Chapter 345 - Cultivation Exposed

MGA: Chapter 345 - Cultivation Exposed

The blood-red-coloured gas was extremely violent. Tens of thousands of thorns were contained within it, and if one were to be stuck by the red-coloured gas, they would certainly have thousands of wounds and die with mutilations.

*whoosh* As he faced such a horrifying attack, even Murong Yu’s expression slightly changed and fear appeared within his eyes. He leaped back to dodge it and escaped the previous circle of battle. Simultaneously, he lifted the oppressing pressure from the four geniuses.

“Murong Yu has actually been forced back! Such a tyrannical Murong Yu has been forced back by Jie Qingming!”

“Impressive. It’s said that Jie Qingming is the number one person in the young generation of the continent of the Nine Provinces. Looking at it today, it is indeed so.”

After Jie Qingming attacked, it caused everyone to be astonished. Being also in the 1st level of the Heaven realm and having a Elite Armament as well, Jie Qingming was able to induce fear into Murong Yu. It could be seen that his strength was indeed on another level above Murong Yu.

After Murong Yu backed away, Jie Qingming did not chase to fiercely beat him. Rather, he put the red-coloured gas away and helped the four people on the ground up one by one and politely asked, “Brothers, are you uninjured?”

“Yeah. Brother Qingming, thank you for helping. Murong Yu is too worthless. Relying on the Elite Armament, he becomes completely lawless. If he didn’t have the Elite Armament, I would have certainly beat him up well.”

“Ahh, but sadly, you don’t have any Elite Armaments, and I don’t have any Elite Armaments. Only Brother Qingming can cause him to be fearful.”

The four apical geniuses were extremely grateful towards Jie Qingming, and as they spoke, they couldn’t help casting malicious gazes towards Murong Yu because this time, they truly lost face because of Murong Yu.

“Hmph.” On the other hand, Murong Yu first coldly snorted, but then he no longer did anything. Instead, he put his Divine Wood Sword in his hand away behind his back and said, “Jie Qingming, your controlling power over the Elite Armament is indeed above me, but that is only because you stepped into the Heaven realm before me.”

“Before long, I will also be able to thoroughly control my Divine Wood Sword, and at that time, I will fight against you again.”

“I welcome it at any time.” Jie Qingming was not afraid in the slightest. He displayed unique domineeringness as if he was the king of the young generation. Afraid of nothing, and sweeping over everything.

Jie Qingming’s performance caused the beauties on scene to be completely captivated by him. Even the people from the old generation from all sorts of places kept on praising him.

“Big Brother Qingming, that brat over there is Chu Feng. He’s the one who heavily injured Jie Bufan.” But just at that time, a Jie clan member ran over to Jie Qingming’s side and pointed his finger towards Chu Feng who was within the crowd.

“Oh? Brother Qingming, isn’t Jie Bufan your younger brother? This brat injured your younger brother?”

“He is truly imprudent. Let me, your brother, give him a lesson.”

As they heard those words, before letting Jie Qingming say anything, Tang Yixiu, Song Qingfeng, Bai Yunfei, and Liu Xiaoyao who were just saved by Jie Qingming all cast their unkind gazes towards Chu Feng.

“Everyone, thank you for your kind intentions, but this is my family’s business so I want to personally handle it.” Jie Qingming first indifferently smiled towards the four people, then quickly after, he cast his gaze towards Chu Feng.

At that instant, Chu Feng was able to feel two formless sharp blades piercing through his body straight towards his heart. He almost lost consciousness and almost knelt to the ground.

*ta* But luckily, Chu Feng’s Spirit power was extremely strong, and there were even the Divine Lightning rolling and surging around in his blood. He was able to resist against the formless pressure only because of that, and he only took one step back. But Chu Feng’s current face instantly turned deathly-white. Big droplets of sweat permeated his forehead and he was even gasping for breath, as if a horrific battle took place.

“Chu Feng, are you okay?” Seeing that, Gu Bo quickly supported Chu Feng and his eyes were filled with worry. Being also a World Spiritist, he was able to feel that Jie Qingming’s gaze just now contained extremely powerful pressure.

“I’m fine.” Chu Feng shook his head and hiddenly said in his heart, “This Jie Qingming is too strong. The gaze just now seemed to see through everything I have. It almost caused my mind to collapse. So this is the strength of Blue-cloak World Spiritists?”

“The 3rd level of the Profound realm. You do have a bit of strength, but you dare to heavily injure my younger brother with just this? Your nerves truly cover the sky.” Jie Qingming coldly snorted, and he had actually seen through Chu Feng’s real cultivation just now.

“What? The 3rd level of the Profound realm? Brother Chu Feng, you’ve stepped into the Profound realm?” After hearing those words, Gu Bo was greatly shocked.

“Mm.” Chu Feng admitted silently by nodding his head as he faced Gu Bo’s closely followed question.

“Heavens! You truly entered the 3rd level of the Profound realm?!” And after Chu Feng confirmed it, Gu Bo’s mouth widened even more as he stared at Chu Feng with disbelief and felt that it was not real.

After all, one year ago, Chu Feng was still in the 1st level of the Origin realm. With the time of one year, as he caught up to his own cultivation, he was already seen as an exceptional genius. But right now, he had actually stepped into the 3rd level of the Profound realm and flung him far behind. That completely surpassed his expectations.

“The 3rd level of the Profound realm? That child?”

“He stepped into the 3rd level of the Profound realm at that age? It seems like he’s also quite an outstanding genius!”

“He is indeed a genius, but he seemed to have injured Jie Qingming’s younger brother and offended Jie Qingming. With this, no matter how much more of a genius he is, I’m afraid that no one can save him.”

“Yeah. Jie Qingming is the number one person in the young generation! The number one genius in the current continent of the Nine Provinces! That young man actually dares to offend Jie Qingming? He’s truly looking to die!”

“Ahh, the class of geniuses are always arrogant and proud, but the arrogance and pride will always cause them to walk towards their path of demise. This boy is such an example.”

At the same time, Chu Feng already attracted everyone’s attention, and when they saw Chu Feng’s young appearance while actually having the cultivation of the 3rd level of the Profound realm, almost everyone felt that Chu Feng was a genius.

But there were also many people who felt Chu Feng was undoubtedly going to die in the future since he offended Jie Qingming. So, most of the people, with an attitude of looking at drama, waited to see how Jie Qingming was going to give Chu Feng a lesson.

“Chu Feng, you injured my younger brother, causing him to be unable to pass the Limitless Underground Palace’s test and unable to participate in this Marriage Gathering. You really are quite heartless. Are all the people from the Azure Province uneducated like you and find pleasure in destroying other people’s future?”

Jie Qingming walked in front of Chu Feng, and with a thunder-like yell, he interrogated Chu Feng. The deafening voice shook Chu Feng’s ears to the point that they ringed. Layer after layer of invisible voice waves were currently attacking his body.

However, from Jie Qingming’s words, it also mocked another person from the Azure Province. Zhang Tianyi. It could be seen that Jie Qingming did not appear to be pleased with Zhang Tianyi.

“Jie Qingming. Don’t think about flipping the right and wrong. Clearly, Jie Bufan and the others surrounded and attacked Chu Feng in the Limitless Underground Palace and had malicious intents towards him. Because of self-protection, Chu Feng injured Jie Bufan.”

“If you have to blame someone, you can only blame your Jie clan members overestimating their strengths. Over twenty experts in the Profound realm were all defeated by Chu Feng with the strength of the 9th level of the Origin realm.”

“What’s this? Right now, since there is no one who can do anything to Chu Feng in your Jie clan’s young generation, only you can personally come out?” Just at that time, Gu Bo stood in front of Chu Feng and started to fiercely reprimand Jie Qingming.