Chapter 361 - Leader

MGA: Chapter 361 - Leader

“Ho… Brother Liu, not that I’m saying anything bad, but such an excellent lady like Zi Ling really shouldn’t be participating in this Marriage Gathering for marrying another person. Clearly, you two are the natural couple.” As he saw Liu Zhizun, Song Qingfeng fawningly smiled and said.

“That’s right. The proverbs have said it well, ‘don’t let the fertile water flow into an outsider’s field’. I truly don’t know what Villa Head Qin is thinking. How can he marry a lady such as Zi Ling off to others?”

“That’s right that’s right. Lady Zi Ling should, of course, be with Brother Liu!” At the same time, Bai Yunfei and Liu Xiaoyao also echoed on the side.

“Hmph. No need to trouble yourselves. Instead, take care of yourselves.”

“Remember. Don’t let me hear you say anything negative about Zi Ling. Or else, don’t blame me if I don’t hold myself back.” However, Liu Zhizun did not buy it. After fiercely glaring at the three people, he waved his big sleeve, and with a wave of icy cold chilliness, he walked towards the foremost part of the group.

And after Liu Zhizun walked far away, Song Qingfeng’s face which was previously filled with a servile smile instantly sank and he ferociously said, “What is this?! Wait until the elder leaves, then he’ll get it!”

“That’s right. First take care of that Liu Zhizun, then butcher that Chu Feng. Also that Zi Ling. The three of us will take turns on her. Who let her be so arrogant? After that, even if she wants us, we won’t give it to her.” Bai Yunfei mentally said.

“Right, let’s do that. This is the Thousand Monster Mountain anyway, and at that time, we can push all the fault onto the Monstrous Beasts of the Thousand Monster Mountain and say that they did it.” Song Qingfeng approved of it extremely and his eyes were filled with maliciousness.

“Ahh, Brother Qingfeng, Brother Yunfei, the two of you cannot be rash. It is better to not offend this Liu Zhizun.” But just at that time, Liu Xiaoyao sent a mental message and advised.

“Why not? Will we still be unable to defeat him if the three of us join hands?” Song Qingfeng and Bai Yunfei both expressed confusion.

“Believe me. Liu Zhizun concealed deeply and he hasn’t revealed everything. If he truly attacks, I’m afraid that even Jie Qingming and Xu Zhongyu may not be able to defeat him.” Liu Xiaoyao seriously said, and after seeing that the two of them still had some doubts, he explained more,

“In my Free and Unrestrained Valley, a senior went to the Prestigious Villa in an earlier time. He personally saw Liu Zhizun, with his own strength, kill two Heaven realm Monstrous Beasts.”

“That Liu Zhizun?”

After hearing those words, Song Qingfeng and Bai Yunfei both took in a breath of cool air. The bodies of Monstrous Beasts were extremely powerful and their life expectancy were longer than humans. When compared to humans in the same cultivation level, the strength of Monstrous Beasts was far above humans.

Liu Zhizun being able to kill two Heaven realm Monstrous Beasts already stated how powerful his strength was. At least, the three of them could not do something like that. Not to mention the three of them facing a Heaven realm Monstrous Beast alone, even if the three of them face one, they wouldn’t be able to defeat it, let alone two.

From then on, Song Qingfeng, Bai Yunfei, and Liu Xiaoyao had no choice but to give up any thoughts on facing Liu Zhizun. However, the thing that depressed them the most wasn’t that they couldn’t deal with Liu Zhizun, it was that they couldn’t touch Zi Ling because Liu Zhizun was there.

They truly wanted to see what taste an exceptional beauty like Zi Ling had. But right now, they were going to miss that chance. That caused them to be endlessly sad.

The Thousand Monster Mountain was very big. If one walked, it would be extremely long. Especially when the strengths of the people on scene weren’t equal, as there were people in both the Profound realm and the Origin realm. So, they had to spend a full day before entering the area of the event.

On the road, they did meet quite a few Monstrous Beasts. However, their strengths weren’t too strong so when a Monstrous Beast appeared within their range of detection, the males on scene took it as a chance to display their strengths as they fought over killing Monstrous Beasts.

Thus, all of the Monstrous Beasts that appeared could be said to be unlucky because all of them died very wretched. They were tortured to death by a group of males who did not have a conscience. They didn’t even leave a complete corpse.

“Although this event is testing your individual courage, at the same time, it is also testing your fighting capabilities as a whole.”

“So, I advise everyone to not leave the group. It would be best to choose a leader to command unified actions.”

“As for who will lead your group, that will be left for you to choose.”

“Ten days will start from now. Ten days later, I will come here to pick you up.”

After the manager elder of the Prestigious Villa gave some last instructions, he left. And his departure also represented the official start of the so-called event.

And after the manager elder left, everyone whispered amongst themselves. They were all discussing who the leader should be.

Just at that time, Liu Zhizun walked into the middle of the crowd, looked around him, then loudly said, “Everyone, the event has already officially started. Just now, before the elder left, he also said it. Currently, we are a whole. So, we need a leader. Only a proper leader can let us survive better in this dangerous land.”

“As the number one disciple of the Prestigious Villa, I, Liu Zhizun, have a relatively good understanding of the Thousand Monster Mountain and I have also fought against Monstrous Beasts many times before. So, I’ll volunteer to be this leader. I wonder if anyone has any objections?”

“No objects! I approve of Senior Liu leading us!”

“I also approve! No matter if it is in terms of cultivation, ability, or wisdom, Senior Liu is the most excellent person out of all of us. He is the only one who is appropriate for leading us!”

After Liu Zhizun spoke, the beauties of the Prestigious Villa all started to agree and after they expressed their approval, who would raise any objections?

Putting aside that raising objections meant offending the beauties, what they said was also correct. Within the group, only Liu Zhizun was most suitable to lead them.

Then as expected, Liu Zhizun became the leader of everyone, and the first decision Liu Zhizun made was to not go any deeper, stay where they were, set up camp, and rest for a night, because it was already late and everyone was tired from the journey.

It had to be said that Liu Zhizun did have some capabilities in leading. After the decision to set up camp, he started to orderly split up the work. He let the World Spiritists lay detection Spirit Formations and defense Spirit Formations, forming an invisible defensive fortress in that place.

Chu Feng also stated his identity of being a World Spiritist. It wasn’t that he wanted to show his special abilities, rather, he wanted to use that chance to lay a Spirit Formation that had a hole so it would be convenient for him to escape.

And because of the difference in males and females, there was some distance between where the males were situated in and where the females were situated in.

But perhaps because it was resting at night, and it was indeed inconvenient, Zi Ling did not request Chu Feng to stay by her side. But only when they separated, she gave Chu Feng a sentence of threat “Manage your own mouth.”

As he faced that situation, Chu Feng hiddenly celebrated. He already made a resolution to secretly leave this place when it was deep into the night and when people were quiet.

“Junior Chu Feng? Is Junior Chu Feng here?”

But just as the colours of the night descended, a beauty with a beautiful voice arrived in front of Chu Feng’s tent and called out with that soft voice.