Chapter 358 - Igniting the Flames of War

MGA: Chapter 358 - Igniting the Flames of War

“Damned girl, she dares to threaten you in such a way? Chu Feng, let me control your body and let me give this damn girl a good lesson.”

At that instant, Eggy was furious. Chu Feng was clearly able to feel Eggy’s fury. Although this wasn’t the first time Chu Feng was threatened by someone, this time however, Eggy was particularly angry.

“No need, I can take care of it myself.” But Chu Feng coldly snorted, and quickly after, the two types of lightning still flowing in his blood were like volcanoes that were going to erupt as they started to boil.

*boom* Suddenly, as if an explosion happened within Chu Feng’s body, a berserk aura bursted out from his body.

In that situation, Zi Ling’s hand that was squeezing Chu Feng’s neck immediately trembled, then she hurriedly let go and went a few steps backwards.

“Your eyes?!” Seeing Chu Feng’s pupils that had yellow and blue interweaved and feeling Chu Feng’s aura that instantly climbed into the 5th level of the Profound realm, Zi Ling’s likeable little face couldn't avoid changing and within her eyes, a touch of fear had actually appeared.

“You are indeed very special. You don’t have a Divine Body, yet you possess power that is not inferior to Divine Bodies.”

“But right now, you are unable to defeat me because this is my territory. If I want to kill you, you will have no way of escaping.”

“But you don’t need to be afraid. I won’t kill you. I just hope that you can keep a secret and don’t let anyone learn about my special body.”

“At the same time, I will also guarantee that I won’t reveal your secret to anyone. I won’t let anyone know that you are an oddity who grasps strange abilities.”

Zi Ling spoke with an extremely gentle tone, as if she was bargaining over price. Simultaneously, her bright big eyes also cautiously stared at Chu Feng, as though afraid of any movements from him because truly, she could not see through him.

Although Chu Feng’s current two pupils were very strange, when compared to the black-coloured power that seeped out of Chu Feng’s body that day, there was still a huge difference. She knew that Chu Feng did not use his true power, and the power of the darkness was exactly what she was fearful of.

Chu Feng did not pay attention to Zi Ling. He first rubbed his neck, and only then did he shoot Zi Ling a glance and said, “You were intentionally testing me just now right? If I didn’t have any power to resist, would you have just directly attacked and killed me? ”

After hearing those words, Zi Ling’s pupils shrunk and she did not reply to Chu Feng. She walked straight towards the window before turning her head back to say, “Remember my words. If you dare to reveal my secret, believe me. You will absolutely die extremely miserably.”

After speaking and with a thought, the Spirit Formation that enveloped the entire room instantly disappeared, and with a leap of her beautiful body, like a ghost, she disappeared within the night sky.

“This girl is too dangerous. Just now, I really did feel her killing intent.” After Zi Ling left, Chu Feng breathed a long sigh of relief as if a burden was lifted.

Because he knew that if Zi Ling truly attacked him, the current him would certainly not be able to defeat her. Even if he borrowed Eggy’s power, he would still be unable to defeat her. That girl, was indeed very terrifying.

But luckily, Zi Ling seemed to be scared by Chu Feng, so at least up until now, she would still not kill Chu Feng.

But the thing that caused the biggest headache to Chu Feng wasn’t that. The thing that caused him the headache was that he wanted to do it with Zi Ling, but as he faced a woman who wanted to kill himself, how could that be accomplished? It was really too hard.

But currently, Chu Feng did not have any methods. He could only leave it up to fate and go along with nature. After all, his real goal in this journey was the mysterious treasure inside the Thousand Monster Mountain.

On the next day, Chu Feng got out of bed very early, followed the peak experts of the Prestigious Villa and stepped onto the expedition towards the Thousand Monster Mountain

On this journey, not only were there the head of the Prestigious Villa, Chu Feng, and the thousand or so others who participated in the Marriage Gathering, there were also the representative characters from the powers everywhere. In order to express sincerity towards the marriage, they took the initiative to give their assistance to the Prestigious Villa, to attack the Monstrous Beasts in the Thousand Monster Mountain together.

Although on the surface, the representative characters of the powers were very righteous, respectable and they had very good intentions, Chu Feng and the others from the Prestigious Villa knew very clearly regarding the reason why they were willing to follow their actions. In reality, it was for the treasures in the Thousand Monster Mountain.

After several days of hurrying, they finally arrived at the forbidden land of the Qin Province, the Thousand Monster Mountain.

However, at that instant, the vast mountain range was no longer peaceful. In many places, the flames of battle were already lit. The battle powers that the Prestigious Villa gathered beforehand already started their attacks on the Thousand Monster Mountain.

And after seeing the flames on the Thousand Monster Mountain, the head of the Prestigious Villa and the manager elders of the Prestigious Villa, as well as the experts from powers everywhere immediately joined the battlefield and rushed into the boundless mountain range. Only two manager elders remained, who were in charge of Chu Feng and the others’ event.

*boom boom boom*

Finally, when the White-headed Eagles that Chu Feng and the others’ rode on landed outside of the Thousand Monster Mountain, it was a lot more peaceful when compared to back there. There were no fires burning, but one could still hear bursts of explosions from afar, and occasionally, even the furious roar of Monstrous Beasts. It caused the land they were standing on to tremble, and from that, it could be seen how intense the battle in the distance was.

“Everyone, my Prestigious Villa has already sent one hundred thousand elites to attack the Monstrous Beasts in the Thousand Monster Mountain.”

“I believe that after our villa head joins that battlefield, we will have even bigger breakthroughs. The Monstrous Beasts in the Thousand Monster Mountain will certainly pay the price for their evil actions.”

“However, although the Monstrous Beasts right now are already as muddled as a pot of congee, there are several hundreds of thousands of Monstrous Beasts in this Thousand Monster Mountain. So, even if all of you are going to enter a rather safer zone, do not be careless.”

“Because, what you will be facing are cruel and heartless Monstrous Beasts. It is still possible that you will face life-threatening dangers.”

“Like the words of the villa head, we advise you to kill the Monstrous Beasts after meeting them in the Thousand Monster Mountain. Do not leave any alive, or else the ones who will suffer will be you.”

The Prestigious Villa elders first told them some things they should pay attention to, then quickly after, they gave everyone a map.

That map was completely different than the one in Chu Feng’s brain. It was a lot simpler when compared to it and the location of the underground palace was not even recorded.

However, on the map, two areas were circled out. They were the areas that Chu Feng and the others needed to survive ten days for, and the first step they needed to do was to first arrive in that area, and ten days had to pass before they return. And that, was the event that they needed to undergo.

Because there were two safe areas, Chu Feng and the others also needed to be split into two groups.

Unluckily, Chu Feng was in the same group as Jie Qingming, Tang Yixiu, and the others. They did not like Chu Feng.

But luckily, Xu Zhongyu and the others from the World Spirit Guild were also together with Chu Feng. As long as Xu Zhongyu was there, Chu Feng felt better security.

Although Chu Feng was going to split away from them sooner or later, at least before leaving the group, Chu Feng still needed Xu Zhongyu to suppress Jie Qingming.

Of course, other than Xu Zhongyu and Jie Qingming, there was also a person who was unknown whether he was an enemy or friend. It was Jiang Wushang.

The genius from the Jiang Dynasty was very strange. Although he did help Chu Feng that day on the summit of the mountain peak, on the road, when Chu Feng started a conversation with him, he was rather icy cold. From that, Chu Feng was unable to see through him. That boy.