Chapter 350 - Returning Damage

MGA: Chapter 350 - Returning Damage

*bang bang bang*

Chu Feng and Jie Qingming fought against each other with fists and kicks. Every time they collided, the sound of steel clashing was made. Every time the ripples swept away, it would cause the ground under their feet to shake and the air around them to twist.

The punching speed of the two people was very fast with innumerable changes in styles. Many people in the Profound realm were even unable to clearly see the change in style of the two as well as their attacking speed. Only those in the peak of the Profound realm could clearly see them.

And not a single person who saw them clearly didn’t sigh in admiration because both of their methods really did break common sense. Their use of Profound power were as pure as fire, and their comprehension in attacking and defending also far surpassed normal people.

In a situation like that, it was still fine when all that appeared from Jie Qingming. After all, he was a publicly recognized genius.

But when Chu Feng was also able to do that, and even better than Jie Qingming, it caused people to be endlessly shocked because that mostly meant that in terms of martial cultivation attainment, Chu Feng was above Jie Qingming.

“How is this happening? I clearly operated the high-level Mysterious Technique, yet I cannot occupy any advantages. Is it possible that he also cultivated a high-level Mysterious Technique? Such a precious and rare technique such as a high-level Mysterious Technique… How is it possible for a place like the Azure Province to have that kind of thing?”

Jie Qingming originally thought that with him using his full power to attack, even if he could not defeat Chu Feng, he should still be able to suppress him. After all, he had extremely abundant battle experience and the level of Profound power use already reached the apex. However, he never would have thought that even though he used his full power to attack, he was still being suppressed by Chu Feng.

In reality, Jie Qingming was indeed very strong. Within all the opponents that Chu Feng had met, other than the purple-clothed young female, he would be the person with the strongest battle power.

But sadly, his opponent was Chu Feng. Chu Feng who had two types of lightning merged with his blood, in terms of brutal strength of his physical body and reaction, he was indeed above Jie Qingming.

“Jie Qingming, right now, I can’t see any strength coming from you even after using your hands and feet. Say, after a few more years, when I, Chu Feng, catch up to your cultivation, what will you use to fight against me?”

Chu Feng coldly mocked and ridiculed and his extremely serious cold glare flashed. What Chu Feng’s nature was, was either you don’t offend a person, but if you did, then offend him to the end because enemies should not exist together.

“Hmph. Want to catch up to me? We’ll still need to see whether you have that chance or not.”

Jie Qingming coldly snorted, then his footsteps suddenly began to change. It was actually even quicker than before, and with every step, it laid the foundations for the next step. It was extremely profound.

Simultaneously, Jie Qingming’s fists also became harder and harder. Every single punch was as hard as a huge peak, and while in that state, he counterattacked Chu Feng and forced Chu Feng to continuously back away.

“Dammit. Did this guy conceal his strength?”

Chu Feng lightly frowned. He discovered that Jie Qingming fists became harder and his speed also quickened. He already surpassed him, and if that went on, by only fighting with fists and kicks, Chu Feng was clearly going to be defeated.

“Haha, Jie Qingming finally used his full strength huh? No wonder. I knew that it wasn’t possible for Jie Qingming to be unable to defeat Chu Feng. Indeed, once he gets serious, Chu Feng can’t go on.”

And seeing that Jie Qingming gained the advantage and suppressed Chu Feng back, the people who leaned towards Jie Qingming were instantly incomparably joyful and every single one of them gave out a certain type of atmosphere.

“Quite despicable. Jie Qingming is actually hiddenly using martial skills.” Xu Zhongyu lightly furrowed his brows as he already recognized Jie Qingming’s methods. Quickly after, with a clever thought, he loudly yelled, “Jie Qingming, Chu Feng is still fighting against you with fists and kicks, yet you use Cloud Walking Steps and Huge Peak Fists. Isn’t that a bit too dishonest?”

“You’re able to trick others, but you cannot trick me, Xu Zhongyu. Your Cloud Walking Steps and Huge Peak Fists come from the inside. On the surface, it doesn’t seem like a martial skill, but the unique style sold you out.”

Seeing that, the people from the World Spirit Guild quickly added. One after the other, they yelled their throats out and loudly said, “So it’s like that. I wondered why Jie Qingming suddenly became so strong. So he hiddenly used martial skills.”

“The transformation in style is indeed the Jie clan’s Cloud Walking Steps and Huge Peak Fists. You can conceal it from others, but you cannot conceal it from my World Spirit Guild.”

“So he used martial skills. I wondered why you suddenly became strong.” At that instant, Chu Feng also came to a realization and he hurriedly changed his attacking style. He operated the Imperial sky Technique underneath his feet to cause gusts of wind to lift him up, and he opened his fists into palms to start to use the Illusionary Palms.

*whoosh whoosh* Chu Feng had already comprehended the Illusionary Palms to the highest realm. Currently, when he used it again, how did they even seem like palms? They were simply a wall overlaid by palms. As they came straight towards him, one could not distinguish the real ones and the fake ones.

*bang* Suddenly, a single palm from Chu Feng landed and collided into Jie Qingming’s chest. However, as it collided into Jie Qingming’s chest, a numbing feeling immediately came from Chu Feng’s palm and arm. A burst of strong recoil threw him back several meters and he also fell onto the ground.

Raising his hand to look at his palm, Chu Feng astonishedly discovered that his palm already went purple and large amounts of hematoceles appeared. His own palm had actually caused injury to himself. If his physical body wasn’t overwhelmingly strong, perhaps his hand would have already been ruined.

“What happened? Clearly, Chu Feng struck Jie Qingming, yet why was he thrown back?” Such a change also caught the attention of the observers and every single one of them were similarly endlessly shocked.

“Dammit. It’s the Armor of Thorns on Jie Qingming’s body. It has the effect of returning damage back, and without even him doing anything, he will still receive the defense effect of returning damage. Right now, Chu Feng is exchanging blows with Jie Qingming head-on. It’s even better to not hit Jie Qingming! If he hits him, the one who gets injured is only himself.” Xu Zhongyu worriedly said.

“Chu Feng, don’t physically attack him! The Armor of Thorns on his body is extremely strong, and even without him doing anything, it will still automatically defend and cause injury back to the attacker!” Seeing that, Gu Bo hurriedly yelled loudly.

“So it’s like that. But that’s fine. It just happens to be right for me to try that one.”

Chu Feng lightly smiled after knowing the reason. Not only did he not retreat, his footsteps even changed and he darted towards Jie Qingming again. But this time, there was a layer of faint-green gas that covered Chu Feng’s entire body.

The faint-green gas covered Chu Feng’s clothing.. Without looking closely, one could not even see it. But if one looked closely, they would discover that the faint-green gas had special patterns and it had a feeling of indestructibility. It was the Secret Skill, the Black Tortoise Armor Technique.

“Hmph. You overestimate your own abilities.” Seeing that Chu Feng was actually attacking again, Jie Qingming just didn’t dodge or avoid it. He just bluntly allowed Chu Feng to hit himself, because he who had the Elite Armament as protection did not feel that he would be harmed by Chu Feng, and instead, Chu Feng would only be harmed by him.

*whoosh* And just at that moment, Chu Feng arrived in front of Jie Qingming. He revolved the Profound power in his body, and put strength in his waist and legs. Then, he threw a fist, head-on, towards Jie Qingming.

*hmm* Indeed, just before Chu Feng punch was going to strike Jie Qingming’s face, a faint layer of red-coloured gas appeared from his body. If one looked carefully, they would discover that thorns were all over the gas and they contained the power to return damage.

But even so, Chu Feng did not do any movements to stop. Instead, he couldn’t help increasing more of his power, and quickly after, with a bang, Chu Feng’s fist crashed into the red-coloured gas.

And after the boom, this time, Chu Feng didn’t fly back. Rather, Jie Qingming floated up and was thrown back by Chu Feng’s punch.