Chapter 356 - Prepare to Start the Battle

MGA: Chapter 356 - Prepare to Start the Battle

“He wants us to be in touch with the hundred beauties, and use our own strength to conquer the beauties in order to have one in our embrace? In terms of handsomeness, who here can surpass us four brothers?” Tang Yixiu was filled with confidence.

“My three brothers, choose any of the nine beauties for yourself. I’ll be fine with just Lady Zi Ling.” Song Qingfeng said.

“Song Qingfeng, do you have no shame? Why not ask, within us four brothers, who is still thinking about those nine beauties? Who isn’t thinking about Lady Zi Ling in their heart? Besides, when compared to Lady Zi Ling, are those nine girls even beauties?” Bai Yunfei sneered and said.

“What? From what I hear, Brother Yunfei, you want to have a fight with me, Song Qingfeng?” Song Qingfeng’s face darkened as he changed his expression.

“Ahh, what is there to argue about? It will suffice if everyone fairly fights.” Liu Xiaoyao spoke.

“Hmph. Let’s fight then. Who’s afraid of who?” The other three all coldly snorted.

The conversion of the four people were spoken with mental messages, so other people were not aware what they were discussing about, and after announcing the marriage method of the Marriage Gathering, the head of the villa, Qin Lei, announced once again,

“As for the location of this special event, it’s the Thousand Monster Mountain.”


After those words were spoken, a commotion instantly rose. Many people who did not know the truth were greatly stunned. What place was the Thousand Monster Mountain? It was a forbidden land!

Didn’t the Prestigious Villa always clearly prohibit it and not allow anyone to step into the Thousand Monster Mountain?

Compared to the confusion of the bystanders, a smile of yearning rose from the corners of the mouths from the people who already received the information because the real good show was finally going to start.

“Everyone, no need to be surprised. Since this is a special event, there must be a special place. I, Qin Lei, am looking for husbands for my Prestigious Villa’s hundred ladies, so naturally, the requirements need to be a bit stricter.”

“Although martial cultivation talent is something that absolutely necessary, a person’s courage is even more necessary. As for this thing called courage, it can only be shown when one meets true danger.”

“And the Thousand Monster Mountain is the best place to test one’s courage.”

“Of course, there are certainly dangers by entering the Thousand Monster Mountain, and one can even lose their life in there. So, I, Qin Lei, will not make things difficult for everyone.”

“If anyone feels that they cannot protect themselves in the Thousand Monster Mountain, they can choose to leave right now. I, Qin Lei, will absolutely not stop them.”

At that instant, the disturbance got even more serious. Everyone was discussing and whispering. But after a full hour passed, no one chose to leave.

The reason was very simple. When a time like this arrived, who would be willing to easily give up?

Besides, if anyone left at this time, it was telling everyone that they felt that they couldn’t do it. Not only would they lose their own face, they would even blacken their own power, and in the future, after returning to the power, it would be difficult for them to raise their heads again.

So, naturally, no one chose to give up, and as he faced that situation, Qin Lei smiled as he got his way. Because everything was within his grasp, and the scene in front of him was exactly within his expectations.

“It seems like I, Qin Lei, have not been mistaken. The young people here are indeed the most outstanding in the continent of the Nine Provinces. Not only in terms of martial cultivation talent, but also in terms of courage.”

“Since it is like this, I will announce the specifics of this event as well as the circumstances of the Thousand Monster Mountain.”

“The Thousand Monster Mountain is a land governed by Monstrous Beasts. Within it, there are countless Monstrous Beasts. All their cultivations are dominatingly strong and there is no space for underestimation.”

“The Thousand Monster Mountain is split into five areas. The five areas are respectively controlled by the five Monster Kings.”

“Not only are the strengths of the five Monster Kings extremely strong, they have no conflicts between them. Rather, their relationship are extremely good.”

“This also means that the five Monster Kings are one group, causing all the Monstrous Beasts in the Thousand Monster Mountain to be united as one.”

“In addition to their intense dislike of humans, I classify the Thousand Monster Mountain as one of the most risky places in the continent of the Nine Provinces.”

“This is also why my Prestigious Villa views it as a forbidden land to prohibit anyone from stepping into the Thousand Monster Mountain.” Qin Lei explained in detail.

“Since the Thousand Monster Mountain is so risky and the Monstrous Beasts are so dangerous, if we enter and are discovered by them, aren’t we causing them to be enraged? Are you not afraid of their retaliation? You are simply playing fire and burning yourself.”

Just at that time, Jiang Wushang who was sitting on the viewing stage suddenly spoke. Actually, many people had the same question, but only he would dare to ask like that.

“Ho...Your words are correct. If the Monstrous Beasts discover that we entered the Thousand Monster Mountain, with their methods, they will certainly retaliate over humans.”

“However, the reason why I still want to do this is because in the past few years, the Monstrous Beasts in the Thousand Monster Mountain are being restless. Again and again, humans outside of the Thousand Monster Mountain suffer misfortunes. Some villages even got slaughtered, and after investigations, what was discovered was that the ones who committed such sins were exactly the Monstrous Beasts in the Thousand Monster Mountain.”

“The Thousand Monster Mountain has already declared war against us humans. Today, what we are doing is only a counterattack. So, I’m not afraid of their retaliation because what I want is to thoroughly start the war, to let the Monstrous Beasts in the Thousand Monster Mountain to know the power of us humans, so that in the future, they can know their place a bit more.” Qin Lei explained.

“But you don’t have confidence, so you drag us down the water, and you want to borrow our strengths to deal with the Thousand Monster Mountain together?” Jiang Wushang started to sharply interrogate.

“Haha!” But at that instant, Qin Lei started to laugh loudly, then quickly after he said, “I knew that someone would think like that.”

“Indeed, through this Marriage Gathering, my Prestigious Villa does want to establish a bridge of connection with the powers here, but I never once thought of borrowing everyone’s power to attack the Thousand Monster Mountain.”

“That’s because my Prestigious Villa already has the ability to attack the Thousand Monster Mountain on its own.”

After speaking, Qin Lei waved his big sleeve and quickly following that, twenty bodies descended from the sky and landed behind Qin Lei. They were twenty old people, and the four who carried Zi Ling’s sedan chair were also there. They were all manager elders of the Prestigious Villa, but the most important part was their auras. They were all experts in the Heaven realm.

“There are twenty Heaven realm elders? The Prestigious Villa is actually this powerful?”

At that instant, many people on scene were endlessly shocked. Even Chu Feng felt extreme unexpectedness because not only were all the twenty manager elders Heaven realm experts, some of them even stepped into the 2nd level of the Heaven realm, even the 3rd level

The Heaven realm was different from other realms. Every level was a difficult gap to go over, causing some middle-aged people with unordinary talent to step in the Heaven realm, yet in their remaining lives, they could not walk another step forward. In their old ages, they still remained in the 1st level of the Heaven realm.

But within the Prestigious Villa’s manager elders, there were actually people who stepped into the 2nd level of the Heaven realm, even the 3rd. Then what realm did the head of the villa step into? What degree of power did the Prestigious Villa reach?