Chapter 352 - Beauties Arrive

MGA: Chapter 352 - Beauties Arrive

*bang* When the punch struck, a berserk ripple instantly swept out. As he was within the ripple, Jie Qingming also flew out, but this time, he did not stably land. Instead, he ferociously fell onto the ground.

*boom* Strong force caused the blue-coloured Spirit Formation which covered the ground to wiggle, as if it was unable to hold the power back, and from Jie Qingming’s own body, he even felt a wave of heart-tearing and lung-splitting pain. Quickly after, warm liquid flowed in his mouth. It was blood. Jie Qingming had actually coughed up blood by Chu Feng’s punch.

“Dammit.” But naturally, Jie Qingming could not vomit out that blood. So, he tightly clenched his teeth and forcibly swallowed it back. At the same time, fury from his heart rose.

When he was forced by Chu Feng to that state, an incomparably intense thought emerged into his heart. It was to display his true cultivation, and with the cultivation of the 1st level of the Heaven realm, crush Chu Feng to death with one palm.

However, there was a rational voice in his head telling that he could not do that because there was too many experts on scene. Even if he truly used his real cultivation, he still might not be able to kill Chu Feng.

If he could not kill Chu Feng even then, he would thoroughly lose face. After all, in the beginning, he already promised Jiang Wushang. If he went back on his word, he would naturally be degraded into a laughing stock.


As Jie Qingming was hesitating, Chu Feng rushed to the front of him again and simultaneously, Chu Feng’s fists that were covered by the Black Tortoise Armor Technique, like a violent storm, were thrown towards Jie Qingming once again.


But before Chu Feng’s densely packed fists reached Jie Qingming’s body, a figure suddenly appeared in the middle of the two. Also, a powerful big hand tightly grabbed onto Chu Feng’s wrist.

“This aura.”

At that instant, Chu Feng felt a burst of extremely berserk aura drilling into his body from his wrist, but he could not fight against that powerful aura. It was Heaven power. The Heaven power was extremely strong and it instantly occupied his body. It caused him to be unable to move even an inch as he stood there blankly.

But after stopping Chu Feng’s attacks, that person quickly released his hand, causing Chu Feng to recover his strength.

After he raised his eyes to look, Chu Feng astonishedly discovered that the person standing in front of him as a middle-aged man.

The man had sword-like brows, eagle-like eyes, and on his face that was as sharp as a blade, there were some extremely manly features.

The most important thing was that he wore unique clothing belonging to the Prestigious Villa, yet was different from normal people’s. As for his cultivation, it was even more outstanding. It could only described with two words, “unfathomably deep”.

“Lord Villa Head?!”

At the same time the middle-aged man appeared, all of the surrounding faces of the people from the Prestigious Villa changed, and from their words, Chu Feng also found out the identity of the man. The head of the Prestigious Villa, one of the strongest people in the current continent of the Nine Provinces

“My friends, stop when appropriate when comparing strength. Today, give me some face and call this fight an end. How about it?” The head of the Prestigious Villa said to the two people with a smile on his face.

As they faced the head of the Prestigious Villa’s request, no matter how much more arrogant Jie Qingming was, he still had to give him some face. Besides, stopping the fight was, in reality, helping Jie Qingming out of a predicament as he didn’t want him to lose too badly, so of course, he nodded his head and agreed.

As for Chu Feng, he already forced Jie Qingming to a very difficult state and everyone there already saw that scene. His goal was already reached, so naturally, he did not chase after the matter

“It’s almost time, and this Marriage Gathering should start as well. My friends that came from afar, please enter.”

After resolving the dispute between Chu Feng and Jie Qingming, the head of the Prestigious Villa lightly smiled towards the crowd and waved. Then, the crowd of people that were so close to one another that even water could not pass scattered with a cheer and they all walked towards the summit of the mountain peak.

“Lord School Head.” But just at that time, an elder from the Prestigious Villa walked over and said in a low voice, “Zhang Tianyi has not appeared today. It seems like he isn’t planning to come.”

“Oh?” After hearing those words, the head of the Prestigious Villa was first taken slightly aback, but there wasn’t too much change in terms of expression. He then smiled at Chu Feng and said, “Chu Feng, why not come with us onto the stage to rest?”

After those words were spoken, the faces of almost everyone on scene changed greatly. Especially Liu Zhizun. The gaze he looked at Chu Feng with was filled with envy, and it was also a bit unkind.

It was because everyone knew what that stage represented. In this Marriage Gathering, there was an extremely luxurious viewing stage. On the stage, there were some special chairs, and at that place, one could appreciate everything even closer.

However, the chairs could only be sat on by people with special statuses. It could be said that the people who could sit on those chairs were the most important esteemed guests of this Marriage Gathering.

As for the people of the young generation, there were only ten seats. They were for the eight geniuses who received the Prestigious Invitation Letters, as well as Gu Bo and Jiang Wushang who got first place in the Limitless Underground Palace.

And at that instant, the reason why the head of the Prestigious Villa invited Chu Feng was because Zhang Tianyi did not appear, and there was one extra seat. But even so, that seat could not be sat by normal people. After all, even Liu Zhizun did not have that qualification so Chu Feng still modestly said, “That wouldn’t be too good right? After all...”

“Ahh, originally, the seats on the stage are left for the most important guests. Chu Feng, everyone has seen your strength, so you certainly are worthy to sit on that seat.”

“So, Chu Feng, don’t push this away and come along with us onto the stage.” With a light smile, the head of the Prestigious Villa had plenty of sincerity.

“Yeah, Brother Chu Feng, don’t decline. Let’s go!”

At the same time, some people around him also started to urge him as well. No matter what Chu Feng’s current cultivation was, the strength he displayed earlier and huge potential was already recognized by them. Pretty much everyone felt that Chu Feng had the qualifications to go onto the viewing stage.

“Since it is like this, I’ll humbly accept it.” Seeing that, Chu Feng did not evade from it anymore. So, under the expressions of envy by Liu Zhizun, he followed the head of the Prestigious Villa as well as Gu Bo, Jiang Wushang, Xu Zhongyu, and the others, and stepped onto the luxurious viewing stage.

From then on, all the other people took their seats. The head of the Prestigious Villa first said some greetings, then quickly after, he announced the arrival of the main characters of this Marriage Gathering, the hundred beauties.


Immediately after he finished speaking, ear-piercing cries rang out from the sky. Raising their heads to look, only then did they discover that under the night sky with the star light lingering, huge colourful cranes flew over.

The colourful cranes were also a type of mount. Their speed was quite close to White-headed Eagles, but because there were extremely few of them, their prices were far above White-headed Eagles, even several times more expensive.

And at that instant, there were a hundred of those cranes circling around in the sky. Those hundred cranes were extremely beautiful as they were full of colour. Especially when the near hundred gathered together and spiraled around under the bright starlight, they were extremely exquisite.

At that instant, everyone was raising their heads to look. They tightly stared, with their eyes, at the sky because everyone knew that the Prestigious Villa’s carefully prepared hundred beauties were arriving.