Chapter 346 - Archenemy

MGA: Chapter 346 - Archenemy

“Hmph. I’m talking to Chu Feng right now. How is it your turn to speak so much?” As he faced Gu Bo’s questioning, Jie Qingming lightly furrowed his brows and a touch of cold glare emerged into his eyes.

“It is only a fight between those in the young generation. If one’s ability is inferior to others, then they should be thoroughly convinced. So, how is it your turn to interfere, Jie Qingming?”

Just at that time, another voice came from the crowd. That voice was as gentle as water, yet also contained thunder-like explosive power. It was another person in the Heaven realm.

Slanting gazes to look over, within the crowd, a group of people walked over. It was the people from the World Spirit Guild. The person who led was a handsome male who seemed to be gentle. He held a feather fan and waved it in front of his chest, showing an elegant style.

If it was said that the atmosphere Jie Qingming gave off was domineeringness that did not back down, then that male’s unique atmosphere was as gentle as the flow of water. But it had to be admitted that everyone could feel that the seemingly gentle male should not be offended.

“Big Brother Zhongyu!” After seeing that person, Gu Bo rejoiced as if he saw his savior.

“Xu Zhongyu? The number one genius of the World Spirit Guild!”

At the same time, many people recognized the person who arrived. The yearning within their gazes became stronger and stronger because everyone knew that the young generation of the World Spirit Guild was not on friendly terms with the young generation of the Jie clan.

Jie Qingming and Xu Zhongyu were archenemies for many years. Every time, when the two of them met together, some conflicts would more or less happen. So, when the two of them gathered together at that moment, people knew that a good show was going to start.

“Xu Zhongyu, why are you meddling in other people’s businesses?” Jie Qingming turned his head and cast his unkind gaze towards Xu Zhongyu.

“Jie Qingming, Chu Feng and Gu Bo are both part of my World Spirit Guild. Protecting them is what I should do, so how can you say that I’m meddling in other people’s businesses?” Xu Zhongyu indifferently smiled, and a bit of mockery was within this words.

“Fine. I would rather like to see if you, Xu Zhongyu, are able to protect them.” Jie Qingming didn’t speak any useless words, and with a thought, the red-coloured gas surged out from his body once again.

The might of the Elite Armament reappeared and it was even quicker than before, and even more terrifying than before. Jie Qingming obviously wanted to treat Xu Zhongyu as he did to Murong Yu. He wanted to control his enemy with one strike and to quickly finish Xu Zhongyu off so that he and the World Spirit Guild would have no more face.

“Jie Qingming, it seems like you know that you cannot defeat me with your own body’s cultivation so you directly used the power of the Elite Armament. However, your calculations are off because you’re not the only one with a Elite Armament.”

As he faced the red-coloured gas that pounced towards him head-on, contained thousands of thorns, and was like a ferocious wild beast, Xu Zhongyu only disdainfully smiled, and quickly after, with a thought, his body started to emit golden-coloured radiance. The golden-coloured radiance was extremely dazzling, just like the sun.

The most important part was that when the golden-coloured radiance appeared, people could still hear bursts of angry roars. They seemed to be the roars of a dragon. Unexpectedly, there was a golden dragon lingering within the golden-coloured radiance.

*boom* The golden-coloured gas and the red-coloured gas collided together and instantly, the mountain peak under their feet trembled and swayed. The horrifying power emanated by the Elite Armaments had actually interweaved together.

“Elite Armament! It is really a Elite Armament! Why does your World Spirit Guild have a Elite Armament?” At that instant, even the face of Jie Qingming, who was formerly filled with confidence, changed because within his memories, the World Spirit Guild did not have any Elite Armaments.

“That’s the Elite Armament from the Jiang Dynasty, the Golden Dragon Armor. With an extremely huge price, the head of my World Spirit Guild traded with the Jiang Dynasty and gained it. The reason was to not let Big Brother Xu Zhongyu lose to Jie Qingming who’s in the same generation.” Gu Bo leaned forward towards Chu Feng’s ear and hiddenly said.

“Oh?” At that instant, Chu Feng couldn’t help but be taken aback because he could imagine how big the price would be in order to trade a Elite Armament from the hands of the Jiang Dynasty. It could be seen that because of face, the World Spirit Guild spent quite a bit of wealth.

“Xu Zhongyu actually also has a Elite Armament! I never would have thought that the World Spirit Guild hid that so deeply and did not reveal it.”

“I’ve heard that when Jie Qingming fought against Xu Zhongyu at first, he never used the power of the Elite Armament. He wanted to use his own power to defeat Xu Zhongyu, but it was useless, as it was a tie every time and the win or loss was undeterminable.”

“And right now, the two of them both have Elite Armaments. Which also means that similarly, the win or loss will be undeterminable as well. From this, wouldn’t the spot of being the young generation’s strongest person in the continent of the Nine Provinces be taken by both Jie Qingming and Xu Zhongyu together?”

It was exactly the same as what the crowd said. Xu Zhongyu and Jie Qingming had alike talent, alike strength, and even their Spirit Formation techniques were alike. Always, the outcome of their fights were hard to determine, and right now, as they clashed with Elite Armaments, it was the same.

Currently, the two of them wanted to defeat their opponent, so they put their full power into the Elite Armament on their bodies.

In a situation like that, blood-red-coloured patterns appeared on Jie Qingming’s clothes. The patterns became denser and denser, and faintly, it became a blood-red-coloured piece of armor. It gave off the feeling of being indescribable as well as horrifying power that was extremely frightening to people.

But Xu Zhongyu did not display weakness as well. The golden-coloured radiance that he gave off did not diminish, but people were still able to faintly see that he who was in the middle of the golden-coloured radiance had a golden-coloured armor on his body, and around the armor, there was even a golden dragon lingering with unordinary grandeur.

As the two fought, cracks appeared on the mountain peak under their feet and with the two of them as the middle, layers of ripples kept on sweeping away. In that state, not to mention Chu Feng and the others, even some powerful elderly people were forced back as it was difficult to resist against the might of Elite Armaments.

“This isn’t working. The might of the Elite Armaments are too strong. If this continues, I’m afraid that this entire mountain peak will be destroyed.” As they looked at the quickly spreading cracks, the elders from the Prestigious Villa started to worry.

*rumble rumble rumble*

Suddenly, even the sky starting trembling. Raising their heads to look, people astonishedly discovered that a wave of power that did not belong to Elite Armaments was currently condensing in the air, and after looking, there was even a person standing there.

That person’s body was covered by dazzling brilliance and his appearance could not be seen clearly. One could only see that his clothes were fluttering left and right and his hands were speedily changing. Also, he even said some words,





Suddenly, immediately after speaking, that person became a row of light and descended from the sky. It directly darted into the circle of battle between Jie Qingming and Xu Zhongyu.

*boom* After that person landed, a berserk energy ripple was instantly created. The ripple went wild, as if it could split the sky and the earth.

In that situation, Chu Feng who stood at forefront felt a fatal threat as if the ripple itself could split him apart.

But luckily, with the combination of powers from the senior experts hidden within the crowd, they laid a blue-coloured Spirit Formation in front of the crowd, and only then were unnecessary injures avoided.