Chapter 351 - It's Time To End This

MGA: Chapter 351 - It's Time To End This


Jie Qingming was caught off guard and he was thrown by Chu Feng’s punch, and only after flying for dozens of meters did he react to it. He hurriedly turned his body and landed on the ground with his feet, but even so, he was still unable to dissolve the might of Chu Feng’s one first. After sliding for a full dozen meters or so, he finally stabilized his body.

“How is this possible? He can actually strike me without being injured?” Jie Qingming’s pupils could not stop trembling and astonishment was filled within his eyes.

It was the first time that he flew from the power of a person’s physical strike while wearing the Armor of Thorns. A situation like that had never happened even when he was battling a Heaven realm expert back then with the cultivation of the Profound realm.

Also, when Chu Feng’s fist met his Armor of Thorns head-on and was actually not damaged in the slightest, that truly surpassed his expectations.

“Very impressive. The layer of inconspicuous gas armor covering Chu Feng’s body is completely different from the Armor of Thorns on Jie Qingming’s body. Although it doesn’t have the effect of returning damage, it still emanates a feeling that it is indestructible, as if nothing can break through that layer of armor.”

“What actually is it? Is it the method that Chu Feng used to almost break open the Armor of Thorns last time? Is it possible that Chu Feng also has a Elite Armament on him?” As a Blue-cloak World Spiritist, Xu Zhongyu used his Spirit power to observe Chu Feng’s change. After discovering the Black Tortoise Armor Technique that covered Chu Feng, shock filled his eyes.

“No. It’s different from the method Chu Feng used last time. Last time, what Chu Feng displayed was a martial skill. A very dominating martial skill, and the might it had was as though it could break through everything without anything that could block it.”

“But this time, it’s exactly the opposite. What he is using right now is another method, but it is similarly strong..”

“He has absolute defense covering his entire body, then with the help of that defense, he attacks Jie Qingming. I must say that I haven’t seen the methods that Chu Feng is using on anyone else.”

Gu Bo’s face was also filled with shock and he was unable to see through Chu Feng more and more. He felt that the methods Chu Feng grasped was truly too many, and too strong. He was far inferior to them.

“No. It is not a martial skill, nor is it a Elite Armament.” Just at that time, an aged voice suddenly entered Xu Zhongyu and Gu Bo’s ears.

Turning their heads back to look, the two of them discovered that an old man wearing a World Spirit Blue-cloak was currently standing behind them, and that person was one of the manager elders of the World Spirit Guild.

“Elder Gongsun, you said that what Chu Feng is using right now isn’t a martial skill, nor is it a Elite Armament. Then what actually is it?” Xu Zhongyu and Gu Bo went closely over and asked in a low voice. They were very afraid that others would hear their conversation.

“It’s a Secret Skill.”

“Secret Skill?!”

“That’s right. Secret Skills are extremely powerful and extremely special methods. In terms of might, they are even above rank 9 martial skills. They can be said to be unique skills that are truly unique in the world.”

“Such things had only appeared in the Azure Province in my continent of the Nine Provinces. A thousand years ago, the Azure Dragon Founder who swept across the continent had grasped an extremely extraordinary Secret Skill.”

“And exactly because of that, the seniors of my World Spirit Guild had once even snuck into the Azure Province to want to find the origin of the Secret Skill, but at the end, they returned with no achievements.”

“Finally, they came up with a conclusion.”

“What conclusion?”

“As the same as the legends, Secret Skills cannot be cultivated. They can only be passed down. But people did not choose the Secret Skill. Rather, the Secret Skill chose the person.”

“So, that’s why this Chu Feng can be said to be very impressive, because he has actually gained the approval of the Secret Skill! This child must be well protected by my World Spirit Guild and carefully roped in with us. It is best for him to be tied with my World Spirit Guild.”

“Because, since ancient times, not a single person who gained the approval of a Secret Skill wasn’t an expert that could sweep throughout the continent. For example, that Azure Dragon Founder. Back then, he was an existence that even caused headaches for the Jiang Dynasty yet nothing could be done to him.” Elder Gongsun calmly smiled and said.

“It’s actually that powerful?” And after hearing Elder Gongsun’s words, no matter if it was Xu Zhongyu or Gu Bo, within the gazes that they looked at Chu Feng with again, they already became brighter because they finally knew how huge Chu Feng’s potential was.

“Explosive Wind Fist!”

“Tornado Kick!”

*bang bang bang...*

As Xu Zhongyu and the others were chatting, Chu Feng and Jie Qingming had already arrived in another area as they fought. The current Jie Qingming no longer covered anything, and he started to use all sorts of methods to attack Chu Feng.

However, no matter if he used rank 1 martial skills, rank 2 martial skills, rank 3 martial skills, rank 4 martial skills, rank 5 martial skills, or even rank 6 martial skills, they were useless against Chu Feng, and they had no way of breaking through Chu Feng’s Black Tortoise Armor Technique.

Chu Feng was even more straightforward. Without even using any martial skills and only with the invincible body that the Black Tortoise Armor Technique brought him as well as his physical power, he kept on throwing attacks at Jie Qingming.

“Heavens! That Chu Feng’s strength has reached this stage?! With only the power from his physical body, he blocked such terrifying attacks from Jie Qingming! Is this boy even a person?”

“Outstanding. Truly outstanding. In my life, this is the first time that I’ve seen such an outstanding person in the young generation. But why has such a powerful person appeared from the Azure Province? Can such a desolate location like the Azure Province be able to develop a genius like him?”

“Previously, Zhang Tianyi who appeared from the Azure Province was already overpowering enough. I never would have thought that this Chu Feng would be even more overpowering. Could it be that the Azure Province is truly going to rise greatly in power? Will geniuses that shake the entire continent appear again in the land that has been deep slumber?”

If it was said that before, people were quite one-sided about the fight between Chu Feng and Jie Qingming, felt that Jie Qingming was undoubtedly going to win, and even felt that it made sense for Jie Qingming to be victorious, then right now, a large portion of the observers were deeply convinced by Chu Feng’s strength that he displayed. Many people already recognized Chu Feng’s strength and felt that he was very possibly a person who was going to shake the entire continent in the future, or even a person who was going to cause the Azure Province to rise greatly in power. As long as he continued developing, he was not to be underestimated in the future.

“Why is this happening? Is this guy even a person? He can actually block my rank 6 martial skills!”

After a barrage of powerful attacks, Jie Qingming’s face was already pale-white and big droplets of sweat fell. It was the first time in his life that he met such a difficult opponent.

It was truly almost forced to a dead end by Chu Feng. In a situation where even his strongest martial skill was useless, he truly did not know how he should fight against Chu Feng. Did he really need to use the might of his Elite Armament? But if even the Elite Armament could not work against Chu Feng, wouldn’t he be completely defeated and built up Chu Feng’s name?

*whoosh* Just at that time, Jie Qingming only felt that his vision flashed, and like a ghost, Chu Feng appeared in front of him. With a smile that rose from the corners of his mouth, Chu Feng coldly said, “It’s time to end this.”

And just as he finished speaking, Chu Feng already attacked abruptly. The fist that was covered by the Black Tortoise Armor Technique, with sounds of it piercing through the air, headed towards Jie Qingming’s chest.


After hearing those words, Jie Qingming’s complexion changed and his heart trembled. He felt that chills went down his spine and cold sweat permeated throughout his body. He actually felt deterrence that he never felt before from Chu Feng’s body, as if the young man who was a lot younger than him could truly defeat him with that one punch.