Chapter 353 - Distant from the Beauty of Females

MGA: Chapter 353 - Distant from the Beauty of Females

*swish swish swish*

Suddenly, air-piercing sounds came from the sky and from the colourful cranes, ten females with skirts descended down.

The bodies of the females were all covered with faint brilliance. Their appearances could not be clearly seen, and even their colour of their skirts could not be clearly seen. However, one could vaguely see that all of them were holding a beautiful flower umbrella.

*bang bang bang*

And just as the ten females fell in mid-air, the flower umbrellas in their hands were opened at the same time.

Immediately after they opened, flower petals that filled the sky fell and their speed of descent instantly decreased. Also, following their descent, the faint brilliance that covered their bodies became dimmer and dimmer, and at the end, completely disappeared.


After the brilliance dissipated, the males who were there widened their mouths almost at the same time and their breathing quickened because in their eyes, ten extremely beautiful females appeared.

The ten females had tall and slender figures, demon-like bodies, fox-like faces, and they were extremely alluring.

Especially the pairs of snow-white beautiful legs under their skirts. When people saw them, they gulped. Despite the fact that the males on scene were all people who had seen countless pretty women, at that instant, a large portion of them were deeply attracted by the ten beauties.

“So impressive. They are all in the 7th level of the Profound realm!”

But there were always exceptions for all things. Chu Feng who was closest to the beauties were not attracted by their appearance, but he was surprised from their cultivations.

Although the females were only around twenty years old, their cultivations were already all in the 7th level of the Profound realm. That martial cultivation talent was already truly not low.

And under countless fiery gazes, the ten beauties from the Prestigious Villa finally landed on the viewing stage and started to bewitch the people on scene with their alluring figures and enchanting faces. Especially to the young geniuses who participated in the Marriage Gathering.

*bang bang bang*

Quickly following that, fifty more beauties, while being accompanied by the rain of flowers that filled the sky, descended from the air.

Similarly, they came down while holding flower umbrellas, and similarly, they were rare beauties and they also had the cultivation of the 7th level of the Profound realm.

“Waa, so outstanding! Where did the Prestigious Villa get their hands on so many genius-type beauties?”

The fifty young females were all in the 7th level of the Profound realm. But that was acceptable, after all, a huge power such as the Prestigious Villa had never been lacking in geniuses, no matter in terms of males or females.

But the fifty geniuses were also all extreme beauties. That caused people to be many times more shocked. However, that shock was instantly multiplied by many times after the forty beauties appeared soon after.

The forty beauties gradually descended. When their faces appeared in front of the crowd’s line of sight, the already incomparably shocked crowd couldn’t help but widen their mouths because the forty beauties actually all had the cultivation of the 8th level of the Profound realm. Also, in terms of prettiness, they were equal to the fifty beauties before.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

And just as everyone was deeply amazed by the strength of the forty beauties, from the colourful cranes, nine more attractive figures floated down.

This time, the people on scene were truly dumbfounded because the nine beauties all had the cultivation of the 9th level of the Profound realm. They were in the true peak of the Profound realm. Also, their appearances were also truly extremely beautiful. Compared to the ninety beauties from before, they were a lot more breathtaking.

Even the faces of the young apical geniuses on the stage changed. Especially Tang Yixiu, Song Qingfeng, Bai Yunfei, and Liu Xiaoyao. Clearly, they were captivated by the appearances of the nine beauties.

“I never would have thought in the continent of the Nine Provinces, the Qin Province is the place with an abundance of beauties. I have not seen beauties like these in my Tang Province before.” The eyes of Tang Yixiu were already filled with covet. He who had seen innumerable beauties was, at that instant, also attracted by the nine beauties.

“Brother Yixiu, the leftmost one is appropriate for you. She’s white enough. As for me...I like the one in the middle who has two ponytails. She’s pure enough. I like.” Song Qingfeng smiling eyes were darting around the nine beauties and similarly, he was not lightly captivated.

“Pure? How do you know she’s pure?” Bai Yunfei curled his lips. Their relationship was always very good and there was nothing that they didn’t talk about. They had also done no small number of bad things.

“Haha, Yunfei, is there even need to ask? I’ve heard that the Prestigious Villa had been preparing many years for this Marriage Gathering. The beauties on the viewing stage today were all carefully developed and such beauties have not been tainted by males. They are absolutely pure enough, and they are all ‘young chicks that haven’t flown yet’.” Liu Xiaoyao triumphantly revealed.

“That means that the Prestigious Villa is rather sincere. It seems like this time, this trip has truly been worthwhile.” After hearing Liu Xiaoyao words, the eyes of the three others whose hearts were already moved instantly blasted with radiance. Like a hungry lewd wolf starting to search for the sheep they liked.

In reality, not only the four of them. Even Murong Yu who had a Elite Armament was moved. His eyes already sank into the group of beauties and could not be pulled back out.

After the ninety-nine beauties arrived, they started to introduce themselves one after the other. Age, name, everything.

And at that instant, while the males were carefully listening, they were also detailedly observing the ninety-nine beauties as they searched for the type they liked. Currently, the only ones who could remain calm were only Chu Feng, Gu Bo, Jie Qingming, and Xu Zhongyu.

Because Gu Bo was too young and his strength was insufficient, he didn’t have any expectations in winning the hearts of any of the hundred beauties.

As for the two absolute geniuses, Jie Qingming and Xu Zhongyu, because their desire for strength was too strong, they gave off a bit of “untainted by the mortal world” feeling. No matter how much more beautiful the beauties were or how much more excellent they were, in their hearts, they were still thinking how to gain some benefits in the Thousand Monster Mountain.

As for Chu Feng, although he was very young and it was the first time that he truly stepped onto the stage of the continent of the Nine Provinces, there was not a single beauty there that could attract Chu Feng. It wasn’t that he was distant from the beauty of females, but not a single one of them could move his heart.

“Chu Feng, why aren’t you taking a good look? I heard that after entering the Thousand Monster Mountain, people can get in touch closely with the hundreds beauties, and with your strength, I’m sure that you can get some of their favours.”

“Right now, first choose a type you like, then in the future, after entering the Thousand Monster Mountain, you can somewhat go ahead!” Seeing that Chu Feng’s mind was wandering and his eyes weren’t even looking straight on the figures of the beauties, Gu Bo couldn’t help reminding with a kind heart.

“Brother Gu Bo, we are still young, and for an event like this, we only need to go along with a bit of the liveliness. Right now, martial cultivation should be the number one priority.” Chu Feng lightly smiled with an appearance of “distant from the beauty of females” and “separated from worldly matters”.

“Mm. Brother Chu Feng, you’re correct. In our age, we should indeed focus on martial cultivation and make it our number one priority. It wouldn’t be late to consider the things between a male and a female in the future.” After hearing Chu Feng’s words, Gu Bo also felt that it was quite reasonable and he couldn’t help but nod his head.

But if he knew that Chu Feng who spoke those words, was in reality, no longer a “young chick”, doubtlessly, he would cough up blood from anger.