Chapter 355 - Special Event

MGA: Chapter 355 - Special Event

“Zi Ling? A purple-coloured bell?”

[TN: Zi = purple, Ling = bell.]

“She took a name rather close to her own ability. It seems like the person who named her knows that she has a Divine Body.”

“This Prestigious Villa is not simple! It actually hiddenly developed a Divine Body. In front of this girl, I’m sure that even Jiang Wushang will be inferior right?” Chu Feng who personally experienced Zi Ling’s strength deeply knew how powerful she was.

Although on the surface, Zi Ling’s cultivation was only the 9th level of the Profound realm, her true battle power was far superior than Chu Feng’s. So, Chu Feng felt that even Jie Qingming who had a Elite Armament and the cultivation of the 1st level of the Heaven realm would not necessarily be able to defeat Zi Ling.

At that very instant, the most apical young geniuses of the Nine Provinces were gathered on the viewing stage, but people did not know that the strongest genius was actually the purple-clothed young female who was as beautiful as a fairy, Zi Ling.

Zi Ling’s pretty appearance undoubtedly stunned everyone. Before, Tang Yixiu and the three others who were still sweeping over the nine beauties’ bodies were currently looking around Zi Ling’s body. They were unwilling to look away, and they were even muttering to themselves without stop,

“There’s actually such a beautiful woman in the world… If she’s already so bewitching at such an age, when she grows up in the future, how outstanding would she look like? What other wishes would one even have if they were able to marriage this person?”

Not to mention them, even Jie Qingming and Xu Zhongyu were captivated by Zi Ling’s beautiful appearance. Especially the extremely conceited Jie Qingming. At that instant, even he was hiddenly saying in his heart as well, “If one were to ask me what kind of woman could accompany my left and right, I would answer: None other than this girl.”

“Chu Feng, this is truly a rare chance! You must fight over the affection of this girl in the Marriage Gathering to get hold of her, or else you will miss this heavenly-great chance.” Eggy giggled and reminded.

“What? Don’t joke! It’s not like you don’t know how dangerous this girl is. Besides, she must hate me to death, yet you want me to hit on her? Aren’t you telling me to enter the tiger’s mouth as lamb, to look for my own path of death?” Without even thinking, Chu Feng refused.

“What do you even know? Divine Bodies are people who are cared by the heavens. They innately have abilities that normal people do not have. What they possess are divine powers bestowed by heaven.”

“It would be quite fine if such divine powers get bestowed on the body of a male, but if it gets bestowed on the body of a female, then her future husband will also gain enormous benefits.” Eggy reminded.

“Enormous benefits? What benefits?” After hearing the word “benefits”, Chu Feng was instantly interested and he couldn’t help but ask closely.

“As long as you do the thing between a male and female with her and take away her first time, then a part of her unique divine power will be absorbed by you and transformed into power that only you have.”

“To normal people, that divine power will help extremely greatly in the martial cultivation aspect, but to you, perhaps it will let you understand the power of the Divine Lightning in your body.”

“Although you can continuously break through two level of cultivation with the power of the golden-coloured lightning and the blue-coloured lightning, I believe that you also know that it isn’t their real power.”

“You have no way of comprehending their power, so naturally, you have no way of using them. However, if you can do the thing between a male and female with that Zi Ling and take away part of her divine power from her body, perhaps you will have a chance to understand the obscurity of the Divine Lightning. Even if you cannot comprehend it, it will still increase your cultivation by a step.” Eggy explained in detail.

“There’s actually something like this?” At that instant, Chu Feng was also incomparably elated and his heart was filled with yearning.

It was exactly as how Eggy said it was. From the beginning, he was able to feel how much power the Divine Lightning in his body contained. It was an ineffable, horrifying power. So horrifying that it was as if it shouldn’t exist in this world.

However, he was only able to feel the Divine Lightning, but he could not control the Divine Lighting, let alone gaining its powers. So, after hearing Eggy’s words, his heart instantly changed.

Even if there was a mountain of knives or an ocean of flames in front of him, he still had to walk through it. He made a decision. No matter what, he had to get his hands on Zi Ling because he did not want to miss a chance to gain the power of the Divine Lightning.

Zi Ling did indeed attract the attention of all the males there. Regardless of age, no matter if it was the young generation, or the elderly experts, they were smiling and admiring the young female who was peerless in beauty.

Especially when the head of the Prestigious Villa, Qin Lei, announced that Zi Ling was his foster daughter, people viewed the young female with even more importance.

At that very instant, on the luxurious stage that was on the summit of the mountain peak, a young female called Zi Ling was doubtlessly the most dazzling person there.

“Everyone, since the Marriage Gathering has reached this stage, it’s time to announce the method of marrying for this Marriage Gathering.”

“The reason why my Prestigious Villa set up this Marriage Gathering is very simple. First, it’s to find a good person for my Prestigious Villa’s excellent ladies to rely on. It’s also to make good friends throughout the world with this. To spread the connections of my Prestigious Villa throughout the continent of the Nine Provinces.”

“Perhaps there will be people who ask: Right now, there are almost a thousand males who are participating in this Marriage Gathering, yet there are only a hundred ladies. How should it be distributed? Should a martial competition be conducted?”

“Of course not. Although I, Qin Lei, want to find a husband who has powerful strength for my Prestigious Villa’s ladies, it’s not limited to their current strength. What I have my eyes on is their future potential.”

“This is also why I opened two Limitless Underground Palaces in the first test. It’s also why there are both geniuses in the Profound realm here as well as geniuses in the Origin realm.”

“Although the distance in your current strength is huge, all of you have the same traits. That is, in terms of martial cultivation, all of you have very good talent, and in the future, all of you will have very good developments.”

“Speaking to that point, perhaps some people will ask: Since there is no need to compete martially to judge who can bring a beauty back home, how will this Marriage Gathering be carried out?”

“Actually, this is still very simple. I hand the power to choose over to my hundred ladies.”

“My Prestigious Villa will organize a special event. The hundred ladies of my Prestigious Villa will also participate in this event. This is also a provided chance for you to get closer to one another.”

“While being together, I’m sure that the hundred ladies will have a husband they are pleased with in their hearts, and after this event is finished, the hundred ladies can announce who they are satisfied with, and at that time, it will also be the full conclusion of this Marriage Gathering.” The head of the Prestigious Villa, Qin Lei, loudly narrated.

“So it’s like this? Let us use our own abilities to attract the attention of the hundred beauties and not purely with martial power? This method is rather interesting.”

At that instant, the groups of people started to get restless. Many people expressed approval because Qin Lei’s method gave everyone a chance.