Chapter 357 - Beautiful Woman Paying a Visit

MGA: Chapter 357 - Beautiful Woman Paying a Visit

“The strength of the Prestigious Villa is actually this strong! They have twenty manager elders in the Heaven realm, so in addition to the head of the villa, don’t they have twenty-one Heaven realm experts?”

At that instant, the experts from various powers all tightly furrowed their brows and indescribable uneasiness started to rise from their hearts. Even if it was a peak power from other provinces, it was the same.

Because in certain aspects, the strength that the Prestigious Villa displayed already surpassed them. Currently, the only ones that could remain calm were only the two special powers, the World Spirit Guild and the Jie clan.

“It’s not that I’m looking down on the Thousand Monster Mountain, but my Prestigious Villa does absolutely have the ability to sweep it away.”

“Right now, the army of my Prestigious Villa has already gathered and they are prepared. Tomorrow, they will start the attacks on the Thousand Monster Mountain and let them know the power of us humans, let them know that it is best for them to hide like a turtle in their Thousand Monster Mountain, their tiny bit of land.”

“And the event of the Marriage Gathering will also start there.”

“Everyone, don’t worry. Although it is an event that tests courage, I won’t let any of you take any unnecessary risks.”

“We’ve already scouted out the landscape of the Thousand Monster Mountain. Within the Thousand Monster Mountain, there are two zones. In those two zones, the least number of Monstrous Beasts are located there and their strengths are comparatively weaker as well.”

“The event will be carried out in those two zones. Of course, after entering, all of you will need to rely on yourselves.”

“But as advice from me, it is best to kill all the Monstrous Beasts you see, or else they will certainly kill you. Even if they cannot kill you, they will lead stronger Monstrous Beasts that will in turn kill all of you.”

“The event will last for ten days. Ten days later, you can leave the Thousand Monster Mountain and my Prestigious Villa will send people to bring you back to the Prestigious Villa.”

“And at that time, I believe that the hundred ladies from my Prestigious Villa will already have a satisfied impression in their hearts. As for which of you can win over the heart of the hundred ladies, that’ll depend on your performances in these ten days.” Qin Lei spoke again. He had plenty of confidence and was filled with self-assurance.

After seeing the strength of the Prestigious Villa, there was indeed no one who questioned anything, and they all approved of the special event.

Soon after, on the summit of the mountain peak, a dance party for breaking the ice between one another was started. On the stage, the alluring figures of many beauties were displayed as well as their graceful dancing. It caused everyone to be extremely excited and they incessantly cheered.

There were even some shameless people who lost their control from the beauties on the stage. They hid in a quiet corner, and as they looked at the beauties on the stage, their right hand danced around and they secretly did some low-class things.

However, Lady Zi Ling did not participate in this session of the performance. After Qin Lei finished announcing the details of the event, she left first with the escort of elders.

As for Chu Feng, he did not have much interest towards the remaining beauties. He focused on Gu Bo, Xu Zhongyu, and the others from the World Spirit Guild and drank merrily.

Currently, he already made quite a number of big enemies both intentionally and unintentionally. After entering the Thousand Monster Mountain, there would certainly be someone who would attack him. So, the only people he could rely on were those from the World Spirit Guild.

After drinking happily for a while, the night was already dark, and because tomorrow was the day to head towards the Thousand Monster Mountain, Xu Zhongyu suggested that the young generation of the World Spirit Guild should go back rely to rest, and Chu Feng and the others, naturally, responded to the call.

After returning to his room, Chu Feng first steeped some green tea. Because he was happy today, he really did drink quite a bit. So, he needed that in order to dispel the power of wine a bit.

After steeping the tea and with a teacup in hand, Chu Feng walked towards a window. As he drank tea, he raised his head to look at the night sky, but in reality, he was thinking and organizing the map in his memories.

The map was shown to him by the mysterious Monstrous Beast when he was first in the Asura Ghost Tower, and the landscape that the map recorded was the landscape of the Thousand Monster Mountain.

In the Thousand Monster Mountain’s middle zone, there was a vast underground palace, and within the palace, the thing that Chu Feng needed was there.

However, outside of the underground palace, there were also five special areas and they were guarded like a castle. Without even thinking, Chu Feng knew what those five special areas were. They were undoubtedly the areas that the five Monster Kings were in charge of.

So, it also meant that the five Monster Kings knew what treasure Chu Feng wanted was. Perhaps they even had some special relationship with the mysterious Monstrous Beast in the Asura Ghost Tower.

At the beginning, the mysterious Monstrous Beast did not tell Chu Feng about the dangers of the Thousand Monster Mountain. Although the mysterious Monstrous Beast told Chu Feng where the treasure was, it was equivalent in giving him a test.


But just at that time, a flash appeared in front of Chu Feng’s eyes, and a row of purple-coloured light, like lightning, rushed into his room from a window.


At that instant, Chu Feng subconsciously felt that something was off and with a leap, he wanted to escape through the window.

However, after Chu Feng leaped and was pouncing towards the window, with a bang, it was as if he collided into a copper and iron wall and he was reflected back and he fell onto the floor.

“Blue-coloured Spirit Formation?” Chu Feng was thrown and flipped onto the ground. He raised his head to look, and he discovered, with the power of blue-coloured Spirit Formation, a formless Spirit Formation was covering the window and it already sealed the entire room.

Turning his head and looking, indeed, it was the same as Chu Feng’s predictions. A beautiful figure was currently standing inside his own room.

It was young female who wore a pretty skirt and had a face that was beautiful beyond compare. It was the young female who stunned the entire mountain peak today, Zi Ling.

“She already became a Blue-cloak World Spiritist?”

Chu Feng’s heart was shocked. He never would have thought that Zi Ling who was only in the 9th level of the Profound realm already became a Blue-cloak World Spiritist.

However, clearly, one had to be in the Heaven realm in order to gain the blue-coloured Spirit Formation power, yet with the cultivation of the 9th level of the Profound realm, she gained the power of a Blue-cloak World Spiritist. That defied common sense a bit.

But after thinking a bit more carefully, it was acceptable. Only those in the Heaven realm could gain the power of blue-coloured Spirit Formations. That was common sense.

However, there were many people could break common sense, for example, Chu Feng himself. He broken it many times, and since even he could, why not people with Divine Bodies?

“Ho… So it’s Lady Zi Ling. The so-called ‘males and females must keep a distance’. Could it be that you wish to go against such principles by intruding into my room in the middle of the night?”

Although Chu Feng was shocked by Zi Ling’s strength, he did not overly panic. He stood up, naturally patted the dust on his body away, and revealed a peaceful light smile towards Zi Ling.


But suddenly, Zi Ling’s body flashed, and like a ghost, she appeared in front of Chu Feng. At the same time, her clean-white, shiny, and smooth hands already tightly clenched on Chu Feng’s neck.


At that instant, Chu Feng was able to feel layers of strong power engulfing his body and sealing his entire body’s movement.

At that instant, he was powerless throughout his body. Not to mention fighting back, he couldn’t even say any words. He could only watch as Zi Ling’s face of absolute beauty approached him bit by bit.

Finally, Zi Ling’s mouth came right next to Chu Feng’s ear, and she said with an extremely icy cold tone, “Do not tell anybody about my matter, or else even if you escape to the ends of the world, I will still split your corpse into ten thousand pieces.”