Chapter 359 - Public Enemy of Males

MGA: Chapter 359 - Public Enemy of Males

“Elder, is it possible to make an exception? I truly want to go over to their side. I am close friends with Bai Yunfei and the others, so if I go together with them, it will be more helpful in the event.”

At that instant, Tang Yixiu was tangling a manager elder of the Prestigious Villa. Because Zi Ling wasn’t in their group, he who had special thoughts towards Zi Ling was intensely requesting to go to the group that Zi Ling was in.

However, his request was heartlessly denied by the manager elder, because that was the rule. If everyone requested to be in the same group as Zi Ling, how was the event going to be held?

“Quickly look! Isn’t that Lady Zi Ling?”

“Waa, it is truly her! It is possible that she will join in our group?” But just at that time, there was suddenly a person in the crowd who exclaimed in surprise. Focusing their gazes to look over, Zi Ling was truly walking towards where they were.

Seeing that, the manager elder quickly went up to greet her, and with a quite humble attitude, he chucked and asked, “Miss Zi Ling, what’s the matter?”

“Elder Xu, I want a person from you.” Zi Ling’s voice was extremely beautiful. Especially when she spoke those words quietly, one would be drunk from listening, and when they saw her smile of absolute beauty on her face, the nerves of the people on scene were stretched and the hearts in their chests almost jumped out.

“This… Miss Zi Ling, I wonder who you want over?” The manager elder heard the meaning behind Zi Ling’s words and he was clearly in a bit of a difficult situation. But he did not refuse, and he curiously asked.

“Him.” Zi Ling pointed her finger towards Chu Feng and the others.

At that instant, the hearts of all the males surrounding Chu Feng couldn’t help beating quicker and their breathing turned rougher. Even the thoughts and emotions of Xu Zhongyu next to Chu Feng and Jie Qingming behind Chu Feng also rippled.

Zi Ling personally inviting someone to go over to her side meant that Zi Ling had feelings towards that person! Everyone hoped that they could get that honor.

“Crap.” But compared to others, Chu Feng hiddenly cursed. Over on that side, he did not have a person like Xu Zhongyu to look over him. If he was called over, it would really be too dangerous. After all, putting others aside, even Zi Ling had thoughts of killing Chu Feng.

“Lady Zi Ling, you’re….you’re talking about me?” Just at that time, a male who stood in front of Chu Feng walked forward with disbelief and incomparable excitement.

“Not you. The one behind you.” Zi Ling lightly frowned, then pointed at Chu Feng who was behind that male.

Seeing that, Chu Feng’s face slightly changed, then he hurriedly turned his body and hid behind Gu Bo.

“Chu Feng, I’m talking about you. Where are you hiding?” But who would have thought, that the seemingly insignificant action of Chu Feng hiding forced Zi Ling to directly call out his name?

“What? Chu Feng?!”

With that, the situation turned horrible. Almost everyone on scene, no matter male, female, old, or young, cast their gazes towards Chu Feng. With the eyes of females, there was strangeness but also the rare jealousy. Some people even revealed bare killing intent.

And the thing that caused Chu Feng to be the most speechless was that as Chu Feng stood where he was with a face full of helplessness, Zi Ling had actually speedily walked into the crowd, extended her clean-white hand and grabbed onto Chu Feng’s cuff. As they were being stared by the eyes of the crowd, she forcefully dragged Chu Feng out.

Zi Ling pulled Chu Feng and arrived in front of the manager elder. She then said one sentence, “Elder, it’s him.” After speaking, without even turning her head back around, she directly tugged Chu Feng into another group.


As they looked at Chu Feng’s and Zi Ling’s slowly distancing backs, Gu Bo and Xu Zhongyu looked at each other with their four eyes. Even though their relationship was quite good with Chu Feng, a bit of jealousy couldn’t avoid appearing in their eyes.

On the other hand, Xu Zhongyu was the first to relievedly smiled. He said, “Brother Chu Feng does have quite good luck.”

And Gu Bo also closely nodded his head, “On that topic, the two of them do match each other rather well.”

However, compared to Gu Bo and Xu Zhongyu, the people who were unrelated to Chu Feng could only purely envy them. Especially people like Jie Qingming and Tang Yixiu. They were so angry that their eyes spit fire and the root of their teeth itched.

The person they loved was pulling the person who they felt extreme displeasure, even hatred, towards, away in front of them. That feeling caused them, who were always surrounded by beauties, to taste the pain of jealousy.

And as for the males in the other group, they were even more furious. Especially Bai Yunfei, Song Qingfeng, and Liu Xiaoyao. Their faces turned white from anger, and within the gazes that they looked towards Chu Feng with, cold glare glittered and they wished they could choke Chu Feng to death.

Originally, they thought that their chance to chase after Zi Ling arrived as they were separated into the same group as Zi Ling. But what was the current situation? Was it possible that in Zi Ling’s heart, she already chose the brat that came from the Azure Province?

But no matter how much more displeased they were in their hearts, right now, they could only endure because at that very instant, after all, there were still manager elders from the Prestigious Villa.

After Zi Ling brought Chu Feng and approached her team, a figure was also speedily walking over. It was Liu Zhizun.

Although Liu Zhizun wasn’t a participator in the Marriage Gathering, as the number one disciple of the Prestigious Villa, he also joined the event, and like them, after seeing Zi Ling’s actions, he was similarly displeased.

At that instant, he stopped in front of Chu Feng and Zi Ling, and while smiling, he said to Zi Ling, “Junior Zi Ling, the divide of these two teams were pre-arranged by the elders. By doing this, it doesn’t seem to be appropriate right?”

“Ho...” As she faced Liu Zhizun’s obstruction, Zi Ling sweetly smiled, then quickly after, she said, “The elder has already approved of it, so there is no need to trouble yourself.” Following that, Zi Ling also did not care about Li Zhizun, and directly, she pulled Chu Feng and walked into the crowd.

Seeing that, a touch of cold glare flashed by Liu Zhizun’s eyes. However, his eyes were not facing Zi Ling. They were facing Chu Feng.

“I’m finished I’m finished! I’ve been tricked to death by this girl.” As a World Spiritist and at that moment, Chu Feng was naturally able to feel the gazes that revealed killing intent condensing onto his body.

He felt that this time, he was tricked by Zi Ling. He was forced into a predicament and became the public enemy of all males.

Yet he could not have done anything. As he faced the little beautiful girl, he couldn't have refused right? Besides, even the manager elder agreed, so how could he not?

But with a thought, Chu Feng felt that since it was already like this, why not just take the chance and touch Zi Ling a bit? So, he waved the sleeve of his robe and got rid of Zi Ling’s hand from his cuff, then quickly afterwards, he extended his hand and grabbed. He had actually grasped Zi Ling’s white hand into his own hand.


Feeling that her own little hand was being tightly grasped, the face of Zi Ling changed and she quickly retracted her hand, ferociously glared at Chu Feng, then said at a low voice, “Don’t think that I have any thoughts towards you. I’m just afraid that you won’t be able to control your own mouth when you are together with others.