Chapter 349 - Beat You All Over The Place

MGA: Chapter 349 - Beat You All Over The Place

“Of course self-confidence is given by myself. Don’t speak useless words. Go ahead and attack. To avoid being without face when I attack first and instantly finish you off, I’ll give you some chances to show yourself!”

One of Jie Qingming’s hands was put behind his back, and one was extended slightly forward in front of his chest. He had the strong appearance of an exceptional expert, and when he spoke, he spoke very loudly as he wanted everyone to know that in reality, Chu Feng was actually not worthy to exchange blows with him.

“Since you’re so kind, let me see whether your single hand can block my attacks.”

Chu Feng coldly smiled, then quickly after, he stepped forward, and like an arrow that just left its bow, he explosively shot out. When he arrived in front of Jie Qingming, he did not use any martial skills. With empty hands and fists, he started his attacks towards Jie Qingming.

*whoosh whoosh*

Every single one of Chu Feng’s fists stirred up the wind and he was as fast as lightning. A simple punch from a single style and single move bewitched Jie Qingming’s eyes, causing him to not know how to defend.

“How is this possible? This brat’s speed and power is actually so powerful?”

At that instant, Jie Qingming’s complexion changed greatly. His former calmness and unanxiousness already disappeared, and replacing it was incomparable shock.

It was because the current Chu Feng was like an army of thousands of people and horses when he was in front of him. With his single hand, blocking wasn’t a way, yet attacking wasn’t a way either. So, he could only dodge back to avoid the tip of the weapon.


Jie Qingming leaped and escaped backwards. But Chu Feng was like a shadow as he followed him, and attacked once again. With that, Jie Qingming tightly frowned, but he could not do anything else but to continue escaping.

Thus, in the huge space, a scene that caused people to be dumbfounded appeared. Jie Qingming, the person who spoke arrogantly and said that he could defeat Chu Feng with one hand was currently being chased around everywhere by Chu Feng, and he was in a very ragged state.

“What is this? Why isn’t Jie Qingming returning attacks?”

“You can’t even tell what’s happening? Clearly, Jie Qingming is letting Chu Feng do what he wants for a while, and later on, when Jie Qingming attacks, he will certainly be able to defeat Chu Feng in one strike and let him know the huge difference between the two.” Some people were had plenty of confidence in Jie Qingming. They even thought that Jie Qingming was intentionally playing around with Chu Feng.

“This Chu Feng is quite strong. His attacks are air-tight, and both the speed and power are extremely powerful. The changes in his style are even clever to the extreme.”

“The battle power he is displaying can simply be compared to those in the 7th level of the Profound realm. It seems like this time, Jie Qingming has been careless and underestimated his enemy. It seems like this time, he will be tripping over himself.”

But compared to the people who blindly believed in Jie Qingming, Xu Zhongyu who understood Jie Qingming saw a door to victory. He felt that this time, if Jie Qingming was not going to return attacks at anytime, he was likely going to be defeated.

“I told you that Brother Chu Feng’s battle defies common sense. This time you believe it right?”

“Although Jie Qingming is very strong, given that he’s in the same level of cultivation as Brother Chu Feng, he will absolutely not be able to defeat him. Even if he uses the Elite Armament, the outcome would still not be set.” Seeing that Xu Zhongyu praised Chu Feng, Gu Bo’s face was filled with pride as if the one being praised was him.

“Little Bo, you don’t understand the might of Elite Armaments. Although Chu Feng’s battle power is indeed very outstanding, Jie Qingming is not an ordinary person either. If he truly uses the Elite Armament, I’m guessing that Chu Feng will certainly have difficulty holding it back.” Xu Zhongyu shook his head. He who also had a Elite Armament deeply knew how terrifying the might of Elite Armaments were.

“Big Brother Zhongyu, Chu Feng also has a trump card. On that day, in the Asura Ghost Tower, Jie Bufan also wore Jie Qingming’s Armor of Thorns, but at the end, he was also beaten like a dog by Chu Feng. If I didn’t go up to dissuade him, I’m afraid that on that day, Chu Feng would have killed Jie Bufan and the Elite Armament wouldn’t have saved him.” Gu Bo went close to Xu Zhongyu’s ears and explained in a low voice.

“There was actually something like that?” After hearing those words, Xu Zhongyu was a bit shocked, then after that, some expectation was added within the gaze he looked at Chu Feng with as he calmly said,

“After hearing you say it like that, I do want to see what methods Chu Feng uses to break past the might of the Elite Armament.”

“But Jie Qingming oh Jie Qingming, will you go back on your word and use the Elite Armament?”

“Jie Qingming, you’re born in the year of the monkey right? You’re running quite fast! Go faster, go faster! Or else, I will catch up to you!” Chu Feng was chasing Jie Qingming all over the place, and occasionally, he even laughed in ridicule.

“It is only because you are able to use your entire body’s power. If I used my full power, it wouldn’t even be your turn to act so wildly here.” Jie Qingming’s face turned red from anger, and he deeply regretted talking big before.

“Oh oh oh? Then use the power of your entire body! Was it me who forbid you from using it? I wonder which bastard said he only needed a single hand to defeat me?”

“What’s wrong? Go ahead, attack, and defeat me right now! What’s that hand doing? So that hand is just for show? If your legs get tired from running, go ahead and use your hand to run around! At least some of its value can be seen, right?”

“Chu Feng, don’t think of taking advantage of your sharp tongue. I admit, I was indeed careless and underestimated your strength, but as a person, it is best not to be too excessive. It is good to leave yourself a road of retreat, or else, beware that you won’t even know how you die in the future.”

Jie Qingming spoke those words very quietly and only Chu Feng could hear them, because when he said those words, even he himself felt embarrassing and it was like he was slapping his own face.

But Chu Feng did not care about those things. He yelled the words very loudly, almost wanting even the people under the mountain peak to hear, “Jie Qingming, what did you say? You said that you regret speaking big words?”

“But no matter. I, Lord Chu Feng, am a big-hearted person. Right now, I’ll give you a chance. I’ll allow you to use your two hands and two feet to fight against me. How about it? It’s fine, it’s really fine. To the words you just said, at most, I’ll just take it as listening to fart. Although it’s pretty smelly.”

“Chu Feng, you are looking to die!”

Jie Qingming was truly furious because of Chu Feng. Ignoring reason, he spun around, and his hands and feet moved together. He ran with profound running techniques, his fists became a storm of meteors, and he started to counterattack Chu Feng.

“Look, Jie Qingming attacked! That isn’t right. Didn’t he say he would only use one hand? Right now, he is clearly attacking with his full strength!”

“What is this situation? Could it be that what Chu Feng said was true? Jie Qingming will not be able to defeat Chu Feng with one hand, so he’s forced by him to use his full power?”

Many people felt astonished by Jie Qingming’s attack because it was completely different from their expectations! What they expected was that with a single hand, Jie Qingming could beat Chu Feng down to the ground, but right now, the difference was a bit too big wasn’t it?

“What do you even know? Don’t forget, Jie Qingming is in the 1st level of the Heaven realm. Right now, his cultivation is pressed down to the 3rd level of the Profound realm. He’s already going easy on Chu Feng. So what if he uses both of his hands and feet? He just doesn’t want Chu Feng to be defeated too badly.”

Jie Qingming made quite a few friends, so in a situation like that, there were quite a few people who spoke up for him. But no matter what the people on the side said, the true battle situation was not looking well.

Because even when Jie Qingming used his full power and fought against Chu Feng, people still astonishedly discovered that not only did Jie Qingming not gain the advantage, he was even in a disadvantage.

The grand Jie Qingming, the future chief of the Jie clan, the person said to be the number one geniuses in the young generation, was actually, in terms of fighting with fists and kicks, being suppressed by the unfamous brat Chu Feng who came from the Azure Province.