Chapter 354 - Zi Ling

MGA: Chapter 354 - Zi Ling

After the beauties on the stage finished their self-introductions, the head of the Prestigious Villa stood up and loudly said, “Everyone, peak geniuses of the continent of the Nine Provinces, are you pleased with the hundred beauties that my Prestigious Villa carefully chose?”

“We are!!” Clear voices interweaved together, and like thunder, it resonated throughout this land, stating everyone’s current excited emotions.

As he faced the young geniuses’ reactions, the head of the Prestigious Villa nodded his head in satisfaction and then said, “I’m sure that everyone will be more pleased with the following person.”

As he spoke, the head of the Prestigious Villa pointed towards the sky over the main city, and following his finger to look over to that direction, people astonishedly discovered that in the night sky, a beautiful sedan chair was floating over in the air.

The sedan chair’s materials were extremely special. They were as bright as crystal. Especially in the night sky, they flickered and shone, causing it to be abnormally gorgeous.

“Almost forgot that there is still one more beauty who hasn’t arrived yet. It seems like she’s the grand finale.”

At that instant, almost everyone couldn’t help standing up. Even the esteemed guests on the viewing stage were no exception because when that sedan chair came closer, people discovered that the ones carrying the crystal sedan chair were four manager elders from the Prestigious Villa. Those four manager elders were all Heaven realm experts.

Who exactly was the person sitting in the sedan chair, to be able to make the four manager elders in the Heaven realm lower themselves to carry it? Before the person in the sedan chair even appeared, it already caused everyone who were there to guess.

Just at that time, as it was controlled by the four manager elders, the sedan chair arrived above the viewing stage. It was currently slowly descending, and the ninety-nine beauties standing in the middle of the viewing stage also quickly made way and the most sparkling place on the viewing stage was reserved out.

Finally, the sedan chair landed on the ground. The four manager elders stood on both sides, and two people who were close to the sedan chair’s exit pulled the curtains simultaneously.

At that instant, many people on scene couldn’t help but hold their breaths and without shifting their gazes, they stared at the exit of the sedan chair. They wanted to see what kind of person was able to be the finale of the Marriage Gathering, who was also able to have the manager elders in the Heaven realm carry the chair for her.

And under the gazes of countless people, the figure of a young female finally appeared within people’s line of sight. After that young female appeared, no matter if it were the males or females, all of them were taken aback and they couldn’t help but be attracted by the appearance of the young female.

Indeed, it was a young female, and it was even an extremely young one. However, her appearance was incomparable to any of the other females there.

It was said that fresh flowers needed green leaves to accompany them, so beautiful women also needed ugly women as embellishment. However, that young female’s pretty appearance needed none of that. Even if she stood within ten thousand flowers and was compared to beauties, she would still be the existence that was the most attracting, a true beauty that could devastate cities and countries and bewitch the living.

The snow-white and sparkling skin, the standard and beautiful face, and the eyes as clear as water. Of course, in the instant people saw her, their hearts couldn’t help but beat quicker as they were moved.

“Heavens! How is there such a beautiful female in the world?”

After the young female appeared, all the beauties on the stage were instantly outshined. Everyone’s gazes were focused on her body, and some people even drooled from the young female’s beautiful appearance.

“I truly never would have thought that there would be such an exceptional lady in the world.” At that instant, even the eyes of Xu Zhongyu, who was not charmed by the beauty of females, lit up as he was deeply attracted by the young female’s appearance.

As for Jie Qingming, he was the same. He who was usually conceited, after seeing the complexion of the young female, couldn’t help but secretly gulp.

Even the young genius who came from the Jiang Dynasty, who didn’t even look straight at the beauties on scene and was always sleepy, Jiang Wushang, couldn’t help but widen his mouth at that moment.

“It’s her?”

But compared to others, Chu Feng’s current expression changed slightly despite the fact that he was rather calm before. His eyes were filled with shock and there were huge waves in his heart in the present that were incessantly surging.

Because, at that very instant, the young female who appeared nearby was the same purple-clothed young female who he met in the White Tiger Villa that day, who fought over the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique. The one with the Divine Body.

However, with the time of a short one year, the young female no longer had the original cultivation of the 1st level of the Profound realm, but the 9th level of the Profound realm. She was truly in the 9th level of the Profound realm. With the time of one year, she actually stepped into the 9th level of the Profound realm from the 1st level of the Profound realm.

“Impressive. Looking at her appearance, she should only be fifteen years right? Entering the 9th level of the Profound realm at the age of fifteen...Isn’t she equal to that Jiang Wushang?”

After being deeply attracted by the young female’s beautiful appearance, people also started to be astounded by the young female’s powerful strength. Having this cultivation at such an age meant that her future achievements were simply unimaginable.

“I never would have expected this girl to be from the Prestigious Villa, and looking at her appearance, it seems like her status and position isn’t low.”

“This won’t do. She certainly still has a heart of hatred because of what happened that year. I cannot let her see me!” Feeling that the situation was heading towards a bad direction, Chu Feng wanted to smear some oil on the bottom of his foot to secretly run for it.

“Brother Chu Feng, where are you going? It wouldn’t be possible for even this little beauty to be unable to attract your interest right?” But before letting Chu Feng turn around, Gu Bo grabbed onto Chu Feng’s arm.

“Ehh...I...Crap!” Chu Feng originally wanted to explain something, but when he turned his head back around, he discovered that some of the people on the stage already noticed their movement and cast their gazes towards himself. The most important part was that even the purple-clothed young female saw Chu Feng.

After seeing him, the young female’s expression also slightly changed and her beautiful pupils abruptly shrunk.

Chu Feng discovered within her eyes, there was a touch of icy cold bloodlust. However, that bloodlust only flashed and disappeared, so most likely other than him, no other person discovered it.

But after looking at Chu Feng, the purple-clothed young female did not say anything. Instead, she pretended as if she didn’t know who Chu Feng was and turned her sweet little face away.

Seeing that, Chu Feng’s heart which reached his throat finally went back down. So, he tidied up his clothes, chuckled, and said to the people on the stage, “Slightly tired from sitting so I moved my body for a bit.” After speaking, he sat back down.

And at that very instant, the head of the Prestigious Villa slowly walked to the purple-clothed young female’s side and announced with a face full of pride towards the crowd.

“This is my foster daughter, ‘Zi Ling’. In order to express my sincerity to everyone’s arranged marriage here, in this Marriage Gathering, Zi Ling will also be part of my Prestigious Villa’s hundred beauties and a candidate for marriage.”