests first, he will gobble up more than a few titles. This will make him an even more unique person.’

Lim Cheolho thought for a moment before asking a question out of pure curiosity.

"If the current Grid fought with Kraugel, who will win?”

[There is a 51.3% probability that Kraugel will win.]

"Even before he receives the new titles...?”

Once again, the world wasn’t fair. Just as there was a unique genius called Lim Cheolho in the scientific community, there was a unique genius called Kraugel in the game world. Originally, no one could exceed them.

However, there was no Grid in the scientific world, while there was Grid in the game world. He wondered how long Kraugel’s solo dominance could continue.

‘Grid has already exceeded numerous geniuses.’

Was it just exceeding? Grid started to gather numerous geniuses around him. In contrast, Kraugel was alone. Later, would Grid be able to surpass Kraugel?

Lim Cheolho was looking forward to it.

The existence that would reign at the top of the world he created, would it be a genius or a dunce? It was very interesting. 


3rd on the unified rankings, Chris. He was also the master of the strongest Giant Guild, and predicted it the moment the PvP event began.

‘The opponent I will meet in the finals is Grid.’

In the round of 32, Grid faced Hurent. Most people thought that Hurent would defeat Grid. Then the round of 16 would be a match between Hurent and Bondre, and the winner of the fight was expected to make it to the final.

But Chris thought differently. He predicted that Grid would win against Hurent and Bondre and come up to the final match.

“However, I never predicted he would do it in 5, then 4 seconds.”

Was Chris scared? No. He was somewhat nervous, but not afraid. Rather, his blood was boiling.

"I am also someone who deals deadly blows.”

Chris used a greatsword. He was able to handle a greatsword much better than Grid. He didn’t think he would be defeated in a frontal match.

"I’m a little bit behind in stats.”

The difference in stats wasn’t important. If he used his ultimate greatsword strike, he could deal a deadly blow to Grid. Chris had much better techniques than Grid and could overpower him. He was determined to beat Grid, the ‘Butcher’ who smashed the Giant Guild in the past.

However, there was a presence who blocked him in the round of 16. It was an opponent he didn’t consider at all.

The British representative, Regas. Obviously, Regas was at the peak in L.T.S. Chris wasn’t a match for Regas in L.T.S. That changed once Satisfy opened. Chris started Satisfy half a year earlier than Regas, so he was way ahead. Originally, it should’ve been easy to get rid of Regas.



The kneeling Chris. His expression was shocked.

Regas was too strong. He used the distinctive brilliance of martial arts and combined them with powerful blows. It was hard to read the orbits of his kicks.

Chris' health dropped to half quickly. Chris confirmed the cooldown of his potions and started a conversation in order to buy time.

“What? You’re much stronger than you were in the target processing. What type of magic did you conjure?”

In the target processing event, Regas had trouble with the 33rd ranked Med. He wasn’t Chris’ opponent. How did he become this strong in a matter of days?

Regas explained to the confused Chris. "I have a weapon, so there’s a very big difference.”


A chill went down Chris’ spine. He belatedly noticed the knuckles on Regas’ hands. Chris was reminded that Regas always had bare hands. He was able to realize how Regas became so crazy strong.

“Did you perhaps...!? You have been playing the game without weapons so far!?”

Regas nodded.

“I thought it was a luxury for martial artists to use weapons. But this PvP competition is an exception. It’s a courtesy to do my best when dealing with the strongest opponents.”

[Lightning Duke’s Knuckles]

Rating: Unique

Durability: 107/149   Attack Power: 201

Armor Penetration: +15%   Electric Attribute: +30%

Critical Hit Chance: +30%

* There will be additional physical damage when 5 combos succeed.

* There will be additional electrical damage when 6 combos succeed.

* There will be additional physical and lightning damage when 8 combos succeed.

* ‘Thunder Chariot’ will activate when 10 combos succeed.

Knuckles made by the great blacksmith ‘G’ who combined lightning stones with blue orichalcum. 

The primary weakness of knuckles has been overcome with this lightning energy.

User Restriction: Level 280 or higher. More than 1,200 strength. More than 1,000 agility. Advanced Knuckle Mastery Level 4.

Regas had never used a weapon since Satisfy started. Thanks to this, the S.A. Group called him a ‘crazy person.’

Jjejeong! Jjejejeok!

[The 5th combo has been achieved!]

[The effect of the ‘Lightning Duke’s Knuckles’ has been activated, causing additional physical damage to the target.]


[The 6th combo has been achieved!]

[The effect of the ‘Lightning Duke’s Knuckles’ has been activated, causing additional lightning damage to the target.]

Kwa kwang!

[The 8th combo has been achieved!]

[The effect of the ‘Lightning Duke’s Knuckles’ has been activated, causing additional physical and lightning damage to the target.]

Jjejejeok! Kwang!

[The 10th combo has been achieved!]

[The effect of the ‘Lightning Duke’s Knuckles’ has been activated, causing Thunder Chariot to be triggered.]


The Lion’s Castle, that was barely maintaining its shape, was swallowed up by lightning.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

It was a complete collapse. The once flourishing Lion’s Castle disappeared into history. It was a scene that represented the decline of the Bonkost Principality.

『 C-Chris has been logged out...! 』

Chris was one of the strongest candidates. Now, the only hope to face Grid was defeated by the 13th ranked Regas? People were in shock.  In particular, the Canadians were resentful and frustrated that Canada wasn’t even ranked third overall.

『 After many surprises, the final four have been determined. 』

『 It’s amazing. Three out of the four contestants are members of the Tzedakah Guild. 』

『 Grid, Regas and Pon. The Tzedakah Guild, which is said to be the strongest group in Satisfy, is clearly showing its status. 』

“Everybody is strong.”

Jishuka supported everyone. But among them, she especially cheered for Grid over Regas and Pon.

After that.

Pon and Regas met in the round of 4 and fought for 17 minutes. The splendor of Taekwondo and the spear made people crazy. In the end, Regas won. It was a victory determined by just a slight difference.

“I will win next time.”

Pon neatly admitted his defeat. The friendship of the two people became more solid. On the other hand, Grid confronted the 25th ranked Bubat. The result was that Bubat forfeited. It was a waste of time to fight with Grid, who was immune to Bubat’s CC. 

In the finals that followed immediately afterwards, Grid won against Regas. Unlike before, it wasn’t an overwhelming victory. Grid allowed up to 8 combos from Regas’ knuckles and suffered a brief crisis. But the fight quickly reversed due to the +9 Failure’s overwhelming attack power.

Regas gradually realized the importance of items. His superfluous pride as a martial artist blurred.

『 Grid has won! As a result, South Korea is third on the overall rankings! 』

South Korea was the country with the highest potential to not even win a bronze medal in this National Competition. However, Grid had won gold medals in the target processing and PvP, raising South Korea’s ranking to third.

It was a tremendous achievement that no one could foresee. South Korea was enthusiastic. It was an entirely festive mood.

The overall rankings:

1st place United States: 3 gold medals. 2 silver medals. 1 bronze medal.

2nd place France: 2 gold medals. 1 silver medal. 2 bronze medals.

3rd place South Korea: 2 gold medals.

4th place Canada: 1 gold medal. 2 silver medals.

The National Competition wasn’t over yet. The pet marathon remained.

"Now it’s the end of Grid’s role.”

The United States would solidify their first place. Or France would take away the first place. Maybe Canada might reclaim the third place.

The users with drake pets participated in the pet marathon.

『 It’s known that there are less than 100 people in Satisfy who have drakes as pets. 』

『 Drakes are the most powerful pet. They have tremendous speed, stamina and combat power. A country with a lot of drakes will become the winner of this pet marathon. 』

『 Grid has also placed his name on the list for the pet marathon. Does Grid have a drake as a pet? 』

『 Even if Grid is a drake user, it’s useless. There isn’t one user in Korea who uses a drake as a pet. The other drakes will concentrate on Grid’s drake and he will eventually be eliminated. 』

『 In the end, South Korea will finish fourth in the National Competition. 』

It was a natural analysis. The pet marathon was an event where only the pets participated, not the players. It was impossible for Grid’s pet to win this event unless it had a legendary rank like Grid. As it happened, all drakes had the same rating. The only difference was their attributes.

“Summon Drake!”

Yurea island.

40 players representing each country logged into the huge island that was the size of Jeju Island. Then the summoned drakes roared.



Fire, frost, poison, wind, etc.  The breaths with different attributes emerged as the drakes roared! The crowd was speechless as they were overwhelmed by the spectacular sight.


Grid summoned a cat. People’s expressions twisted.

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