Chapter 348 - Who Gave You That Confidence

MGA: Chapter 348 - Who Gave You That Confidence

“It’s him?”

Jiang Wushang was the first person to pass the Limitless Underground Palace, and he was an apical genius who stepped into the 9th level of the Profound realm at the age of fifteen. Also, his origins were unknown. No one knew where his master came from, nor where he himself came from. No one even knew whether Jiang Wushang was his real name or not so he had a very mysterious identity.

But everyone knew that Jiang Wushang was a peak genius, and in the future, he could possibly even surpass existences like Jie Qingming and Xu Zhongyu. So, not a single person dared to not look at the young man with importance.

*whoosh* Jiang Wushang’s hands pressed against the rock under his body and strength was suddenly put into his waist. With a beautiful carp-like flip in a perfect curve, he leaped down from the huge rock and had rushed into the middle of the crowd.

“Liu Zhizun, it’s not that Chu Feng is condemning you, but as the number one disciple of the Prestigious Villa, you are truly unfair in handling things. No one would handle this like you.” Fearlessly, Jiang Wushang started to point and rebuke Liu Zhizun.

In a situation like that, the surrounding people took in a breath of cool air again and they felt that Jiang Wushang’s nerves were too big. They were even bigger than Chu Feng’s! However, only Chu Feng knew that Jiang Wushang did indeed have the capabilities to be so haughty.

“Ho...Then you go ahead and say it. How should I handle this in order for it to be fair?” Liu Zhizun was not a simple character. His face did not change, and from the beginning to the end, there was always an indifferent smile as he returned a question to Jiang Wushang.

“Isn’t it simple? Let them to fight together, and the one who loses just needs to apologize and admit that he was wrong.” Jiang Wushang said proudly.


And after he spoke, from shock, the ground was filled with everyone jaws. Originally, his looked like he was going to help Chu Feng, but now, he was truly pushing Chu Feng into a pit of fire!

Letting Chu Feng, who was in the 3rd level of the Profound realm, fight against Jie Qingming, who was in the 1st level of the Heaven realm. Wasn’t that telling Chu Feng to look to die?

“Ho...You have indeed made a good suggestion, but I’m just afraid that Chu Feng won’t dare to agree to the fight.” Jie Qingming lightly smiled and disdain was filled in the gaze he looked at Chu Feng with.

“You’re stupid? Are you stupid?” But who would have thought that Jiang Wushang’s face changed, and in front of the crowd, he started to insult Jie Qingming.

“You~~~~” Seeing that, Jie Qingming’s complexion shifted as he was furious, but after recalling Jiang Wushang’s status of unknown origin, he suppressed his anger.

Because, as long as one took a guess where a genius like Jiang Wushang could appear from in the continent of the Nine Provinces, it wasn’t that hard to figure it out. It would be from the Jiang Dynasty.

So, that was the reason why Jiang Wushang could do what he wished to in this place without fear and no one dared to do anything to him. Everyone feared that point. They were afraid that Jiang Wushang was a person from the Jiang Dynasty.

“What about me? Am I wrong? I’m not even done speaking yet you say that he doesn’t dare. Say, are you stupid?” Jiang Wushang fiercely shot Jie Qingming a glance, then quickly after, he said,

“Look at how old you are. A person who is ‘running towards three’ is fighting against a young man who isn’t even an adult. Not only are you not ashamed, you are even saying that he doesn’t dare in such a justly and confidently way. Are you even embarrassed?”

[TN: “Thirty” in Chinese is made up of two characters: “Three” + “Ten”. So, “three” in this example can be seen as a short form of “thirty”. What “running towards three” means is “running towards thirty”, aka a person reaching thirty years of age.]

“I...” Jie Qingming’s face went blue from anger and his eyes went red. He was truly almost going to explode. How was he even a person who was “running towards three”? No matter if it was terms of appearance or true age, he was clearly just out of twenty, a handsome young man with elegant style.

“What about you? Listen up. If you are going to fight Chu Feng, it must be fair. So, how can it be fair? Having a comparison of strength on the same level of cultivation. That’s called fair.”

“Aren’t you a Blue-cloak World Spiritist? It shouldn’t be hard for you to suppress your cultivation right? As long as you press your cultivation down to the 3rd level of the Profound realm, you’ll be the same as Chu Feng.”

“At that time, when you two exchange blows, it will be in absolute fairness. So, do you dare or not?” Jiang Wushang pointed at Jie Qingming’s nose and asked.

“Hmph. Why would I not dare?” Jie Qingming coldly snorted. If he didn’t fear Jiang Wushang’s real identity, he truly wanted to kill the damn brat right now.

“Chu Feng, how about you?” Jiang Wushang pointed at Chu Feng. He was still full of arrogance as well without any increase or decrease.

“I am willing to at any time.” Chu Feng lightly smiled and couldn’t help but step forward.

Although Chu Feng did fear the current Jie Qingming, if the two of them had the same level of cultivation, Chu Feng was not afraid of Jie Qingming at all. Even if he has the Elite Armament on him, he was similarly not afraid.

“Okay, since it is like this, you two can begin.”

“Okayokayokay! Everyone, back away and give the two of them some space to extend their fists and kicks.”

“The World Spiritists over there! Lay a Spirit Formation on the ground so that this mountain peak doesn’t get destroyed from the over-fierceness of their battle.”

After confirming the resolving method, the little child Jiang Wushang then gestured and commanded the people on scene, but the thing that made people most speechless was that no one dared to not listen to his words. Even the Blue-cloak World Spiritists from the World Spirit Guild and Jie clan laid Spirit Formations according to his instructions.

When everything was in place, like a judge, Jiang Wushang pointed at Jie Qingming and said, “That’s right. For fairness, you cannot use your Blue-cloak World Spiritist methods, and if you’re not afraid of embarrassing yourself, go ahead and use your Elite Armament.”

“God damn. I really want to choke you to death.” As he faced more restrictions from Jiang Wushang, Jie Qingming truly gnashed his teeth in anger, so much that it even made creaking sounds, but he could not do anything about it. He could only choose to endure, and even the sentence of cursing could only be said to himself in his heart.

*hmm* After Jiang Wushang left, Jie Qingming went along with his words and suppressed his aura. From the 1st level of the Heaven realm, he pressed it down to the 3rd level of the Profound realm.

And at that instant, Chu Feng did not conceal his aura anymore. He sent out his aura of the 3rd level of the Profound realm and confidently walked towards the middle of the empty space.

“Chu Feng really agreed to the battle! Who do you think will win?”

“Is there even a need to say it? Do you think that Jie Qingming being recognized as the number one genius in the continent of the Nine Provinces is a joke? Even without the cultivation of the 1st level of the Heaven realm, his battle power is still far above Chu Feng’s.”

“That’s right. I’ve once heard that other than Xu Zhongyu, there is no one who can defeat Jie Qingming while having the same cultivation as him. Once before, when he was in the 9th level of the Profound realm, without borrowing power from his Elite Armament, he killed a person in the 1st level of the Heaven realm.”

“He’s actually that strong? The distance between the Profound realm and the Heaven realm is the difference between the sky and the earth! Doesn’t that mean Chu Feng will be defeated?”

“Hmph. How strong can the people from the Azure Province even be? He is just looking for humiliation.”

At that very instant, there were more and more people gathering on the summit of the mountain peak. No matter if it was the young geniuses who were participating in the Marriage Gathering or the native disciples from the Prestigious Villa, or the senior experts from powers everywhere, at that instant, they were looking at this special contest. In this place, people from almost every part of the continent of the Nine Provinces gathered here.

Jie Qingming was abnormally happy as he heard the incessant praise that came from all directions. So, he disdainfully said to Chu Feng, “Take out all the abilities you have. I don’t need to use any martial skills, and with this single hand, I will defeat you.”

And as he faced Jie Qingming’s incomparably arrogant and attitude of disrespect towards himself, Chu Feng only indifferently smiled and said, “Who gave you that confidence?”