Chapter 181

Chapter 181

Experts also observed that Bondre was likely to win.

『 An ice mystic is a class that specializes in restraints and defense. All attacking skills cause slowness and frost, and certain skills freeze the target entirely. This means it’s possible to completely link CCs. 』 

『 It isn’t just that. An ice mystic also has tremendous defensive abilities. They can use a wide variety of shielding spells, especially against physical attacks. Perfect CC and superior defense ability. It acts as a perfect counter to a physical dealer class. 』

『 Obviously, there are disadvantages to the class. Their firepower is weak and it isn’t popular in hunting and raids. However, a player’s health is exceptionally low compared to a monster. A weak firepower doesn’t matter in PvP. 』

『 Hrmm... As our friend mentioned, CC is an advantage of an ice mystic. Didn’t Grid show perfect immunity to Bubat’s CC during the target processing? Isn’t Grid immune to all kinds of CC? Then won’t Bondre’s CC skills be sealed? 』

『 That isn’t the case. Even if Grid is immune to CCs, he can’t free himself from the ice. 』

『 Why? 』

『 If Bondre uses something like ‘Ice Prison’ or ‘Ice Spider Web’ to physically block his path, CC resistance is meaningless. Grid will become trapped in a narrow cage and the target of the famous ‘Absolute Zero.’ 』

『 Are you saying he will disable Grid by limiting the space? 』

『 That’s right. In particular, it should be noted that the stage of the PvP is an island. In an area with a lot of water, an ice magician’s magic power and casting speed will increase by 20%. Isn’t Bondre strongest in water? It’s hard to imagine he will be defeated. 』

『 Victory or defeat doesn’t matter. We should just rejoice over getting to appreciate the beautiful and famous Ice Spider Web. 』

Ice Spider Web was a very effective, but colorful magic. The magic that shaped the webs froze all moisture in the atmosphere and completely restrained all objects in its range.  The target would become trapped in the spider web that came from all four directions and become pure prey. They couldn’t lift a finger because there was no space to move.

Three months ago, Bondre was able to win a PvP competition hosted by JIN, a leading Japanese company, because of the Ice Spider Webs. He completely overwhelmed Katz, JIN’s successor and the third epic class.

"That's right, class isn’t important. Bondre is a normal class, but he trampled on an epic class? He doesn’t have to be afraid, even if his opponent has a legendary class.”

"Bondre is a smart and solid player. Unlike Hurent, I believe that he can beat Grid.”

Most of the French agreed with the opinion of the experts. They didn’t doubt Bondre’s victory. There was a basis for their faith. In fact, Bondre had never been defeated in battle. He wasn’t called ‘100 Matches 100 Victories’ Bondre for no reason.

But the reaction of the people apart from the French were divided.

“I no longer believe the words of the experts.”

“Yes. Didn’t they say that Hurent would unconditionally win against Grid, and the result was the exact opposite?”

“But it’s true that Bondre is strong. He is famous as an undefeated legend...”

"Certainly, Bondre’s level isn’t as high as Hurent’s level. Can’t Grid beat Bondre? I’m looking forward to it.”

The Korean netizens also started to discuss it.

-100 Matches 100 Victories Bondre... Indeed, this time it will be tough for Grid.

-God Grid will win.

-Bondre is a famous ranker known for his clever plays. Have you forgotten how he fooled all the other rankers to win the labyrinth breakthrough? Grid already showed Restraint in the battle against Hurent, so he will be thoroughly attacked by Bondre.

-Won’t God Grid unconditionally win if he manages to approach?

-An ice mystic is about stiffness. If he installs several layers of ice barriers and shields, Grid won’t be able to use a skill. Then Hurent will counterattack when Grid can’t use skills.

-How will he approach in the first place? To be honest, an ice mystic is a scam. Although the speed of hunting is slow, so it’s difficult to level up.

-But Bondre is ranked 11th.

-That means Bondre is really skilled. On the other hand, Grid has all his items.

-People are acting the same again.

-Didn’t you say that Grid couldn’t beat Hurent? But the result? Grid won in 5 seconds. Don’t pretend that you know everything.

-Shut up and praise God Grid.

“He seems to be facing a strong opponent this time.”

Youngwoo’s parents couldn’t hide their anxious expressions. The experts on the TV were predicting their son’s defeat.

Sehee reassured her parents. "Oppa will win again."

Even before the confrontation with Hurent, people around the world said that her brother wouldn’t win. But the result? Her brother won in only 5 seconds. Sehee believed that her brother would win again.

‘All the time and passion that brother has poured into Satisfy...’

Sehee didn’t know anything about Satisfy. But it was hard to think that her brother, who spent all his time in Satisfy, would be defeated by others.

‘Isn’t that right? Oppa. Just win.’

Her brother had been ignored by others, and now he was being acknowledged by many people all over the world. Sehee’s heart was happy. She was proud of her brother.


The Korean team’s waiting room.

Yura was nervous. After Youngwoo defeated Hurent, he didn’t return to the waiting room, but went somewhere else.

‘I need to give Youngwoo-ssi advice...’

Bondre was a completely different style of opponent from Hurent. She had been directly defeated by him. Youngwoo had logged out Hurent in just five seconds. This was a phenomenal record, but she was worried he would become careless after it.

‘If he’s trapped in an ice prison or web, there will be no room to swing his sword.’

Youngwoo’s greatswords were at least 3m in length. Greatswords weren’t a weapon capable of being swung in a tight space. It was the end once he was trapped. The sword wouldn’t be able to swing, he wouldn’t be able to break the wall of ice and he would eventually become the victim of Absolute Zero.

‘He needs to end the match before Bondre uses his ice prisons and webs.’

Yura wanted to pass this on to Youngwoo. But Youngwoo didn’t pick up his phone and she couldn’t give him advice because he was missing.

‘If he’s careless...’

As moment Yura was worrying...

Youngwoo was meeting a person in a secret place.

"My name is Rail Smith. My ID in Satisfy is Lauel.”

The person who introduced himself was too young to be called a man, but too mature to be called a boy. He was estimated to be in his late teens. He had blond hair and white skin. His eyes were calm and he had stubborn lips. He had a pretty forehead and narrow jaw.  He was so beautiful that he reminded Grid of the main character of a British teen movie.

Youngwoo felt strong hostility towards him.

"So what? Why did you call me here?”

Lauel was confused by the expression on Youngwoo’s face and explained. “The Tzedakah Guild... No, not exactly. Please accept me as your subordinate.”

Grid knew who Lauel was. It was because Ibellin often talked about Lauel.

‘A genius among geniuses.’

The only person who Ibellin considered as a rival. That guy wanted to be Youngwoo’s subordinate? Youngwoo made a funny face and asked bluntly, “Why do you want to follow me? Is it because you want me to make you an item?”

“Yes.” Lauel also answered honestly.

Youngwoo nodded.



Lauel was baffled because Youngwoo agreed so easily. In fact, he thought Youngwoo would be reluctant. Everything he prepared to convince Youngwoo became obsolete.

“The more slaves I have, the better.”

"...” Lauel didn’t speak Korean perfectly. Therefore, he didn’t know the exact meaning of the word ‘slave,’ but he was sure it meant ‘subordinate’ based on the context. “Thank you for accepting me. As long as you can give me what I want, I will pledge my loyalty to you forever.”

“Yes, yes.”

Lauel spoke such words so casually. This guy, there was another person like Huroi.

'Not bad.'

Recently his minerals finder - Minor, had only been recommending dangerous places to him. For example, Cork Island Dungeon.

‘I never thought I would have to fight the great demon Hell Gao when I was just trying to mine a mineral. I need a bodyguard in case that absurd situation occurs again.’

He already had a powerful knight called Jude, but Jude was an NPC. Unlike users, NPCs had a finite life. He was reluctant to take them to dangerous places with him because he was worried about them dying.

However, Lauel was a user. Youngwoo was making a happy expression when Lauel gave advice to him.

“You should be careful of Bondre. Don’t give him time to case his ice prisons and webs.”

"I don't know what ice prisons and webs are, but don’t they require casting time?”

"...Yes, but it will be difficult to approach him.”

Bondre could generate an ice barrier around 1m in diameter in less than 1.5 seconds. Even if Grid advanced while resisting all types of status conditions like slow, frostbite and freeze, he would inevitably be delayed by the barrier.

"By the time you break the ice barrier, Bondre will finish casting his magic.”

So what? Ranged skills were the answer.

"If I had to give advice on how to fight...”

Youngwoo waved his hand at Lauel, who was trying to explain the timing to use the Transcended Link skill.

"I will take care of it."


It would be good to taste frustration at least once. Lauel hoped that after Youngwoo was defeated by Bondre, he would abandon arrogance to become more prudent. He didn’t know. Youngwoo had already suffered numerous setbacks.

'Anyway, I can log out Bondre in 5 seconds.’

Right now, Youngwoo wasn’t being arrogant. He knew his strength better than anyone else, so he calmly grasped the situation.

'I'm the strongest.’

Hurent had referred to boss monsters as fools who just used strength. Boss monsters were strong, but they could be ignored. But what was the reality? The pope, the Awakened Guardian of the Forest, and Hell Gao. Had Hurent ever struggled with big shots like them? Even if he had fought strong boss monsters, had he ever defeated them alone?

‘He doesn’t understand the subject.’

Youngwoo ignored such a man. Didn’t he smash that conceited guy in 5 seconds? It was funnier the more he thought about it.

“Puhuhu.” Youngwoo laughed.

『 After a while, the first match of the round of 16 will begin. All participants should go to the capsule room. 』

Youngwoo moved according to the guide.

"I am on a different dimension from all of you.”

The only legend. He would show the world why a legend was a legend. And.

『 Grid, who logged out Aura Master Hurent in 5 seconds and the undefeated Bondre! With hundreds of thousands of spectators and hundreds of millions of viewers watching! Their showdown! Start! 』


Grid and Bondre appeared in the desolate garden of the Lion’s Castle.

"Ice Field.”

Bondre didn’t delay. He immediately changed the surroundings to make it more advantageous to him.

Jjejeok! Jjejejejeok!

The ground in a 50m radius was completely frozen. Now Grid would slip if he moved even one step. And. Grid stood in place, not even trying to take one step.

Bondre laughed.

'I’ve blocked his skills.’

Grid needed at least four steps every time he used Pagma’s Swordsmanship. But now he couldn’t move as he liked on the ice field.  And even if he didn’t slip?

‘A sharp piece of ice will protrude with every step he makes, meaning it is impossible to do his sword dance.’

Grid had only one choice. He couldn’t use skills on the ground. So he would inevitably fly up in the sky. Bondre was planning to completely trap Grid using the Ice Spider Web.

‘I will finish it with Absolute Zero.'


As Bondre was smiling with satisfaction. Grid still didn’t take a single step as he swung his black greatsword lightly.

“Golden Flash.”


[Golden Flash]

A skill attached to Dainsleif (Reproduction).

All enemies in a straight line will receive damage that is equal to 1,000% of your current magic power.

Skill Mana Cost: 500

Skill Cooldown Time: 1 hour.

Golden Flash was an instant skill, unlike Pagma’s Swordsmanship. The speed was brilliant when used in a flat area. Just...

Grid was a warrior type player so he couldn’t use Golden Flash efficiently due to his lack of magic power. However, the current Grid...

Name: Grid

Level: 253 (11,090/39,556,900)

Class: Pagma’s Descendant

* The probability of adding additional options when making items will increase.

* The probably of item enhancement will increase.

* All equipment items can be worn unconditionally. However, there is a penalty depending on the rating of the item.

Title: One who Became a Legend

* Abnormal conditions don’t work well on you.

* You won’t die when health is at the minimum.

* Easily acknowledged.

Title: First Unique Item Maker

* Dexterity +200

Title: Only Legendary Item Maker

* Dexterity +350

Title: Knight Slayer

* Stamina +100.

* Strength +30

Title: Apostle of Justice

* All stats +10.

* The Apostle of Justice’s bravery is unmatched.

Title: Man who has Touched Hell

* Health +3,000

* You have the right to go to hell.

Health: 48,778/48,778 + 9,000 

Mana: 5,118/5,118

Strength: 2,314(+40)   Stamina: 1,182(+110) 

Agility: 647(+10)    Intelligence: 643(+210) 

Dexterity: 1,384(+560)   Persistence: 808(+10)

Composure: 594(+10)  Indomitable: 675(+10)   

Dignity: 594 (+10)    Insight: 907(+10) 

Courage: 538 (+10)     Demonic Magic Power: 2 (+10)

Stat Points: 230

Weight: 45,019/110,520

Grid’s intelligence reached 853 when he wore Malacus’ Cloak. He had the level 200 stats awakening. In other words, the second awakening meant mana would increase by 6 and magic damage by 2 with every point in intelligence.

Grid currently had 1,706 magic power. What if this was multiplied by many times? The attack power would far exceed that of Bondre’s Absolute Zero. 


Didn’t Grid always dance when he used a skill? Then what was this skill? He didn’t expect it at all.

“Ice Barrier!”

Bondre paled as he hurriedly used magic. Ice Barrier was the shield with the most ‘physical defense’ among all the shields Bondre could use. It was helpless in front of Golden Flash that dealt damage proportional to magic power.



Golden Flash completely penetrated through the shield. With its overwhelming aura, the ice barrier collapsed instantly.

[You have suffered 12,530 damage.]

A blow that took 40% of a user’s health at once would stun the user for three seconds. Just now, Bondre lost 80% of his health.

[You can’t regain your mental state.]


He felt a chill go down his spine. Dozens of energy blades were coming towards his face.


Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

A devastating explosion shook the Lion’s Castle. The commentator witnessed a faint grey light and shouted reflexively.

『 P-Player Bondre has been logged out...! 』

This time it was 4 seconds. ‘4 seconds’ was ranked first on the real time search terms of various portal sites. The world was once again in shock.

Zibal jumped to his feet in shock.

“He broke the ice barrier? That means his magic power...!”

Zibal hadn’t lost his composure when Hurent lost. Hurent was overconfident and was stung by Grid. It didn’t mean anything more. But now that idea had changed.

‘A monster.’

Was Grid hiding a special trick? Nonsense.  He wasn’t hiding anything. His power just significantly exceeded Zibal’s predictions. It was immeasurable. Yes, just like Kraugel. He was someone that couldn’t be matched until the third advancement class.

Then the world started pouring praise towards Grid. Korean netizens united for the first time in almost 100 years and shouted ‘God Grid!’ The experts also didn’t ignore Grid anymore.

『 The phrase ‘Praise God Grid’ is spreading on the Internet. I also want to praise God Grid. 』

『 That... Me too... 』

『 ... 』


At a hunting ground, Peak Sword witnessed a party composed of foreigners and asked them in broken English.

“Do you know Grid?”

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