Chapter 360 - Unfathomable

MGA: Chapter 360 - Unfathomable

After the little interlude of Zi Ling forcibly pulling Chu Feng into her group, the event finally officially started.

The two groups split up and went forward. As they were led by the two manager elders, they headed towards the so-called safe area.

In the group Chu Feng was in, there were almost five hundred males but only fifty females. Other than the manager elder who was responsible for leading the road and Liu Zhizun, all of the other males were people who were participating in the Marriage Gathering.

So, because of that, there were many wolves but little meat. In fact, there were many, many wolves, and very little meat.

In a situation like that, the young geniuses from all directions started to give it their all to gain the favors of the beauty geniuses.

Especially Zi Ling. There were countless males who wanted to approach, but those who did get close to her were all coldly yelled at to scram by Zi Ling. Even those who received the Prestigious Invitation Letter, Song Qingfeng, Bai Yunfei, and Liu Xiaoyao, were no exception.

When they faced that scene, even the manager elders could only helplessly shake their heads and did not dare to interfere. Although by rejecting people a thousand miles away, Zi Ling went against the idea of the Marriage Gathering, as long as they thought of the lady’s special status and her monster-like strong grandfather, who even the head of the villa feared, that manager elder could only watch and do nothing.

But there were exceptions for all things. Chu Feng was such an exception. Although Zi Ling stayed a thousand miles away from other males, she pulled Chu Feng next to her and even if Chu Feng wanted to leave, he could not.

The thing that was the most intolerable was after a while of escaping without results, Chu Feng actually started to become unrefined and not only did he start to work his ways in becoming friends with Zi Ling, he even occasionally took some small advantages from Zi Ling. That truly caused other to be unable to continue looking.

In fact, Song Qingfeng, Bai Yunfei, and Liu Xiaoyao, the three people who recognized themselves as the pride of the heavens all walked to the front of Chu Feng, stopped the path in which Chu Feng and Zi Ling was walking on, pointed at Chu Feng, and fiercely reminded,

“Boy, behave yourself! How can Lady Zi Ling be touched by you?”

At that instant, the face of Chu Feng who was currently speaking his heart out to Zi Ling instantly sank. He originally wanted to speak and curse, but before he even opened his mouth, Zi Ling who was to his side actually spoke instead.

“None of you need to interrupt the matters between me and Chu Feng. If you block my path again, don’t blame me for being impolite.” Zi Ling’s voice was pleasant, yet had plenty of domineeringness, as if she truly did not put the three people in her eyes.

“We...we...” At that instant, Song Qingfeng and the two others were first taken aback, then following that, their faces instantly turned ashen and they didn’t know what to do. They were originally thinking to stick out for Zi Ling, but who would have thought that a burst of lashing was exchanged back.

However, they truly did not have any excuses, so at the end, as the crowd was watching, they could only slip away gloomily. They really lost all face, yet they could not do anything about it.

“Heh. Are you still saying that you don’t like me? If you don’t like me, why did you help me?” Chu Feng chuckled, and as he spoke, he extended his hand of evil towards Zi Ling’s well-developed little waist and got closer.

Although he did not know why Zi Ling kept him by her side, whether it was because she only wanted Chu Feng to be the target of maliciousness or if she truly wanted to have Chu Feng within her line of sight, or other thoughts, Chu Feng took this chance and started scoundrel tactics against Zi Ling. It was to harass her and do all sorts of shameless things.

What Chu Feng wanted to do was to cause Zi Ling to be angry so she wouldn’t always have her eye on him. Only then could Chu Feng have a chance to escape that group.

Because looking at it currently, the group was no longer safe. Chu Feng truly did not know what kind of dangerous situation he would sink into after the manager elder left. Not to mention others, even the unfathomable Zi Ling was a huge threat, so he had to quickly leave.

And as she felt the hand of evil that Chu Feng extended over, Zi Ling’s little face changed and she quickly evaded it. She also fiercely glared at Chu Feng and said, “You better not imagine that your affection is being returned. I just don’t like anyone bothering my business and I was not helping you.”

“Explain, continue explaining. It’s best to explain so that everyone will believe it.”

“I won’t believe it anyway. In my heart, I know clearly that without knowing when, you have already deeply fallen for me and you have no way of pulling yourself away, so by making up idiotic reasons, you want me next to you.”

Chu Feng drew the corners of his mouth back and chuckled. His eyes were even so openly, shamelessly, staring at Zi Ling’s twin peaks that would cause one to be proud. His heart was moved from looking, and he couldn’t even help sticking out his tongue and he licked his lips.

“You… I have never seen such a shameless person like you before! If it wasn’t for… Hmph!!”

Zi Ling’s little face reddened from anger because of Chu Feng and traces of fury sprung out from her eyes. There were even a touch of killing intent, but that killing intent only flashed past before being suppressed by her. At the end, she coldly snorted and walked forward with quick steps.

“Hehe, I would quite like to see how long you can take me.” Chu Feng smiled as he got his way and chased after her.

“Oi, girl, don’t be angry! If not, I’ll tell a joke to you to cheer you up?”

“Not listening.”

“If not, then you tell me one to cheer me up?”

“Shut up!”

People felt that Chu Feng was aiming for something that he could never get, yet others could not do anything about it as she was unfathomable. Although she expressed impatience towards Chu Feng, she didn’t allow Chu Feng to leave her side. It gave off a feeling of looking for suffering for herself.

As they saw Zi Ling who would occasionally rebuke Chu Feng, many people truly wanted to go up and kick Chu Feng from Zi Ling’s side, but as long as they thought of how Song Qingfeng, Bai Yunfei, and Liu Xiaoyao ended up as, ultimately, they dispelled that thought.

“Damn it. What so good about that brat from the Azure Province to be able to get the heart of Lady Zi Ling?!” Song Qingfeng grinded his teeth in anger. He who had done it innumerable times never would have thought that he would lose to a bumpkinly brat.

“Who knows what that Zi Ling is thinking. Perhaps they are like a turtle’s eyes and green beans and they match like that.” Bai Yunfei curled his lips and similarly, his mouth was full of sourness.

[TN: A bit confusing to translate, but the expression means that the two are similar, though in a negative manner.]

“From what I see, Lady Zi Ling doesn’t really like Chu Feng and they should have already known each other from an earlier date. Perhaps there is some secret that others cannot know between them.” Liu Xiaoyao guessed.

“If you don’t understand, don’t speak random things. How could Zi Ling fall for a person like him?”

But just at that time, an extremely icy cold aura suddenly came from behind the three people. Turning their heads to look, it was Liu Zhizun.