Chapter 347 - Intimidation and Oppression

MGA: Chapter 347 - Intimidation and Oppression

“So strong. So this is the confrontation between the strongest geniuses in the continent of the Nine Provinces.” Looking at the devastating energy ripples that were howling like ferocious beasts in the area contained by Spirit Formations, Chu Feng deeply felt the huge distance between him and the geniuses in the Heaven realm.

However, Chu Feng was even more curious about the identity of the person who entered the circle of battle and broke away the might of Jie Qingming’s and Xu Zhongyu’s Elite Armaments because Chu Feng had used his Spirit power before to examine that person, and he discovered that he was also a young male. Also a person of the young generation.

In reality, not only Chu Feng, pretty much everyone on scene completely locked their intrigued gazes within the Spirit Formations and they wanted to see who it was.


Finally, after the energy ripples dissipated and the experts who laid the Spirit Formations unlocked the Spirit Formations, at that instant, three bodies also appeared within everyone’s line of sight.

As for the third person, exactly the same as Chu Feng’s feeling earlier, it was indeed a young male, and from his clothes, everyone was able to figure out his identity. Clearly, it was the number one disciple of the Prestigious Villa, Liu Zhizun.

[TN: Zhizun = Prestigious.]

“So it’s Liu Zhizun. He was able to enter the circle of battle of two geniuses’, who have Elite Armaments, without being injured! Is it possible that he also has one on him?”

“No. It’s not possible for the Prestigious Villa to have a Elite Armament. Did you not hear the name Liu Zhizun said earlier when he arrived? It’s the Prestigious Sky Opening Hand! He used the Prestigious Villa’s unique skill, and with that unique skill, he broke apart the might of their Elite Armaments.”

“It’s really the Prestigious Sky Opening Hand! I never would have thought that this martial skill truly has might that is comparable to Elite Armaments.”

Discussions rose from the surrounding people, and Chu Feng was extremely curious what kind of unique skill was able to break the might of Elite Armaments apart. So, he inquisitively asked Gu Bo, “What martial skill is the unique skill they’re talking about? It possesses such domineering might!”

“Chu Feng, I’m sure you know in the continent of the Nine Provinces, the strongest martial skills are rank 8 martial skills. However, rank 8 martial skills are extremely rare. So rare that even powers like my World Spirit Guild and the Jie clan do not have any.”

“But the Prestigious Villa possesses such a rare martial skill. So, it can be said that other than the Jiang Dynasty, the Prestigious Villa is the only power that has a rank 8 martial skill, so naturally, this rank 8 martial skill became the Prestigious Villa’s foundation treasure.”

“However, this Prestigious Sky Opening Hand is challenging to cultivate. There are very few people in the Prestigious Villa who grasps this martial skill, and also because the casting time of the martial skill is too long, it is not possible for it to be used in a one-on-one fight. While using it, they must have someone protecting them.”

“But it has to be said that the might of the Prestigious Villa is very horrifying. As long as one can use it successfully, it will be like the might Liu Zhizun showed earlier. It would be comparable to the might of Elite Armaments.”

“Of course, the reason why Liu Zhizun was able to use the Prestigious Sky Opening Hand fully just now is because he had sufficient time to put the rank 8 martial skill into use.” Gu Bo explained in detail.

“The Prestigious Villa’s Prestigious Sky Opening Hand is indeed outstanding. Brother Zhizun, it seems like if I clash against you in the future, I must have a Elite Armament on me or else I will certainly not be able to defeat you.” Xu Zhongyu spoke, but a bit of unkindness was within his tone. Obviously, he felt displeased towards Liu Zhizun’s interference.

“Ehh, Brother Zhongyu, don’t joke around... Although my Prestigious Villa’s Prestigious Sky Opening Hand has extremely strong might, everyone knows that it is very complicated and difficult to use in a one-on-one situation.” Liu Zhizun explained while smiling.

“Oh? From what you’ve said, if your Prestigious Sky Opening Hand can be used anytime, the two of us will truly not be able to defeat you?” Just at that time, Jie Qingming also spoke, and within his words, there were sharp ridicule.

“Brother Qingming, Brother Zhongyu, please don’t make things difficult for me. I know that interfering with your fight without permission isn’t appropriate, but after all, this is still the place where the Marriage Gathering is hosted.”

“The might of the Elite Armaments you two have are too strong, and if this hosting location for the gathering gets destroyed, it is truly difficult for me to explain it to the head of the villa.” Liu Zhizun apologetically smiled and said.

“Brother Zhizun, it’s not that I, Jie Qingming, am not giving you face and must fight on your Prestigious Villa’s territory, but the reality is that someone broke the rules of your Prestigious Villa, yet your villa didn’t handle the matter. Can I still not take care of this myself then?” Jie Qingming said with a mouth full of sourness.

“This...” Liu Zhizun, from start to finish, was observing on the side, so naturally he knew what the ins and outs were. So, after thinking for a while, he arrived in front of Chu Feng with a light smile on his face and politely said,

“Little Brother, I wonder what your name is?”

“Chu Feng.”

“So it’s Brother Chu Feng. Brother Chu Feng, I do not know what grudges you have with Jie Bufan, but right now, Jie Bufan is injured because of you. That’s the truth.”

“And since this matter happened on the land of my Prestigious Villa, I should help all of you uphold fairness.”

“How about this. Let us change the big matters into small ones, and small matters into nothing. Just apologize to Jie Bufan’s elder brother, Jie Qingming, and this matter will be finished. What do you think?”

Although Liu Zhizun’s appearance was kind and polite, more or less, there was some forceful attitude within his words. There was even some meanings of threat in his gaze. He wanted to force an apology from Chu Feng to dissolve the matter.

But what was the thing Chu Feng could not take the most? It was being threatened! Also, no matter what, he was absolutely never going to apologize and admit any wrongs towards Jie Qingming. So, he coldly laughed, then said,

“Help me uphold justice? You’re upholding justice like this? I have originally done no wrongs, so why do I need to apologize? Since you are from the Prestigious Villa, you should clear up the cause and effects of this matter. Investigate clearly before coming here to uphold justice, or else you aren’t upholding justice but oppressing others.”

After Chu Feng’s words came out, the faces of everyone on scene changed greatly, and within the crowd, one could even hear the sounds of breathing cool air in. They were completely terrified by Chu Feng’s actions.

Even Xu Zhongyu slightly frowned and felt that the situation wasn’t good. What status did Liu Zhizun have? He was the number one disciple of the Prestigious Villa! An existence that could fight against him and Jie Qingming!

If there was a negotiation with Liu Zhizun, he, Xu Zhongyu, could stand out for him. After all, in terms of strength and status, Chu Feng was not the same as Liu Zhizun. They were not on the same level.

When he said those words in front of the crowd, it clearly meant that he wasn’t giving Liu Zhizun any face, causing him to be in a difficult situation. It was like slapping Liu Zhizun’s face in front of everyone. Even if Liu Zhizun did not chase after this matter, he would certainly remember this grudge and in the future, think of methods to deal with Chu Feng.

Naturally, Chu Feng clearly understood that logic as well. However, as a person, Chu Feng had some baselines. He would not easily lower his head to others. Even if he knew that an enemy would be created from that, he would still not lower his head. There was a sentence that was well said, “Soldiers can be killed but they cannot be disgraced”. Chu Feng was a person who was willing to die but not willing to be humiliated.

“Well said!!”

But just at that time, when everyone felt that Chu Feng had stirred up a huge disaster, a cheer suddenly rang out from a close place.

Looking over towards the voice, on top of a nearby rock, there was a young man sitting on it. The young man was currently clapping his hands and continuously cheering. And he, was the apical genius who killed the lewd old man Wang Qiang, Jiang Wushang.